Tuesday, 27 November 2012

4.3 Samantha's Ghost

Blake was tossing and turning in his bed. Since the night he had killed Sam he was racked with guilt and remorse. The voice in his head kept saying "Why Blake, why?" Then he woke up with start but it wasn't his room, he was somewhere else. It was dark as he looked around that was all he could see darkness. There was no window, no door but he heard the voice again, "Why Blake why?"

Blake screamed in panic, "Who are you? I haven't done anything...show yourself!"
"Murderer...murderer." as the voice echoed louder in the room. Then a figure approached Blake and as the figure got closer he saw who it was, Sam.
"Sam, is it really you?"

"Look at me Blake...I'm dead because of you. Why?"
"You took your love away from me and gave it to someone else but I never meant to kill you, for that I'm so sorry."
"I may have cheated on you but I never deserved to die like this. Do you know why I had the affair? I was lonely. We hadn't made love in a month. You were always tired, busy or doing research. I begged you too take time off but no there was always an excuse that is how I ended up in another man's bed because he noticed me when you didn't."

"I'm so sorry Sam."
"You murdered me Blake and you are sorry..." Sam started to fade away and kept repeating, "You murdered me, you murdered me."

When Blake looked around, suddenly he was back in his room but now he was on the floor with his Dad and William by his side.
"Blake what happened?" Will asked.
Blake was in a state and replied, "I saw Sam and she blames me for what happened. What am I going to do?"
Estevan could see the pain he was in and tried in part to comfort his son, "Listen to me Blake, you shouldn't have killed her in the way you did but remember she is partly to blame for her part in making you feel the way she did. It's just your own guilt playing tricks."
"Dad, I agree what Sam did was wrong but Blake shouldn't have used his powers to kill her."
"We are here for you and will help you in any way we can. I promise." looking at his brother.

Estevan went back to bed leaving the boys to talk and cuddled up to Dawn. A few hours later Dawn found him sitting up in bed, "What's wrong?" Dawn asked
"It's nothing go back to sleep." Dawn went to sit with Estevan and lovingly said, "Talk to me."
He looked at her and said, "I'm leaving town for a few days. Mathew needs my help."
Dawn looked puzzled at this sudden departure and the thoughts that were running through her mind were awful but asked, "What's happened?"
"Going straight like you asked has had a knock on effect. One of the guys attacked Mathew and I need to help him." Dawn suddenly thought, 'He's going to sell drugs again and I fell for it. How stupid am I.'
"Estevan get the police."
"It's not how it works. I told you it is not that easy going straight."
"Estevan you promised..." feeling let down by him.
"The guy needs to be dealt with."
"See if Mathew is ok but call the police."
"Dawn, I can't and I may..."

Dawn now lost her temper with Estevan, "Don't you dare tell me you would deal in drugs again. If you do I won't be here when you get back." Now they were at each other's throats. 

Estevan got dressed while still having an argument and said, "You have to trust me Dawn. I will call you, ok." He tried to kiss her goodbye but she turned her back on him. Estevan heart sank he wanted to explain but didn't have time.

He saw Blair as he was walking towards the stairs, "Haven't you sorted things out with Teddy?"
"No not yet. I gave her till night fall and she hasn't appeared so I guess it's really over. Do you need help as I could real do with a good fight right about now?"
"Thanks but you sound as if you need to sort things out and when you do, make another baby rather than try and kill her."
"Listen..." as he was losing his temper.
"Blair save it and talk to Teddy." 

Blair followed him to the front door and when Estevan opened the door he said, "Talking of Teddy here she is." Letting her inside. "Here's some advice try talking to each other."

"Hi Blair."

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

4.2 Mum's visit

"Please talk to me. You haven't said anything to me in days. Say something..."
"I think you should move out for awhile."
Blair sat in shock, "No, I love you and I won't lose you again."
"Blair I'm different now, we are different and things have changed." 

Blair grabbed her and pulled Teddy close to him and replied, "Teddy look at me. Turning into a vampire does take a bit of getting used to but you will. Now tell me you don't love me anymore and if you can I will walk out of here and you will never see me again."
"You would never see me again. So which is it, do we end the best thing either of us has known or carry on loving each other? You have till night fall to decide."

Blair left the house in a state before Teddy could answer. Teddy was upset, angry and hurt. The man she loved turned her into a vampire and now all her emotions were intensified and it scared her. This love for Blair was overwhelming as was her anger towards him but the thought of never seeing him again scared her. She would have to figure out these feelings and fast.

Estevan was taking Dawn to get her things to move in with him. When Estevan got downstairs he was met by William, "I would ask but I don't want to know. Anyway a woman barged her way in and said she must talk to you immediately."
"Where is this rude woman?"
"In the living room." Estevan was angry that anyone demanded to see him especially since he was in good mood and they were ruining it. 

He walked in ready to lose his temper and there she stood; looking just how he remembered her.
"Estevan you shaved your hair."
"Hi Mum."

Dawn walked in the room and Estevan's mum being rude and blunt said, "This must be your new fling. She is definitely fit for breeding, Estevan."
Dawn snapped, "Who the hell are you? I'm not his fling and not a breeding..."
Estevan interrupted Dawn, "Hun, this is my mother, Daphne Granger. Can you leave us a minute?" Dawn was leaving the room but not before she heard, "How dare you refer to Dawn as a breeding machine. She is my girlfriend, show some respect."

"I was only joking..."
"Do you see anyone laughing, Mum. This is why I cut you out of my life after the way you treated Holly. She could have lost William because of the stress you put on her."

Dawn was outside the room when Will and Blake asked her, "Do you know who she is?"
"Apparently it's your grandmother."
The boys looked at each other and then continued to listen to the shouting match coming from the room.

