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5.32 Keeping family safe

Dawn was playing with Nathan when Estevan walked in. 

He picked up his son and hugged him tightly, “I’m going to miss you so much but you need to be strong for Mummy, ok?” Nathan just smiled as he looked at his Dad.
“Estevan what is going on?”
“Pack a few suitcases for you and Nathan; you are leaving for Sunlit Tides now.” 

Dawn panicked, “Where will you be? I want us together.” Estevan pulled Dawn close and passionately kissed her. He felt his body go into overdrive just having her near but there was no time for intimacy, although he desperately wanted it, “You know I love you, right?” 

He felt history was repeating itself but in reverse. However when this was all over he was going to get his family back, loneliness was not an option. “Dawn my darling you and Nathan aren’t safe, Teddy and the kids will be joining you because an ancient vampire is on the loose again and we need to stop her.” Dawn was close to tears and asked, “When will I see you again?”
“Honestly I don’t know but it better be soon because my heart is breaking already.” Dawn looked into Estevan eyes and replied, “Baby, I love you. Please come home safe.”
“I will and that is promise.”

Lexy was pinned to the wall as Blake explored her body with his other hand, He kissed her intensely as she became weaker with his touch then he firmly asked, “Do you want me?” 

Lexy moaned as she was carried to their bed, within minutes Blake was inside her going deeper and deeper as she screamed his name over and over. After they had finished Lexy got dressed and asked, “You’ve never pinned me before, what was all that about?” Blake smiled at her, “I didn’t hear you object.”
“Blake I know you so what’s wrong?” Blake stayed silent for a moment and said, “Elvira is back.” 

Lexy stormed out of the bedroom and Blake went after her, “You know what I have to ask?”
“To look the other way while you and the family re-kill her. Blake forced Lexy to look at him and replied, “Yes because as you know by me and police files you have read, she is a very dangerous woman and if you said no to her she would kill you on the spot and I can’t lose you, babe.”

Estevan walked into William’s home looking deflated, he threw himself into the chair and Spencer sat near him, “I take it Dawn’s and the baby are gone?” Estevan didn’t look at Spencer but said, “Yes and I miss them already. I can’t live through this again, I just can’t.”
“I’ll help anyway I can Estevan you know that…” 

Tracy walked in and Estevan looked at her and then at Spencer, “Marry her, Spenc don’t waste any more time. I know you are both expecting again…”
“How did you…” Spencer looked at Tracy and said, “It’s a vampire thing, Hun.” He looked back at Estevan, “You won’t tell Mathew, will you?”
“No because it’s your place.”

“Thank you and by the way thanks again for the information I needed, the solicitor back in Lucky Palm has drawn up the papers so hopefully things will work out like I planned.”
“Will Kay sign the papers do you think?”
“I hope she does but we will see. What can I do to help you in return?” 

William walked in and just sat there, “Spenc, I know what we are asking is a lot but could you and Tracy stay here and look after the twins?” Spencer looked at Tracy and then replied, “If you need us we are here.”
“When we have confirmation then we will move.”
“No word from David?”

Suddenly they all heard shouting from the hall and Estevan was the first one to get in to the hall. He found Blair looking worried, “Blair, what is wrong?” Blair collapsed on the floor, “My kids are gone. Things are bad enough but now this.”


“I can’t believe it’s morning already…”
“Do you really think I can do this, sis?” Draco asked, Harmony stopped and said, “You have too because our family is in trouble and so is my boyfriend, I can feel it…”
“Or maybe you are worried he’s sleeping with another woman…” 

Harmony got angry and yelled, “You want a fight ok let’s have one. This bitch is back because you broke a container.”
Draco knew never to push Harmony when she was angry, “Ok I’m…I’m…sooo…sooo…sorry.” When they got to the building where Ty was staying Harmony told Draco to lay low as they didn’t want Elvira to catch on.

Ty could feel Harmony’s presence and waited behind the door until she walked in then grabbed her, “I missed you.” 

