Tuesday, 22 July 2014

6.14 A second date

“I’m nervous about meeting your Dad?” 

Art brushed her hair back and watched it fall back into place and sweetly replied, “Stop worrying.”
“What if he doesn’t like me?”
“He is going to love you,” he just stared into her eyes and then saw her soft lips; he knew he had to have her there and then. Art could never get tired of their intimate moments and wanted her all over again so he smiled at her with a grin that she knew well. Ellen didn’t want sex again not because she didn’t like it but it would be their third time in two hours and she was now very sore and didn’t know how much more she could take. 

She felt his soft lips on hers and felt his hands roam her body once again and thought, ‘If I say no, what will he think of me?’

He stripped her down to her underwear again and sweetly said, “I can never get tired of this.” Ellen looked into his eyes and brushed her hand against his cheek and softly replied, “I hope you won’t.”

William was on his second date with Victoria. As she leaned into his chest he closed his eyes savouring this moment as he thought he’d never be doing this again after Heather’s death. “Isn’t it a beautiful view?” He put his arms around her and quietly replied, “I couldn’t agree with you more.”
“Blake and Lexy have invited us to dinner, would you want to go?” 

Victoria turned around, “Are you sure…I mean it’s only our second date?”
“I’d really like you to meet Blake and Lexy properly as my girlfriend.”
“Oh,” Victoria was taken aback by the word girlfriend. She hadn’t seen or dated anyone since the night he had finally asked her out. “I take it your my boyfriend then?” Will laughed and said, “I suppose I am. Wow its strange saying that again.”
“What, Boyfriend/girlfriend?”
“Yes, I mean don’t you think I’m too old for that title.” Victoria giggled slightly, “You don’t act old, so no, you’re not too old to be a boyfriend.”

“In that case…,” he pulled Victoria closer to him and thought, ‘I hope I haven’t forgotten how to do this.’ Then put his lips on hers closing his eyes finally letting his senses guide him. He felt her soft lips beneath his and as her lips slightly parted, he began to trace her tongue with his own, matching each move with her and as their lips finally separated he saw her eyes open and just smile at him.

“Wow, that was some kiss umm…,” Victoria suddenly got up and started to look around when Will got up and said, “Are you ok?”
She suddenly became shy and said, “No-one has ever kissed me like that and suddenly I wanted…,” trailing off mid-sentence. Will smiled to himself but held his composer as he said, “It’s ok, there is no rush…” but she interrupted him and said, “I need to be honest with you,” she paused for a moment and then added, “I’ve never been with anyone…I’m a virgin.” Will tried to act shock but it was like she could read his face. “OMG, you knew didn’t you?”
“That night when Nathan was over…he told us.” 

Victoria turned away from him upset, “Your brother Blake also knows, O great…what must they think?”
“Blake’s not like that and Nathan well he’s just worked out he hasn’t been with a yucky girl yet.” 

Victoria suddenly laughed and turned to Will and said, “A what!”
 “He thinks all girls are yucky, he hasn’t worked them out yet but at least you’re smiling.” 

He looked at her as she said softly, “You must think it’s stupid at 25 being a virgin.”
“I think it’s sweet that you haven’t rushed this, not many people would hold out for the right person, and this is why there is no rush.” 

They left their things and took a walk across the beach enjoying just being together. Will finally spoke, breaking the silence, “Are you ok, as you’ve quite a while?”
Victoria didn’t look at him and said, “I was just thinking about what you said among other things.”
“I said I was ok with you not being with anyone and what else were you thinking about?”
“Lots of things, us, the twins, my parents…”
“What about your parents?”
“We are so distant yet you are so close with your Dad.”
“We are close yes but we’ve had our fights too. At one stage he tried to control my life and almost ruined my marriage to Heather but we came through it. We aren’t perfect Victoria, I mean what family is?”
“True but it has got me to think maybe I should make more of an effect with them.”
“Why don’t you ring and speak to them and take it from there.” 

Victoria wrapped her arms around him and replied sweetly, “Thank you.”
“What for?”
“Listening to me…”

He kissed her softly and quietly said, “What are boyfriends for?”

