Tuesday, 28 August 2012

3.16 Betrayal

Advisory: Some Coarse Language 

The house was always noising since Art came along. Spencer was out most nights working to keep out of his sisters way because he knew Heather and Will wanted quality time with Art. Mathew loved his cousin but hated it when he cried. This evening was no exception and Heather was getting stressed because she didn't know how to stop him crying. Mathew decided to stay out of the way so took Snowie outside to watch the stars.

"It's peaceful out here." Mathew stated.
"Heather seems to be having a hard time?"
"Estevan offered to help but Aunt Heather says she can cope."
"When are you sitting your exams?" Snowie asked.
"Don't know. Dad says they are important but I just can't bring myself to revise. Are you going home for summer?"
"Your exams are important and I don't know if I want to return home. I'm having too much fun here with you."
Mathew didn't reply. He'd only found out recently that his Dad was sending him travelling but he couldn't bring himself to tell Snowie.
Sam was trying to explain to Blake about her affair but no words would comfort Blake at this point.

Blake demanded, "You bitch how could you treat me like this?"
"Blake I'm so sorry it's just..." Almost to the point of tears.
"It's just what you are sorry. Don't you even try and apologize. You are fucking someone else while we were planning to get a place together and still continued to see them after we are living together. Tell me Sam how am I supposed to forgive you?"
"It was never meant to happen..."

"Which bit Sam? The kiss, his hands over your body or you in his bed letting him touch you? I can't even bring myself to forgive and you will have to leave the flat."
"Blake, I have nowhere to go. I...I want to stay here and be with you."
"It's too late. It's either you leave voluntary or else."
"What does that mean?"
"You don't want to know. Besides I'm sure your bit on the side will take you in!"

"Please Blake I'm begging you gave me another chance. We can make this work!"
Blake said with his temper simmering, "No we can't, you betrayed me, Sam. Now go."
"No I won't. I can't, I love you."
Blake started to yell, "If you loved me then you would have respected me, us and what we had but you chose to be with someone else..."
"We can work through this, Blake."
"Never. Now go."

Blake's tone becoming more harsh with each word, "I said leave." Sam tried to go near him but he pushed her away. She could see he was ready to explode but she wanted to make him understand. Sam wanted things the way they used to be before the affair. 'Why did Estevan have to see her? Why was she having the affair?'
"I have to get my things, Blake."
"Leave a forwarding address and I'll send them." She ignored him and went into the bedroom to gather her things. Blake couldn't believe what was happening. He loved her so much but this pain was just too intense. The thought of her going to this other man was more than he could bare.

Before he knew what was happening his temper was getting the better of him and it didn't help that it was time to feed either. He now wanted blood and to kill. He didn't believe in an eye for an eye but the heartache he felt was getting worse. He got to the bedroom door trying to hold back, his breathing got slower but his heart was racing. His hand was holding the handle; Blake turned the handle and started to open the door. The anger had now full control over him.
Blake was trying to fight the pain and the anger, he tried to reach his Dad or Will by thoughts but there was no response. They were either ignoring his pleas for help or the lack of practise using his thoughts was too weak to get help.

 He slowly opened the door listening to Sam crying as she was packing her clothes. Sam didn't even hear him come in or see him. He closed the door behind him. For a moment he watched her, wishing things could be back to normal but it was too late. He was here; ready to do what came natural to him hunting his prey. He remembers hearing her scream in terror as Sam had never seen this side of him but within a few moments the house was again quiet and still and Sam was no more.

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

3.15 Granger Baby

It seemed over night Heather finally looked and felt more pregnant. Will was just as excited as Heather to be expecting. At the last appointment the doctor did ask if they wanted to know the sex of the baby but they declined to know as they wanted it to be a surprise.

Heather needed to have some time to herself so booked an appointment at the local spa for a massage. The only thing she hated about being pregnant was a sore back. William decided to keep the meeting about Blake and Sam a secret as he wanted Heather to get through the pregnancy with no stress. He didn't want to but felt he had no choice.

Estevan couldn't stay at his home without wanting to explode and he couldn't stay at William's without Heather asking questions. The business trip was now on hold until the issue with Blake and Sam was sorted. He went to see Dawn. She wasn't expecting to see him when she opened the door. Suddenly Dawn threw herself into his arms wrapping her legs around his waist. 

