Tuesday, 28 October 2014

6.26 First time

Warning: Adult scenes

         William dived in the pool after Victoria; he grabbed her and pulled her in for a kiss. “What has gotten into you?”

“You in that bathing suit. I know I said I’d wait but you are driving me to the brink.” She smiled at him and got out of the pool; William followed her and said, “Please don’t be upset…”

Victoria turned to him, “I’m not upset,” then walked off. Will was in shock and when he caught up to her he asked, “Why walk away?” She touched his lips and quietly asked, “When can we get that room ready, the one that you want to share with me?” Will almost collapsed and could feel his erection push against his swimsuit as he replied, “It shouldn’t take me long why?” 

Victoria stepped close to his ear and whispered, “Then you get to remove the bathing suit.” William closed his eyes and thought, ‘I’ve waited over 5 years and finally I might get laid.’
He started to run then realised he wanted her input on the room then ran back, he grabbed her and said, “What colour do you want the room, type of bed?” 

She kissed him and quietly but teasingly said, “I love light colours but as long as I can wrap myself around you, that’s what counts.”
“You are trying to torture me, Victoria?”
“Isn’t this what we are supposed to do? I mean we have been together six months and I don’t think I want to wait any longer.” William took a deep breath at trying to keep his thoughts under control and asked, “The twins are away all weekend right?” Victoria laughed, “They are and Art is with Ellen so we have the place to ourselves for a few days…”
“You jump back in the pool and I won’t be long.” As he walked away he said to himself, ‘If I last that long!’

An hour had past and Victoria was curious as to where William was so went to investigate. When she opened the door he had just finished and turned to her, “Hi, I was coming down to get you.” 

She suddenly looked all shy as the water dripped off her, “I was wondering what had happened so came to look. It looks great but there is a problem…” 

William walked up to her and held her tightly, “What is the problem?”
“I’m confused…I mean I know I want you but how do you feel about me?” 

William kissed her lightly and said, “Can’t you tell yet? I’m in love with you. These last few dates I’ve wanted you more and more but I knew you weren’t there yet.” Victoria smiled at him and said, “Oh William I so happy right now…I love you too.” She put her arms around his neck and he lifted her with ease. As he lowered her onto the bed she said, “This will get the bedding wet, it needs to come off.” 

William kissed her neck slowly and replied, “It won’t be on that long to get the bed that wet so don’t worry.”  The kiss became more heated as Victoria relaxed and William let himself go. His arms traced her outline then he felt her leg wrapping around him and all he could think about was removing her bathing suit but he removed his top first. 

Once he had removed her swimsuit he looked at her and asked again, “Are you sure?” She smiled stroking his cheek. Victoria moved her hand down past his chest and undid his trousers making William gasp. 
He removed the trousers so he was now naked with Victoria and slowly kissed her body as she asked sweetly, “Will this hurt?” 

William looked at her and whispered, “Not for long and I will be as gentle as I can.” She nodded and tensed a little as he came closer; William stopped for a moment and tried to reassure her.
“It does get easier and more pleasurable with time, do you trust me?”
“I do I’m just very nervous.” He lifted her up and she wrapped herself around him. William wanted her totally at ease so when he went inside her it would be less painful. He explored her body by touching and kissing her and listened to her moans of pleasure and watched as her body relaxed with every move.

He brought her to the point of climax and held her there as he slowly entered her and as he pushed more he released her pleasure and watched how she welcomed him.

When they were lying there she said, “Is this what I’ve been missing?” William couldn’t help but laugh slightly, “I take it you enjoyed it.” 

She climbed on top of him, “Yes and when can we go again?” William pretended to look at his watch but quickly looked back when he replied, “Well I’m not doing anything for a couple of days so…I can go Now.” 

He pinned her to the bed when  suddenly she pushed William off her, getting off the bed looking away. He wrapped his arms around her and asked, “What’s wrong?”
“All these years I’ve been a virgin and well I’m not on the pill and I know we didn’t use anything.” 

