Tuesday, 28 February 2012

2.6 Family

The boys came home and heard their Dad calling them into the living room. "Have a good evening?
"Yeah not too bad." as they both got comfortable.

"How is Heather?" Estevan asked
"Spoke to her earlier she seems fine just work is stressing her out."
Estevan then said, "Why don't you take her away for the weekend?"
"Dad we agreed you would stay out of my relationship. Besides as much as I would love to go away for the weekend with Heather, she would kill me for even suggesting it. I mean up and till last week she was my wife now she's my girlfriend. Look thanks for the suggestion but keep them to yourself ok!" getting upset.
"Will, Dad didn't mean it like that, he was only trying to help." Blake interjected.
"And look where that got me, I'm divorced, I sleep alone oh yes and I haven't had sex in a year." They both looked stunned at William's confession. Estevan wanted to dig further but he didn't want another row as that was not why he called them both in here. William left the room to get a drink and then he spoke to Blake, 

"So how was your date?"
"It was good but how did you know?"
"I heard Will tease you the other night. Anyway tell me about her."
"Her name is Samantha but she prefers the name Sam, she is beautiful and I'm seeing her again."
"And she is human!" Estevan added. The look on Blake's face said it all and Estevan added, "Simmer down it's ok, I'm not going to make the same mistake twice. But I would like to meet her!" Then William came back and Estevan focused his attention back to why he had called them. "Boys I'm going away in a few days, I have business I need to attend to." They both sat close to him and both said, "Dad what are you up to?"

"Nothing, Don't you boys trust me?" They both looked at each other the back to their Dad and replied, "No."
"Is it to do with Elvira?" Will asked.
"Don't be silly, Will. Oh and by the way I'm meeting Sam, Blake's new girlfriend and expect Heather to join us as well." as he tried to get focus away from their digging.
"I'll ask her! Now what's going on?" Blake and Will were not going to let this drop. Estevan looked at them staring and replied, "I have asked her to leave and if you need to check, she is still alive." The boys let it drop for now but knew something was up.

William showed Heather to the sofa putting his arm around her and Estevan sat with them. "Heather glad you could come over. How have you been?" trying to make the effort.
"I'm fine. How's work?" she asked.
"The clubs are doing well. How did your date go the other night?"
"It went well. Will took me rock climbing. I wasn't happy at first but it was really fun." as she smiled remembering the date.
"You took Heather rock climbing. Will, you could have picked something a bit better, like cinema or dinner." being stunned.
"I thought the same thing Estevan but I really did enjoy myself." as she spoke before William could.
"Weird." Estevan mumbled to himself.

They sat around the table to eat when Sam turned up late. Blake thought she had stood him up and was relieved when he saw her. Heather wondered how Estevan would react to Sam but was surprised to see he was warm and welcoming to her.
"Hi everyone." as Sam entered the room and sat down. Blake introduced her to everyone and they all liked her, Heather and Sam spoke mostly to each other and Will and Blake were pleased to see they got on.
"Sam, what do you do?" William asked.
"I'm looking but before I moved here I worked on a farm as I love animals."
"Well Thorn will love you." Estevan said.
"Who's Thorn?" Sam asked.
"The family dog. Unfortunately he's asleep at the moment." Blake added.

After dinner Blake and Sam went into the living room to be on their own and Estevan and Heather continued to talk, with William watching their banter and he loved to see that they were getting on.
Blake drove Sam home at the end of the evening and William offered to take Heather but she declined. He followed her outside and shouted "Wait." She turned to towards him and he said, "You can always stay the night." She looked at him and replied, "I can't. We said we would take things slow."

Will said softly, "I know we did but I miss you and I hate living apart, sleeping alone and..." Heather watched him hurting and held his hand and replied, "Me too, but if this is going to work we have to do this. Let's talk about the house you are working on. How far have you got?"

"Stilling working on the kitchen and dining room but the bedroom is done." smiling at her.
"You had to add that bit with a cheeky smile."
"Can't help it." then he kissed her good night.

Just to let you guys know next weeks chapter is titled 2.7 Murder....So stay tuned :)

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

2.5 Fight

Elvira was getting ready to go to the dance club to check on things. She loved that Blair was out of the way and would love to thank the person who had done her a favour. As usual she was making her nightly call to Estevan to let him know how things were progressing, when she saw through the window Estevan walk up the drive.

