Tuesday, 27 August 2013

5.5 Feeling alone

Estevan watched as Dawn got dressed, “Where do you think you are going?”
“I’m going out…” Estevan interrupted her, “You were told bed rest…” Dawn tried pleading with her husband, “But…but…”

“Dawn get back to bed. The doctor told you yesterday you were over doing things,” He hated having to do this but didn’t want to lose the baby and over the last few weeks Dawn had become more tired and slow. Estevan had made sure he was there for the appointment with the doctor because he knew something was wrong and when he heard all the advice that was given he was furious that Dawn was still pushing herself. 

Dawn weakly tried to protest as she shouted, “I’m 18 weeks pregnant not dead.”
“Dawn you are 18 weeks but you are carrying a vampire and the pregnancy will progress faster than if it was a human baby…” Dawn hated feeling so low and dependent on Estevan and screamed at him while throwing things at him, “All you care about is this baby. I’m stuck here on my own, while you go to work and you promised to help me through this pregnancy. You give me blood packs I’m supposed to have but I hate the taste. You don’t give me your blood or your company, why?” 

Estevan saw the frustration in her eyes and the heart felt emotions in her words as she fell to the floor. He had been working a lot and now felt guilty at leaving Dawn at this vulnerable time. 

He held her and said, “I’m sorry, I did promise you on honeymoon I’d lavish you attention and all I did was work.” He cupped her face and placed a kiss on her lips, “I’ll stay home and take bed rest with you.”
Dawn looked shocked, “But you don’t need to rest…”Estevan cut her off, “True but I also run my own business so I’m fortunate enough to have time off when I need it. Blair can run things for a while.” Feeling elated that he was staying with her, Dawn asked, “How is the new house coming along?”
“Well thanks to your design it’s getting there. The contractors are doing a great job.”
“Don’t you think it’s a bit much?”
“Blake didn’t have a big wedding and I was pissed at first but after Blair finally told me, I rang and hearing how happy Lexy was, was what I needed to hear. She didn’t know what she wanted for a wedding gift so I thought of a new house on the beach; I think they will love it.”

Dawn held her stomach, “Estevan the baby kicked again.” He put his arms around Dawn and said, “She loves her Dad.”
“We don’t know if the baby is a boy or a girl yet.”
“I have two boys and now I want a girl, don’t you?”
“As long as the baby is healthy then I don’t care.” After a while they were locked in each other’s arms sharing a passionate kiss and Estevan voiced, “Our baby likes it when you are happy.” Dawn smiled back and replied, “I’m glad you are here.”

Ty finally had time off to study when he saw Harmony he quickly packed up his things and ran after her, “Hay.”
Harmony looked at him and said coldly, “Yes!”

“I’m Ty the boy you kneed the other night after you wouldn’t give me your name.” 
Harmony rolled her eyes, “Ah yes Ty….go away.” 

She turned to walk away but stopped dead in her tracks when Ty asked, “Go on a date with me.” 
Harmony had waited for this moment to be asked out and it was being spoilt by Ty. “I’m seeing someone.”
Ty could feel his temper rising but kept calm, “Who are you seeing?”
Harmony was trying to think of a good answer when Ty said, “There is no-one, is there?”
She looked at him and coldly answered, “You’re not my type.”
“What is your type?”

“Not you…I mean look at you, your hair is a mess, and you wear makeup and those clothes…” 

Ty had heard enough and shouted, “You are basing your view of me on how I look. Here is what I see. You may be beautiful I’d go even as far as to say gorgeous…” He had Harmony’s attention now as he continued, “…but your personality doesn’t match. You are self-centred spoilt brat,” Ty then walked away still upset she couldn't see the person underneath.

When Harmony got home she heard the piano playing and knew instantly where her Dad was. She ran in and asked as calmly as she could, “Dad, why do you call Mum gorgeous?”

