Tuesday, 11 March 2014

5.40 Art's heartbreak (finale)

Island Paradiso

“Art, remember this is the last resort and in 2 days we all go home,” William reminded him.
“I know it is. Ty, Matt and I are going diving. Draco, you coming with us?” Draco said, “Yessss,” but he saw some girls pass by and said, “Maybe later.” He kept his eyes on them as he followed in their direction. 

Blair was about to shout after Draco but Estevan said, “They will soon knock him back.”
“Your right! I wouldn’t mind taking a speed boat out and looking around the island.”
Estevan replied, “Sounds good, Dad are you coming?” David smiled as it was the first time on the trip that Estevan had really acknowledged him, “Sounds great.”
Will, Blake and Spencer had decided to try windsurfing but that was an hour away so decided to hit the bar first.

The boys had spent an hour getting lessons to learn the basics in diving and were now allowed to dive in the safe area for beginners. They spent time searching the area, looking in caves and opening treasure chests only to find nothing in them. Art told the boys he was going to look elsewhere. 

Matt and Ty agreed and left him to it. Art returned to the surface and spotted a small island out of the corner of his eye and asked one of the locals. They said it was recently purchased but only the owner was allowed on the island.

Art’s curiosity took over and he decided he was going to take a look. Art got to the small island by boat and basked in it's peaceful surroundings. He sat and watched people go about their daily lives. His mobile was ringing but ignored it. He suddenly heard someone else come onto the island and froze. He heard footsteps get closer and closer and when he saw a girl come into site his eyes grew bigger but all he got in return was a scream, “Get off my island.”

“I’m sorry, I was just curious about the place…I don’t mean any intrusion.” 

She tried to back away and was about to fall in the water when Art caught her, “You could have fallen in.” She glared at him, “Do you mind removing your hands from my body.”
“I do mind because from what I see you have nothing to be ashamed about.” Art watched as she covered herself up, “Why are you covering up?”
“Why are you staring?”
Art was intoxicated with her and said, “You are very beautiful…” She interrupted him and harshly said, “I bet you say that to all woman. Is that the line you use to get them into bed?” Art tried to think of something he could say but before he answered the girl continued, “Just get off here and leave me alone.” 

Art did as he was asked but couldn't get her off his mind so he waited the other side until she came back to the mainland. 

Art followed her and as she got to her door he voiced, “Hello again.” She jumped and replied, “Do you know it’s rude to sneak up on people?”

“Being a vampire, I guess it’s just in my nature but I am sorry I scared you.”
“Apology accepted but I really have to go in.”
“Can I come in?” She looked at him and calmly replied, “I’m not interested in you but it was nice meeting you.” 

Art ran in front of the front door and said, “You are interested in me but why are you lying to me.”
“Listen whoever you are …” Art grabbed her and kissed her deeply and she froze as he held her tightly, “Now tell me you are not interested in me.” 

She pushed him away and firmly replied, “I am not now or ever will be interested in you.” 

Art felt disappointed and said, “I understand good night and I will keep my word you will never see me again.”

She fell into the dining chair and started to cry into the table and heard her father’s voice, “Sweetheart what is wrong?”
“I met a guy today and at first I was so angry at him being on the island that I yelled at him. He suddenly shows up here and out of the blue he kisses me but that kiss was wonderful but I lied and sent him away.”
“What did you lie about?” She looked at her Dad and softly said, “That I liked him and he said I’d never see him again. I think he meant that too. Why do I mess things up with guys before it starts?”

He hugged his daughter and said, “Ellen, maybe you are scared that you will actually fall in love or vice versa.”

Art slammed the door open to his Dad’s room waking him up, “I’ve decided I’m going home now.”
“What are you on about?”
“I met this amazing girl and put my heart and soul into a kiss and she blew me off.” William looked at his son and said, “There will be other girls, Art.”

He screamed back at his Dad and by now the others were listening, “It felt exactly as you describe, Dad. When you told me how you and Mum met and those overwhelming feeling for her and you just knew, well that’s happened tonight for me but she said no and I give my word that I will never bother her again.”
“Trust me Art if what you are telling me is true then one day love will find a way.”

Saturday, 8 March 2014

5.39 Reconnecting

Estevan had cleaned up in another room so not to scare Dawn and when he walked in Estevan saw Dawn jump. 