She offered him a seat but he declined, he had to get rid of her somehow and was prepared to try it the boys way but he had a feeling that on this occasion they were wrong. "Elvira, I want you to leave the business!" getting to the point.
"What, no you can't, I won't!" she spat.
"I don't think you understand, you have no choice in the matter, I will give you 48 hours to give the right answer or face the consequences and by the way Blair is back at the club." then left. 
Elvira finally understood what Blair had tried telling her do not cross the line but it was too late. She was making so much money and didn't want to give up the lifestyle but it was all going to end because she pushed the wrong button.
She tried ringing Blair but there was no answer. She pulled herself together and decided to head to the club anyway. When she arrived, she found both Blair and Estevan talking together and they both glared at her. A sudden shiver came over her and she felt panic as if something was going on but she didn't know what. As she approached the bar she felt their eyes burn into the back of her neck. Now was the time to leave the club scene with face but not Elvira, she ordered a drink then approached them and said in front of Blair, 

"The offer you made me, I decline." and walked away. "She is a fool." Blair spat as he finished his drink. "I'll give points for boldness but it is stupid to think she can cross me." as Estevan answered.

"What are you going to do?" Blair asked.
"Didn't I ask you to take care of it for me?"
"Look, Estevan I think this is something you should take care of. I mean she was the one who told you about Heather and tried to get you to kill me. Let's not forget, you owe me considering Blake wants me dead. So do it yourself this time." as he glared in Estevan direction.
"You're right, Blake wants you out of the picture but he did it to protect his brother and as for knowing  about Heather you are right she thought it would cause trouble but it is all sorted now. I know you want her gone just as much as I do." Estevan signalled to the bar for another round of drinks.

"How is Heather?" Blair asked cautiously.
"You really did like her didn't you? As far as I know she is fine. William took her out the other night and from all I could get out of him it went well. Anyway I'm not here to talk about my son's love life. How are we going to handle your ex Elvira?" Estevan demanded.
"You want me to take the fall for this! Is this why you want me to handle her." Blair snapped back.
Estevan got up to leave but said, "Remember we have history together and we are both capable of doing this. So I say we handle this together, like the old days."
Blair couldn't refuse the offer now so he nodded in agreement and stayed till the club closed.
Riding his bike through the streets was one thing Blair enjoyed but the feelings he had for Heather cut deep. He missed her company but he knew he had blown his chance. He realised he had missed out on a relationships and that was something that needed to change. He decided he was going to find someone and learn from his mistakes. He went into the park and there sitting on the bench was Blake his enemy.

He and Blake stared at each other for a few moments then Blake stood up and started to head in Blair's direction. The park was quiet so there would be no interruptions and they could finish this once and for all. Blake had promised Heather he would not harm him but the sight of Blair enraged him.
Blair was ready for this and far as he was concerned it would be a fair but a dirty fight. "What you waiting for, boy." Blair spat.
"Is that the best you can say?" as he came closer.
"Afraid you will lose?" Blair yelled

Now they were in each other's faces, "You wish, Blair. I won last time. I can do it again. Let's face it you aren't that hard to beat."
Blair was the first to poke then Blake shoved him back. "Is that all you have?" taunting Blake.
Blake was ready to let Blair have it as he replied, "Don't push it Blair!"

Blair shoved him again and teased, "I'm pushing!" as he threw Blake to the floor. They were now on the ground trying to tear each other apart when they heard a voice from behind them. "STOP IT NOW!" as they pulled apart and got up they saw Heather standing there. 

"WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?" as she continued to yell at them. "Blake you promised. And Blair leave him alone." as she shot a look at each of them. Blake turned to her and said, "Sorry but he rubs me up the wrong way."
"Yeah, what he said." as Blair copied Blake's answer.
"If you don't like each other then fine, just keep away from each other ok?"

Blair replied, "Can't make any promises." Heather turned to Blair and slapped him and said, "Leave him alone." Blair didn't say anything else but glared over at Blake.
"I told you to be better than your Dad, you need to control your temper."
"I know but I can't help it." as he tried to give a reason.

"I've started seeing your brother again, please no more fights. It was the main reason I left. I want things to work out, for me Blake." as she pleaded with him.

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

2.4 Dating

There was a noise outside so Blake went to see what was going on. He was about to yell but instead when he saw it was a woman he calmed down and introduced himself and asked "Can I help you?"

"Um yes. I'm trying to find River lane, I'm new in town and in the dark I can't tell one place from the next." she replied. As he gave her directions she looked at him with her piercing green eyes and smiled as she thanked him.
"Do you want to go out when you are settled?" Blake asked nervously.
"Give me a call, here is my number." as she wrote on his hand and when she got in the taxi she rolled down the window and shouted at Blake, "My name's Sam." and he watched as she faded into the distance.

He got inside and was met by William who started to tease his brother, "Someone's got a girlfriend." as he started a pillow fight with Blake.
"Oh shut it, Will. I haven't got a girlfriend."

