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4.22 Your time is up

Blair wouldn’t release his grip as Adam managed to say, “I don’t have business with you only that idiot boss of yours.” Blair threw him to the floor, “You think he is my boss. Actually we are brothers.” His eyes grew darker with his temper. 

Adam tried to crawl away and Blair amusingly watched as he did, knowing he wouldn’t get too far. Estevan interrupted Blair’s hunt, “Police don’t mind what state you bring him back in.” Blair didn’t say anything but walked closer to Adam with Estevan. Then Estevan said through his mind, ‘You are too weak to do this.’
‘I’ve been resting for a few days besides he has to go.’ Blair yelled back.

Adam looked horrified almost scared as Estevan got down and whispered, “What I did to Darren is nothing compared to what Blair loves to do on his hunt. Hurting family was your biggest mistake Adam. I just hope for your sake the police get here before Blair completes his hunt.” Estevan got up to walk away and Adam trying to hide his scared tone, “What do you mean by that.” Estevan turned back to him and coldly said, “In his state…just let’s say he loves to play with his food.”

Blake lay on his bed listening to Will, “Dad is taking care of things so leave Blair and him to it.”
Blake stayed there but with anger in his tone replied, “Will, you should have seen her lying there. This bastard attacked her. I knew when Dad and I had that meeting, he was too quiet. Doc says she must be looked after for week or two when she comes out.”
“I take it by your tone you are going to care for her?” William asked. Blake was now sitting up and said, “I have too, she is in this state because of me.” 

Will couldn’t take it anymore and pulled Blake to his feet grabbing him by his top and said firmly, “Little bro, you are not to blame for this and I won’t allow you to torture yourself any longer. We all know how you feel about Lexy, my advice don’t wait and go for it.”  

Then William left the room. He saw Heather come out of the playroom and rushed over to her pulling her into him as he leaned against the wall and kissed her as if it was the last day of their lives, “Will, what is wrong, are you ok?”
“Blake is being stupid over this thing with Lexy. I know he has strong feelings for her but he won’t allow her in. After talking to him I just needed you to know that I love you more than you will ever know.” Heather stroked his cheek and said, “I love you too.”

“You can run but you can’t hide from me Adam.” Blair yelled throughout the graveyard. “Blair you won’t be able to pull this off.” Blair wouldn’t listen as he continued his hunt, “Listen to me.” Estevan started to yell. Then Blair started to yell through his thoughts. ‘If I don’t finish this, Adam will come after our family. I know I’m weak but he doesn’t. Let me finish this so I can go home.’
‘Look there is something you need to know…’ Blair wouldn’t let him finish, ‘I’m hunting so I need to concentrate.’

Blair could smell the fear in the air and knew he was close. Adam had hid but could hear the footsteps getting closer. Estevan needed to snap Blair out of this and was still trying to tell him about the baby but Blair kept ignoring his pleas to listen. He knew if this fight started in Blair’s weakened state he could die and how would he tell Teddy this. The thought of losing his brother was just too much even for Estevan to think about.
Suddenly he saw Adam falling to the floor and Blair kept getting closer and closer as Adam tried to move away again. The fear in his eyes was obvious and Estevan watched in horror as Blair scooped him up. Estevan tried again to get through to Blair but it was too late. Blair’s only objective now was the kill and unfortunately all he could do was watch it play out and hope his brother would be alive at the end.

Blair pulled Adam to his feet and punched him. Adam fell back slightly but managed to stay on his feet then Blair went to kick him but missed. Estevan looked in horror as Blair never missed and this now gave Adam an advantage and he took it. 

Adam pushed Blair to the floor and when Blair got up he looked up at Estevan but it was already too late. 

Adam quickly got a knife and before Estevan could warn Blair it was over. Adam had put a knife to Blair’s throat and slit it watching as Blair fell to the floor gasping for air.

Estevan ran to Blair’s side while Adam was running out of the graveyard but before he got to the entrance Keith was waiting to arrest him.

“Going somewhere, Adam?” Keith demanded
Adam looked horrified, “A man has had his throat slit. He needs help.”
“Shut up you lying piece of shit. You did this.” Keith twisted his arms behind his back, “That hurts you stupid cop.”

“Adam Leslie I’m arresting you for the murder of Samantha Wood also of framing Estevan Granger the attempted abduction of a child and the attempted murder of Lexy Sail and Blair Merrick. However if Blair dies then the charge will change to murder.”