He scooped her up in his arms, “Baby it’s only me.” Dawn buried her head in his chest, “I was so frightened…” Estevan interrupted her, “It’s over now and I’m here. Nathan called me and when he kept on and on plus asking for his brothers, I knew she was already here but I was on my way.” Dawn cried more and more but said through the tears, “Is she gone?”

Estevan took Dawn to the bed and told her to rest and soon she was asleep in his arms. The following morning when Dawn came downstairs she saw suitcases by the door and asked, “Why are there suitcases?”

Blake replied, “We thought you and Dad needed time alone and…” Dawn yelled, “NO! All of you are vampires and what comes easy to you is hard for me. That…that woman attacked me and I was really scared and lonely.” 

Teddy hugged Dawn and everyone looked at each other, “I remember being human and fearing for your life.” David just looked and said, “I am human and know those feelings well.”
Dawn looked at David and nervously said, “Thank you. I’m not trying to be bossy but right now I want to be around all of you.”

Blair spoke out and said, “I don’t see why not but it’s just where will everyone sleep?”
“Dad, it doesn’t matter, we will use sleeping bags if we have too,” Harmony voiced.
After a few weeks with everyone’s help Dawn slowly regained her self-confidence. 

Estevan found Blake and Lexy enjoying a private moment because with the house so full it wasn’t easy. “I need to speak to you both.” They both relaxed on the bed and Blake replied, “What do you want Dad?”
“As you know I wanted to give you a wedding gift but with everything that has been going on, well I forgot about it…”

“Dad I forgive you besides I got what I wanted this beautiful lady, Lexy.” Lexy was starting to blush but Estevan continued, “Well here are the keys, enjoy.”
Estevan went to walk out and Lexy jumped and asked, “What are the keys for?”
“A house on the beach…” 

Lexy hugged Estevan tightly and Estevan asked, “Why the hug?” Blake answered, “Since Lexy saw the house being built she wanted to move there. That hug means she is pleased.” Estevan smiled as he left the room hearing Lexy scream at Blake, “We have a beautiful house.” 

Ty and Art needed to get outside and decided to use the pool as Dawn was with other members of the family. Ty dived into the pool and Art said, “I love Dawn but I need this boys weekend and I can’t go without Granddad.”
Ty had swam to the end of the pool and said, “Have you told Estevan yet?”
“No, because I’m hoping Dawn will be ok soon.” 

Estevan was standing by the door when he heard the conversation, “Art, I didn’t know you felt this way.”
Art froze and closed his eyes thinking, ‘Shit.’ The he turned to his Granddad and said, “I just want to have my weekend but it’s just frustrating we can’t go, it’s nothing against Dawn.”
“I’ll talk to her and see how she feels about it.” Art smiled and replied, “Thanks.”

Dawn and Nathan were taking a nap on the sofa when Estevan woke Dawn up with a kiss, “Hay sleepy, why don’t we take Nathan for a walk?”

As they strolled around the town Dawn asked, “What’s with the silence?” Estevan stopped at a park letting Nathan out of his pushchair, “I have to ask you something but maybe I shouldn’t…I mean maybe it’s too soon.”
“Estevan just ask me.”
“Art wants a boy’s weekend but he wants me to go. In fact he wants all the males in the family to go. The girls aren’t going and Mum said…”

“Teddy told me about the weekend a few days ago, she and Harmony are staying with me while you go. I’ve just been waiting for you to ask. I know you worry about me but I can’t let her win.”
Estevan kissed her and replied, “5 days and I will be home.”

Roaring Heights

“Uncle Spencer you made it.” Spencer hugged him and replied, “Miss this weekend, never.” 

He saw Matt and yelled, “Matt so good to see you. Ready to hit the rollcoaster?”
“Can’t wait, come on.” 

Art, Draco, Ty and Matt were heading to the door when Art turned back and said, “Guys, aren’t you coming?” Estevan looked at Blair and said, “Us oldie’s will be at the bar if you need us.”