"You like her? Did you ask her out?" William kept teasing.
"How old are you Will, remind me! You are acting like a teenager, grow up!" Blake yelled.

"Did I hit a nerve?" still winding him up. Blake had had enough so stormed off to escape his brother's teasing.
After a few days Blake was still looking at his phone, he had tried several times to ring Sam but after punching in a few numbers he kept putting down the phone. He thought to himself you can do this just ring her, she has already given you the number so she wants to see you. He decided to just ring her after all the worst that could happen was she said no. When the phone answered he stumbled a few words out and eventually said "Hi Sam this is Blake...Do you want to go out tonight?"

"That would be great pick me up at 8 tonight. I have to go, got an interview, see you later." Sam replied.
Blake and Sam had arrived at the restaurant and as they walked to their table he noticed how sexy she looked in that dress and just how beautiful she really was.
"How did the interview go?"

"I don't think I got the job. Not that I mind though, I not very good at bar work." as she smiled at Blake. "What do you do?"
"I work at the science lab. I have to say it but you look beautiful tonight, Sam." hoping he wasn't being to forward as he was really nervous. Sam went bright red and replied, "Thanks." They then finished eating their food and stayed there till closing. They took a walk over to the park, "What's it like being vampire?" Sam suddenly asked.

"No-one has ever asked me that before, I don't know how to answer that as I've never know anything different as I was born like this. The only thing I know is I can't stay out in sunlight." as he answered her. He looked at her and then pulled her in tightly and kissed her and asked, "Can I see you again?"
"I would like that very much."

William had organised his first date with Heather but she had no idea where he was taking her. All she knew was they were to meet it this new place. When she got there William was waiting. "You ready?" Will asked her.
"Ready for what?" looking puzzled.
"You will see and don't forget you'll have to get changed." as he smiled and took her inside.
"Will no. I am not..." but before she could say anything more he grabbed her hand and said, "Come on it'll be fun and besides you suggested we got to know each other all over again." Heather looked at Will and went to get changed without saying anything.

They both stood at the bottom looking up at the climbing wall and back at each other, they stepped on the floor button then walked over to the wall. "Ready to race?" William asked.
"You never said this was going to be a race." Heather spat.
"Let's see if you can keep up!" Will teased.

"You are on!" as she grabbed a piece of the wall ready to start the race. Will took hold on his wall and they were off. Heather started off behind Will and he kept shouting, "Come on." 

Heather was determined to wipe that smile of his face and so using her strength pulled herself up and up, even started to enjoy herself and before she knew she was head to head with Will. 

"Hi Hun!" as she glanced over to him and he looked shocked that she could keep up. Then he stumbled slightly and Heather started to over take him and he tried to catch up but lost his footing and fell to the ground.

Heather continued up getting faster and faster till she reached the top, hitting the button claiming victory and jumped down. Heather approached William and said, "Maybe you'll win next time." as she laughed.

"Ok, I deserve that but you have to admit you had fun."
"I did Will, thanks."

They went outside and watched the stars in the night sky. Before they left the place Will held Heather's hand and asked, "Do we get a second date?" She looked at him and kissed him adding, "Does that answer your question?"

Note: I just had to show off the use of the climbing :) 

Thursday, 9 February 2012

2.3 Proposition

Advisory: Contains some strong language

Blair had expected what Heather told him was coming but never realised it would hurt so much. His upset had now turned to anger, the thoughts in his head were replaying the events that just happened and it was driving him crazy. The thought of going back to Elvira had briefly entered his mind in the hope it would take away the hurt. These were new feelings for Blair and he was going to have to deal with them whether he liked it or not. He decided that work might be the answer to keep his mind of Heather so he headed to Estevan's home to tell him he would be returning.

Blake tried to keep his mind off his conversation with Heather by trying to discover new potions and so far it wasn't going to plan one mix had already blown up but he was determined to focus and this time it was working till there was a knock at the door. "Coming." he shouted as he removed his lab coat and made his way downstairs.

Heather didn't move, she looked into his eyes and knew she had to stand up for herself and it was now or never. She kept thinking how much she loved him, how she longed for his touch, his kiss and how much she hated sleeping alone.
A thought had occurred to her maybe there was a way to be together but it would have to be on her terms if it was ever to work then she said, "I still want a divorce Will." but still thinking, make a move on me please but he just stared at her so she continued, "I love you but I can't live this way anymore. I want a fresh start." 

