Tuesday, 30 December 2014

6.34 Giving up on us

Draco saw the look that meant he was in trouble, “Lawrence!” 

Lawrence glared at them both, “I warned you no more than two days.”  

Lawrence started to walk away but Torri wanted answers and started to follow him. Lawrence knew she would and kept walking until they were a safe distance from the estate. 

When they were outside the home he once shared with Daphne he stopped and waited for Torri’s questions.
“What is this two day rule and don’t give me the, ‘It’s nothing crap.’?” 

Lawrence just stood there looking as if he was thinking of what to say.
“Uncle Lawrence, answer me!” Draco looked at Torri with amazement that she was standing up to him after all these years. “I’m still here and I want to know now.” 

Draco added, “We could go inside and talk about this in private.” Quickly they heard Lawrence say, “Not a good idea.”
“Why do you have a whore in there?” Lawrence looked angrily at his niece and firmly said, “What is it with people these days and the use of the word whore. I’ve heard it enough over the years but no more.” Torri went right up to him and asked, “Have you got a prostitute in there then?”
“No and I haven’t been with a prostitute since his Dad worked for me.” 

Draco shuddered at the thought of his Dad sleeping around, “Don’t bring my Dad into this.”
“Look I may run a brothel but I no longer sleep with them.” Draco glared at him as he pushed Lawrence and said harshly, “Really because you threatened to sleep with Katherine…”
“It was a threat more than anything. Look Elvira dumped her on me in exchange for her freedom. I couldn’t stand being around Elvira and the more I saw her, the angrier I became because she was a constant reminder of what I’d lost. Now do as I’ve asked Torri and go home.” Torri yelled, “No as I’m staying so deal with it, unless you have something you want to share!”
“Just go home…” Torri screamed at him, “I AM HOME!” 

Lawrence suddenly felt emotions he hadn’t felt in a long time and heard, “Torri you heard your Uncle go home.” When they all looked they saw Daphne standing there. No-one moved and Lawrence was in shock and speechless. Finally Torri broke the tension, “Daphne why are you here?” Daphne couldn’t look at Lawrence but in front of him asked, “Torri before you go home answer me two questions…” Torri was puzzled and looked at Draco then back at Daphne as she came closer, “What do you want to know.”
Daphne looking directly at Torri asked, “First question, would you lie and protect your uncle?” Torri without looking at Lawrence said, “He is family but I won’t lie for him, protect him, I don’t know. Why?” Daphne staying very calm but very nervous asked her second question, “What is your father’s name and what is he to your uncle?” Torri was even more confused but answered the question, “My father’s name was James Knight and he is Uncle Lawrence’s twin brother although you might not tell these days if he was still alive because Dad kept his looks and Uncle Lawrence let himself go.” Lawrence at that moment knew Torri had unknowingly backed the story he once tried to tell but condemned her own father. 

Daphne looked at Draco and said, “Pack your bags and go home immediately and don’t even think of arguing with me. Do you understand?” Draco nodded and quickly left with Torri and all you could hear was Torri say, “What is going on?”
“Hun I don’t want to stick around and find out because Gran looks pissed.”

Daphne still couldn’t look at Lawrence and the silence was unmistakable until Lawrence finally said, “We could go inside and talk.” Daphne’s head was racing and she couldn’t think straight. “Don’t you dare try anything, do you understand?”

“Yes.” Lawrence held the door open for her and shut the door once they were both inside. 

Daphne smiled when she saw the picture and heard Lawrence say, “That was a great evening at our friend’s party.” Daphne remembered that was the night Lawrence gifted her, the necklace as a promise of love.
“This was also the home that has bad memories,” she trailed off trying to compose herself; Lawrence wanted to hold her but held back. “It’s where you gave up on us.” 

Daphne finally turned to face him and yelled, “Gave up…you should have told me about James being your twin at the beginning of our courtship…” Everything began to spill out during the argument, 

“Yes I should have said from the beginning but look at me! You take your love away and look what happened.” 
“From what I’ve heard you haven’t been exactly lonely…” 

Lawrence fired back, “You had a child with another man, you reduced yourself to the label of mistress,” he didn’t get to finish as Daphne slapped him. Instead of firing back he rubbed his cheek and said, “That’s what I’ve missed for 170 years, your touch.” Daphne was shocked by the statement and said, “I have to go. I understand my husband came to see you?” 

