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6.3 A tale of love

Holly ran up to Draco begging him to pick her up, "Hay beautiful," as he picked her up. "Where's Daddy?" 

Holly pointed and Draco carried her in to where William was and watched as Cole refused to eat.

"Do you want me to try?"
"Thanks Draco." Will got out the way and Draco told Cole to eat as he sat in front of him. 

"Will, you need help, you need a nanny." Will looked at Draco and in a sarcastic tone said, "I suppose you are going to help me interview.” Draco had a smile and replied, "If she's pleasing to the eye then what a bonus for you." Will shook his head and said, " I told you before I'm not interested..."
"And I told you cuz, you have mourned long enough." The doorbell rang and Draco continued, "Must be the first nanny to interview."
Will was in shock, “I didn't advertise the position."
"No I did. You are needed back at work properly and I need my cousin back with a smile on his face."

Draco answered the door and showed the candidate to the living room but Draco spoke before William could and said, "Take a seat Miss..."
"Victoria West." William just looked at her and thought, 'She is beautiful, I hate when Draco could be right.'
"Which one of you gentleman are Mr William Granger?" Draco smiled and said in a funny tone, "I've been called many things before but never a gentleman."
William finally spoke, "I'm William Granger and the twins are my children. I have 3 children but my eldest Art is grownup so you don't have to worry about him. Have you ever looked after children before, vampire children?" 

She looked at William and smiled, "No but I'm a quick learner may I meet them?"
"Their names are Holly and Cole." Draco volunteered to get the twins so they could meet Victoria.
"What are you looking for in a nanny?" William thought for a moment and said, "I will need a live in nanny as I work a lot, however I do make time for my children. Art will help out from time to time."
"If you don't mind me asking but where is their mother?" William sighed and said with a heartbreaking tone, "Heather died while in child birth."
Victoria studied his face and saw the sadness in his eyes and replied, "You have so much sadness in your face, children will pick up on that and please don't take it the wrong way but they need to see their Dad smile and happy." Will was about to respond when the twins walked in. 

Holly went straight for her Dad and he instantly picked her up and cuddled her. Cole hated how his sister always got cuddles first but before William could pick him up, Victoria scooped him up and started to play with him. Cole was laughing and having fun which shocked both Draco and William because Cole hated strangers. 

Then Holly wanted her turn in Victoria's arms and screamed to get down. Suddenly they were fighting over Victoria's attentions. William shouted and the twins stopped, "Miss West when can you start?"
"I can start straight away but you haven't even shown me around the house or my bedroom."
Draco couldn't resist and said to Will through his thoughts, 'You can always show her to your room." 

Will glared at him as he started to give Victoria the grand tour around the house. He showed her each room and when they got to the top level he opened the door to a bedroom and said," This will be your room." 

Victoria looked disappointed and said, "But it's so far from the twins, they may need me."
Will felt an instant attraction towards Victoria but at the same time he felt wary. In the five years that had passed since Heathers death, Will hadn’t dated anyone but as he watched her look around her new bedroom he wanted to ask her out. 

Then a thought had occurred to him, ‘A good looking woman like that must have a boyfriend. Plus she is the twin’s nanny and if we broke up they would be losing someone else all over again.'

Lexy was taking a stroll when she saw the receptionist sitting on the park bench looking miserable, "Excuse me, aren't you the woman who takes the despatch calls."
"Oh my, you are the boss. Sorry I'll get out your way." 

She started to walk away but Lexy stopped her, "Look come to my house, you look as if you need someone to talk too."

She stood there as Lexy made them a drink and said, "You have a beautiful home."
"It was a wedding present from my father in-law, your name is Ellen?"
"Yes boss."
"My name is Lexy not boss now tell what has upset you." 

They took a seat and Ellen started to explain, "I've been moving around the past 5 years because I made a terrible mistake and now I think I may have to return home defeated." She sighed as Lexy watched Ellen look away. "A problem shared is sometimes what you need."

Ellen looked out the window and carried on with her tale, "When you are growing up, you often hear a story of when you aren't looking for love it can just hit you in the face with no warning. I was one of those typical girls who never believed in such crap. You see when guys see me they really try it on." 

She sat back down looking at Lexy, "Until one day it happened to me. I was cruel to him and when he kissed me, what a kiss. I suddenly wanted his hands all over me, to be lying next to him but I got so scared of these feelings that I freaked out. I told him never to see me again and he kept his word. All I know he is a vampire and has sweet looking eyes."
Lexy smiled, "Sounds romantic and yet you are chasing him."
"I've looked in every town but nothing; I don't even know his name." Lexy replied, "I'm a good cop so tell me all you know and I'll see what I can find out."