Harmony hugged him and said, “I missed you too,” then without warning she slapped him, “Where were my phone calls? I tried several times to call? Where is that bitch?”
“When I saw your Granddad and he told me about Elvira, I completely blocked my mind and switched my phone off…”
“And you haven’t slept with her?”
“What!!! Sleep with that old thing, when I have you, Beauty, get serious!”
“Don’t Beauty me, where is she?” 

Ty, loved the jealous streak in her but also had to calm her down. He pulled her close again and said softly, “I love you and only you. I don’t care where she is but us in this room where there is a bed, now that is dangerous.” Harmony glanced over and saw the bed and suddenly felt her body become weak. Her hormones were telling her, ‘Daddy won’t know, hell he doesn’t even know you are here. Strip his clothes off you know you want too.’
“Ty, we can’t stay here…” 

Suddenly Harmony felt Ty pull her towards the bed and said, “I need you, can’t you turn so you can share my bed?”
“Ty, I want it to be special. I even gave you that necklace as a promise that I’m yours, it does look nice on you.”
“My feelings are getting stronger for you, Beauty.”
“Same here but it will be worth it in the end.” 

They heard a cough from behind and when Harmony looked around she saw Elvira. A few moment past then Elvira coldly said, “Slim body and very young. Blonde hair and white eyes; although brown if you were human. Only way you’d look like that would be…now let’s take a guess shall we…white eyes, Blair, blonde hair, slut body, that human Teddy. 

Harmony was at boiling point but before she could react Ty launched himself at Elvira. As she crashed into the wall and fell she laughed and said, “So my boyfriend breed with a slut, he will pay for betraying me.”
Harmony screamed at her, “Touch my Dad or my Mum and you deal with me. I know what you did to my Dad and mark my words Elvira you will pay not the other way round.”

The home used for University where Ty is staying was created by Karima, thank you for building it :)

Tuesday, 21 January 2014

5.31 Discovering the truth

William had finally found Mathew at, ‘The Grind,’ feeling sorry for himself. “Mind if I join you?” 

Matt shrugged his shoulders and Will took that as a yes. “Where is Hazel?” Matt hiccupped before he replied, “I don’t know and I don’t care.” William lowered himself and said in a firm whisper, “Bullshit Mathew and your drunk.”
“So what.” 

He dragged Mathew outside and yelled, “So rather than actually talk to Hazel, you leave her at the house and come out and get drunk.”
“And it feels great…”
“What is wrong with you?”

“Did you know she tried to get pregnant without me knowing…?” Will interrupted him, “I know she did. The one thing you’ve never done though is give her credit for admitting that she had tried to do it and that she was sorry but I know you, so out with it.”
“She wants to control me, she didn’t want the business offer and…” 

Will snapped, “I can read your mind, shall I tell you what you have been thinking since all this kicked off but you being drunk has made it clearer for you. You were pissed off at first she tried to get pregnant but you really wanted that test to come back positive. You hate having protected sex with Hazel because you feel it’s not natural, you hate university but are going through with it to make everyone happy.”
Mathew was horrified and yelled, “Estevan doesn’t agree with your opinion.”
“He does but we all want you to wait to get married and have a family.” 

Mathew was angry and staggered back home. When he saw his Dad and Estevan talking he interrupted their conversation and said firmly, “I do like university but I will control when I get married and have a family.” He turned on his heels and made his way through the door when Spencer said, “I know deep down you want a family, I don’t need to read your mind to know that but you aren’t ready…” 

Matt spun around and looked at his Dad and yelled, “How would you know, after all you were sixteen when I was born and I’m older than you were.”
Estevan finally said, “Mathew, go and sleep the alcohol off before we all say things that we can’t take back.”

Matt staggered upstairs into his room, “Hazel.” He shouted but there was no answer. He was angry, hurt and his hormones were driving him crazy because of the lack of sex. 

He heard his drums being played and made his way up the next set of stairs but only just managed it. He tried to walk in a straight line and opened the door to the music room watching for a few moments. Hazel was trying to play the drums when Matt finally asked her, “What are you doing?”

“Trying to find out what the appeal is of hitting two sticks on these drums are. I can’t figure it out or play,” putting the sticks down. Hazel looked at Matt, are these drums you go on about?”
“Yes, they helped me through my darkest days as a teen.” 

