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4.14 A Romantic Surprise

Please be aware this is a long chapter as a lot needed to be covered but I still hope you enjoy

The atmosphere back at in Painswater Point you could have cut with a knife. "Blair what are you doing?" Teddy asked as she was now worried.

"Getting every piece of paper work for the business and handing it all over to Estevan so we can have nothing more to do with each other. Don't say another word on the matter because we are done with him and the family." Teddy was getting to boiling point over this behaviour of Blair's but decided for now he would have his way but that it wouldn't be for long.
Dawn went to the park with Heather and Art to get fresh air. "How was the romantic weekend?" Heather asked eagerly.

"It was going great until Estevan and Blair started fighting then it fell apart from there. I've really upset Estevan because I'm not pregnant."
Heather was shocked and in a firm tone stated, "Dawn listen to me, Estevan adores the ground you walk on. I know he would love more children but right now he is worried about you. Don't ignore him, talk to him. Thanks to you I have my husband back. What I mean is I don't have to worry about there being trouble. He comes home safe and you are the reason. Dawn you have mellowed Estevan and I am so grateful. You want my advice go away again, make lots of love and let the stress go."
Dawn was almost choked by what Heather said and then hugged Heather and answered, "Thank you so much, you know you're right. What should I take with me?"
"If it's a romance weekend then I would say less clothes the better."
"Heather, where has this come from?" laughing at Heather.
"I haven't had a romantic getaway since before Art was born." 

Dawn could see Heather was missing the romance in her marriage so Dawn decided to help her out and suggested, "When we get back from our trip demand William takes you away and Estevan and I will look after Art." Then Dawn held Art and snuggled him while smiling at Heather.

Blair burst into Estevan's home office and threw all documents relating to the business at Estevan. He put his fists on the desk and quietly but firmly said, "Stay away from me, Estevan as we are through."
Still looking at Blair in the eye, "You may think we are through but there is no way this is the end. You are family so I will always be here but I wanted to ask you something hoping you will see me again. I'm planning to ask Dawn to marry me and I want you to be my best man."
Blair hadn't moved and glared at Estevan, "You did hear my words...I don't want anything more to do with you. So why the hell would I be at your wedding."

"You will have an invite Blair so think about it and hope you will change your mind."
Blair shouted as he was leaving, "Send the invite but my family will not be there."
Daphne passed Blair in the hallway not saying anything and found Estevan staring out of the window, "Do you want to talk about it?"

Estevan gave a very abrupt answer, "No I don't."
"I am sorry Hun but I did say things might not go the way you wanted."
Estevan couldn't face his mum and said, "I'll never see my brother again. Why do you think I never wanted to tell him?"
"I know that but he had a right to know and it had to come from you. Teddy has tried to convince him to talk to you but he is not even listening to her."
"Just so you know Dawn has some bags packed." Estevan turned to his mum and with fear in his voice, 

"Dawn isn't leaving as well, she can't."
"Well go with her." Estevan now looked confused, "What are you on about?"
"She is waiting for you to go away with her back to Sunlit Tides. Estevan she wants a romantic weekend."
"I have work and after..." Daphne yelled at him, "Stuff work your girlfriend needs you and by the state of you, you need her. Go back there and make love and before I forget don't forget the ring."
"I never told you..."
"Who taught you to read minds? I was nosey and just had to know. I made a mistake once and I won't make the same mistake twice. Now go!" 
He found Dawn in the room getting things ready, "Dawn; Mum told me you want to go back to Sunlit Tides?"
"I want to have that romantic weekend." 

Estevan sat her on the bed and said, "Listen to me. I promise we will have that romantic getaway but not now. The next time we go is when you and I get married and we will have our honeymoon there."
"I just want things the way they should have been."
"The romantic weekend didn't go as planned but I know one thing, I love you."
Dawn replied, "Love you too." Then she fell into his arms and he said in almost a whisper, "I have work to catch up on but get ready and we will leave at 8pm for dinner."

As promised Estevan took Dawn out for a meal. "How is your food?" Estevan asked.
"It's wonderful. I finished the designs for the casino so maybe later you can take a look!"
Estevan looked at Dawn and said, "No not tonight. I'm here is my girlfriend not my designer so when I have a meeting next I will look then. Has my mum been bothering you?"