“Dad, Uncle Spencer, Uncle Blake?” They looked at Art and said together, “Ok we will go with you.” 
David got the first round and asked, “Which one will throw up first?” Blair voiced, “Art as he’s too excited.” David looked at Estevan and said, “I see we are spending this trip ignoring each other.” 
“Works for me…” 

David snapped, “What are you 5 years old? Say what you have to say and let’s clear the air.” Blair muttered under his breath, “This is a great start to the trip.” Estevan slammed his drink on the table and firmly said, “How can we have a Dad, son relationship when you weren’t there for me?”
“Your right I was a lousy Dad to you and I’m sorry.”
“A sorry that works…” David said in a firm tone, “What else do you want from me, blood?” Blair was trying not to laugh as Estevan sarcastically replied, “That might work.”

“Well tough, I’m not donating but I do have an idea?”
“What would that be?” David looked at both of them and said, “Blair you had my car when I died and I left both of you my holiday home…Anyway I bought an old car and I would like both of you to help me restore it.” Blair’s eyes widened and he said, “I’m in, I love cars.”
“I’ve never got my hands dirty…” David looked at Estevan and firmly replied, “I know but for once try.”

Art and Ty were like big kids on the rollercoaster, screaming with excitement and waving his hands in the air. When they all got off Draco looked a bit green and Art laughed, “Uncle Draco, you ok?”
“Stop calling me that, it’s Draco and I’m fine.” Art went on the ride again and Blake said, “Will, he’s way too excited, you’ll have to slow him down.”
“I know but after the last few months I say let him have fun.” 

Suddenly they saw Draco running around with a phone and Ty chasing him, “Give my phone back.”
“No, it’s a guy’s weekend so that means no Harmony.”  All of them were smiling at Ty trying to catch Draco.
Art asked when he finally came off the ride, “What’s going on?” William looked at his son, “Nothing, look let’s go back and eat because I’m starved. Besides don’t you want to see the night life here?”
Art heard Ty through his thoughts, ‘Clubbing come on Art…maybe you will find someone!’ Art responded, ‘Girls!!! Ok let’s go.’

After dinner Draco was kicking off, “I want to go clubbing.”
“Draco, you are only a teenager.” Draco threw himself on the bed and said, “I knew I needed to take more potion now I’ll never get laid.” Estevan and Blair looked at him. Blair asked firmly, “What did you say?”

“You heard me I’ll never get laid. These feelings are great I just need to release it… you know!”
They both looked gobsmacked at Draco as he asked, “What did I say now? There is a lot of talent out there and it’s all for the taking.”

Estevan couldn’t hold back, “Have you ever thought of being with one person?”
“Never going to happen. Love and me don’t mix, besides tying yourself down to just one is a waste. I mean I can see the appeal but look at my sister she finds Ty at a very young age and is never going to know about playing the field.” He saw his Dad’s face and said, “I know she is your precious little girl but…”
“Shut up Draco before that hole gets any bigger.”

William was getting the drinks when a woman approached him, “Never seen you around here before, looks like you could do with some fun.” Will looked at her and said, “Thank you for the offer but I’m happily married.”

When he got back to the table Blake firmly said, “You aren’t married…”
“Yes I am Blake and don’t start, Heather is still in my heart and I can’t be with someone else.”
“Will, as your brother in-law I have to say, I understand where you are coming from but one day you will have to move on.”
“Maybe I will but not today.” Art was lapping up the attention he was getting on the dance floor before he knew it a girl had taken him by the hand. She took him outside and to the side of the building. She leaned against the wall pulling Art against her, “I love the outdoors, don’t you?”

Art was a bit shocked but before he could say anything she added, “I’m giving you what you want.”
Art came close to her lips and asked, “And what might that be?”
“Sex!” She unzipped his trousers and pulled herself up wrapping herself around him. Art kissed her but pulled away for a moment and said, “I never said I wanted sex.”

“Don’t worry I don’t want to marry you, it will be a casual night a bit of mutual fun and we both get what we want and walk away.” Art thought about it all for two seconds and pinned her into the wall kissing her hard. When he tried to touch her anywhere on her body she refused to let him and demanded he just enter her.
After it was over Art headed back leaving the others at the club. Lying on the bed Art thought, ‘I thought there was more to it than enter a girl.’ 