"You hardly know me..."
"True but I'll do anything for love. Now where did the incident take place?" Ellen looked cautiously but decided maybe her boss could help. "It happened in my home town of Paradiso, the Island Paradiso." Lexy had an idea and was secretly overjoyed that the girl, Art had gone on about all these years could be the same one sitting with her, "What did this young man of yours look like?"
"I wish he was mine but he was tall, very handsome and eyes you could get lost in..." Lexy had to interrupt Ellen and ask, "Don't you mean sexy with a body to die for. Look if that how you really feel don't dress it up because you talking to me." Ellen smiled, "Yes ok he is sexy as hell, and his hair was a bit long and...He just looked so sexy and I let my fear get in the way and I pushed him away." 

Lexy pulled out a picture and said, "I want to hang this up but haven't found the right place. What do you think of the picture?" Ellen looked at the picture and then gasped in shock, "It’s him there standing in the white shirt but how..."

Lexy looked at Ellen, "My husband Blake has an older brother William and the guy you like is his son Art, so he's my nephew. I've heard the same story from Art time and time again. One thing you should know about vampires is once they fall in love that's it and Ellen he is madly in love with you."

Tuesday, 22 April 2014

6.2 Let's release the tension

Warning: Adult situations

Harmony had spent the last year away at university and Ty hated her being away. Blair had made sure at every turn that his daughter and Ty were never alone. 

They had been together 5 years and they had shared no more than a kiss and a cuddle but Ty had plans and Blair was going to have to get used to it. 

As he waited Ty paced the floor and kept saying, “I want to ask her, I will ask her but I’m still not good enough.”
“Not good enough for what?” 

When Ty turned around he saw Harmony smiling at him. He kept looking her up and down and finally said, “Wow you look…amazing.” She did a twirl and asked, “You like my new look then?”

“Hell yeah,” picking her up and spinning her around, then Harmony asked, “Are you ever going to ask me to marry you because the sexual tension is killing me.” 

He threw her against the wall and their hands started exploring each other when Ty said, “Come with me now and let’s release our tension.”
“What about my Dad?”
“We have done things his way long enough and now we need to do it our way. You are a grown woman so what do you say?”
"I don't know..." Ty held her as he looked into her eyes and said, "Do you love me?" Harmony looked at the softness in his eyes as he spoke those words and replied, "Always."

Ty held her hand and lead her out of the house and as he drove he spoke on the phone. When the call was finished he hung up and glanced at Harmony smiling. Once they arrived he took her inside and Harmony was lost for words at how beautiful the place was and asked, "Where are we; and who was on the phone?" 

Ty cupped her face, "You don't need to worry about that. Do you want to be here with me tonight?" Harmony looked at Ty and said, "I'm just nervous and scared I won't be any good."
"It’s the first time for both of us." 

He led her into the bedroom and starting kissing her with passion, he pinned her hands above her head and moved his lips down to her neck while using his other hand to lift her skirt. He moved her underwear so he could put his hand in between her legs and moved his fingers back and forth gently. Harmony gasped slightly and her eyes widened as she tried to slide downwards but Ty held her in place as he continued, "Just go with it." Harmony cried out, " I can't you need to stop, I can't handle this."
"Yes you can, how does it feel? As your body is telling me it loves this because you are so wet."
Harmony tried to control herself as she said, "My head is exploding..." 
"Then let it Beauty, let it because tonight I'm going to make you explode over and over." 

Harmony looked into Ty's eyes, he kissed her as she screamed into his mouth and as he let her hands go Harmony went limp but Ty caught her and took her to the bed. 

Ty started kissing her again as he removed her clothes, "Ty what if this isn't the right time?"
"Do you want me to stop?" Harmony just shook her head and then touched Ty chest and said, "You have a great body."
"And you will be the only one that sees it." They explored each other like animals that were finally let out of their cages. 

He explored Harmony’s body with his tongue and as he went lower she arched herself to Ty’s every touch and when he got to in between her legs she tried to stop him but Ty held her hands either side of her body and continued. Harmony screamed, "Ty stop. I can't not again." It was too late as Harmony let out a moan as her breathing got shallower. 

Ty kissed her as he made his way back to her face so they had eye contact, he push as gently as he could but firmly and watched Harmony moan with pain on her face then brushed her cheek and softly said, "It won't hurt after this I promise."
"I know it won't baby because you’re with me, I love you."
"Love you too Beauty."

