Tuesday, 17 December 2013

5.28 Don't let them lose you too

Mathew was feeding one of the twins when he heard Art yelling at his Dad. He put the twin back in the cot and stormed into the room where he found Art and William. 

He went straight over towards his uncle and punched him. Art yelled, “Matt, why did you do that?”

“Someone needs to knock sense into him. Haven’t we all been through enough, I mean she was my aunt? She was the closest thing to a mum I had while I was here and your Dad thinks that he is the only one hurting. Look at you…she was your Mum and yet here you are taking on the role of parent because Uncle Will here can’t or won’t pull himself together.” Matt turned towards his uncle and firmly asked, “Have you visited the twins yet?”

William looked out the window and sadly said, “No because it was because of them I lost my Heather.” Mathew had never felt such anger towards his Uncle before and said, “How dare you blame them, it is just one of those things, cruel things but you can’t bring her back.”

William now faced Mathew and said, “Then how come my granddad is still around and there is even a potion that Harmony gave him to make him human again?” Mathew looked stunned and Art now stepped in and said, “Aunt Teddy told you, if you are genuinely loved by someone or family then when you die you finally rest in peace but if like granddad you weren’t then you roam as a ghost.”
“He had two wives and Dad and Uncle Blair…” Art interrupted him, “Blair’s mum couldn’t stand him, he messed things with his sons and Gran was his love but because he messed things with his kids he would have to put things right before he can rest.”

William was desperate and yelled, “Then I never loved your mother.” Art became angry and Mathew looked at Art and could see the strain on his face by the comment. Art pulled himself together long another to say, “You’re lying Dad, you think by saying that Mum will suddenly appear? She is gone and you have to accept that.” 

Art left the room and before Mathew left he said, “My advice, get your ass up those stairs and see your children because right now they need you. They have lost their mother, don’t let them lose you too.”

Spencer was at the stairs and asked, “Is Will going to see the twins?”
“I don’t know Dad, how are they doing?”
“No-one can stop them crying, I think they sense the atmosphere is bad in the house and I think the only one they want right now is their Dad. We have all tried but it’s no use.” Estevan walked in and looked at Spencer and Mathew, “Twins won’t stop crying?”
Spencer asked, “How did you…never mind, they are upstairs.”

As Estevan made his way up the stairs he yelled, “William Granger, get your ass up to the nursery now. I will not tell you again.” 

As he picked up his grandson, he told everyone to leave. “Granddad is here so don’t worry.” William walked in and Estevan just looked at him, “My granddaughter is crying so pick her up and feed her.” 

William did as he was told and said, “She won’t stop crying, Dad I can’t do this.”
“Nonsense, you can do this. Let’s swap and I’ll have my Granddaughter.” 

They swapped the twins around and the moment he held his granddaughter she stopped crying. William tried to take her but she started every time she left Estevan’s arms. “See Dad she hates me.”
“Maybe it is because you haven’t seen her and spent time with her and the fact you haven’t given either of them a name won’t help.” William looked at his son and said, “Heather always liked the name Cole for a boy.”
“Cole is a good name and my granddaughter who is now calm in my arms.” William looked at her almost asleep in his Dad’s arms and then remembered the argument they had on the day of the funeral. William took a deep breath and asked, “Dad, how would feel if I named her after Mum?”

Estevan froze on the spot just snuggling his granddaughter then he finally spoke, “I think your Mum would be so proud of you right now. I think Holly is a very good name.” Then he snuggled her again and almost in a whisper said, “No boy is allowed near my Holly, ever.”
“Dad, I heard that now give my daughter to me.” 

Estevan reluctantly gave her to William and she put her arm out towards him and looked at him with her eyes intently on her Dad’s.
“Dad she isn’t crying.”
“It’s because she knows now that you love her and she has a good name.”

Ty had finally got his bags ready to leave for his two week trip and was surprised when William came to say goodbye.
“I’m sorry I haven’t been much used to you TJ but…”
“Will, I do understand but I am on the other end of the line if you need to talk.” Will, gave a slight smile.  

Art just stood there and said, “Remember my birthday and it’s a boy’s weekend.”
“I wouldn’t miss it but it is ages away and I will be back for it.” Harmony wasn’t impressed but Art said, “Oh Aunt Harm, he’ll be fine trust me.” Harmony wanted to have words but Estevan got in first, “TJ, enjoy yourself listen to the tutors and there will be plenty of work when you get back.”
“Umm thanks Estevan.” They left as they knew Ty wanted to say his goodbye to Harmony in private. 