William released his hold and said, "I don't want this, I still love you."
"I know you do but we need to move on. Please sign the papers." hating herself for this.
"Give us a chance Heather!"
"What about your Dad interfering in our lives."
"If this is about my Dad I swear I won't let him interfere, you would come first." She mulled over what he just said and replied, "Ok Will if you want another chance here is the way it is going to go, first you will sign the papers, your Dad is never to run our relationship and you and I can get to know each other all over again but no rushing anything. If things work out then I want everyone knowing we are engaged, getting married. You did stand up to your Dad for me, just no more secrets, ok." William was in shock, his heart was racing, the butterflies in his stomach were making him giddy with excitement.

"We can still stay married and just get..." but he was interrupted. "That is my proposition, Will. I love you but as I said I want that fresh start. So what is your answer?" Will loved this new woman in front of him. He wanted to make love to her there and then but regain his composer and replied, "Heather if this is the way you want to do things then fine." as he signed the papers she had given him. "I'll call soon to arrange our date." as he smiled at her.  

Estevan was at Plasma 501 making sure things were the way they should be. Blair being away didn't help. Even he had to admit Blair knew how things were done and he always delivered. He was enjoying the music when in walked Elvira, how he hated her. Since her employment her scheming against Blair had caused no end of problems and out of the two of them Blair was the better option.

She approached him, didn't even wait to be invited to sit with him and began talking. All Estevan could think about was she is one cold hearted bitch. "Elvira shut up. What do you want?"
"Blair told me where I could find you and to tell you the dance club is doing well."
"Is that it?" staring at her.
"Um yes."
"Then piss off, will you! I want to be alone." he demanded. Elvira just got up left the club passing William.

"What did she what?"
"Nothing, I'll deal with her."
"Dad, we agreed no more killing!"
"Aww, Will just this one please, she driving me nuts. She is ringing me like 20 times a day, hoping that I sack Blair and let her take over. I admit Blair and I have tried to kill each other from time to time but her run this operation, never!"
"Then sack her. Like normal people." as he glared at his Dad.
"I'm not making a promise on this one. Anyway what did Heather want?"
"A divorce. Well I signed the papers, they were on the table. I asked if she would change her mind and so we are going to start from the beginning, you know date again and you and her have to get on." as he told his Dad the whole story.
"So let's get this straight, you and Heather are now divorced but are going to date? Don't tell me and get married again?" looking baffled.
"I know it sounds weird but I think it will work. I will marry her again and when I do you will be there smiling and welcome her into our family, understand."
"Ok I will keep my promise I will not interfere on one condition." William went to say something but Estevan said let me finish, "When you marry her again, I'm paying for the wedding! It's the least I can do to make it up to you but especially Heather for the way I treated her." William just smiled and didn't say anything back.
Blair looked at Blake and said "Where's your Dad?"

"At the club, I guess. Go there and see him." as they stared at each other.
"I sense you are nervous Blake, why?"
"I'm not nervous. Have nothing to worry about, you?" getting ready to argue.
"I know you hate me. Tell me, was it you who attacked me? Remember we can read minds." demanding to know.
"So what I kicked your sorry ass." just staring at Blair.
"Now I know the truth, he got closer to Blake and continued, just what you back, boy."

Blake responded back, "Not if I finish you first. Stay away from my family." As he said that they heard a voice from behind them.
"Oh, stop it now." Estevan command they looked at him. "So Blake it was you that kicked Blair's ass. Good. As for you Blair, we have more pressing problems to deal with than my son showing you who's boss. Come on." Leaving Blake with William.

"Blair I know we have had our differences but I need you to do something for me, get rid of Elvira."
"Is she driving you nuts?" he asked
"She calls all the time and is driving me crazy."
"Get rid of her yourself, then." Blair said.
"I promised I would behave." Estevan replied.
"It's never stopped you before!"
"The boys have asked me, now will you do it?"
"I will think about it. Have to admit it would solve my problems with her." as Blair thought about it.

Monday, 6 February 2012

2.2 Guilty

William had had enough of the games, he wanted to know the truth and decided to have it out with his Dad.
"Ok Dad, Heather's not here, now tell me the truth did you try and kill Blair?"

"It wasn't me. I told you when she was here that I didn't do anything." looking at William
"I swear Dad if you are lying to me I swear I will kill you myself."
Blake had heard enough of the two yelling about last night incident and decided talking a walk might be good. He phoned Heather and asked if he could come over as he hated the arguing. Heather never had a problem with Blake, in fact she adored him. When she and William first met, Blake was still a teenager and he always went to Heather with any of his problems and was overjoyed when his brother married her.
"Blake do you want a drink?" so pleased to see him.
"Uh no thanks." not looking at Heather. He walked over to the sofa and just threw himself on it, Heather sat next to him and said, "They are yelling at each other again, aren't they?"
"Over this incident with Blair. Dad denies it was him but William doesn't believe him but he want stop excusing Dad because he wants you home. He's so in love with you, he can't tell that for once Dad is telling the truth."