Harmony lay on his chest with a big smile on her face, "I won't be able to sleep apart from you now." Ty thought for a moment and saw how beautiful she looked at that moment and blurted out, "Marry me?"
Harmony was in shock but instantly replied, "Yes, I'll marry you."
Suddenly Ty had that look and Harmony asked, "What?"
"I want to make love to my fiancée." He pinned her down as Harmony lifted her head he let her hands go and Harmony said, "This time it will be just as good but with no pain."

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

6.1 Having my cake and eating it too

Warning: Adult content

Five Years Later

Torri had just found her new home. When she closed the door, she dumped her bag on the floor and glanced around the open planned area.

Her first thoughts were, ‘This place needs a makeover. Who ever lived here before didn’t have much taste or didn’t care.’ She thought about leaving and going back to her home town but she couldn’t not after everything that happened there. 

Since the day she almost got killed by Elvira her life had changed. She hardly trusted anyone and always her thoughts went back to the teenager that saved her life and why. The only piece of information she could read from this teen boy that his name was Draco Merrick.
The same questions always came to mind, why save my life? Had we met before that day? Torri wanted answers and he was the only one that could answer these questions and more. 

After the removal company had bought the rest of her furniture she rearranged her things just the way she liked it and smiled, “I now have a bedroom.” Torri was going to start on another room when she saw the time and decided to see what the night life had to offer in this town.

Draco was listening to Art carrying on about the girl he met at the island, “Draco why did I say I’d stay away?”
Draco sighed but caught sight of someone out the corner of his eye, “Art I’d love to help you but I’ve just seen someone I’d like to fuck.”

“Tell me Draco before you go; are you happy with your life?” Draco smiled, “Having sex every night with someone new, living off Dad’s money what’s there not to like. Got to go before I lose my target for the night.”
“Draco, at least acknowledge that they are people and not targets.” 

There was no answer from Draco as he followed his next target to a quiet spot, “Why haven’t you returned my calls Draco?”
“Don’t be like that my pretty boy; I’m here now aren’t I? Now be a good sport and bend over so I can give you one because we both know that’s why you came.”
“Have you told your Dad about us?” 

Draco looked at him for a moment then dragged him into the room nearby and said coldly, “Don’t threaten me again do you understand?”
“I didn’t…” 

Suddenly he felt Draco’s lips on his and all anger disappeared and within a few minutes he was naked and on his knees with Draco shouting, “Say it damn you, say it.”

Pretty boy screamed back, “Again I beg you again.” Draco kept up with pretty boy’s plea and in a firm tone asked, “What am I to you?”
“The best Draco you are really good. I lov…” Draco knew what was coming and went even harder and deeper as he shouted, “Don’t you dare say those words to me. Do you hear?”
“Yes Draco.” When Draco was done he threw the clothes that were on the floor to pretty boy and said, “Same time next week?”
“When do I get to meet your parents?” 

Draco turned back and said harshly, “There is no us. We are just having a bit of fun.”
Will was waiting at the bottom of the corridor when Draco saw him, “Cuz, what’s up.” 

Will pinned him to the wall, “Draco stop pissing about and grow up. Blair was on his way down here but I stopped him but if he catches you screwing pretty boy you are in serious trouble.”
“He’s not going to catch me is he?”
“Draco, why are you using him when you are straight?” Draco laughed, “Lighten up will you. He is just something to do until the next girl comes along. When was the last time you had sex, WILLIAM?”
Will wanted to punch him but took a deep breath and said, “Watch your mouth Draco.”
“I’ll take it that it’s been awhile. Look all I’m saying 5 years of mourning is enough. Time to start living, I’ll give you a few names out of my black book if you want and before you ask they are all women’s names.”

Will leaned against the wall and said, “I’m not ready yet. I have the twins to consider.” Draco leaned against the wall next to Will, “You and Art are a right pair, you won’t go back out there and Art is pining for a girl he met by chance.”

“I’ve looked once or twice but when I think I’m ready, I’m not and Art will get there.”
“I’d better go and see if I can get laid.” Will shouted as Draco walked away, “I thought you just did?”
“You can never have enough.” Will shook his head as he watched Draco disappear. 

Draco saw Kerri dancing and came up behind her, “So are you finally going to give in to me?” She ran her hands down his face and replied, “Harmony warned me about you and your moves.”

Draco pulled her around to face him and in a whisper said, “I can show you those moves and I know you won’t regret it.” 

Draco grabbed her hand and pulled her towards the toilets. When they were alone he put his hands underneath her skirt pulling her underwear off then Draco lifted her up, wrapping her legs around him. He slammed her into the wall roughly kissing her as he unzipped his trousers and entered her.

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