Tuesday, 25 February 2014

5.36 Elvira gets mad

Harmony opened the door and saw Art standing there. She let him in and asked, “Are you ok?”

“Granddad isn’t back with your Mum, I think something is wrong. Dad and Uncle Blake want to go over there to check it out but want you to come.” Harmony didn’t think twice and replied, “Let’s go.” 

When they got downstairs, Harmony saw her Dad and ran into his arms and hugged him hard, “It’s so great to have you home but how?”

Blair pulled away and said, “I went to kill her but the bitch has disappeared. We don’t know where she has gone or why because all she wanted was me.” 

Everyone looked at Harmony and when she questioned the look, Estevan said, “You were a toddler when you were able to break my block and learn my secret. Please try and get in her head and find out what she is up to?”

Blair screamed Elvira’s name and coldly said, “Bitch, what you up to?” Elvira heard his plea and though her thoughts communicated with him, ‘So your father is human? While everyone was helping you no-one was helping David. As his reward I will kill your father last but thanks to reading his mind, I now know everything.’
Blair looked at Estevan and said, “She knows everything.” Estevan then heard Elvira, “All I wanted was Blair but no you couldn’t leave me have what I wanted could you and why because you are brothers!’
‘Ok you know we are related…’ Elvira laughed and coldly replied, ‘Tut, tut Estevan but there is more…have a guess where I am?’ There was silence then Elvira continued, ‘You love your family and would protect it at all costs but let me ask you Estevan who is protecting Dawn?’
‘You leave her alone or else…’

‘Or else you will get here on time and save her. Guess again…you won’t because she will be dead and so will your son. Oh before I forget when you hear Dawn’s pleas for you to save her life be aware she will die in horrible pain and very slowly, bye.’

Elvira watched through the window as Dawn threw Nathan up in the air and as she snuggled him she glanced at her phone but there was nothing. “I hope Daddy is ok because I miss him so much.”

“Pity you will never see him again.” Dawn looked up and fear swept over her, “How did you get in and who are you?”
Elvira walked closer and closer, “I’m the one Estevan warned you about…now how did he put it an ancient vampire on the loose.” Dawn started to back away as Elvira kept walking towards her, “You should know I can out run you.”
“I know but I…” Elvira finished off her sentence, “Scared and lonely? Just the way I like my victims, the blood tastes better that way as it drains from the body.” Dawn slowly put Nathan down and reached for anything she could grab. She may have been human but she wasn’t going down without a fight. “Elvira is your name, right?”
“I see Estevan taught you well.”
“You dated Blair for a while and…”
“Oh shut up! I hate how humans try this pathetic ploy to distract me. Face facts DAWN, you are going to die.” 

Elvira then went to Nathan and picked him up, he cried and when she yelled at him, Nathan pulled her hair. “Why you little…” dropping Nathan to the floor. 

Dawn scooped him up and ran out the back door and ran down the side of the house but Elvira was waiting, “BOO.” 

Dawn ran back the same way she came, telling Nathan to speak to Daddy or his brothers.
“Dada, Dada,” Nathan kept saying as Dawn kept running. Elvira was walking behind her, “You’ll be tired soon enough then I will kill you.”
“Nathan you have to try Daddy in your mind please, Mummy needs your help,” but Nathan kept repeating the same thing Dada, Wee wee, Akey. 

Dawn was almost at the beach when she started to get tired. She was getting slower and Elvira now stood next to her, “Aww shame you will die alone but I guess that’s the way it goes and when I’m done with you the little one will be next." Elvira picked Dawn up by the throat and squeezed tighter every time Dawn struggled then dropped her to the floor. 

Dawn started to rub her neck when Elvira attacked her again but this time she bit her and drank some of her blood. Dawn was trying to scratch Elvira in the hopes that she would let her go but Elvira didn’t release her grip.