Lawrence hated that word husband but stayed as calm as he could, “He did come and see me. Once he’s gone make no mistake my darling Daphne but I will win you back.” Daphne looked into his eyes and said, “It’s too late for that. You run brothels, deal in drugs and who knows what else.” 

Lawrence grabbed her arm just inches from her lips and said firmly but sweetly, “I haven’t slept with anyone for about 50 years because I suddenly realised the one that gives me what I want is you. As for my businesses I will give them all up for you.” Daphne pulled her hand away but before she could walk away 

Lawrence was on his knees pleading with her, “Please take me back; you know I did no wrong. I want the real me back. You must understand that.” Daphne could feel her emotions letting go, wanting to say the one thing she longed to say but she was married now so put up a front of coldness and said instead, “Goodbye Lawrence.” 

As she made her way to the hallway tears were now coming down her face and Lawrence yelled after her, “You can’t leave this house, our home for a second time like this. Remember I’ve done nothing wrong but you will still leave the bond broken and condemn me for eternity for something I did not do?”
Daphne wouldn’t look back, “Lawrence please I can’t mend the bond because I am married to another, you know that…”
“What about when he has gone?” Daphne wouldn’t answer the question as she left the house once more. 

As she walked down the road the tears kept coming. She wanted to tell Lawrence even after all these years she still loved him. Seeing him after all this time broke her heart especially now she knew that she had broken their bond for nothing. 

Suddenly Daphne was grabbed from behind with a strong grip and heard the voice, “Hello again whore. Yes that’s right it is me the same man that caused all the bruises. Oh that’s right you thought it was your fiancé that did that to you but you thought wrong so little faith in the one you love. Now I’m afraid we have some unfinished business to attend to.” Daphne could feel her heart racing with panic. She wanted to tell Lawrence but it was too risky that his brother might find out. So Daphne sent a message to Estevan in the hopes that he would hear her frantic message.

Tuesday, 23 December 2014

6.33 James

James lay on the bed looking at the ceiling feeling very frustrated, “I need to get out this house but how?

Lawrence is taking too long to become weaker. If only I could use my daughter’s powers but no Lawrence had to send her away, damn him.” He had kept his looks and watched his younger brother Lawrence deteriorate bit by bit, not able to control his personality, missing his ex-fiancée and all the time he knew Lawrence was innocent.

James heard the key in the lock when Lawrence walked in, “You asked to see me, James?” Staring at his brother James said, “Where is my little girl?”
“None of your business.” 

James pushed him and firmly replied, “I’m bonded with my little girl so hand her over to me or I swear when I find a way out of this dump and the whore will pay.” 

Lawrence flew at him and said as he had his hands around his throat, “Leave her out of this, Daphne is long gone from my life…”
“But you would take the whore back in a heartbeat?” 

Lawrence fell to the floor and softly said, “You still don’t understand I love her and always will and for last time Daphne is no whore.” James scoffed at his remark, “Elvira told me all about Daphne’s infidelities. How your fiancée would make love to other men while you were playing the gentleman and how she desperately wanted the families’ money so that is why she accepted your proposal of marriage.” 

Lawrence suddenly punched him and yelled, “It’s lies, do you hear me and I know that because my DEAR brother I was her first time. I bet the story Elvira spun you was about her conquests and wants, the only difference being is she replaced her name with Daphne’s. Let’s be honest you were jealous because I was happy and you had no-one.”

Daphne was still yelling at David, “Do you have any idea what that man did to me?” David tried to speak to his wife calmly, “Listen to me please. I think he is telling the truth…” Daphne was still angry, “Why did you see him?”  

David held her close and said softly, “My illness has come back so I don’t have long left. I want you to be happy. You could see the real pain in his eyes when he found out we had Estevan.” Daphne broke down and said through her tears, “I loved him so much but when he hit me…I can never forgive that.”
“I know you wished he was Estevan’s father…” Daphne looked horrified at David, “You read that entry? David I was hurt that you went back to Katherine when I really needed you but I never meant it.” 