William turned her around to face him but she felt guilty and tried to pull away but he wouldn’t let her. “Don’t feel guilty; I know exactly what we did. If you want to take the morning after pill then I will understand but if you don’t then that’s fine too.”
“How can you be ok with this, I mean this is huge.” 

William kissed her, “I’m ok with it because I love my girlfriend.” Victoria kissed him back and quietly replied, “I love you too but if I am…”
“If you are then we will deal with it but right now I have a beautiful girlfriend an empty house and I want to be doing things with her that require no clothes and yes before you ask yes I’m horny as hell.” 

Victoria looked at him and  putting her hands on his chest replied, “In that case I’d better help you.”

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

6.25 Changes

Draco sat at home alone and welcomed the silence. 

He loved the fact the only thoughts in his head was his own. He wondered how he would tell his parents he was going away. He knew his Dad would be ok with it but his Mum, he wasn’t so sure about. The door swung open and in walked Will and Blake. Draco got up to greet them but saw the look on their faces especially William’s. 

Suddenly he felt a fist greet his face as he fell backwards to the floor, “Why didn’t you come to me for help?” 

Blake was holding back Will and Draco stayed on the floor for a moment while looking at his cousins. “What do you want me to say, I’m sorry. That bitch was controlling me and I really wanted you guys to help. In fact any member of the family would have been nice but every time I tried to say anything, she stopped me.” 

Blake let Will go and he helped Draco up, “We were worried about you. The three of us have grown close since that day we helped kill her.”
“I know…” Blake interrupted, “We should have seen it and I’m sorry that we were all to blind to see the signs.”
“Blake, don’t…” 

Blake threw his hands up, “I hate all this mushy stuff, look I need a drink,” he saw the bar and wandered over towards it and helped himself. Will and Draco looked at each other then looked at Blake drinking and went over and Draco said, “Something is bothering you, is Lexy ok?” He looked at them both then said, “I’m going to be a Dad but I wasn’t supposed to tell anyone just yet but I can’t keep this to myself.” 

Draco went behind the bar got out a few bottles and said, “Time to celebrate then.” Will made a call and Draco said with a sarcastic tone, “Telling the girlfriend you won’t be home.” Will looked at him and through his thoughts said, ‘Shut up, I’m just letting her know I’ll be late.’
‘More like you are under the thumb.’ When Will got off the call he said out loud, “I suppose you wouldn’t let your girlfriend know then?” 

Draco’s expression changed and he poured another drink, “I don’t have a girlfriend and doubt I’ll ever have what you guys have. Now who is for another drink?” Blake looked at him, “Talk about it.” Draco looked at them but stayed silent but Blake added, “Draco, don’t start the not talking to us again.” Draco sighed and said, “I fucked things up ok and don’t know how to fix it.” Will asked, “Have you tried talking to Torri?”
“I never said…” 

Blake laughed, “Draco we saw, in fact every one saw the way you looked at her, the way you were with her. We did see the, not so good days, where if I’m honest you were a fucking asshole towards her but you looked great together.”
“Have you spoken to her yet?” Will asked. “I tried but thanks to Kerri she slammed the door in my face. Maybe leaving it a while will help but then what would I say?”
Will looked at Blake and as he took another sip of his drink said, “I’m sorry, I was an asshole and please forgive me and Kerri lied to you.”
“I tried to texted her and look at the response,” as he showed them the messages. 