Estevan got home in the early hours and jump straight in the shower. As he was drying himself he noticed Dawn in the door way. “How is he?” He squeezed Dawn tightly and said, “He’s still alive but only just. Please tell me you didn’t tell Teddy.”
Dawn was just cuddling into Estevan as she said, “I think we should tell her but she still doesn’t know.”

“Dawn, She is too weak and she can’t lose the baby. Blair needs to recover then reconnect with Teddy.”
The following day Estevan went to visit Blair in hospital and found him sitting in the chair. 

He looked weak and ill, “I hate hospitals. I hope you brought clothes with you?”
“I can next time I visit.” Blair looked up at Estevan and said, “There won’t be a next time and I don’t want Teddy here.”
Estevan was shocked, “What is that supposed to mean?”
“If I’m stuck here while I get better I don’t want anyone seeing me like this. Anyway don’t you have a wedding to plan?” Estevan had been warned that Blair maybe like this but he was still shocked at the attitude.
“I hope you will be there.”
“If they let me out of this place. Look after Teddy and Harmony until I get back.”

“About Teddy there is something you should know…” Blair cut him off, “I’m tired so I think you should leave. Did Adam get arrested?”
“He has been charged thanks to you.” Then Estevan left Blair to recover.

I would like to say a massive big Thank you to Karima for her help with the pictures on this chapter, you did a great job.

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

4.21 Crossed the line

A month later

Blair was lying on the stone bench in the graveyard waiting for Adam to appear when he heard Daphne’s voice, “Look at the state of you. Blair, go home clean up and make love to your wife.”
He mumbled while still lying there, “Need Teddy must help Estevan.” His only thought was Teddy and how much he loved her. He wanted to be home but this was something he needed to do.

David had heard what was going on and came over, “Son listen to your Dad you are in no fit state to help anyone. I’ll watch the grave until the man comes back.”
“My Dad’s dead, he can’t help.” Then he passed out.
“Sweetheart, get Estevan and I think you better hurry.” 

Dawn was sat on Estevan’s lap kissing him, “You know this is not how to do the wedding invitations.” Estevan smiled.
“I know but its good practice for the wedding night, don’t you think.” 

Estevan returned the kiss and replied, “Does that mean we can get a lot of practice in before the wedding.” Then he pushed her onto the sofa looking into her eyes, “Any ideas how this night of ours should go?” Dawn was about to answer when the door opened and they heard a cough, “Sorry to interrupt you but Estevan you need to go to the graveyard.”

Estevan and Dawn straightened themselves up and he asked, “Why? What’s wrong?”
“One word Blair. He looks like a tramp and he is losing it.” 

Estevan knew he had to go but not before kissing Dawn goodbye, “I’m sorry I have to go but I’ll be back as soon as I can.” Dawn whispered to him, “Make it soon because I was enjoying our discussion.”
When Estevan got to the graveyard, William and Blake were waiting. “She came and got you as well?”
They both nodded and Estevan took one look at Blair and couldn’t believe the state he was in. “Come home and let the police deal with this.”

Blair quietly said, “I can’t I owe you.”
“You owe me nothing but your wife needs you right now.”
Then Blair had a hurt expression on his face, “I tried to talk to her but messed up again. She didn’t recognize me and she looked weak and ill.”
“This is why you need to come home because you are both suffering.”
“I will when he is caught.” 

Blake hated doing this especially as the pair never got on but he had promised his Dad he’d make more of an effort, “Dad is right we will get him.”
Blair finally sat up and spoke, “Then why is he not here? He has visited the grave at the same time every day but now he is late.”

Lexy had just finished writing the statement up from William. After Adam had tried to coax Art to his vehicle, William demanded something to be done. This guy was fast losing it and William had warned Lexy he could only keep a lid on his temper for so long. Lexy knew that Adam had crossed the line by going after a child. She had just pressed the send button when she heard a noise coming from downstairs.

She slowly made her way down the stairs and looked around. Lexy couldn’t see anything but her senses told her that she still wasn’t safe. As she approached the kitchen she heard another noise coming from the back.

Blake had to sit back on the stone bench. The pain was getting worse, “What’s wrong?” Estevan asked.
“My head hurts badly.”
“What have you done?”
Blake said with concern, “Dad I don’t think it’s me.”