He walked with ease into the apartment with Dawn still holding on tight closing the door behind him. It took all his will power to stop himself from taking things further but he needed to talk to her. When she finally let go she asked, "I thought you were go away?"
"I was but an emergency came up. I need to ask you something. Would you mind me staying here for awhile?"
Dawn couldn't believe it he finally wants to stay and almost said in a girlish manner, "I don't mind." Estevan seeing her excitement and what she thought was going to happen answered, "I know you have only one room but I can sleep on the sofa."

Dawn was shocked, here was her chance and he was denying her. He took her to the sofa and said softly, "I am crazy about you but until we know how we feel I'd rather not share the same bed. When it happens, you'll never get rid of me and waking up with you is where I'll want to stay."
Dawn wiping her tears away replied, "You really like me? Why can't you stay at home?"
"I do like you a lot. I found out Sam is cheating on Blake and I'm so angry I just can't stay there."
"Does Blake know?"
"He does know about the affair. Why did she cheat on him?" Estevan demanded.
"It's just what people do sometimes."

Raising his voice he stated, "She gave herself to another man while still with my son, it's not right."
"I know your upset but what can you do?"

Before he could answer his phone rang it was Will he was in a state, "Will calm down what's wrong?" While he listened he calmly said, "I'll be there now."
"What's wrong?"
"It's Heather she went into premature labour the baby is on its way. Will is panicking and wants me there."
"I'll come with you."

"Dawn, you don't have too and sorry about before I'm just angry with..."
"I know why you are angry, Blake is your son and you want to protect him. We can talk more later but we need to get going or you will miss your grandchild being born."
When they got to the hospital, they were informed that Heather had left with a healthy baby but she refused to stay overnight for observation and they let her and the baby go. Estevan arrived at the house and made his way to the living room where he found Will and Heather with his first grandchild.
"What did you have?"

"Dad we had a boy. Would you like to hold him?"
Estevan just smiled as Will gave his son to his father. "What's his name?"
"We named him Art." Heather voiced.

While Dawn congratulated Will and Heather, Estevan spoke to Art. "You are so handsome. I bet you are going to break hearts when you are older. You look just like your Daddy when he was this age. We are going to have so much fun."

Then he asked Dawn if she would like to hold Art, "I don't know. Babies don't like me."
Heather said, "Its ok." Dawn reluctantly took Art in her arms, as she held him, Art gurgled and made Dawn snuggle him. Then William said, "You look good with a baby." Dawn went bright red and handed Art to his Dad.

"Here he is but I'm not the mother type. I wouldn't know what to do." Estevan was busy talking to Heather ignoring the conversation as he could see Dawn was uncomfortable by the talk. 

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

3.14 What you don't want to know

Estevan was leaving for his trip when he saw something that shocked him. He read their mind and the moment he did, he regretted his actions. He cancelled his trip and called an emergency meeting with Blair and William.

When they arrived, Blair and William saw Estevan pacing the floor.
"You should be on a plane right now. What's the big emergency?" Blair questioned him.
"Sit down both of you."
"Dad, what is going on?" Will asked.

"First block your mind from Blake, Will."
In shock Will shouted, "WHAT?"
"Do as I've asked NOW!" yelling at his son.
Blair stepped in, "What's the big deal? I mean I don't get on with Blake but to tell Will to shut off communication with his brother, are you serious?"
"Very. I checked and Blake has no clue. I taught him to read minds yet he chose very rarely to use it, except to argue with me..."
"Dad, what is going on?"

"Samantha is having an affair. I caught her coming back and when she saw me she looked guilty and ran off. I read her thoughts and she's been seeing this guy for 2 months. And before you ask Will, yes they are having sex." Estevan temper was getting worse and he added, "She's cheating on my son!"
Blair sat there and replied, "Shit."
"Am I missing something here?" Will asked.

"In cases like adultery, William it's normally the penalty of death. In our line of work loyalty is high on the list but the problem is Samantha is female so that's why your Dad called this meeting."
Will was shocked, "Dad you can't be serious? Blake would be devastated."
"You are telling me that you don't know by now the kind of business we run or what I expect from family and my associates."
"I thought the killings had stopped."
Ignoring Will's question, "What do we do? I mean this behaviour can't continue. Blake's been betrayed."
"You could let him deal with her. I mean after this he may join the family business." Blair added.

Finally Estevan sat down but still concerned he said softly but with anger still in his voice, "He's my son, he's put his heart and soul into her and she repays him with sleeping with another man. What did he do to deserve this?"
Kneeling at his Dad's side, "Dad, tell Blake first. He does have a right to know."
"You have a few options, first as I said before let Blake deal with this or just kill her or have her killed.