Will then said, “She is angry at you at the moment just give her some time then talk to her.” Draco dropped a bombshell to his cousins, “I’m going to university in Monte Vista.” In unison the boys shouted, “WHAT!”
“I need to know me again and I will come home from time to time but I’ve had a shit five years and most of which I would like to forget. Sleeping with pretty boy being one of them and how I could treat people so badly. I just wish Torri had turned up after this was sorted but I will make it up to her somehow.”
“Carl, came to the club asking for you,” Blake added. Draco looked shocked and asked, “Did Dad see him.”
“No worse, my Dad saw him and then phoned your Dad.”
“Shit, shit, shit. How did they take the news?” Will got another drink and said, “Not good, I mean they got out of the drugs game and here you are landing them back in it. He asked Dad to take the drugs and give them to you.”
“Do they want to see me?” Blake was now trying to keep himself up as he was talking, “Dad wasn’t amused so stay out his way until he has calmed down.” Blake’s phone rang and when he saw it was Lexy he sounded worried, “Shit, I forgot to call her…” Draco still holding his own but only just said, “Answer the damn phone or I will.”

Blake glared at him as he answered the phone and Will said, “Thanks for finding Victoria.” Draco sat next him, “You needed someone and besides I hated seeing your miserable face.” Will smiled, “Back at you cuz.” Blake sat with them and Draco asked, “Everything ok?”
“I’m in the dog house but I hope she won’t stay mad forever.”
“Bro, it’s the hormones just roll with it.” Blake sighed as he drank some more. 

They heard the door go but couldn’t be bothered to move when they heard, “Mind if we join you?” They looked around and saw their father’s looking at them. Draco had a worried look when Estevan said, “We sorted Carl out.” Draco stayed quiet as he watched them take a seat, “You going to answer your Uncle?” Draco looked at Estevan and said, “I thought you were mad at me?”
“I am but at the end of the day I’m not prepared to lose my nephew over a stupid mistake.”
“Thanks Uncle Este.” 

When Blair and Estevan looked around, Will and Blake had passed out then Draco slowly closed his eyes. “Sweet dreams, son.” Estevan smiled at his brother, “When did you get all sentimental?”
“The thought of losing my boy to that bitch terrified me but never repeat that, ever!” They continued drinking staying where they were watching over the boys. 

The following morning the boys left and when Daphne arrived she asked, “Are you ok?” Blair gave her a stinking look, “Don’t know how to feel…” Estevan interrupted, “I could go with you?” Blair looked at his brother and said, “Thanks but I need to do this…I haven’t even told Teddy yet.” Daphne firmly said, “Blair you need to tell her.” 

Before Blair could respond Harmony came out of Draco’s room and announced, “I’d like to present my new brother.” Blair glanced at Harmony and asked, “What did you do?” 

She stayed silent as Draco walked out, “Ok what do you think? I feel weird,” he turned to his sister, “I don’t feel right…”

“You want Torri back, right? Then the old look had to go.” Teddy walked out and when she saw Draco she smiled, “My baby boy is back,” giving him a hug.

“Mum please you are embarrassing me.” Teddy squeezed tighter and when she finally let go she said, “It’s my job to embarrass you besides it’s good to have you back but now you are leaving…” trailing off as she ran to the bathroom in tears. Draco looked at Blair and said, “I thought Mum was fine with me going away?” He looked at Daphne and said, “This is why I haven’t said anything yet.”

When Blair opened the door to the new house where Draco would be staying he noticed Draco’s face, “Talk to me.” Draco dumped his bag on the floor and said, “Saying goodbye to the twins was hard. Cole wasn’t happy about it but hugged me before I left. Holly kicked me in the leg then ran up the stairs.”
“I’ll talk to her when I get home and what about Torri?” 

Draco was pouring a drink, “I’ve been texting her but nothing back. I even tried calling but no answer. Kerri must have really pissed her off.”
“She will be fine when she calms down.” Draco checked his phone and nothing, “I’m going to pick my room,” leaving Blair alone. 

When Teddy walked in he said, “We need to talk.” Teddy sat down and had a look of concern across her face, “Blair what is wrong?” Blair looked away as he replied, “Remember I told you an old friend was trying to contact me…”
“Yes I remember, why?” 