"Why do you block your mind all the time?" Daphne asked
"I have my reasons."
"You are going to have to tell the truth soon..."
"Mum just drop it."
"No I won't. The boys need to know the truth and so does..."

"Don't you dare...?"
"Dare, what? Speak the truth. I'm sorry I hurt you..."
"Hurt me. No. I was devastated that I finally learnt the reason Dad never saw me was because he was married and I only found out that because he turned up on my door step six months before he died and told me everything. When I confronted you, you acted like it was no big deal. You lied to me."

"I am sorry but you need to tell what you know or I will."
Estevan stormed out of the room. Will pulled his Dad aside and said, "Heard everything by the way but talk about that later. Spoke to Matt earlier and Darren turned up threatening him and beat the crap out of him telling him to say to you, 'No-one pulls out of a deal.' I think he needs help."
"I'll sort it out. I'll leave in the morning but I'll let Matt know I'm on my way. Dawn's moving in so I'm helping her today but in the mean time keep an eye on my mother."

Estevan was about to leave when Blair turned up. "Teddy wants me to move out."
"Blair give her time. Teddy will come around."
"I told her to tell me by tonight. I can't take it anymore the silence, the anger in her face."
"What did you expect? She would be ok after this. Teddy needs time to figure all this out and..."

Daphne interrupted the conversation, "Hello, I'm Daphne. Estevan's mum and you must be Blair? I heard Estevan mention your name. I hear your marriage is over, shame. There is always someone else out there."
"Blair I'm sorry for her..." 

Blair didn't wait to hear the rest as he turned on Daphne, "Listen, I'm very married and I love my wife. Estevan is right she will come around but if you think I would do anything with an old hag like you then think again."
"Estevan are you going to let him speak to me like that?"
"Mum, I think Blair said it really well. Same old story isn't it. Throw yourself at any man. At least I allow myself to love."
"Blair stay here if you need too. Mum I hope you are gone by the time I get back."

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

4.1 Passion

Advisory: Scenes of an Adult nature

Dawn got up and walked towards the door. Opening the door she heard footsteps behind her but she didn't look back, "Dawn wait?" Estevan cried out. Dawn stopped but didn't turn around, "What is it, Estevan?"
"I gave you what you wanted the proof that the businesses are now legit. I confess that I love you but you still are walking away. Damn it Dawn look at me." Dawn finally knew Estevan was telling the truth. When she refused other men's advances and when the phone would ring hoping every time it was Estevan, Dawn knew how she felt. 

She turned and looked at him and replied, "How can I walk away? I love you." Estevan couldn't believe what he was hearing. Dawn got closer and said, "Now we are being honest...I could stay the night." Estevan saw her eyes burn with desire he put his arms around her and said in a whisper, "What do you have in mind?"
"Well it requires fewer clothes." 

Once inside the bedroom his hands glided over her body as they kissed then they looked at each other, Estevan cupped her face and said through a breathless whisper, "I love you!"

Dawn wanted to respond but with every touch he made her body trembled in anticipation at what he would do next. Estevan started to kiss her again then with one last kiss on her soft lips, he kissed her chin and as she tilted her head back, he planted a kiss on each part of her neck softer than the last. She begged him to stop but he only stopped long enough to remove her dress.

He pulled her into his chest. His hands made his way down her back tracing her smooth warm semi naked body. She felt his strength wrapped around her. She had been waiting for this moment for a long time and now it was here she couldn't wait. "Now, take me now." she whispered. 

Ignoring her cries for gratification he picked her up laying her on the bed admiring the view his eyes beaming with delight at seeing her at his mercy. He never thought he would see another woman in his bed. Yet here was Dawn begging him to have her but Estevan had plans he was going to take all night devouring this woman.

Dawn climbed on top of him and she could feel his need was just as great as her own. Lowering her lips towards his, Dawn spoke softly, "Why won't you have me now?" Estevan rolled her over on to her back and now he was on top holding her arms, replied gently but firmly, "I want to enjoy every moment with you."

Looking into her eyes he saw her jerk with excitement as his hand touched her breast and her eyes closed slightly trying to control the urge to let out a moan of pleasure. Dawn never had experienced anything like this and the emotions she felt at this moment were indescribable. Now his hand moved down the stomach towards her pants and as he slid his fingers just inside she thought her mind was going to explode but Estevan was teasing her still. Her breathing was getting slower and shallower as he took his hand away. 

Dawn sat up trying to catch her breath but he was in control as pull her in for a kiss while undoing her bra then whispered in her ear, "Do you want to stop!" She gazed at him almost puzzled but he continued before she could respond, "I didn't think so." Dawn couldn't believe how much torture he was putting her through. She needed him; she wanted to feel him inside of her. When her hand moved across his chest she bit her bottom lip.
Suddenly her eyes widened when she felt his hands removing her pants then trailing up her leg and back to her warmth. She tried to grab his hand as she was not ready for this but as she tried to fight it, the tingling sensation that went through her body made her moan. 

Estevan could hear her cries of pleasure but wouldn't stop and moved his hand more so her cries became more intense and louder. He muffled her moans by kissing her and when he knew she could take no more, he placed himself inside her. Dawn was now trying to hold on.
Dawn could feel him over and over again and his hands moved all over her, making her pleasure more intensifying with every movement he made. Dawn suddenly let out a scream of pleasure more intoxicating than the last and Estevan looked at her lovingly as he let out a moan of passion.
Lying on the bed Dawn couldn't believe all that they had gone through and how far they had come. The only question now facing Dawn was now he had given up his illegal business should she move in with him?