Tuesday, 15 July 2014

6.13 Something is wrong

Blake had only just sat down when Lexy walked in only minutes later. 

She smiled at him as she leaned in for a kiss. He loved her kisses and stroked her back to encourage Lexy to deepen the kiss. 

Once Lexy got back up, Blake got up pulling her towards him and asked, “What are you after?”
“Can’t a wife kiss her husband without wanting anything?” Blake gave her that look and Lexy sighed with a cheeky smile, “It was a thank you kiss.”
“Why are you thanking me? I mean it’s great but what did I do?” Lexy just widened her grin and with a step in her voice said, “I’m pregnant, we are having a baby.” 

Blake fell to the sofa in shock. They had been trying but the word baby was still was a shock. When Blake finally came around he got back up and said, “We are having a baby?”
“I just said that.” 

Suddenly Lexy was being pulled into a tight hug, “Babe, this is great news. Who do you want to tell first?”
“It’s still early days as I’m only a few weeks so I’d rather tell no-one yet.”

Harmony was having dinner with Teddy when she asked, “Mum, when are you and Dad going to let Draco home?” The cold stare said it all but Teddy replied, “Your brother saved this family then betrays us.”
“Mum, something is not right. Please trust me on this.” 

Teddy softened her expression and said, “I can’t keep things from you can I? I tried talking to your Dad but he won’t listen. Something is wrong but Draco needs to tell us. When he was younger I used to be able to read his mind but now he blocks me at every turn. I know your Dad has tried and he even asked for Estevan’s help. He couldn’t get in his mind nor could your grandmother and you know how strong her mind is.”

Teddy saw someone out of the corner of her eye and when she looked she saw a woman stare back at her then quickly turn away. Teddy excused herself from the table and made her way towards her, “Do we know each other?” She shook her head with no reply. Teddy sat down and said, “Let’s not play games, who are you?” She made eye contact with Teddy and said, “My name is Torri.”

“Ah, you’re the girl who is seeing my son. Tip for you, as you seem a sweet girl, leave my son before you get hurt.”
Torri was shocked, “Aren’t you supposed to encourage me to stay etc, etc?”
“Normally I would but if he treats his own mother like shit, why would I encourage a nice person like you to be a doormat for him.” 

Torri hung her head almost in tears, “I love him, I know you are right but I can’t help it and when I was attack he was so attentive…”
“You were attacked?” Torri looked at her and quietly said, “A guy known as pretty boy threatened me to stay away from Draco.”
Teddy was in shock and voiced, “Why would…” Then Harmony interrupted her Mum in mid flow and said, “Because Mum, Draco sleeps with both men and women.”
Teddy shouted, “MEN! I hope your Dad doesn’t know.”
“Not yet but when he does Draco will be in trouble,” 

She turned to Torri and said, “I’m Harmony, the big sister. Listen to Mum because Draco is an ass, I know he’s my brother but still.”
Torri excused herself but Teddy got up and said, “It was nice meeting you and take care of yourself.”

Torri went back to work in the hope it would take her mind off Draco but just as she was to forget she heard, “Your hands could be put to better use.” She turned around and firmly said, “Draco I’m busy so can you leave please.”

He ignored her and walked towards her. He pulled her towards him then pinned her to the wall, wasting no time in putting his hand up her dress. Torri tried to get free but the more she struggled the tighter his grip became and in the end she relented as she welcomed his touch, “There’s my girl, now tell me you want more.” Torri tried to ignore her hormones that were now in overdrive but she couldn’t and finally replied, “I…I…want more.” 

He lifted her up leaning her against the wall, he held her tightly with one arm while he unzipped his trousers with the other hand. As he pushed harder Torri pushed herself against the wall trying to catch her breath but every time she was just about to Draco softly kissed her stomach.
“I knew you can’t resist me.” Torri was trying to fight her body to stop the screams of pleasure because she was angry at Draco and herself that he always got his way with her. “You bastard…”
“Finally you realise, now enjoy the ride,” as he finally heard Torri moan. When they were done he tidied himself up and said, “Always a pleasure,” and left. 

Torri fell to the floor in tears and quietly to herself said, “I can’t fight him, I try but he always gets around me. Where did the Draco I met 5 years ago disappear?”   