Blair turned to look at his daughter with suspicion but answered her, “I see your Mum as the most beautiful woman in the world and no words would ever be accurate enough to describe her. So I just decided one day to call her gorgeous and haven’t stopped. I only call her by her name when I’m angry at her.”

Harmony walked away happy before he could question her further. She rang her friend, “You are not going to believe this but a boy called me beautiful. He even said the word gorgeous.” Harmony was on cloud nine as she told her friend about the incident. 

Teddy stood in the doorway watching the beaming smile across her daughter’s face and then closed the door.
“Was I right?” Teddy looked at Blair, “Almost…”
“What’s the boy’s name?” 

Teddy stood her ground and firmly said, “Let Harmony have her moment. Do you have any idea what it means to a teenage girl to hear those words beautiful and gorgeous?  It means a lot. She is not dating the boy so you have nothing to worry about.” 

Blair was about to say more when Teddy walked off to deal with Draco and she shouted back, “I mean it Blair leave it alone.”

Saturday, 24 August 2013

5.4 Now I know your name

“Ok spill.” Paris looked at Heather and said, “Philippe took me to see a movie and Heath it was so scary I buried myself in his chest…” Heather started to laugh and said, “That is such a classic move, scary movie then a kiss in the dark.”
Paris smiled, “Yes you right but I don’t care because the kiss was worth it.”
“When are you seeing him again, “Tomorrow….I know what you are going to say but he’s really sweet and I want to be happy.”

“Instead of you going out invite Philippe here and all of us will have dinner.” Paris raised an eyebrow, “You are not up to anything Heath, are you.”
“No.” Paris just gave that look, “Ok, Will wants another baby and I don’t know what to do.”
“Question is do you want more kids.”
“Paris I do but when Art was first born I was left on my own to cope and then ending running to Estevan of all people. I want Will around more if we are to have another baby.”

“Talk to him Heath and then I say go for it. You are both so good together just make another baby. I wish I had a baby.”
“Me too, we so should be pregnant together.”
“Have you heard from Spencer?”
“He’s doing well, he sounds so happy. I know that’s not what you want to hear.”
“I hate saying this but I’m pleased for him.”

Philippe was checking things over at the club when he saw Will come in with Ty, “Who’s the kid?”
“Ty Jones and he is Dad and Uncle Blair’s helper. They nicknamed him TJ.”
“Oh, the new underdog.” 

Ty was about to answer Philippe’s comment when Will said, “Go to the office and I’ll be in shortly.”
Ty waited in the office when he heard a familiar voice and he peered around the door to take a look, “Will, have you seen Dad?”

“Harmony, he said he was meeting your Mum for lunch.” Will knelt down and looked at Draco, “You look just like your Dad.” He saw a smile creep over Draco face and added, “Maybe there is a bit of your Mum in you after all.” 

Harmony had just got to the office door, Ty was praying she wouldn’t come in and whispered, “Please don’t come in because I’ve fallen for you and I’ll be lost for words now I know your name.”

Will shouted, “Harmony, don’t go in the office.”
“Ok I won’t besides I have a date with this cute guy…” Philippe had to ask, “And you are checking to make sure Daddy is busy so you can have this date?”
“Yes but Dad will like him.” 

Will and Philippe looked at each other then Will said, “We are talking about your Dad, Blair Merrick the over protecting Dad, you constantly have arguments with. Harmony he is never going to like any guy you date.” Harmony lost her temper, “He will have too one day because I can’t be on my own forever.”

Will felt drained when he sat on the sofa. Heather sat on his lap and kissed him, “Heath, what’s up.”
“Can we talk?”
“I’m all ears,” as he smiled.
“The other night when you asked about having another baby and I said no. It’s not that I don’t want a baby but I felt left on my own with Art a lot and…”

“You only want this baby if I’m here more?” Heather nodded as Will added, “I will be and that is my promise to you but I still owe you a holiday so how about we go away for a week and we start trying while we are away?”
“It sounds perfect.”