"Blair stop this now. Dad, please tell Blake first, I'm begging you. If you kill her you may regret the decision."
"Tell him to come here now before I change my mind."
William called his brother asking him to come to the arcade straight away. While they waited for Blake they made some small talk but spent most of their time waiting.

When Blake arrived Will asked him to sit. "What's up?"
Estevan couldn't look at him so Will spoke, "There is no easy way to tell you but Sam is having an affair."
Blake tried to defend her, "Really and what proof do you have?"
"Me, Blake. I saw her come home with guilt written all over her face and reading her mind confirmed her guilt."

Blake yelled, "No your wrong, it can't be." falling back on the sofa. "Dad please tell me its lies."
"I wish I could son but I can't."
"What should I do?" Blake asked while still in shock.
"You know what should happen, Blake. However I will let you decided because it concerns Samantha but I will say this she is to leave the family home immediately. Do you understand?"
Blake nodded at his Dad.

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

3.13 I want to see you again

Teddy barely left the bedroom these days just mostly sat by the fire reading. It wasn't that she didn't want to go out but with all the ups and downs she felt it better to stay put. Blair occasionally got her out into the living room and tried to put a smile on her face by either talking to her stomach or listen while their daughter did her normal summer salts.

Blair had a surprise for Teddy, he had arranged pictures to be taken to capture Teddy expecting. She didn't want the pictures done but after some persuasion from Blair; Teddy agreed.

Blake was happy to be going to work as his Dad was way too happy. He had caught his Dad cooking and couldn't remember that last time his Dad had cooked a meal and was given strict instructions that he and Sam were not allowed in the main part of the house while Dawn was here.
Everyone had gone out for the evening leaving the teenagers in the house. Matt and Snowie took this opportunity to spend time together. They were told any problems to either ring or go and see Estevan. They weren't going to do anything wrong just spend time together. Matt and Snowie sat outside by a warm fire roasting marshmallows.

"They are going to burn if you hold them in too long." Snowie pointed out. Matt thinking he was being funny decided to show off to Snowie and started warming up his butt. Snowie trying to hold in the laughter just warmed her hands ignoring him.

"Well I thought it was funny." Matt replied when he didn't get the reaction he was hoping for.
Estevan had just brought Dawn to the house, "I thought we were going out? I think I maybe overdressed."
"You are not over dressed. You look wonderful."

Estevan showed her to the dining room. Dawn sat down but felt nervous. Estevan noticing her feeling uneasy asked, "What's wrong?"
"I feel odd being here now."

Sensing what Dawn was trying to say, "You mean the picture of Holly? I switched the picture off. If that was what you were worried about."

Dawn felt uncomfortable about his dead wife watching them on their first date but felt happy knowing the picture was switched off. She felt that now she could relax, "When are you going to be a granddad?"
"I think Heather's due in a few months. Are you ok dating me knowing that I will be a granddad soon?"
"It will be strange but I'm fine with it. Last night when you asked me to dinner, you mentioned relationships, what did you mean?" 

Estevan was in shock at first and then replied, "You know what a relationship is, Dawn."
"Not really, my longest relationship as you call it was a month at college. My career always came first."
"I am shocked." Estevan remarked. 
They finished up their meal in silence. In the living room Estevan made some drinks while Dawn sat watching him play barman.

It was the first time she had been with anyone who wasn't trying to get her into bed. Since she could remember the men she met smiled, bought her a drink and if she felt like it they would end up at his place having sex. 

In the morning she either regretted the night or he would make an excuse and Dawn would never see the guy again.
It did worry her that he seemed content to talk and show off but it puzzled her as to why he wouldn't even kiss her. They spent the evening talking and laughing. 

Dawn enjoyed the time they were together and as she was about to ask about the kiss, Estevan announced he was taking her home as it was late.
Dawn sat stunned in the car wondering why he wanted to take her home. Estevan walked her to her door, "Would you like to come in?"
"I have a meeting in the morning so I have to go. Would you like to go out again?"

Dawn wanted to say yes but hesitated in her answer, Estevan knew why she wouldn't answer. He took her in his arms and kissed her. Locked together in a kiss, Dawn's mind raced with different thoughts, 'Don't stop kissing me, stay tonight and I have to see you again.'
As their lips parted Dawn asked, "Is tomorrow night ok?"
"I can't, I am away for a few days on business but will Friday be ok?"

"Friday is too long."
"I will call you while I'm away."
When she agreed to see him on Friday, Estevan kissed her again and left.