Tuesday, 8 July 2014

6.12 Warning

Pretty boy kept watch over the house for about an hour, when Torri opened the door he ran up to her forcing her inside. 

He knocked her down to the ground with his hands around her neck, “Stay away from Draco.” 

She tried to fight back but he was too strong and weakly asked, “Who are you?”
“I’ve seen you drape yourself over him. I’ve watched as you let him do things to you and how he looks at you, his expression softens…well I want that from him. All you need to do is leave this town and then he will forget about you and come back to me.”

She finally managed to push him off and ran across the room to the door but he got to her before she could open it and push her hard into the wall and as she slid down the wall, Torri heard him say, “I didn’t want to do this but you forced my hand.” He knelt beside her ready to drain her body when he heard a voice behind him say, “Touch that girl and you will be sorry.” 

He slowly got up and turned around to see Daphne standing there, “This doesn’t concern you old vamp so leave me alone.”
Daphne didn’t move and just kept her eyes fixed on pretty boy but firmly said, “You threaten my grandson and now you want to hurt my other grandson’s girl. Draco can’t stand you and before you open that mouth of yours yes I know he pays for your company but he doesn’t want you.”
Pretty boy yelled, “He does want me!”
“Keep telling yourself that but he’s not gay. Do as Draco has asked, stay away from him but if you don’t…well then you will pay with your life.” 

He went for Daphne but she grabbed him and held him in mid-air, “I may be old to you but NEVER under estimate me,” as she let him drop to the floor.

After he left Daphne got Torri to bed and once she knew she was safe she left locking the door behind her.

When Torri woke up she was puzzled at how she had gotten in her bed as pretty boy was about to kill her. When she turned over she saw a picture of her and Draco. Anyone that saw that picture would think they were madly in love and possibly planning their life together but in truth Draco was a closed book. She lay there remembering how he’d smiled at her after saving her life, his eyes were so full of hope and innocence but now when he looked into her eyes all she saw was pain and hate.

Torri opened the door when she knew it was Draco. When he saw the state on her, he lifted her up carried her to her bedroom. He pulled her close which surprised Torri and he asked, “What happened?”
“Pretty boy threatened me.” Draco could hear the voice in his head say, ‘Pity that bitch is still alive. How can you comfort that poor excuse for a woman?’
‘She is not a bitch don’t talk about her that way. How could he do this, he will have to pay.’
‘You can rough him up a bit but don’t kill him. I enjoy him.’ 

Draco then turned his attention back to Torri and said, “I will make sure he doesn’t come here again. Now get some sleep and I’ll be here when you wake up.”

When she woke up Torri heard noise in the kitchen and found Draco making food, “Sit down and eat.” 

They sat in silence as they both ate and when Draco was cleaning up Torri said, “Thank you for staying with me.”
He didn’t look at her but replied, “It was the least I could do.” 

He kissed her cheek and added, “I have to go but I will be back later.”

Draco shut the door behind him and heard the voice again, ‘I really don’t like her and soon you will deal with her.’
‘No I won’t harm her.’
‘Oh but Draco you will because very soon what you say won’t matter anymore.’
In a panic he said, ‘What do you mean by that.’
‘You will find out soon enough.’ Draco found himself at his parent’s home; he walked up and knocked the door. 

When his Mum answered the door she looked at him and stepped outside, “What do you want Draco?”
“Mum, I’m sor…” Then there was the voice again, ‘Don’t you dare say it, not to that bitch.’
‘That is my mother you are talking about.’
Teddy shouted, “Draco what is it?”
“Mum, I…I…” He couldn’t say sorry and every time he tried only the letter S would now escape his lips.
‘Can’t say it, can you? Told you I was getting stronger’
‘Who are you?’
‘All in good time Draco all in good time. Doesn’t she look pissed?’ 

Teddy had, had enough of just standing there while Draco stayed silent, “Draco, I hate saying this but your Dad is right you hurt this family and I can’t stand by and let it happen anymore. You once saved our family but I don’t know where my son went so this is goodbye.” When the door slammed shut Draco fell to the floor and finally managed a whisper, “Mummy I’m sorry I need your help,” but all he could hear was laughter in his head

Tuesday, 1 July 2014

6.11 Packing away the past

Will had tried calling Draco to see why pretty boy turned up at his house but there was no answer which wasn’t unusual and Will knew sooner or later Draco would turn up as he always did.