David kissed her forehead and said, “You did Daphne, we both know that but I don’t blame you, with Lawrence you could have been really happy and properly had even more children.” She wiped away the tears and said, “David as much as I love you both, Lawrence lied to you about being a twin. He does have a brother but he isn’t a twin…”

David asked her, “Did you ever meet the brother then?” Daphne looked away, “I asked Lawrence once but he refused to introduce me to him. I stupidly put it down to the fact that Elvira told me that James tried it on with all woman and Lawrence was trying to protect me.” 

David shook his head and replied, “My poor Daphne, Elvira lied to you and Lawrence yes, I believe he was protecting you from James but for different reasons. The only way you can get real closure is ask Torri.”
“Why ask her?”
“Daphne, she is Lawrence’s niece and she would know if they were twins and let’s face it she has no reason to lie to you.” Daphne rolled her eyes at David, “Fine I’ll ask her but she will only confirm what I already know and that is Lawrence is not a twin and he played you.”
“And if I’m right?” Daphne looked out the window and replied, “Well you are wrong so can we drop the subject?”

Torri didn’t like being cooped up in the house so Draco finished off his coursework and took her to explore the town. As they explored the shops and streets Torri said, “This is where my family comes from.” Draco was shocked and asked, “How long have your family lived here?”

“Both my parents grew up here. My Dad’s family were wealthy and once ran the town.” Draco stopped and looked at Torri, “What happened?” Torri shrugged her shoulders and replied, “All I was told was that Elvira had something to do with the families’ downfall but no one would elaborate any further.” Draco pressed for more information, “Do you have any money or know where the family home was?” 

Torri glanced at the floor but Draco lifted her chin and added softly, “You know the money I have no interest in, right?”
“I know and no I have no money because the family is broke, well that’s what Uncle Lawrence told me but I did find out where the old estate was, do you want to see it?” Draco smiled as they made their way to the old family estate.

Lawrence was still guarding the door and said, “I’m leaving now James…”
“I don’t know why you bother to visit. I know you hate me.” Lawrence just glared at his brother with contempt, “There is a small part of me that still loves you, despite what you have done. I really visit in the hope that one day you might want to tell Daphne the truth and admit what happened the night Emma died.” 

James snapped at Lawrence, “Fine, I killed my wife because she gave herself to other men instead of dealing with my wants and needs. I just hope Torri isn’t like her mother, a whore.” 

Lawrence punched him and harshly said, “Torri is a better person than you will ever know. I’m just sorry I’ve had to keep her away because she needs family but if she hates me then she will always be safe from you.”

Suddenly James could hear laughter in his head and as he listened closely he realised it was his daughter’s voice. “My daughter has come home…with her powers I can escape banishment.” When he turned around Lawrence was gone and said to himself, ‘Go on try and save my daughter but Torri will always take my side.’

Lawrence stood at the entrance of the estate and watched Draco and Torri approach him and wondered whether he should tell Torri the truth?

Tuesday, 16 December 2014

6.32 Meeting the parent

Lexy was now bored waiting for the baby to arrive. When Blake walked in he took one look and said, “Our baby will be here soon.” 

Lexy looked at her husband and said, “Please tell our baby to hurry up.” Blake smiled and started to talk to her belly, “Mummy says you need to make an appearance, it would help me a lot too because then she won’t be so grumpy.”
“Blake!” He smiled at Lexy holding her tight and said, “I know you are bored of waiting but the baby will be here soon,” and then he grabbed her hand and insisted that she follow him. 

He sat her on the sofa and said, “Right I think movie night and pizza, what do you think?” Lexy snuggled into Blake and said, “Best thing I’ve heard all day.”

Art was nervous as he was about to meet Ellen’s father and Will asked, “Are you ok?” Art looked at his Dad and asked, “How do I get him to like me?”
“Be yourself.” 

When there was a knock at the door Will told Art to answer the door and went to see if Victoria was ready. “Why aren’t you ready?” She looked at him and replied, “I’m not Art’s mother and I don’t know what to say.” 

