Friday, 30 December 2011

1.5 Confrontation

Jon called for his date with Hannah; while he was talking to her roommate Hannah was busy checking herself in the mirror. She wanted to make sure her makeup and hair were right. They got to the local cafe and had lunch.

"Hannah what do you do for a living?" watching her as she ate.

"Nothing at the moment as I just finished university but I am looking. What do you do Jon?" he almost chocked on his food. "Are you ok? asking him another question.

Nodding back he gestured yes and then replied "You really don't know who I am?" not waiting for a reply "I am a rock star have been for about 15 years now."

Hannah looked at him and said "Oh, well I hate to tell you this but I hate rock music. I prefer country and classical." as she continued with her meal.

They remained silent as they finished up their meals. Jon was shocked but admired her honesty as she could have pretended to like his music but didn't and that attracted him even more to her. This wasn't supposed to happen, it was maybe one or two dates and then he would move on.

As he drove her home Jon passed Blair's home and he started getting angry at the thought of him in the town but he had to think quickly on how to get rid of him before he ruined another relationship for him.

Elvira had been watching Blair's home when she saw him leave another vampire her blood ran even colder. If that bitch thinks she is running the business with him, she'll have a shock because it's me that is in charge. When she got home she hacked in to city hall to find out all about this new vampire and found out some very interesting information about her but Elvira had to be careful or it would be her in trouble not Heather.

Blair had been overseeing the final touches on the new club "The Grind". He couldn't wait to see it packed on opening night. He just hoped that Elvira didn't show up. He dialled his Boss and told him the new club was ready.
"When do you want it opened?" Blair asked
"No problem, I can arrange that." he told his Boss. Then he started arguing with him as the subject turned to Elvira.
" I really don't want her here....Fine I will work with her but don't think it will be a permanent arrangement."

Their relationship had been very explosive from the start and even though he knew she was no good for him he stayed in that relationship for a few years. Although he could never deny that their sex life was great going back down that road wouldn't do them any good.  He wanted something that he'd never had before and that was this love thing people talked about. He always heard it was something great.

Elvira waited for Heather to answer the door and when Heather opened the door she didn't wait to be invited in. "Who the hell do you think you are, bursting into my home?" as she closed the door and yelled at her.

"Oh come, come don't be like that, I'm Elvira. You and I are going to become good friends, Heather as I know all about you. I've been watching you and saw Blair leave here last night." as Elvira snarled at Heather.
Continuing to yell at Elvira, "You know nothing about me and I don't need you friendship. It's none of you business who I see."

"No your right it's not my business but it's someone's business." as she let herself out. Stunned by what just happened. Heather started to shake, how could anyone know where she was? The thoughts of anyone knowing about her passed frightened her. She wondered if this person who called herself Elvira really knew what she was talking about or was she just trying to scare her and keep her away from Blair.

Floods of memories started to haunt Heather as she remembered the way things were before starting her new life. She told herself that the past was the past and it was dead but as she tried to read a book, the more that the images kept replaying in her mind. The harder she tried to push them to one side the more they became more vivid. Things were very complicated and reliving the past was not going to help. As far as heather was concerned she had moved on but she knew there was still a part of her that wanted to stay in the past where she was happy.
If Elvira did know everything then it wouldn't be long before her past caught up with her.

Thursday, 22 December 2011

1.4: A Mistake

Advisory: Contains some strong language 

Days were now spent inside most of the time. While at home, Heather decided to decorate her little house. She re-painted the living/dining room. She bought a new sofa and a TV and a new dining table with lights to go above the table. The one bedroom she decorated with black and white wall and a coffin in the middle of the room with plants either side.

Heather had just got home from her first day at the film studio. She was only an extra but knew that was only the beginning. One day she would be the star that everyone admired. She had just made a drink when there was a knock on the door. Heather tried to ignore the door but the bell wouldn't stop. She opened the door the find a man standing in front of her, "What do you want?" yelling at the man standing in front of her.

"Hi I'm Blair, I live across the road and..." trying to be nice.
"Hi Blair, Now GO AWAY.", as she slammed the door in his face. The cheek of some people, it's late and I am knackered  as she talked to herself.

Heather went to the other bedroom to get changed for bed and fell onto the double bed thinking about the man who introduced himself. Heather thought it was a shame she snapped at him as was very cute.
Blair rode around on his bike for hours thinking about what had just happened.