The door burst open and Draco jumped on his bed and started asking questions, “You got laid, didn’t you? What was it like…?” “Shut up and keep you voice down.” Draco gave that evil grin and said, “You want me to shut up then start talking and I want all the details and don’t leave any part out.”

Tuesday, 4 March 2014

5.38 The final moment

Elvira looked at her arms and fear suddenly swept over her. 

She tried to hear thoughts of people she could here in the distance and said to herself, “No I’m a human, a mortal.” 

She heard the bush sway in the distance but couldn’t see anyone; she started to make her way off the beach but jumped at every noise she heard.

Blair and Estevan were watching from the trees as she walked away and Estevan coldly said, “Normally I hate sharing my food but I think for one meal I can make an exception.”
“I totally agree with you, I really think Draco did us proud here.”
“I really think Draco will go far and he’s definitely on my good list right now.”
Blair and Estevan kept watch as they spoke to each other and Blair asked, “Do you think that is far enough now?”
Estevan laughed and coldly replied, “1…2…3…yes that’s far enough.”

Elvira was almost out of the beach when Ty stopped her, “Going somewhere?” She saw the red eyes that stared back at her and backed away, “I was just leaving…I’ve…been thinking maybe disappearing is a good idea.” Ty didn’t move but kept staring and coldly replied, “You hurt my girl and you think I’m going to let you leave without dealing with you first.” Elvira had never felt these human emotions before and in a shaky tone said, “I know you’re mad but I didn’t mean it.”
“You insult her parents and knocking her out meant nothing, bullshit.” 

Then she saw another vampire come out, “Remember me?”
“Art, I’m Heather’s son you once threatened my Mum…”
“But you remember my Dad and Uncle Blake?” 

Suddenly they appeared and she backed away even more.
William laughed and said, “The infamous Elvira isn’t scared, is she?”
“Do you know what big bro? I think you maybe right.” 

When Elvira turned around she saw Blair and Estevan staring at her. She froze to the spot not able to move and said calmly, “Blair think of all the good times we had together…”
“They were so few good times that I can’t remember them. Everything you’ve ever done to me and now my family…today your sentence is being carried out.”

“You hurt Dawn and my son big mistake and as a starter I’m going to do to you what you did to Dawn.” Estevan grabbed her by the throat and squeezed as he lifted her. Elvira felt helpless as she hung in the air, trying to claw at Estevan to let her go. 

She dropped to the floor shaken but before she knew what was happening Blair grabbed her and drank from her. She screamed but it fell on deaf ears as no one cared. Estevan took over and started to piece her skin in a different place so the pain was more excruciating. As each of them took their turns they all did something different. William hated her that with Elvira all most lifeless he punched her and watched her fall to the floor. 

Blake grabbed her by her clothes and shook her and demanded, “Say you are SORRY!” Elvira tried to speak but she was too weak, he dropped her to the floor and stepped back. 

Ty forced her up and drank from her then dropped her and when Art drank from her she let out a moan.
Estevan was about to drink from her but saw the evil in Blair’s eyes and stepped back and through his thoughts said, ‘Out of all of us you deserve the final moment.’

Everyone stepped back leaving Blair standing over Elvira and through his thoughts said to all of them, ‘The words you hear me speak must never be mentioned after this is done agreed.’
In unison he heard, ‘Yes.’

He took Elvira in his arms to finish the kill and said, “I know you can hear me Elvira so open your eyes.” She opened her eyes and in a whisper replied, “I only ever wanted you.”
“At one time that might have been true but you turned something once wonderful into something pure evil and enjoyed torturing the man you claimed to love. You were once the most feared vampire in the world now you are an evil woman who couldn’t bear to see people happy and had to destroy what they had in order to make you happy. All you did to me was made me hate and despise you.”
“I beg you to have mercy.” 

Blair smiled at her but coldly said, “There will be no mercy just pure hatred as I finish your life,” then he pieced her skin and heard a faint moan of pain as he went deeper into her skin draining the rest of her body. 

When Blair was finished he picked her up and let out a scream across the island to let everyone know she was finally dead.
Estevan looked at Blair and said, “We need to get home and clean up.” 

They started to walk home, Art asked, “Dad, I know I turned early but I don’t want a party can I have that guy’s weekend we talked about.” William just smiled and said, “Let’s clean up first and then we will talk about your coming of age.”