After a minute Elvira stopped and savoured the taste. Dawn moved slightly letting a moan of pain escape her, “Are you in pain? I hope so because we have a long night of drinking ahead of us.” Dawn lifted her head slightly and couldn’t see Nathan and started to panic and thought where is my baby?
Elvira grabbed Dawn again and started to put her fangs into her neck, she started to drink when she heard a noise and stopped. 

Elvira got up and shouted, “This kill is mine so leave me be,” but there was no response. 

When she turned back to Dawn she was gone but how? She was practically lifeless so she couldn’t move that fast, could she? Elvira was now angry and yelled, “That was my kill give her back.”
 “No she wasn’t your kill. You are out for revenge Elvira but if you want my advice run because you are being hunted and when you are caught, you will welcome death.” 

When Elvira turned and saw who was in front of her horror crept upon her face.

Tuesday, 18 February 2014

5.35 What the hell?

“What the hell are you playing at?” Estevan was furious with Teddy at letting Blair go into Elvira clutches. 

Teddy was already in a state and having her brother in-law yell at her wasn’t helping, “We needed time, what else was I supposed to do, Blair was in pain because of the headaches.”
“Kill the fucking bitch that was what you were supposed to do.”

“Dad it’s…”
“No it’s not ok Blake. Do you have any idea what I had to go through to get her to give Blair up and stop the headaches? I had to promise a job with a good amount of money. Then she up’s the ante and decides she wants Blair back and a partnership. We tried the nice approach but it didn’t work not with her. So we planned her murder, and do I regret it? No I don’t. Now that she has my brother alone, no telling how long before he gives in to her.” 

Estevan came close to Teddy and quietly said, “My brother fell for you hard and wanted you not her because he saw a future for the first time in his life. If anything happens to him Teddy, I will hold you responsible because you let him go back to her.” 

Estevan walked away but Teddy yelled, “I didn’t let him go, we haven’t broken our bond and I still love him just as much as you but we need to work together not blame each other.” Estevan turned around and said, “What do you have in mind?”

Elvira pushed Blair onto the bed and crawled up and came near his face, “It’s great to have you back. I’ll let you rest tonight but tomorrow you will need to show your loyalty to me.”
“You mean sex?”
“Not quite, you need to be in charge of the business not Estevan so you need to kill him and then we will have it all.” 

All Blair could think about was kill my brother…I can’t. Remember be nice. “I need fresh air; I’ll be by the pool if you need me.”
“It will give you chance to work out how to kill Estevan.” 

Blair sat by the pool trying to figure out what he could do. He finally had what he’d always craved a family and a brother but here he was being asked by the one person he hated the most to end it all. The thought of another man touching his wife made him angry and when he thought of no one able to control his son it terrified him. He knew Harmony would be ok because she had Ty. As for the rest of the family they would kill him if anything happened to his brother by his hand.

He heard footsteps approach him and when he turned around it took him a few seconds to register who it was, “Draco...she will…”
“Dad, don’t worry Harmony and Uncle Estevan are helping you block your thoughts from Elvira.”
“You are only a teenager.”
“Yeah, the potion didn’t age me up like I wanted. I still have to go to school; anyway I wanted to see if you were ok.”
“Draco, how is your Mum?”

“Uncle Estevan tore into her after you left with the bitch…”
“Tell him from me not too and have you got things ready.” Draco looked at his Dad and said, “I just need to do one more thing and I’m ready.”
“You must hurry because she wants me to kill Estevan.” Draco saw the worry in his father’s eyes and replied, “Dad don’t worry it won’t come to that believe me.”

Estevan stood up when Draco walked in, “How is he?” Draco looked around the room and said, “Elvira has asked Dad to kill you, Uncle Estevan. She wants the business.” 

Harmony walked up to her Mum and said, “When I found out Elvira could compel Dad, Blake and I worked on a potion for Dad so when she tries to do it again it won’t work. Get it to him so he can drink it and let Dad do the rest.”
Teddy looked at Estevan, “Now my brother can do what he does best play with his kill.”
“Blair’s going to make this messy, isn’t he?” Estevan looked at Teddy and replied, “After what she has done and tried to do, he is going to finish this and I will help him.” 