"She is trying to get to know me but I don't like the way she looks at me at times. I did want to talk to you about William and Heather."
"What's wrong?"
"Heather is upset that William is too busy to spend time with her and Art. I was thinking that maybe we could look after Art for a few days."
"Arrange it with Heather for the weekend and I'll take time off. Are you sure you want to look after a toddler?"

"I am sure beside Art likes me." Once they finished dinner and talked more Dawn excused herself to go to the bathroom and got straight on the phone to Teddy, "He hasn't asked me yet and when he said dinner I even bought a new dress hoping this would be the night."

"Dawn you still have the rest of the night."
"A candlelit dinner for two, doesn't that scream proposal?" Dawn asked in a panic.
"Hun, I know he was going to ask you on that weekend but maybe he is just waiting for the right time."
"I know now that I want him. Oh Teddy I wish he'd never said anything about marriage to me because that's all I can think about."
"I've got to go Blair is coming but listen he will just give it time."
When she got back to the table Estevan asked, "Are you ok?"
"I'm fine; it's just there was a wait for the bathroom." 

Estevan got up from the table and put his arms around Dawn and said, "Let's go home because I really want to remove that dress." Dawn started to lose control of her hormones as he breathed those words in her ear sending shivers throughout her body.

When they got home they were all over each other and suddenly Estevan asked, "Do you want a drink because I need one?"

"Now but I..." Estevan looked at her and replied, "Come on humour me please? Just one drink then I promise to remove that dress." He took her hand into the dining room where the bar was kept. Estevan opened the door and allowed Dawn in first and when he put the light on Dawn gasped in shock. Estevan had to catch her as she almost buckled as her knees gave way. 

He sat her down on a chair and got her a glass of wine. Estevan hadn't gone back to work like he had told Dawn but decorated out the dining room with flowers. He had told Blake to disappear and gave instruction to his mum to do the same. He had hoped that his Mum would have left town by now but it looked like she was staying longer than he had hoped.
"Do you like it?" Dawn was still in shock but replied, "What is this for? Yes it's wonderful."
"After the bad weekend which did start out great and seeing how upset you were I thought you could do with cheering up."
"Oh Estevan I can't believe you did this." Dawn just kept looking around thinking how great it all looked. She looked at Estevan who suddenly had a nervous expression on his face, "Estevan I love this. You can put a smile back on your face." His expression didn't change but his eyes move down towards the table. "What is it?" 

Then Dawn followed his eyes and saw a box with a diamond ring in it. She didn't know what to say and just stared at it for a moment then she heard Estevan speak, "I know this should had been done sooner but oh I'm nervous...I want to spend the rest of my life with you so Dawn Star would you do me the honour and become my wife?"

Dawn heard every word but was still staring at the ring and for a brief moment stayed silent then answered, "Yes Estevan, I will marry you. Estevan scooped her up, "You will not regret this Dawn."

"Estevan I said yes. You can put me down now." He was smiling and then asked, "When do we tell everyone."
Dawn wanted to do things right and lovingly said, "I think you should tell your brother the good news first." Estevan looked at Dawn but she added, "It's time to be friends again." Estevan dialled his number and he was shocked when Blair answered, "What do you want?"

"Blair, I'm engaged." Then the phone line went dead. He turned to Dawn and said, "Well I told him but he hung up." Dawn looked sympathetically at Estevan and replied, "Give it time. Now we have to tell everyone else."
Estevan put his arms around her and asked, "I thought I was supposed to be taking that dress off?"
"Later as I just got engaged, I mean we did and I want us to tell everyone."

Thanks to Mypalsim for her proposal set 

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4.13 Hurting

Please be aware this is a long chapter as a lot needed to be covered but I still hope you enjoy

Teddy felt a touch wake her from her sleep but then she remembered what happened the day before.

"How could you?" Teddy yelled at Blair as she looked upset.
"I thought if I crawled into bed while you were sleeping by the morning we would be making love."
"What did I say last night? Talk to your brother."
"Don't call him that, I'm an only child."
"Grow up Blair and face the truth Estevan is your brother. At least you get a chance to know you brother, remember my brothers died before I was born so I never had the chance to know them."