Police Station

Keith was finishing up some paper work when the phone rang, “Keith Summers speaking.”
“We had an agreement,” as the voice on the line became firm.
“No, you had an agreement and I told you to fuck off.”
“Release my partner or you will regret your actions.”

“Talk is cheap and your partner is a serial rapist so here is the deal, hand yourself in and I’ll go easy on you.”
The voice laughed, “You haven’t found me yet but I know where you are, Keith,” then the line went dead.

Tuesday, 20 August 2013

5.3 Interview

Estevan and Blair glared at the new candidate sitting opposite them. Estevan started the questions, “Here it says on your CV you are of no fixed abode, can you explain what you mean?”
Ty was sweating he had heard the stories and now he was face to face with the legends and he was nervous, “It means Sir that I have no permanent residence.” Blair asked a question, “If you were to get the job, where could we find you?”
“I have a mobile.” 

They both came around the table and looked at him squirming in his chair, “That was the wrong answer.”

“Sirs please I need this job. I have a plan to go back to school but I need a place to stay and food to eat so I have to work. I was in foster care and I hated it so please give me the job I’ll work hard.”

Estevan and Blair asked him to wait outside while they discussed his future, “We could mould him.”
Blair thought for a moment, “We could but if he has no address…”
“He could live on the resort while working for us…” 

William walked in and said, “A nervous kid is pacing the floor.”
“He’s here for the job at the resort while he continues with his education but he has no fixed address.”
“Your Dad was thinking his could live at the resort.” William thought for a moment and replied, “I’ll check with Heath but I think because he’s roughly the same age as Art we could take him in. What’s his name?”
“We are going to shorten his name to TJ.” 

They called him back in, “This is William my son. He and his wife Heather have a son about the same age as you and are offering you board while you work for us.”
Blair added, “You will operate the front desk in the evenings and all weekend during the day.”
Estevan had a thought and voiced it, “No he won’t operate the resort desk he will be our helper.”
Ty gulped, “What do you mean Sir.”
“I say jump, you say how high.” 

Ty ran to the door, “See no backbone.” Ty turned around and faced Estevan, “I have backbone, take your best shot and I will prove I’m worth the money you pay me.”
William smiled and said, “Follow me and I’ll show you your new room.”

Daphne had been hiding while the interview had taken place and Blair asked, “So do we need to watch TJ?”
“He’ll be a hard worker guaranteed.”
Estevan knew his mother too well, “But…”
“What and spoil the fun, never. I’m just going to love watching this. See you later boys; I’m off to see your father now behave, won’t you.”     
“Your mother is evil when she holds back information.”
“She knows something but what?”

William found Art playing on the drums, “Why are you playing on Matt’s drum set?”
“I rang and asked him. Who’s this?”

“This is TJ. This is my son Art.” They nodded at each other and William said, "Art will show you to your room. Art it’s the one next to Matt’s room. Dinner will be in an hour, anything you don’t like TJ?”
“No Sir.”
“The name is Will, I hate Sir and my wife is to be called Heather.”

After he left them alone, Art showed TJ to his new room, “Nice room.”
“You hate the colour.” Ty looked at him and replied, “Yellow is not my colour. I prefer black or blue and my real name is Ty Jones.”

“Cool, who named you TJ?”
“Your granddad and uncle.”
“It means you’re in their good books, my advice; keep it that way.”
“Sounds good, are you in their bad books?”

“My granddad and I had an argument but we will sort it soon, I just can’t believe he is having another baby.”
“Is that so bad?” Art looked shocked, “I just wish I was having a brother or sister not another Aunt or Uncle.”
“Things will be fine. Now I’m starving so let’s go and eat.” 

Tuesday, 13 August 2013

5.2 Tell me your name

Lexy woke up early. When she looked at her phone there were lots of missed calls from Estevan. She glanced over and Blake was still sleeping. Lexy dialled his number and waited for the rant to begin, “Hi Estevan.”
“Lexy…Congratulations.” Lexy was in shock that there was no rant, “Thank you, it means a lot.”
“Are you happy?”