“Adam it’s all over, you are going to prison. Don’t make things worse.” 
Adam came up behind her and coldly said, “How will it make things worse?” 

As Lexy turned around to face him he punched her before she could react, causing her to fall to the ground. Lexy was now bleeding from her lip as she tried to get up, the vampire in her wanted to finish him off but the cop in her wanted to arrest him.  

Adam screamed at her, “All you had to do was lock him up but no, you had to interfere and find that puncture and then letting Estevan out on bail. Do you think I’m stupid, you think he is innocent?” 
 “You are the guilty one so get out of my house.”
Adam grabbed her before she could get to her feet and threw her across the room. “I’m not guilty as I have nothing to admit too.” 

The force of the throw across the floor meant Lexy hit her head against the kitchen cabinet causing her head to start bleeding. 

He walked towards her as she lay still and crouched down beside her and punched her again while she lay there unconscious and said before leaving, “Let’s hope the police get the message now.”
After exhausting pleas for Blair to come home; Estevan and the boys decided to stop at Lexy’s place to see if she was ok and convince her to arrest Adam. When they pulled up Keith was outside looking angry. “Keith, why are you here?” He looked at the floor then back to Estevan, “Lexy was attacked tonight but regained consciousness to say it was Adam who attacked her.” He paused for a moment, “She has been taken to the hospital…He overpowered a vampire.”

Blake saw red and pinned Keith to the wall, “This guy frames me then Lexy proves me innocent. You go after my Dad. This guy tries to take my nephew and now Lexy.” He let Keith go, “If you had done your job right none of this would have ever happened better still if you allowed us to handle this it would have been over by now.”
Blake walked off but Will called after him, “Where are you going?”
“First I’m going to make sure Lexy is ok then I’m going to help my Uncle rip Adam a part limb from limb.” 

As Blake walked off Estevan shoved Keith and warned, “Now do the right thing and get this guy or the blood will be on your hands not ours.”
Keith looked scared but calm, “He attacked one of our own. If anything happens to this…” He thought about what he was about to say, “To this Adam, the paper work could get lost.”

Blake looked at her lying in the bed and kept asking, ‘Why pick on her? Yes she was a cop but that was no reason.” He was angry that he lied to her about his feelings for her. Blake promised no more relationships yet here he was torn in two because in reality these feeling for Lexy were getting stronger by the day. He did the one thing he never thought he would do and that was contact Blair. He had been learning over the weeks to connect long distance through the mind and here he was about to put it to the test. ‘Uncle Blair, can you hear me?’
‘What’s happened?’ Blake could sense a change in Blair’s mood as it grew darker.
‘Adam attacked Lexy. She has bruises on her face.’ The only response he got from Blair, ‘Ok.’
Blake was stunned that he never asked if Lexy was alive but decided not to push Blair in his current mood.

Blair hadn’t been on a hunt like this since he was in his thirties and the chase to him was as good as the kill. What he had never had to rely on were other people. When he fell in love it had never occurred to him how strong his bond was with Teddy and breaking the bond while still in love could affect both of them. He watched as Adam approached the gravestone and bragged how he left Lexy for dead.

Blair’s temper was getting worse as he thought back to when Teddy was hurt by her ex. His mind then switched to this man who had set up his brother. He may have given Estevan a hard time but that was his right as a sibling but dare anyone else cross the line and they were going to pay. Then he thought about Teddy again and how Adam was responsible for him having to leave her and their daughter. He had turned his life around because of his family and now he was back to hunting. Blair hated having to do this but Adam was a pest that needed to go quickly. His anger had got to such a point that his eyes had turned red. 
Estevan had had just entered the graveyard when he saw Blair’s eyes turn and knew what that meant. He tried to connect with Blair but he refused to answer Estevan.

Blair slowly crept towards Adam while he continued to boast to Sam’s grave. Tapped him on the shoulder and when he turned around Blair grabbed him by the throat and angrily spat, “Adam you crossed the line.”

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

4.20 Know that I love you

Advisory: some adult scenes

“Hun don’t be like that!” looking at Heather.
“We were supposed to have a romantic getaway and now…” William cut her off.
“And we will.” He started to kiss her slowly, “I just have to help Dad get Blair home.” His hand moved down her body as he continued to kiss her.

“William Granger you are not going to get around me that easily.”
He looked at her smiling as he pinned her to the bed and replied, “I don’t know about that.”