Estevan was on the phone trying to talk to William, "Please listen to me."
"Why the hell should I?" Will shouted down the phone.
"The secret is out and I can tell you and Blake but face to face."
"I can't bear to look at you, Dad. I mean my wife never keeps things from me, never."
"Oh really. Then why is it you want more kids but she is exhausted and doesn't want any yet but you ignore it and keep pushing for another baby."
"I get your point. Anyway what is the secret? Just tell me over the phone."
"Is Blake there with you?"

"He is I'll put you on speaker phone."
"Hay Dad, are you having a good time?"

"Not really but I need to tell you both something. The secret is...Blake this may be hard on you but my father name was David Merrick..." he paused for a moment then he heard Blake's reaction. "Please tell me this is a bad joke."

"What..." Blake glared at William and said, "Seriously Will. Merrick is Blair's surname. Dad don't expect us to get on because nothing has changed for me. I still can't stand Blair."
Will now said his piece, "You knew all this time and you never said anything. Heather and my unc..." He couldn't finish that sentence. "Blair never knew about it until now?"

Estevan finally got to speak, "Will I'm sorry Heather kept it from you but I never asked her too. They never did anything but Blair is taking the news badly and is refusing to talk about it.
Blake had to ask one more question, "Dad who is the eldest out of the two of you?"
"Blair is my older brother. The house I'm staying in belonged to our father."

"Dad one more thing. Did you ask Dawn yet?" Blake asked.
"Ask what...?"
Blake spoke before Estevan had chance to answer, "He bought a ring and is planning to ask Dawn to marry him."
"Dad are you really serious?" Will demanded.
"I am, William. We were supposed to go out last night but Blair and I got into a fight so I haven't asked her yet but I will."
"Dad for what its worth and I think I speak for both Blake and myself when I say we like her and when the day arrives we will be there."
Estevan had a lump in his throat but stayed calm long enough to say, "Thanks boys and William, I'm glad we are friends again."
"See you when you get home." When he finished on the phone he went to search for Dawn.

Dawn was relaxing by the pool with Teddy when Estevan appeared asking to speak to Dawn in private. They went to the bedroom and Estevan closed the door. He sat on the bed pulling Dawn close and asked softly, “I’m sorry about yesterday and the fighting but as you can see its how Blair and I communicate.”

“I think you need to stop fighting and talk it through.”
“We will sort it out don’t worry. I asked to have a word because before all this happened you wanted to talk to me.”
Dawn frozen and with panic in her voice said, “I can’t remember what it was now.” 

Estevan looked at her loving as he pulled her on to the bed and said, “That is a lie. I know what you wanted to say was important by the way you looked at me. I trust you to tell me but I can read your mind but I would rather you tell me.”
“I’m not sure how I feel.”
“Feel about what?”
Dawn tried to look away but Estevan pulled her face back towards him so their eyes were fixed on each other. “Come on Hun, whatever it is can’t be as bad as you think.” She touched his hand and started to talk, “I...I think you may be upset with me.”
“Dawn don’t be silly.” Almost laughing as he continued, “So tell me.”
“I missed my period, I could be pregnant.”

Estevan shot up and Dawn sat beside him, “I’ve ruined things between us haven’t I?” Estevan turned to her and questioned her, “Ruined things? Why would you think that?”
“I know the boys are grown up and you don’t want to start again. I am so careful. I really can’t see how it happened as I just said I am so careful.”
“You think because I have two adult sons that is why I wouldn’t want any more kids...Dawn you are wrong. I would love more kids. If you are pregnant I would be over the moon.”
Dawn looked relieved but then upset again, “I can’t have a baby. I’m going to grow old then die and you will be alone again. Always reminded of me through a child, if we had any.”

Estevan pulled her close to him, stroking her face then he kissed her and replied, “If you want to be a vampire, ask me then I will start the changing process. You love me that much that the thought of me being alone without you upsets you. Dawn that is so wonderful you have even thought that but to deny being a mother because of this is wrong.”
“Would you change me?”
“I would plus I would be with you the whole time you were going through the process but if you are pregnant I can’t do it until baby is born. Have you done a test or been to the doctor?” Estevan couldn’t hide the smile as the thought of being a dad again thrilled him.
“I wanted to talk to you first about this. Will the boys be ok about this?”
“They will be fine. However Blake will be pleased he will finally get to be big brother.”
“I said I was late and that I might be pregnant. It could be nothing.”
“I know but would it be so bad?”
“I’d be a terrible Mum and babies hate me.” Estevan raised an eye brow to Dawn and answered, “Art loves you and he’s a baby.”
“Estevan, you’re not seeing the bad side here.” As she got up from the bed.
“There is no bad side but we will have to get married.”