Then Hazel was shocked at what Matt said next, “Bedroom now!” There was no other words nor was there a please but Hazel blindly followed his instructions. 

When they got to the bedroom Hazel just stood there frozen to the spot. She stayed quiet now realising he was very drunk and hoped that he would fall asleep but he started shouting at her, “You are lucky I’m over here and not right by you or I’d be stripping you naked and have my way with you but I’m not that type of man.” Hazel quietly asked, “Can I sit down while you talk.” 

Matt just looked at her and Hazel just fell on to the bed not once taking her eyes of him. She had never seen him like this and wasn’t sure how to take it. “Do you have any idea how pissed off at you, I am? Here’s a clue, very. I have been thinking a lot but having a drink cleared a few things up for me. You hurt me by trying to get pregnant without me knowing…”
“I said I was…”
“Hazel don’t…just listen.” 

Hazel now just looked at the floor and listened, “At first I hated you for what you did but when the test came back negative secretly I was heartbroken. I’m not sure about being at university; I don’t want a long engagement. Since seeing the twins, I want a baby of my own with you, I want you off that damn pill and I want the business. Also I want to be equal in this relationship not you controlling me or me controlling you.” 

Hazel slid off the bed onto the floor, “I’m so sorry Mathew; I really am.” By now the alcohol was wearing off and Mathew saw Hazel in a state on the floor. He felt awful how he had told her what he was feeling; he should have said it when he was sober. 

He ran over and fell to his knees, holding her.  He lifted her face so he had eye contact and softly said, “I miss my Hazel, I miss us. Let’s start again and this time, be completely honest about things.”
“I miss us too but I will stay on the pill for a while longer because I want to enjoy being us again.”

Matt claimed her mouth and pulled her even closer then softly said, “Ok but please be open to the fact that I may want to return home one day.”

David sat by the pool waiting to see Ty or Elvira. Suddenly he saw Ty who was in shock when he saw David. Ty approached him and asked, “How the hell…?”
“Never mind that, come with me.” 

Once they were in David’s room he asked showing him a picture, “Is this the Elvira that is bugging you?”
“Yes but…did Harmony send you? I told her I can fix this,” David yelled, “Do you know who this woman is?”
Ty shook his head as he replied, “Just an evil, annoying woman.”
“Did she mention a perfect ex-boyfriend?” Ty looked puzzled but replied, “Yes but her line to me was you’ll do, why?”
“It’s Blair you idiot and if she finds out you are dating his daughter she will use that as leverage over you to get Blair here. You haven’t done anything with this woman have you?”

“When I have Harmony no way would I trade my girl for Elvira? Who sent you to ask questions?” David knew he had to be honest and finally said, “Teddy banished Elvira when Estevan and Blair killed her but Draco smashed the container and now she is back. She has always had a soft spot for my son but I always felt something wasn’t right from the start. The look in Blair’s eyes wasn’t angry, he was scared…”
“Blair and Estevan are legends, why do you think I begged them for a job to learn from the best…”
“But even legends have their fears. Blair isn’t telling anyone what really went on but I’m guessing Estevan knows; only because I bet he’s read Blair’s mind. I don’t think he discussed what he knew with Blair either.”

Estevan shut the door and said to Blair, “You should let Teddy help you.”
“No. I don’t want her involved in this…”
“Too late, she already is. Did you ever tell her about your relationship with Elvira?” 

Blair was now close to his brother, “Don’t you dare say her name in front of me. You have no idea what I went through…”
“Oh but I do…Who do you think got you away from her clutches and saved your sorry ass, me. She had a hold over you and at first I never understood what you saw in her but then I worked it out. When you first got with her it was novel and an experience, some might say you even had feelings for her but I know if you did it was short lived. When you tried to tell her it was over she did something to you that no vampire is allowed to do to another…”
“What could you possibly know about my relationship with that woman?”
“That she compelled you.” 