He went to the club and drank one drink after another talking aimlessly to the bartender, who occasionally just nodded at Blair. As the evening wore on Blair would talk to anyone who sat at the bar. He spent most of the night talking to one woman and he started to flirt with her and she flirted back. As the night went on the women offered Blair to go back to her place and he accepted the offer.

As Blair woke up he looked around and didn't recognise where he was, one thing certain he definitely wasn't at his place and his head was pounding. He heard someone in the bathroom and realised he had gone home with someone. As he lay there waiting for her to come out, images of last night started to replay in his mind.

He remembered he started flirting with a woman at the bar and she asked him back to her place. The next thing he remembers there was a passionate kiss as they were trying to remove each other's clothing and how he threw her onto the bed and kissed her slowly up and down her body as she screamed for more. 

As he was starting to enjoy the replay of the night, he saw the woman's face and started to feel sick. The woman he'd spent the night with was Elvira. He'd spent the night with her the one woman in the world he loathed.

 He jumped out of bed quickly dressing himself and headed for the front door and then he heard her voice, "Going so soon? After last night I thought we could talk about our new partnership."
"What partnership?" as he raised his voice.
"Don't you remember you wanted me to help you with the business and you wanted us to move in together." with a smug look on her face.
"Move in with you, I think I'm going to be sick. We are not working together either", he turned towards her moved closer to and added "Come the fuck near me again and I won't be held responsible for my actions. Now I'm leaving don't think about following me, understand?"
As he walked towards the door she delighted in saying "Until next time."

Blair answered the door and standing there was Heather, "Sorry about last night and the way I acted. I was hoping we could get to know each other over dinner?"
"I don't know your name!" as he smiled at her.
"Heather I would like that very much. When?
"Half an hour?"

Heather let Blair in and she showed him to the table where dinner was waiting, they sat and talked over dinner, "Lived here long?"
"No, I moved here a couple of months ago and what about you? Where have you moved from?" waiting to be answered
"I've just been moving around a lot." avoiding answering the question. "What's your job, Blair?"
"I guess you could call me a jack of all trades. As I will try anything once. You?" returning the question. Heather was about to answer when the phone rang and she excused herself from the table and answered the phone. "Hello." and Blair saw Heathers attitude change "I'm not coming over." and she hung up.

"Everything thing ok?" Blair asked
"Um yes fine. Do you mind us calling it a night, Blair?"
"No problem see you soon." as he pecked her goodbye on the cheek.
As Blair was leaving Heather's phone rang again and he heard "What! No I'm not coming home..."

Thursday, 15 December 2011

1.3: The meeting

Advisory: Contains some strong language 

It was early evening and Blair couldn't be bothered to head for the bar so he decided to read.  He had just woken up and had done what most humans do first thing in the morning, get washed and dressed but instead of breakfast consisting of his favourite food; a full cooked breakfast everything fried, it was now drinking blood. Sometimes he would long for his favourite foods but he chose his path now he had to live with his conscious.

 As he grabbed his book and made his way to his chair something caught his eye. He did a double take as he thought he was seeing things but as he got closer to the window he saw the most striking red head. He rushed for the door as he had to meet her, say something to her but when he opened the door he saw her driving off in a taxi.  His head started to spin as he made his way back inside, who was she? Was she single? Now the thought crossed his mind if she is single would she like him enough to give him a chance? Now for the first time ever he had butterflies in his stomach.

The urge to feed was now in full swing because of his thoughts about this new vampire his hunger was more powerful than ever. He decided to spend the night hunting to catch a poor victim. He made his way towards the club and saw a young woman he made her think of him so he could approach her. He felt so at ease luring her in. She believed he was attracted to her and would make that night special. Blair took her back home to his place and he kissed her but he had no intention of having sex with her like she believed and as they got up from the couch, he pulled her in quickly and closely, breathing in her scent and feeling her whole body tremble with excitement as sank his fangs into her neck so willing yet so naive.

The fangs sunk deeper and deeper into her veins, she tried to scream but no sound would come from her lips. The blood draining from her body and entering his, she was so succulent, he drank from her and as he did he felt her body growing colder by the second and within a few minutes she was lying on the floor dead.

The phone rang and Elvira answered it, "No I haven't seen him....ok I'll get on it." hanging up the phone. Some people have no patience Elvira thought. She got ready to contact Blair before she received another call. 