“No I’m not getting married besides this is the way you ask me by standing there with no ring.” Estevan was angry and pointed his finger while he said, “I love you but I give up everything for you and yes I want you to marry me. I believe you date a woman, marry then have a child."
Dawn yelled, "What about me and what I want? I mean if you felt like this then why sleep with me before we married?"
"Why do you have to make everything an argument? If you are expecting, stressing out like this won't do you or the baby any good. As for the ring I have it already, I bought while in lucky palms." Dawn sat there in shock and replied, "Oh wow you were planning to ask me anyway?"

Estevan held her and said, "I just kept putting it off because I thought you would say no when I really do want you to marry me."
"I'm not sure what to say right now."
"Let's see if there is a baby on the way because I think that is now our priority."

When they arrived at the island's doctors they were stunned to see the office was outside. "Morning and what can I do for you?"
"I'm Dawn Star and...Is there an office we can go in?"
"Do you see it raining?"
Dawn looked puzzled and answered, "No."
"Glad we have that cleared up. What is the matter Dawn?"
"I think I maybe pregnant as I've missed a period."
"Ok we will do a test and find out." He gave Dawn a specimen bottle and asked for a sample. He pointed to the bathroom just inside. When she came out the doctor had just entered the building and told Dawn to take a seat outside while he did the test.
Estevan and Dawn didn't speak while they waited and it felt like an eternity waiting for an answer that could change their lives. Dawn's stomach was in knots as she saw the doctor approach them. "I have the results of the test Dawn." Suddenly she was glued to her seat waiting for the answer.

"Dawn the test was negative. You are not expecting a baby."
Showing no emotion because of her shocked state, "What other reason would there be to having no period?"
"Many things can cause this but the main one is stress." After more questions they left and headed back towards the house. Estevan held her close but said nothing. When they got back Dawn made an excuse to go upstairs, Estevan wanted to follow but Teddy said, "I'll go." Teddy entered the room and found Dawn crying on the bed.

"What did the doctor say?" Dawn tried to tell her but at first she couldn't then she took a deep breath and cried, "I'm not pregnant, and apparently I'm stressed instead."
"I thought you didn't want kids?" asking carefully.
"I never wanted kids and even when I thought I was pregnant, I was angry that I could let this happen but now the doctors says I'm not expecting...why is it I'm upset. I know because I want a baby so much. Estevan was so happy when he thought he was going to be a Dad again and it's my fault." While Dawn continued crying Teddy said, "It's not your fault and Estevan will be fine. I bet he is more concerned about you."

Dawn sat up but still her head was buried and then she blurted out, "He was going to ask me to marry him this weekend and it's all ruined. How can I say yes now? He might only ask because he feels he has too."
Teddy looked at her with concern and replied, "That's so romantic and on this island too. If he does ask it will be because he loves you not because he has too. There will be other chances to have a baby."
Estevan walked in and saw by Teddy's face it wasn't good. Teddy left them to it and Estevan lay on the bed holding Dawn while she cried. "Hun it will be ok I promise you. Maybe it is good thing you weren't expecting because now you know that it's what you want too."

Suddenly Dawn stopped crying and asked, "Estevan turn me?"
"No I won't. You are in a fragile state."
"Then make love to me." Estevan could have thought of nothing better but he hated pity sex and hated saying, "I love you but you need to let this out." Then he kissed her while she fell asleep in his arms.

Teddy was relaxing in the pool when Blair spoke, "How long are you going to keep this up?"
She didn't even look up and replied, "I could ask you the same thing."
"I'm on about us. I want us being us again. I hate the sofa."
After Teddy saw Dawn fall apart, she had to admit she needed Blair. Teddy didn't want to go home again without having any passion and sex. Their wedding night may have been a disaster but Teddy was determined this trip was not going to end in the same way.