Blair froze and quietly said, “The headaches she caused were unbearable, I can’t go back I just can’t.”
“If you go after her then to get you to go back she could compel you all over again. Teddy would be devastated.”
“So would I be, Teddy is my life but if she threatens Teddy then I will have no choice.”
“And if that bitch asks you to have sex with her…”
“I will refuse…”
“Until the headaches start again…”
“Listen baby bro, do you have any idea what sex was like with her?”
“You always claimed it was good…” 

Blair grabbed Estevan and angrily said, “At first yes but when she started to compel me, she took advantage…that’s why I became a drunk to numb the pain, I don’t want to go back to that.”
“What did she do?”
“All you need to know is that bitch was evil and likes to see people suffer.”

“What do you want Sis?” Harmony looked at Draco and said carefully, “How bad can you be?” Draco smiled an evil grin, “You have my attention, what do you have in mind?”
“I went through Mum’s stuff and according to her ghosts books you unleashed Elvira, you have to end this.”
“Dad and Uncle Estevan are going to take care of this…”

“I heard Dad and Uncle Este talking and that bitch hurt our Dad so I want you to put this right.”
“What do you have in mind?”

“Something right up your street Draco. We leave when Mum and Dad are asleep.”

Tuesday, 14 January 2014

5.30 The missing container

After Blair had seen the head, he sat outside with Draco to set him straight on a few things. “Why did you say that to the teacher, Draco?”

“Dad, I only called her sexy. What was wrong with that?” Blair was angry but admired his son for speaking his mind.
“Calling a woman sexy can be a compliment but at your age it would be seen as rude.”
“But you say that to Mum a lot…”
“And your Mum is a sexy woman but we have known each other awhile, saying it out of the blue like that was rude and if you had been an adult she would have slapped you in the face.” 

Draco snapped and bluntly said, “Yeh, well no girl will ever say no to me because I will learn everything about how to handle them. They will love me.”
“Draco, take it from me you are heading for heartache if you chose this route.”
“Dad you don’t know what you are talking about, I mean you are with Mum so you don’t know anything.” Blair rolled his eyes and said quietly to himself, “Tell that to the woman I used and abused all 400 of them.”

Teddy was in the kitchen when Blair and Draco arrived home, “How did the school meeting go?”
Blair kissed her and replied, “They weren’t that concerned about the stink bombs as they were over his behaviour towards his teachers.” Draco started to head towards his room when Teddy yelled, “Stop right there young man. What did they say?”
“He has been complimenting his teachers by calling them sexy and so on.”
Teddy shouted, “Draco how could you?”
“Mum I said I was sorry.” Blair intervened, “I talked to him and I think he understands now.” Teddy suddenly remembered, “Oh shit, I almost forgot to take some ghost samples to the science lab.” 

Blair took Draco outside to play basketball while Teddy made her way to the garage. Blair was just about to throw the ball when he and Draco heard a scream. Blair dropped the ball and both he and Draco ran inside. 

They found Teddy at the garage door looking horrified, “Gorgeous, are you alright?” Teddy took a moment before she spoke, “The empty ghost container is missing.”
“What is the big deal about an empty container? If that is why you screamed then I’m going back outside and playing basketball with Draco.” 

In a panic Teddy said, “Blair you don’t understand…I’m not saying anything else until Estevan is here.” Blair was shocked and angry at this overreaction of Teddy’s and bluntly replied, “He is spending time with Nathan and I’m not going to disturb him over a stupid empty container.” 

Teddy was now at boiling point and at first looked at Draco, “That day you said it was a potion container you lied, right?” Draco nodded his head at first and then said, “I’m sorry but I cleaned it up.”
“Have you any idea what you have done, you should have told me straight away.” 

Then she screamed at Blair, “Get your brother here now and I don’t care if he’s having sex with Dawn just do it. In fact include your stepmother and the boys need to be here too. Draco, tell your sister to get home now.”

Within half an hour everyone was there and puzzled as to why they had been summoned especially by Teddy. Blair was really angry and said, “Why have you brought everyone here and refused to tell me.” Teddy glanced at Estevan and quietly said, “I need to confess something.”
Blair snarled back, “What?”
“When I was being taught my profession of ghost hunting we were told that any evil ghosts we caught, they must be disposed correctly and the containers must be kept...”
Estevan interrupted, “Blair let her tell us. I think I know where this is going.”
“If the containers that held evil spirits were broken then any of their essence left in the container could transform them back into their original form.” 