Jon was still playing the altercation he had with Blair the other evening in his mind and wondered what he was doing here. He thought playing the guitar would take his mind of things but it wasn't helping. Years earlier, Jon and Blair had met while he was performing in the city. They became friends but that changed when Blair slept with Jon's girlfriend, it not only ended the relationship but their friendship too. They got into fight each swearing that each would get even with each other one day.

Jon wanted him to leave but knew he could win a fight as vampires were stronger but he would find a way somehow and wouldn't give up until Blair was gone. He needed to clear his head so he went for a drive. As he aimed the car in any direction he passed a house with a removal van outside.
He looked in the rear-view mirror he noticed a group of girls moving in. Jon's thoughts suddenly turned who he would date first and how far he could get with each girl.   Jon went home to get ready so he could go back and introduce himself.

Elvira made a few enquires and found he had a part-time job, so she decided to wait at the graveyard for Blair to leave work. Elvira had waited patiently while she watch varies people come and go and suddenly she saw him.

Blair walked passed her and she called after him but he didn't answer. Elvira decided to follow him home. Blair was about to walk inside when she shouted after him, “Blair, How are you?”
He turned to her and replied “Fuck off.”
“You know I can’t. We now have to work together just like old times, isn’t it.” Blair grabbed Elvira by the throat, slammed her into the wall, he let go of the throat and whispered in her ear, “It’s not like old times; I don’t know what your game is but let’s get this clear, I do not need or what your help. So tell him from me that you are not needed and you can go back home.” The blood was now pouring from his mouth as the urge to kill her was strong but if "he" didn't hear from her then his life would be in danger, so he decided to let it go.

He released his grip and left without looking back. Elvira rubbed her neck and made her way home. She made a call and advised him that Blair didn’t like being told he needed help and tried hurting her. The caller told Elvira that she could handle Blair and if he wouldn’t listen then it may be necessary to deal with the situation differently.
Elvira thought about ending Blair's life but it was too soon yet and besides playing with her prey first might be fun and then when she had grown tired of him, then she would go for the kill. 

Thursday, 8 December 2011

1.2: Bridgeport

Advisory: Contains some strong language 

Elvira was getting ready for her night out. It had been a long day and she needed to let all the frustration go. She had received a call from an old friend to meet at the vampire club at around 11pm and she accepted with no hesitation. She worked at Bridgeport's best hospital but after 10 years of doing the same thing, she had grown tired of it and was looking for something new to get her teeth into.

When inside the club Elvira saw Vlad watching the pianist, she made her way over to where he was standing, 

"You haven't changed a bit." as she greeted Vlad.

"And Elvira my dear you are as ever, so false."  he replied.

"If this is not a catch up for old time's sake, why am I here?" as she raised her voice.

"I have a job for you, if you want it that is?" as he was flirting with her.

"Don't try it on Vlad. Not interested anymore. What's the job?"

"I need you to steal blood from the hospital." as he smiled.

"That's it, blood. Please that's just too easy. What's really going on? Elvira stared waiting for the answer.

"Look an acquaintance of mine from way back is looking for someone to do a job. I recommended you but they want proof you are up for the job." he replied.

"Does this acquaintance of your have a name?" trying to dig even further.

"Do you want to do it or not? If you impress him then he will contact you directly."

"I will do it." accepting the easy challenge.

Half way through her shift she decided it was time to do this job. She took the lift to the fourth floor, turning left after exiting the lift and walking along the corridor. No one was paying any attention to her as expected. She opened the door and went inside. Elvira opened the fridge where the blood was kept and loaded a box she had brought with her.

When she got home she made a call to Vlad telling him "The jobs done." Vlad instructed her to give the parcel to his friend outside the hospital the following evening.  

The next evening she meet the guy in the hospital gardens and gave the parcel to him. She made it look like a present as not to draw suspicion to either one. When the guy took the parcel he told Elvira "He will contact you soon." and he walked away.

Heather had always been interested in vampires and when she had the offer to be turned she accepted with excitement. After being bitten she had spent the last few days feeling very ill like she was going to die. She wanted food but was unable to stomach anything other than water. After the transformation was complete, she took to the mirror to see her new look and as she checked herself out she noticed that her refection was disappearing. Heather had been warned that this would happen so not to worry.

She sat at the piano in the apartment and began to play  a few notes and within a short time  she realised she was actually playing a piece of music. The more she played the elaborate the tunes became Suddenly the power of the music had become one with her. She realised then that being a vampire had its benefits. She then wondered what other skills could she learn and master.