"You could join me in the pool." Blair swam up to Teddy pulling her off the Lillo and kissed her while holding on tight. Blair then pull her under while removing her bikini and when Teddy resurfaced asked, "What are you doing? They could come out here at any moment." Blair kissed her again and answered, "I don't care if they are watching but I want my wife back."

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4.12 Secret Part 2

As the girls enjoyed relaxing by the pool the boys were still fighting.
Dawn finally said, "It's been 4 hours now. We have to stop this. I came here for sun and romance."
"At least you had a day or too I haven't had any yet. Your right lets separate them."
They walk in and got to the stairs, Blair was about shove Estevan again when he heard Teddy ask, "Blair, are you coming to bed?" Blair suddenly stopped and followed Teddy. When Dawn asked the same thing Estevan didn't need to be asked twice.

Blair tried to kiss Teddy but she insisted he clean up first and when he came back, he pulled Teddy in for a passionate kiss and when he released her Teddy asked, "Do you feel better now?

Blair being frustrated said to her, "Can you believe this; Estevan says we are brothers sharing the same Dad fucking ass." Teddy was now angry that he was still in denial and yelled, "If you are going to hold on to this anger while we are supposed to be on a romantic holiday then you can sleep downstairs." 

She pushed him outside the door and locked it behind her. 
Estevan was pacing the floor, "He thinks I'm lying, tell me what I have to gain by lying?"

Dawn tried to reassure Estevan but he wasn't in the mood and snapped at her. Dawn then told Estevan to leave and sleep somewhere else.

When he got downstairs he saw Blair on a sofa. Estevan said with sarcasm, "Well thanks to you I won't be getting any tonight."
Blair shot up from the sofa but stayed where he was, "My fault, you're the one who is full of stories about us being brothers. Just so you know I won't be getting anything tonight either. So just stay over there and leave me alone."

The girls were listening to the conversation from up stairs. "We have to do something."
"Dawn, are you ok? You don't look well."
"I'll be fine haven't eaten for two days but I'll be ok. At the moment I'm worried about them trying to kill each other."

Teddy looked at Dawn and replied, "Never mind them and their childish behaviour. Dawn you need to eat. I think I have fruit in my room, come on."
"This is stupid I'm not sleeping down here like a naughty child. I'm going up to my room and sleep with my girlfriend."

Estevan made his way upstairs and walked into the bedroom and smiled at Dawn but she stood her ground and firmly said, "I sent you elsewhere so leave."
"I'm not going anywhere." Dawn got up from the bed and got very close to Estevan and firmly though clenched teeth replied, "You and Blair are acting like children and until you sort things out this is no longer your room."

Once the door closed behind him for the second time he saw Blair in the hallway and asked, "Had the same idea? Don't tell me, you got kicked out again?"
Blair ignored Estevan and went downstairs back to the sofa. 

The door opened and Teddy came towards Estevan and demanded they sort things out. "Don't tell me what to do." Before Teddy could respond Blair flew up the up the stairs and yelled, "Don't you speak to Teddy like that."

Estevan was about to answer with a fist but Teddy got between them and yelled, "Stop this now." Dawn opened the door and saw Teddy separating them and calmly asked, "What is going on?"
Teddy looked at Dawn and said, "I'll handle these two; now go and rest."
"How can I rest with all the shouting?" 

Estevan walked up to Dawn and said, "Let's go to bed." Dawn looked in his eyes and was starting to weaken but she caught the look on Teddy's face as she shook her head and then she turned back to Estevan and replied, "I'm going to bed but on my own. I'll see you in the morning when you and Blair are friends again." When the door shut leaving Estevan shocked on the outside, Teddy firmly said, "Both of you are stubborn and Dawn and I will not put up with either of you spoiling the weekend."
"I'm not spoiling anything, gorgeous."
"Don't you gorgeous me." She turned to Estevan, "You both need to put things right." Turning back to Blair, 

"As for you Blair...accept he is your brother because otherwise this romantic weekend will not happen."
Teddy was now by the door and replied, "No butt's Blair, you are family learn to deal with it. Goodnight."
Estevan and Blair stared at each other and then Blair said calmly, "If you think I'm listening to what you have to say, think again."
"You are going to ignore Teddy?"
"I'll sneak in the room later and she will be fine by morning. So leave me alone."
As Estevan made his way downstairs he smiled, "Good luck with that."