Estevan was concerned that William had cancelled his romantic getaway so insisted that Art stayed with him for a few days. Art burst into the living room and Estevan said, “Happy birthday. Are you ready for our day together?” The station had agreed that Estevan could have a day pass because of Art’s birthday as he wanted to go to the local festival. Then Art stunned Estevan, “Where is Grandma?” Dawn left the room not knowing what to say.

“Art I told you she was in heaven.”
“I remember but I like Grandma better than Dawn.” Estevan treaded carefully and asked, “What has brought this on?”

Art shrugged his shoulders, “When you tell me stories about grandma you are happy then you argue with Dawn.”
“I loved your Grandma very much and always will love her but it never meant she and I never argued because believe me, we did. As for Dawn…yes you are right we argue but there are a lot of things going on right now but know that I love her and she loves me. Also remember she adores you.”
“She is fun. Will she be mad at me for asking about Grandma?”
“She looked shock but not mad. Look we are supposed to be having fun today. Remember you’re Mum and Dad are meeting us. You had better check if Uncle Blake is ready.”

Estevan found Dawn painting he put his arms around her, “He does love you. He just thinks because we argue I was happier with Holly.”

“Were you happier with her?” Dawn just continued to paint and keeping her voice calm. “I loved Holly very much and I won’t deny I was very happy with her and yes it took me long time to get over her but my boys made me realise I had to move on. 

Thanks to them I found you and I couldn’t be happier.” She held his face and gave him a passionate kiss, “I love you.”
“Love you too, you better get ready or Art will be climbing the walls soon.”  
Teddy had refused to go with them to the festival but Estevan insisted that Harmony got some fresh air. Art and Harmony had begged for ice-cream until Estevan gave in, giving the money to buy it themselves.
After having their faces painted William and Heather turned up, “Happy birthday, baby.” As she hugged Art tightly.

“Mum I’m not a baby.” Wiping the wet kiss from his cheek that Heather had planted on him.
“Happy birthday, Art. Have you been good for Granddad and Dawn?” Will asked. Art nodded then he ran towards the skating arena.

They watched as Art and Harmony tried skating but after falling a few times Art decided to go and explore. He hadn’t got far when a man approached him, “Hello.”
“I’m not supposed to talk to strangers.”
“I’m not a stranger; I worked with your granddad and Dad.”
“Oh ok. Hi. What’s your name?”

“Adam, look I have something in my car I need to get out, do you think you could help me?”
Art was about to answer when William spoke making Adam jump, “Art your Mum wants to give your birthday present.” Art decided that was a better choice getting gifts and ran towards Heather.

William dragged the guy behind the toilets and Blake appeared out of nowhere, “Is this the guy causing the trouble?” Will asked Blake. However he didn’t answer William and turned his attention onto Adam, “You killed Sam now you went after my nephew.”
“Strike while the iron is hot.” William just punched him as fell to the floor. Adam just got up when Lexy appeared, “Art is asking after both of you.” 

She turned to Adam, “It’s just not your day is it?” Lexy kept him pinned to the wall then continued, “Be warned when the time is right you will be arrested.”
“If you had anything on me officer, I’d be arrested by now.” He pushed her hand away and casually walked off.

Teddy had got to the kitchen door when she fell to the floor in uncontrollable tears. It had been 10 days since she had seen her husband. She longed for him to hold her, take the pain away. Teddy was angry with him for leaving but Estevan had told her what Blair tried to tell at the graveyard that he was hunting and the less she knew the better.
Teddy wanted to tell Blair that she was expecting their second child but if she continued to be ill the chances of her putting on weight while pregnant were slim. She finally pulled herself up from the floor when the door opened. 

A man looking like he lived on the streets stood in front of her. Teddy was so weak that her vampire powers were useless to her at the moment, “I don’t know who you are and what you want but you need to leave.” 

She kept her back against the wall making her way to Estevan study knowing she could lock the door from the inside. She didn’t recognize Blair as he walked forward but he wasn’t as strong either. By the time he got to the door Teddy had locked it, “Teddy talk to me, it’s me Blair.”
She screamed from the other side of the door, “Liar you’re not my husband. Blair couldn’t open the door as he was now too weak. 

He made his way back to the front door and looked back to the study door and whispered to himself, “Shit I should have said gorgeous not Teddy see how much I need you. I’m sorry for putting us through this know that I love you and I’ll be home with you soon.” Closing the door behind him.