"Blake, I know he's your Dad but he could of done this." as she spoke gently to him.
Blake suddenly lost it and started to yell but still not looking at her, "This is so unfair, you and William were good together and Dad should have never interfered and drove you away. You wouldn't of come here met Blair and I wouldn't have had to take such drastic steps to make sure you and William got back together." He saw the look on Heather's face and decided now was a good time to shut up as he'd said enough.

"It was you? Oh Blake how could you!" Blake didn't reply. "Do you know what you did was wrong? You could of come and spoken to me first. You thought this would bring your brother and I back together? I'm having enough problems dealings with my feelings and now you." she felt let down and angry but she still saw that vulnerable teenager in front of her. She phoned William to come over saying she knew who attacked Blair.

Blake hated upsetting her but he had to explanation himself even if she didn't like it, "I know it was a stupid thing to do but you should have seen William's face when saw you, his face lit up. I hadn't seen him that happy since you got together. He wasn't happy you were a vampire only because he feels you changed for the wrong reason but he still loves you, Heather. After being at the club with Dad he stormed into the house and actually threw up. When I asked what was wrong and he told me about seeing you and Blair together, his face said it all. I hate seeing him hurt. My brother means the world to me and for that I'm not sorry."

"I'm sorry too, Blake. What's going on between William and me is not because I hate him but I'm frightened your Dad will interfere again and..." Blake interrupted her, "He won't, if he gave his word then he will stick to it. It will kill him sticking to the promise but he will if William stands his ground. Look, I thought I was doing the right thing, I never intended to kill him just enough for him to get the message to stay away from you. Heather I am so sorry, I feel so bad, please you have to forgive me." as he begged her.
She wanted to forgive him but she wasn't sure if she could. 

Then the doorbell went, she answered it and invited William in. "Thanks for coming." as she pointed to Blake in the corner. He was in shock but knew by the look on his brothers face that this was for real. "Blake, why?" then he heard Heather say, "He told me it was to keep us together." He walked over to Blake and said, "This was not your fight, it was mine. Whatever happens it is between Heather and me. Thank you but you may have made things worse." By this time she was sat with both of them.

Trying to make this less awkward but it wasn't possible, "Blake I hope you realise you would always be welcome but I honestly don't know if I can forgive you."
"I swear I will not do anything like this again." looking at Heather. The love she felt for Blake was so overwhelming as she had seen him though his last years at school and helped him gain the courage to ask a girl out when it was time for the prom so this wasn't going to be easy. If it had been anyone else including William it would have made it a clean cut decision. Then Blake said, "I'll leave now. Will, I'll wait in the car." Leaving William sat with Heather, "I'd better take him home."

"Will, sorry I accused you." smiling at him.
"I can't blame you, if it was the other way around I would of done the same thing." as they got up from the table their hands brushed together just briefly causing Heather to almost jump.  She quickly took her hand away from his and was about to say something when he replied "I have to get him home. See you soon."

The drive home was quiet and Blake just looked out at the window watching the world go by. They arrived home and William told Blake to come with him. Blake followed his brother to the living room sat by William and waited for the yelling but there was none, instead William turned to Blake and said "Thanks."
"Aren't you mad as well?" Blake asked

"I am mad with you but you did it because of the love you have for two people you care for. If you and I are ever going to be better than Dad then we need to control our tempers. Now Heather knows it wasn't me maybe there is still a chance for us." he smiled as he hoped what he said would come true.
"Please don't tell Dad as he will have that weird sense of pride and I don't feel that way. I feel ashamed of what I have done." asking Will.
"I won't." William phone started to ring it was Heather, he smiled as he answered. She said something and William replied "I'll be right there."

Heather sat on the table next to Blair and said "I have something to tell you. I can't see you anymore. I do care for you a great deal but you and I would never work. I hope you find someone some day."
Blair just said, "I kind of expected this, Heather but know this if you ever change your mind, you know where I am." then he left.

William saw Blair leaving looking less than pleased but couldn't help but grin. He walked in and smiled at Heather and she told him, "I have something I need to say so sit."
He sat and waited for the news she was coming home but what he heard put him in shock, "William I want a divorce."

She got up and walked off but William followed her, pinning her to the wall. He felt his body tremble as he smelt her, held her and he saw in her eyes the love she had for him still there. He was so close to her lips he could almost taste them. "You can't mean it, please re-consider?" begging her.