Estevan had come over to see if Will had finally asked Victoria out. Dawn had a look at the new living area; she was impressed at how he had transformed the room.

“I love the picture above the fireplace.” Will smiled, “It was a good weekend.” Estevan asked, “Did you ask her out?”

They took a seat and Will looked at them, “We had our first date in this room but it got me thinking, if it gets to that stage…”
Dawn answered for him, “You mean sex.”
“Thank you Dawn, yes that…well I can’t ask her into my room because it belonged to me and Heather.”

“But you have an idea, right,” as Dawn interrupted his flow, “You’ve been with Dad too long.”
“No just observant.” Will shook his head then continued, “I was thinking of turning my room into a room for the twins and taking their room but I need some help.”

Estevan smiled, “I think it’s a great idea, what does Victoria think?”
“I haven’t said anything to her yet but I am serious about her.” Estevan looked at his son and said, “I will help you decorate.”
Will again looked at them both and said quietly, “I’d like you to both help.”
“Why don’t you just change the whole house and get it out the way?” Will looked at his Dad in shock but knew he made sense. He thought for a moment and replied, “It’s a great idea but if the relationship does become serious I would like her to have a say in how things look.” 

The conversation was interrupted by Victoria coming into the room with the twins, “Sorry William, the twins wanted to see you.”
“It’s ok; this is my Dad and my step mum.” 

Estevan smiled at her and said, “He forgot to mention that our names are Estevan and this is my wife Dawn.” Victoria became nervous and quietly said, “It’s good to meet you.” Victoria tried to make an excuse to leave but Estevan insisted she stay. 

“Are you two being good for Victoria?” as he looked at the twins. They just looked at each other and just gave a cheeky smile.

Dawn asked, “Did you have a good date?” 

Victoria went bright red not knowing what to say when Will interrupted the conversation and said, “Victoria and I had a nice first date,” as he put his arm around her then he added, “I hope there will be a second date?”
Feeling a little embarrassed but excited, “I’d love that.” Will looked at her and said, “Dad and Dawn are helping move the twins to a different room and I was hoping you would help?”
“Is something wrong with their room?”

“No, it’s just I’ve decided to swap rooms with them.” Victoria was visibly shocked, “Oh I see…when do we start?”
“Now if you don’t mind.” Dawn and Victoria went to start packing up the twin’s room, while Estevan and Will started emptying his room.

“You ok, William?” He looked at his Dad and said, “I am doing the right thing, right?”
“Yes son, you are. After all if you and Victoria do work out, you both need to feel comfortable.”
“What do I do with Heather’s things?”
“Important items like pictures and jewellery give to the children and as for the rest ask Spencer or give away.” 

William felt a pain of sadness as he looked around the room, he never thought it would be so hard but he heard Victoria voice from across the hall as she laughed with Dawn and said firmly, “Dad I really like her.”
“I know it’s hard but to have a real chance with Victoria, you have to do this. I remember you and Blake reminding me I couldn’t mourn forever.”
“I hate when you throw my advice back in my face but you are right and so was I back then. “Let’s get this finished.” Estevan and William spent the next few hours decorating it; they moved the cots over and brought in the toys that were packed up. 

The twins wandered in and without saying a word went straight for their toy box and Will voiced, “I think they like it.” Estevan smiled while he watched them for a moment.
“William, do you want help with any other rooms?”
“The hall could do with a face lift, it covers 3 floors.” Estevan smiled, “I’ll get Dawn and Victoria to help me.”

Will was surprised at having Victoria to help when Estevan saw the look he added, “She is a very nice girl and I have a feeling about her. I mean if you want to make the bedroom for both of you read her mind.”
“Dad, I already know her favourite colours.”
“Then you know what to do.” Will decided there and then until he knew if they were serious about each other he would sleep in Matt’s old room. This way when it was right for them they could decorate the room together as a couple.