Teddy walked over to Harmony, “Remember that fairy tale I told you when your Dad broke his bond, it’s no fairy tale it is real.”
“Mum does that mean…”
“Ty is in serious danger, you were right to be worried.” Blair snapped, “What fairy-tale and what does TJ have to do with this?”
Estevan spoke up, “The fairy tale was a warning for future generations but it was based on real life, your life, am I right Teddy?”
“Draco broke the container and wouldn’t know he’d done anything wrong but that ghost container belonged to…I can’t say it.”
“Say it, who did that damn container belong too?” 

Teddy looked Blair in the eyes and he heard the words he never expected to hear again, “The container belonged to Elvira Slayer.”
“She has been here all along? Teddy why the hell didn’t you tell me?”
“Blair I’m sorry, this is why I kept the container to make sure…” 
Blair interrupted her, “Well you didn’t do a very good job,” he then looked at Draco and said, “How could you do this to us?” Draco bowed his head in shame then he looked at Harmony, “Why is TJ in trouble and why does it include….her?”

“All he told me was this woman won’t take no for an answer and she has the scariest red shot eyes he’s ever seen…” Blair by now was ready to explode, “What else did he say?”
“Harmony this is not a game now tell me.” 

Estevan tried to speak up, “Blair calm down this is your family…” Blair yelled back without realising the words he was speaking as the anger over took him, “TJ is my future son in-law and if…if that bitch gets hold of him then there will be no telling what will happen.” Everyone looked shocked and Harmony asked, “Daddy, you really like Ty?”
“Yes I do, I was just hoping you’d go off him but not like this. That woman is dangerous.”
“She is an ex-girlfriend, isn’t she?”
“Harmony she is and it was the worst time of my life and I won’t go back.” 

Teddy now spoke and asked, “There are a few things she doesn’t know.” Blair spun around and asked, “Like what?” 

Daphne now voiced her option, “She doesn’t know you have a brother and that you have a family. She also doesn’t know Teddy is a vampire now or that you married her and have children.”

William had been listening the whole time and quietly said, “Heather hated her so you want my help I’m in.” Blake voiced, “I’m in.”

Estevan then asked Blake, “And Lexy, she is head of the station, how do we deal with that?” Blake said, “I’ll talk to her.”
Blair yelled, “Lexy won’t understand, this is an ancient vampire who would kill police and kill Lexy in a blink of an eye.” He heard Teddy laugh and faced her and firmly asked, “And what is so funny?”
“The killing Lexy part after all I beat the crap out of her while I was human.” 

Blair pulled her close and said, “And you won’t be dealing with this, I will because I refuse to lose you.”
“You can’t tell me what to do.”
“This time I am and you will listen, you are staying here with the kids and Dawn. There will be no arguments either.” Teddy pulled away and said, “I see but Lexy can go…”
“The kids will stay with the women of the family and the men will deal with her.” 

Daphne yelled, “Excuse me, I will be helping…” 

David appeared out of nowhere and made his way across the room and said, “No-one is going accept me. She has never met me but I saw her once. I was trying to keep an eye on Blair when I saw her wrapped around him,” now he directed the rest at Blair, “She was a terrible choice. If I can confirm it’s her then we can take things from there. Harmony, do you still have the potion, I gave back to you?” 

Harmony went and got it and said, “You will permanently be human again but Granddad be careful.” He looked at William and said, “You do understand why Heather isn’t coming back?”
“Because I loved her so much. I just wish…”
“I know William but count yourself a very lucky man, so would you be ok with me turning back?” 

William nodded and David took the potion and after a few minutes he was human again. 

Daphne put her arms around him and said, “Please be careful.” 

Blair looked at his Dad and firmly said, “Thanks for doing this.” 

David then looked at Estevan and said, “I will make things up to you Estevan.”
“Let’s sort this out first then we will talk.”