He hugged her and quietly said, “Two weeks will fly by.”
“I hope so because I’m going to miss you.”
“I love you, Beauty.”
“Please be safe, something keeps telling me something will happen.”
“Nothing will happen; I’ll phone you every day and I will try and speak to you through my thoughts as Daphne says I need the practise.”
“I love you Ty, please be take care of yourself.” 

Ty kissed her before he left the house. He headed for the taxi waiting, taking one last look at Harmony through the window.

Someone was watching Ty leave the house, “Well, well, well, he is a sexy new vampire. I must get to know this delicious young man so I guess I’m taking a trip. Blair and that human can wait; I mean a girl must have her fun.” She called for a taxi and told the driver, “Follow that taxi in front.”

Tuesday, 10 December 2013

5.27 A Sad Day

The silence was unmistakeable as everyone watched the coffin being carried to it’s finally resting place. 

William was still in shock as he just kept looking at the coffin thinking any moment now Heather would wrap her arms around him. Suddenly something snapped in William’s mind and he tried to jump on top of the coffin but Estevan and Blair could see it coming and grabbed him and pulled him back.

“Why don’t you just let me be with her?” Estevan had respected his son was a grown man with a family but today had to become Dad again, “William, I understand you are hurting but the twins need you and so does Art.”

William was angry and snapped, “Fuck you and your sympathy. How the hell would you know how I feel? You took me and Blake away from our Mother. Your choice and then she died all alone and you have never visited her grave.”

Estevan lost his temper, “Enough, how dare you bring your mother into this, I loved her and still do. I told you I thought I was sick but when I realised I wasn’t it was too late to go back. I did visit her grave and sobbed like a child and begged for her forgiveness but she never showed herself too me…” 

Spencer was ready to snap at William and Estevan but Blair intervened, “Have you both quite finished? A loving young woman died a week ago giving birth to twins and you both want to have a slagging match at her funeral.” Blair forced William to look at Art sobbing on his own then he spun him around to look at Spencer and Matt, “Your son has lost a mother just like you did, remember? Then there is your brother in-law and nephew who lost a sister and aunt. What would Heather think of your behaviour?” William bowed his head in shame and stood next to Art and Spencer. Blair growled at Estevan and said, “And as for you, you should know better.” Estevan stood back with Dawn and held her hand as the priest continued with the prayers of condolences.

Blake stood looking at William and Heather’s wedding picture on the wall when Lexy walked in, “They looked so happy.” Blake didn’t turn around but said, “They were made for each other. I was still a teenager when they first met so Heather was like a sister to me. Something like this puts things in perspective, don’t you think?” Lexy stepped closer and asked, “You mean us and the job offer?”

“Yes.” Blake turned to Lexy pulling her close and said, “Take the job no one will do it better than you but promise me you will stay safe and any trouble you tell me.” Lexy was almost in tears as she asked, “Do you really mean this?”
“Baby, I love you and I meant every word. I just don’t want to lose you on the job but I realize putting my foot down could push you away.”

“I love you too and if it gets too much or it takes over us I will leave the force because I don’t want to be married 2 or 3 times, once is enough for me.” 

Blake kissed her with passion when William walked in, “At least you get to kiss your wife I just buried mine.” Blake was furious and was about to speak when Blair ushered both Blake and Lexy out the room. 

“Have you decided on names for the twins?”
“No, and I don’t want them here.” 

Blair was now angry and grabbed William and yelled, “You would throw out your own flesh and blood because Heather died. They didn’t ask to be born. As I remember it you begged Heather to have more children.” Estevan had walked in and listened intently to the conversation and let Blair continue. 

Blair released him and William fell to the floor and said, “I can’t sleep because she isn’t there. When the twins cry, I don’t know what to do but Heather always knew how to deal with these things.”
“And we are family, your my nephew, I’ll help you. Your Dad wants to help but you have to stop fighting with him and then there is Blake and your son Art, who by the way is a teenager and he has been looking after the twins but they need you because you are their Dad.”

Estevan now spoke up, “Spencer is staying for a while and so is Mathew. They are staying here with you so you have all the help you need.”
“I’m sorry about what I said about Mum, I know you still love her. Dawn isn’t angry at you because of the argument?”
“No she is fine. The twins will have to have names though.” Blair looked at William and said, “Heather came to see me a few weeks ago and gave me some letters and one was addressed to you. I think now is the right time to give it to you.”
William took the letter and opened it and it read,

My dearest Will,
When I saw the doctor in the early stages of pregnancy he told me there were going to be complications and that I should terminate the pregnancy. I laughed it off and never told you because now I was a vampire, I didn’t believe him. However in case I’m wrong that is why I wrote this.  