Heather had also realised there was a price to this exclusive life the burden of blood a thirst that would never go. The ability to hunt had to  fall on her to learn as it was something that could not be taught but learnt through experience. She was worried that hunting for fresh blood would be a problem but was advised that with this gift comes extraordinary human strength. This would come in useful to overpower your prey.
With her new look Heather called a cab and decides to head to a new place for a new start.

Elvira had received the call she had been waiting for, "What can I do for you?" waiting for a response. "You want me to WHAT! Does Blair know it's me? I see ok. I will leave tonight."
She packed her belongings picked up the address that she had written down and made her way to the car. Elvira threw her bags in the boot slammed the door behind her. She stopped off at her favourite place on the way, the graveyard. She stood and took one last look at Bridgeport and the city lights then headed for PainsWater Point. 

Thursday, 1 December 2011

1.1: The Start

Advisory: Contains some strong language 

"What the hell are you doing back?" looking horrified at seeing Blair,
"None of your fucking business and if I were you, I'd disappear!" pointing his cold and pale finger at Jon. A few minutes passed and Jon wanted to say more but knew it was best not to argue with Blair, he would leave the conversation for another night.

The building of the first night club in this town had just been finished and this was why he was here making sure that the club made money. This was where you would often find Blair, keeping an eye on things. Blair also had a part-time job at the local graveyard as he loved working alone.

Sitting at the bar Blair ordered a drink and spoke to the bar tender and asked "Any call?"
"No word as yet." Not saying a word Blair left the bar and headed home. He hated the new house. The decoration was not to his taste and the only thing he liked within the house was the new stone coffin he had delivered to make him feel more at home. 
As he looked out the window just as the night sky was fading. He realised how much he hated the place. This was the town he grew up in and his parents being so strict, had done more harm than good because it had pushed their only child away. When the chance to escape the small town came he took it without a second thought. He had heard through the grapevine that his parents had died 30 years after he left. He couldn't grieve for parents that he didn't know or want to know, they never tried to contact him and neither did he.

The promises of living forever had intoxicated him, so he accepted the offer to be turned by the vampire he had met when arriving at the big city. The only thing he had never experienced as a human or vampire was love. He should be an old man with a story to tell but in the last 70 years he couldn't recall any achievements.
He snapped out of his thoughts to focus on the job he was asked to do, so he knew he had to stomach the town once again. The thought had occurred to him that if things didn't work out as planned at least lunch would still be on the menu.

After work Blair went to the club and had his usual drink, a woman sat the other side of the bar watching his every move. Blair had been observing her watching him.

"Can I help you?" he said accusingly 
"Yes you can." she said sarcastically, "You and you're kind can leave this town. I don't know what you want but leave and take this club with you." by this point she was shouting that even the other clubbers moved away.

Blair approached her very carefully and said very softly in her ear, "No, do you understand that!" At this point she launched herself at him by pushing him. He shoved her back but she came back for more; Blair tried to protect himself from her but it was no use, the only language this woman knew was brutal force. She slapped him hard but he came back with a kick that sent her flying. Blair turned to leave but she came back for more, he had tried to go easy on her but enough was enough so he grabbed her and threw her to the floor and calmly commanded "Leave now before I finish you off." As his eyes turned red with hunger.

The woman had become so scared at this point that she listened to his warning and took off without a second glance. He sat back at the bar and said "Usual again." and just sat there till closing.

He had just lay down and closed his eyes when the phone rang "I was wondering when you'd call!"
Blair listened and replied "The club has already broken even in the first month the second club is being built so it shouldn't be long before it's up and running." listening to the response,

"You know some of the town hate the club." again listening to the voice on the line.

"Ok, I will sort things out." Blair again listening, now raised his voice.

"Now just a minute, you can't..." the line went dead, "Send that bitch." finishing his words while staring at the phone then in a fit of anger threw the phone across the room. "Shit." he said to himself while picking up the pieces of the shattered phone. 

"This is just fucking great; I need a new fucking phone."

He hated the thought of not being trusted in getting the job done and having to do business with his ex-lover. It was true what he was told never mix business with pleasure and unfortunately he'd learnt the hard way.
He had done as instructed introduced PainsWater Point to the first club. The new dance club was in the middle of being built. It was going to be known as "The Grind." His boss seemed happy with Blair overseeing the work but now he needed help, no that was not going to happen. He had started this and he was definitely going to finish it. 

Thanks to Valpre for the advise she give me so I would just get it posted :) and to Daijahv for giving pointing me in the right direct where to find the information on pose packs :)