Art voiced a question, “I thought it was Draco who had the kill?”
Everyone put their eyes on Draco, “I’m almost there but Dad can play with the food if he wants.”

Teddy was at the window just staring when Estevan cleared the room and approached Teddy, “What I said…”
“It was said out of anger and love for your brother.”
“I love you both and what she is doing to all of us I can’t stand it.”
“Then let’s give Blair the potion.”

Elvira was waiting when they got there, “Blair is mine, you gave your word and if you want to live, you need to leave now.”
Estevan came right up to her, “I want to see my business partner, NOW!” Blair walked down the stairs when heard Estevan. 

He did want Teddy asked and that was to play along even though he felt sick. He put his arms around Elvira and kissed her cheek, “It’s business so don’t worry. I’m with you now.” Elvira grinned at Teddy as she watched her grow jealous and rubbed his cheek, “Ok, don’t be long.”

They went outside and before Blair knew what happened Teddy slapped him, “You don’t have to look so comfortable with her.” 

Blair was in shock but pulled her close and said, “I want to throw up every time I go near her but you in my arms feels so right, but it was your idea, not mine.”
Teddy brushed his cheek and softly said, “It just looked so real…I hate her but you I want home.”
Estevan coughed and they parted, “I love seeing you get cosy but we have work to do and a gift for you, Blair.” 

Estevan handed over the potion and pulled him into a hug and in a whisper said, “Drink it then she can’t compel you and this will be the only time I say this so don’t expect to hear it again but I love you brother.” Blair choked back his emotions and said, “Love you too baby bro.” 

Blair pulled away and drank the potion and said, “Now let’s have some fun.”

Tuesday, 11 February 2014

5.34 Can't make any promises

Blair looked at his daughter still lying there and felt helpless. 

The door opened and in walked Draco and Art. 

Estevan and Blair looked at the boys and in a low growl they asked in unison, “Where the hell have you been?” Draco answered first, “Sis told me to lay low so Elvira didn’t see me but I didn’t think she’d hurt my sister.” Then Art voiced, “I didn’t know they had come here but when Ty phoned, it sounded serious so I had to help.” He saw Ty’s face and said, “Harmony will be ok.”
“Art I hope you are right but that evil woman has to go.” Blair replied, “You and I agree on this TJ, she is going and I don’t care if I have to get my hands dirty again because none of us are living through hell again. Did you ring Dawn?”
Estevan looked at Blair, “No as it’s not safe. TJ pack your bags you are staying with us. Blair, get Harmony and let’s get out of here and re-think what we need to do.”

When they were at the house Estevan asked, “Draco, how are you going to kill her?”
“Uncle Estevan that will be the surprise.” 

Blair came into the room and Estevan asked, “Any change?” Blair looked at his brother and quietly said, “TJ is with her and won’t leave her side.”
“I’ll go and talk to him.”

Ty was just staring at Harmony when she finally stirred. Ty sat by her side and smiled, “Beauty, you are ok?” 

She looked into his eyes and said, “Lay here with me.” Ty did as he was asked. “What happened and why were you out cold?”
“I’m sorry I scared everyone but I faked it because I needed Elvira to think she won the fight. Where is Draco?”
“You worry me and ask for your brother…”
“Please just give this to him for me,” she ran her hand over his cheek and added, “I pulled a few strands out of her head and Draco will need this.”

Estevan walked in and saw Harmony awake and smiled. She ran into his arms and said, “Uncle Este I’m so sorry I worried you and Dad.” Ty left to find Draco to give him the hair strands that Harmony had given him.

Suddenly he heard Estevan shout for Blair, he ran back to the room where Harmony was and saw her fading again when he read her mind he knew this time it was real but before she passed out he heard her say through her thoughts, ‘I made a packed with Art and I love you Ty.’ 