I hope you are loving the twins as much as you loved me because they deserve that. I know you will be upset but please be there for them and Art. They need you baby, and when we agreed to try again you promised me that you would be around more for the babies and I want you to uphold that because I’m not there. Remember if we have a girl let her date and let her dress like a girl including miniskirts if that’s what she like to wear. Don’t grill and scare to death all the boys that she dates. If we have a boy, as we did with Art be firm but fair and make sure he treats his girlfriend’s well. Tell Art he was always special to me and I love him very much.

Then there is you, the man of my dreams, the man who always loved me and even married me twice. Thank you for giving me such a beautiful wedding day. Thank you for our wonderful children. Thank you for loving me as much as you did, that means more to me than you’ll ever know.

All my love and kisses
For now and forever


A Big thank you to Zhippidy for her grab pose 

Saturday, 7 December 2013

5.26 Out of joy comes tragedy

Heather was getting her bags packed ready for when she had to go to the hospital in a few weeks when the phone rang, "Will, I'm fine. You don't have to call every 5 minutes."
"Ok I get the message but call me if you need anything."
"I will, I love you."
"Love you too."

As she continued to get things ready she felt a contraction but thought it was nothing but a Braxton hick’s contraction and carried on. When she felt a few more sharp pains, Heather immediately rang the doctor. He asked a series of questions and told Heather he was calling an ambulance to take her to hospital. Heather thought the doctor was overreacting but agreed.

When Heather arrived at the hospital the contractions had intensified and the doctor was now concerned about Heather and the babies. Dr Lane told the nurse to set up immediate a blood transfusion. Heather who was now in a panic asked, "What is going on?"
"Heather you are in full labour but the babies are in trouble and we need to deliver them quickly and safely. I will call your husband, now please stay calm." 

Outside the room the room Doctor Lane said, "Nurse phone Mr Granger immediately." Inside the room
Doctor Lane said, "I need to check if you are ready to deliver." Heather nodded and the doctor examined her. "You are ready."
"Doc, it's got to be too soon?" 

Doctor Lane shook his head and replied, "it really is time. Now you need to push, ok?" Heather nodded and started to push. The nurse now came back into the room and set up the drip with the blood that Heather needed to see her through the labour. The nurse inserted the needle into Heather's hand as she continued to push. When the doctor asked Heather to push again she refused until he told her what was going on. "I told you Heather the babies are in trouble."
"When I had Art I didn't need to be hooked up to a drip." The doctor sighed and firmly asked, "Do you remember us discussing this pregnancy? That I advised you when you came for a scan that it was in your best interest to abort this pregnancy."
“I remember but I told then that I couldn't get rid of my babies because they are with the man I love."
"Heather, don't you understand it's you that is in danger."
"And I told you there was no option. You are a doctor so fix this so I can go home with my babies." He looked at her and smiled. He wanted nothing more than Heather to go home with her husband and babies so for his patient’s sake he nodded in agreement.  Heather pushed again feeling the pain getting worse with each contraction. 

The doctor looked at the nurse and shouted, "Did you phone her husband?" The nurse nodded in response. When the nurse looked over she noticed Heather had stopped moving and screamed, "Doctor, she  isn't breathing." 

He looked over and shouted, "Phone theatre now and I want more drips down there ready." She stood there just looking at Heather and Doctor Lane screamed, "Move now." 

As she ran from the room Doctor Lane was yelling at Heather, "You can't leave your babies alone. Your right I'm going to do everything I can to get you home alive." Heather stirred and in a quiet voice asked, "I want to go home with my babies, please help me."
"Heather I am going to help you all I can but the labour is proving too much for you so I'm going to perform a caesarean section as that is the only safe option left for all of you."
Heather nodded and asked, "I want Will, is he here yet?"
"I promise as soon as he arrives he will be allowed in straight away." Suddenly the reality that she might not see her babies after they were born hit her hard. In the theatre they gave Heather an epidural in the hopes that they could save both her and the babies.

William rushed into the hospital and was met by the nurse, "Your wife is in theatre. They have asked you go straight there as they are delivering by caesarean section." He ran to theatre where he saw Heather strapped to a drip. 

He rushed to Heathers side. "Baby, why do you need a drip?"
"Will, I love you."
"I love you too but why are you scared?"
"I thought it would be ok but I thought wrong. I'm not going to make it after the babies are born, promise me you will look after them."
"Don't talk silly, you and the babies are coming home."