Blair didn’t know how to react. He’d come a long way in his life and managed to have a beautiful wife and two kids but was afraid he was about to lose it all with this news. “The old friend’s name is Guy, he contacted Daphne as a last resort yesterday and it turns out that Elvira got pregnant with my child and had a daughter.”

Teddy glared at him and he could see the anger build up inside her but before he could say anything else he heard, “You bastard, how could you and with that bitch. Only last week we were discussing having another baby but now I can’t even bare to look at you,” then she stormed off leaving Blair heartbroken. 

Draco walked back in the room and asked, “Dad tell me this is a joke,” but when he saw the look from his Dad he knew it was no joke.

Guy kept watching the door hoping to see Blair walk in any minute but nothing. He closed the doors ready to go home to Katherine when he was grabbed and pinned to the wall, “Hello Guy.” 

They stared at each other for a while then Guy answered, “Thanks for coming.” Blair let him go and harshly asked, “When did you find out?”

“When Elvira went on her drinking binge, we all told you that bitch was no good for you but would you listen…no not you,” Blair looked at him and replied, “Have you finished?” Guy nodded and Blair continued, “Does Lawrence know?”

“No. Katherine isn’t a strong vampire, what I mean is Elvira and Lawrence never taught her to use her powers because that way she was more compliant.” Blair’s anger was on the rise as he asked, “Where is she now?”
“At my house.” On the way to Guy’s home, Blair was filled in about Lawrence’s plan and when Blair first saw Katherine he was surprised to see the bruises and the hair. 

Guy kissed her forehead and said, “This is your Dad, Blair Merrick.” 

Katherine studied Blair’s face for a moment and then turned back to Guy and in a shaky voice said, “No it can’t be…I've heard the rumours he’s evil…” Blair interrupted Katherine, “Excuse me but evil is such a strong word I was…never mind. How old are you?”
“I was born 5th June 1983.” 

Blair fell into the chair behind him in shock and Guy asked, “Are you ok?” Blair looked at Guy and replied, “I just realised there is three years between my wife and daughter. Teddy will leave me for sure.”
“You can sure pick them Blair.” 

Blair got into Guy’s face and firmly said, “I didn’t know of my daughter’s existence till yesterday and as for my WIFE, I fell hard and fast. I did try and lie to myself at first but Teddy got to me in the end.”
“Look in the vampire community you know age is irrelevant. Does Teddy know about Katherine?” Blair looked at Katherine and said, “Yes but she stormed out. I will want a blood test done to be sure.”
“That will take weeks Blair and Katherine doesn’t have weeks, she has six days left.” 

Blair saw the worry on Katherine’s face and said calmly, “I will pay to have it rushed through.” They went to the hospital to both give blood. Guy left the hospital with Katherine but Blair stayed as he wanted to make sure it was done correctly.

When Blair got home it was late but he found Draco waiting for him and not Teddy, “Is your Mum home?” Draco nodded and replied, “She cried herself to sleep, is this Katherine your daughter?” Blair didn’t know what to say other than, “The blood test confirmed it but in the brief moments I spent with her today, Katherine isn’t anything like her mother but she and Harmony have my eyes.” Draco smiled and said good night. 

Blair walked into his bedroom and Teddy screamed, “Get out,” but Blair wasn’t in the mood to play games and yelled, “I’m sorry I had a child with that bitch but I didn’t know. I love you so much please try to understand.” 

Teddy came close to Blair ready to yell and argue but he grabbed her and started to kiss her passionately and when their lips parted Teddy said firmly, “I hate you…” 

Blair interrupted her, “You can try but we both know you love me. This isn’t about us and you know it. If you stay mad then that bitch has won.” Teddy stopped struggling and kissed him back. After a few moments she asked, “Is she like the bitch?”
“No and I want her to come home with us, will you let her?” 

Teddy thought for a moment and replied, “I won’t say it will be easy but I will try because that bitch will never win.”
“Love you gorgeous.”
“Love you too.” Suddenly they heard, “Great you love each other I’m pleased but I’d like to sleep tonight.”