“I’m very happy. I’m sorry we didn’t have the big wedding but we didn’t see the point but we had pictures done.”
“I’ll have to buy you a wedding gift…”
“Estevan, please the kitchen was more than generous.”
“Lexy that was a moving in together gift now you are officially my daughter in-law I must buy you and Blake a gift. Is there anything you need or want?”
“Nothing, because I have what I want Blake.” Estevan smiled as he said his goodbyes to Lexy and hung up.

Blake was still sleeping so Lexy opened the draw to find something to wear. She hadn't even pulled out any clothes when she felt Blake put his arms around her. 

“Hay you; I’m surprised you are up after yesterday.” Lexy smiled, “I couldn’t sleep.”
“Well in that case come back to bed and I’ll keep you up longer.”
“Don’t you want to see the sights?”

Blake laughed and sweetly said, “I’m looking at my favourite sight right now,” then he lifted her up onto the dresser and started to make love to her.

Harmony was chatting with her best friend, “Did you kiss him yet?”
“Kiss that’s for babies Harm, he and I went further!” Harmony was stunned, “How much further?”
“I let him touch my boobs…” Harmony looked puzzled. Kerry rolled her eyes, “My breasts Harmony…he touched them and oh wow it felt great.” Harmony felt sick, “That’s gross, and how could you let him. I mean you are so young.”

“But we are in love stupid, I mean he told me, now why would a guy lie about that?”
“I don’t know,” Harmony responded. Suddenly they heard a noise from behind him and Kerry asked, “And you are?”

“Hi I’m Ty.” He sat down in the hopes they would talk to him but they just ignored his presence. When the girls got up Kerry said her goodbyes to Harmony and left. 

Harmony started to walk home but Ty followed her, “Hay you never said your name back there.” Harmony looked at him with disgust and replied, “Go away.”
Ty continued to follow her and said, “I only asked your name.”

Harmony could feel the anger build inside and yelled, “Get lost.” Ty had been ignored his whole life and now this beautiful girl wouldn’t even give him her name. 

He had to know and now, he grabbed her and calmly said, “Please tell me your name because then I can kiss you.” Harmony didn’t like his tone and refused to play his game.
“Let go of me Ty.”
“See you remember my name. Now I’m not going to try anything, I just want to know your name.”
“I don’t want to tell you.”

Ty let her go and just stared at her with hurt in his eyes. Harmony didn’t know how to handle this attention and decided he was not going to take advantage of her again so she quickly kneed Ty and started to run. As Ty fell to the floor he rolled on the floor nursing his private parts and watched her run away and in squeak like voice said to himself, “What a woman.”

Harmony slammed the door as she walked in and she picked up Draco, “Boys are horrible. They think they can do what they like,” as she turned to her Mum.

Teddy was about to answer when Blair butted in, “You are not allowed to date, is that understood?” Harmony rolled her eyes and thought, ‘Here we go again.’

Teddy got Blair’s attention and looked into his eyes and softly said, “If every girl listened to their father’s, men like you would be starved of female company. Now be honest could you live without us.”
“That is different, Harmony is my daughter and no boy is allowed to even think of her in that way.”
Harmony coughed to get their attention, “Can’t you not kiss anymore it’s gross. It’s bad enough that I have a baby brother and I know how he got here.” Teddy went bright red and Blair was furious, “How do you know about that?”
“Oh you mean sex; we started our sex education last week.”

Blair exploded, “You never mention that word in this house again is that clear?” 

Harmony snapped at her Dad, “And I’ll never hear disgusting noises coming from your bedroom again?”

Blair’s eyes were now turning red, “Go to your room and never talk back to me like that again.” After she slammed her door, Blair fell onto the sofa and said, “Where has my little girl gone?”