"This isn't a joke, Will. This is real." Will suddenly realised she was telling the truth and started to choke back the tears, "I can't do this alone I need you baby. We need you."
Heather stretched her hand out to quiet her husband and quietly said, "Remember I love, after all you won my heart twice and if we have a daughter please be fair and allow her to have a boyfriend. Tell them that their mother loved them with all her heart and I'm proud of them. Tell Art from me that I'm very proud of the person he is becoming. He has been a wonderful son and I couldn't have asked better and most of all tell him I love him." Will looked at her and with sadness in his voice, "Heather I need you. I love you please don't leave." Will heard the first cries of his child as he continued to look at his wife then he heard the second cry and smiled as he said to Heather, "You did it baby we have twins." 

Heather didn't respond and as Will kept staring the doctor sadly said, "William your wife is gone. I'm so sorry for you loss."
"Bring my wife back."

"I wish we could but we can't but you have 2 babies that need you right now."

A big Thankyou to Aussie Karima for doing some of these pictures

Friday, 6 December 2013

5.25 Naughty Boy

Draco had just been sent to the head’s office after he’d called his teacher sexy. Draco didn’t see it as inappropriate, as far as he was concerned it was a compliment and his teacher Miss White should have been grateful. Draco knew if his parents found out he’d be in big trouble but he had managed to convince the head it wouldn’t happen again.

Walking home he thought, ‘Art said pay a girl a compliment and they lap it up, stupid teacher. When I get someone they will never be allowed to say no to me.’

When he got home, Draco barged into Harmony’s room and before he could say anything Harmony yelled, “Get out of my room you little shit.”
“Is that the best you can say big sis.”

“What is it you want?”
“Can I use your chemistry table?” Harmony looked at Draco with curiosity in her eyes. “You better not break my stuff and leave the potions alone.”
“Look all I want is to make a stink bomb for school.”

“That’s easy and Draco, in the draw of the table there will be a little booklet and the first few pages will be on how to make the stink bomb.”
“Thanks sis.”

Harmony picked up the phone and redialled Kerry’s number, “Sorry about that, it was Draco who barged in.”
“He is cute.”
“Kerry that is my baby brother…” Kerry cut her off and said, “Think how yummy he might be when he is a full vampire…”

“Yuck…where is my sick bucket. Let’s get one thing straight you are not now or ever dating my brother.”
“So tell me; how is Mr handsome, Ty. I saw you with him the other day and you are one lucky girl. Have you kissed him yet and what’s it like?”  
“He is sweet and loving and nothing like my overbearing Dad and that is why I like him.”
Draco went inside the garage and stared at his Dad’s motorbike but wouldn’t dare sit on it because he knew what the consequences were if he did.
He started towards the table when he noticed his mother’s ghost containers and look at the glow inside each one. 

As he looked at each in turn he said out loud, “I wonder who you were and what you did?”
“He came to the last one but it was empty. Draco thought the ghost was hiding somehow and shook the container, “Boring container, nothing happened.”

Draco tried to give the chemistry table his full attention but the ghosts in their jar were more entertaining and he kept hearing, “Go on Draco, you know you want too.”
“No I can’t Mum will be angry, now be quiet.”
“Have you seen inside us yet?”
“Go away.”
“Draco, look at the empty one if you caught a ghost your Mum would be so proud.” Draco yelled at the container, “Be quiet. This conversation is in my head so shut up.”

Suddenly there was silence, he turned back to the table open the booklet and followed the instructions. Within a few hours he had made a few stink bombs. He intended to go to school early and set the few he had off in different parts of the school. Draco thought, ‘This will show them they don’t tell me, Draco Merrick off.’

He stepped back to admire his handy work when his arm touch the ghost container. He tried to stop it but his hand seemed to push it further towards the edge and before he knew it Draco was watching in slow motion as the container rocked back and forth and then fell off the shelf and slowly made its way to the floor. He stood there just frozen to the spot unable to stop it shattering into pieces on the floor.

He looked at the rest of the shelf and thought it was the empty one until he heard his mother’s voice say, “What have you broken Draco?”

“It’s nothing, I was making a potion but I dropped it.”
“Well make sure you clean it up.”
“I will.” Draco quickly cleaned up the ghost container and binned it. Draco started to talk to himself, “At least it was empty so no harm done. At least Mum won’t find out but when she does the container was empty so it won’t be a big problem, right?”