Will pulled Victoria close and said, “I understand you are nervous but I’m not asking you to play Mum, I want you there as my support. I want to make a good impression because it’s important to my son and Art wants you there as well.”
“He does?” Will smiled, “Art likes you and thinks that you are good for me. I know he hasn’t been around a lot to get to know you but tonight would be a good opportunity for you both.” Victoria kissed William and finished getting ready.

When they got downstairs Ellen jumped up and said happily, “Daddy this is Art’s Dad, William and his girlfriend Vicky.” William could see Victoria’s face when Ellen called her Vicky and interjected, “My girlfriend would prefer if you would use her full name Victoria.” He smiled as he took her hand and said, “It’s nice to meet you Victoria excuse my daughter’s enthusiasm. I’m Sam by the way.” Victoria smiled, “Nice to meet you too, Sam.” 

Will and Sam shook hands and Will asked, “Did my son offer you a drink?” Art rolled his eyes and thought, ‘Great start to this evening.’ 

Ellen walked with Victoria as they approached the dining area and said, “I’m sorry to have upset you.” Victoria glanced at her and replied, “Apology accepted, how are you and Art getting along?” Ellen beamed a smile and said, “Great, he arranges good places to go and he helped me get my new place.” Victoria sensed something was not right and asked, “Do you pick places to go?”
“I like what Art picks as its more fun.”

Harmony looked at her parents suddenly lost for words. She saw out the corner of her eye Ty giving her that look then suddenly Blair said, “Harmony what’s wrong?” She smiled at her Dad and replied, “Nothing is wrong I’m just nervous and I shouldn’t be. Ty and I wanted to tell you a few days ago but with the party for Katherine we decided to wait. Ty and I have set a date for our wedding. Twelve weeks from today.”

Teddy looked shocked, “Twelve weeks but that won’t be enough time…” Harmony firmly said, “Mum it will be because we want the wedding here at home.” 

Blair looked at them both and replied, “Move my furniture around…” but he didn’t get to finish as he heard through his thoughts, ‘You mean spirited man, your daughter wants her wedding here and all you care about is furniture.’ Blair knowing Teddy was right said, “If that is what you and Ty want then we will make it happen. Congratulations to you both.” 

Teddy hugged Ty and said, “You should have married a long time ago but it’s finally here.”
Blair suddenly announced, “Harmony when you were younger we bought a plot of land for you but when you got with TJ, I started building a home on it for you…” 

Harmony squealed with excitement thanking them both then dragged Ty off to look at the house.

In the kitchen Victoria was talking to William sounding concerned, “I like Ellen but I feel Art maybe controlling her.” 

William looked shocked and firmly said, “Art would never control his girlfriend,” before Victoria had a chance to say anything thing more William was back talking to Sam.

“How long are you here for?”
“A week or so but I’ll be back, hopefully.” 

As they continued their conversation he watched Art and Ellen together and heard, “Art sit down and I’ll get you a drink,” and as the night wore on he saw more of the same thing. 

He excused himself and asked Victoria to join him. “I’m sorry I snapped earlier but seeing it for myself is different. I haven’t brought Art up to be like this and Heather would not approve of his behaviour.” Victoria wrapped her arms around him and replied, “I thought you had a right to know.”
“I know and thank you for telling me.” 

William poked his ahead around the door and said, “Art a word now!”
William glared at Art and he asked, “Dad what is wrong?” William was angry and asked as calmly as he could, “Why didn’t you get your own drink or offer to get one for Ellen?”
Art stepped back and said, “She likes doing stuff for me. At first I thought it odd but I thought in the end what the hell and the sex…” 

William punched his son and yelled, “You are not Draco. Elvira isn’t controlling you is she?” Art rubbing his cheek and replied, “What? No-one is controlling me…” 

William punched him again and firmly said, “Good! Now stop the way you are treating Ellen and start doing things for her.”
“Dad I tried…”

“Well not hard enough.” Art walked out and back to the dining room and William followed him. When Ellen went to get another drink Art insisted she sit back down and he would get the drink. As William watched he knew there was more to this and as much as he wanted to help all he could do was sit and wait until Art came to him.