When her eyes closed he turned to Art and said, “What packed did you and Harmony make?” 

Art looked at everyone in turn, “Umm…” Estevan looked at his grandson and said, “Out with it.” 

Art left the room and everyone followed him and he sat there for a few moments, he looked up and saw his Dad and Uncle Blake walk into the room and thought, ‘Great just what I need.’
Will asked, “What is going on?”
Estevan said, “Art was just about to tell us the packed he’d made with Harmony.” Will and Blake looked at each other in shock when Art finally spoke, “It was Harmony’s idea but I was just as keen.” Blair just stared at him and said, “Is this why she is out cold?”

“Yes but I swear I didn’t do that to her. We both want to be full vampires and after the stress Ty went through to become a full vampire…well we want the same.”
Blair snapped first, “Ty went through genuine stress, it forced his body to react but how are you doing this?”
“Harmony and I met in the park before she left for here and we took a potion to help us transform but when Ty phoned I thought the potion had gone horribly wrong that’s why I came.”

Will sat beside his son and said, “Enjoy your teen years because you’ll never get them back, why such the hurry?”
“When Mum died, you were in such a state and the twins needed someone and…” Will stopped him, “I’m sorry you felt you needed to grow up because of me but can you stop this?”
“There is no going back…”
“I took some potion too,” Draco said with a gleam in his eyes. 

Art lost his temper, “You idiot the dose was for a teen not a child the effects on you could be serious.” Draco smiled and coldly said, “I will be able to date, leave school and do what the hell I like.” 

Blair growled at Draco and said, “How will this affect your Mum? Did you ever think of that? She will be devastated that you are robbing her of being a mother to you.”

Estevan then said, “I can’t believe all of you are in a hurry to grow up but I can’t deal with this right now because there is a woman out there who needs to be dead and here you all are playing a childish game of who can grow up first.”
“Uncle Estevan I promise my killing of Elvira will make up for what we have done.”

Estevan and Blair came close to Draco and said in unison, “It better or else,” Draco gulped and said sheepishly, “Oh but it will.” They all heard a scream and it was coming from Harmony’s room Ty went to run but Blair stopped him, “Keep those thoughts to yourself because if my daughter has changed, you still aren’t getting near her unless the words I do come out of your mouth.” 

Ty yelled back, “Harmony just screamed and this is what you want to discuss. I will do what she wants me to do and not the other way round so get out of my way.” 

Harmony fell out of her room and Ty caught her, “Beauty you’ve changed.” Harmony snuggled into him and quietly replied, “I know but Elvira is in there with Mum.” 

Blair heard what Harmony said and went in to see Elvira being thrown across the room but when she saw Blair she compelled him again and he fell to the floor, “Teddy you leave Blair and give him back to me and I will stop the headaches he is suffering.” 

Teddy saw the pain he was in and thought quickly, taking a deep breath, “Ok Elvira you can have him back but I want a few moments alone with my soon to be ex-husband.”

Elvira grinned and replied, “Why not, I’ll have him for eternity now,” she walked out of the room smiling at everyone. Estevan wanted to charge at her but heard Draco through his thoughts, ‘Trust me Uncle Estevan please, we aren’t going to lose Dad I promise but you have to trust me.’

Teddy helped Blair up and held him close, “Gorgeous, I hate her and I won’t let you divorce me.”
“I should hope not…” Blair held her face while he looked into her eyes, “What are you playing at?”
“Remember I love you Blair and please play along with her but you sleep with that bitch and I swear…”

He pinned her against the wall and passionately said, “I love how you go weak every time I do this move.”
“I love your moves on me but we have no time. Play the dotting boyfriend and just keep her distracted until Draco has things ready.”
“I will try but I can’t make any promises.” 

Teddy threw her arms around him and replied sweetly, “I love you.”
“You so owe me, gorgeous.”
“Anything you want!” 

Blair smiled at her taking one last look at his wife then opened the door and said, “Elvira I’m ready to come home.”