Monday, 24 September 2012

3.20 Leaving

Mathew had finished packing his bags and in a few hours he would be gone. Snowie had gone shopping so it gave Mathew time to think of something to say but every time he thought about what he would say to Snowie it never sounded right.

"You have to tell her that you are leaving." Spencer said standing by the door.
"Dad, I can't tell her."

"Matt, I know this is hard but you can't leave without saying anything. Doing that would be worse. Everyone will be here later to say goodbye so tell her before then."
He went up in the attic for one last bash on the drums. The emotions he felt with every stroke of stick on the drum brought him close to tears. It was thanks to Snowie that he took up the drums and if it wasn't for her, he would properly be in a prison somewhere doing time. He put the sticks away and made his way back to his room. He saw Snowie enter her room. Mathew took a deep breath knocked on the door and walked in.

Sitting on the bed trying to get comfortable, "How was the shopping trip?"
"I didn't buy much. Just window shopped mostly. Matt you don't look happy what's wrong?"
"Umm, it's hard to explain. You see the thing is I'm going away."

"Oh ok. Going with your Dad, don't worry I'll see you in a week or two." Snowie really believed what she was saying but Matt had to put this right.
"Snowie I'm not going with Dad and I'm not going for a few weeks. I am going for six months maybe a year."
"You're what?"

"Snowie I know this is hard but I have to do this..."
Snowie was now yelling, "No you don't, tell your Dad no. We are a couple and you can't just up and leave. I mean what about us? Did you ever think about that? We have a few weeks to change Spencer's mind..."
"Snowie please, don't make this hard than it has to be. I'm leaving this afternoon. I will miss you but I think it is best we break up, I would like us to stay friends but..."
"You are breaking up with me and what to stay friends, never. I wish I'd never met you. Go on your trip be happy. I just won't be here when you get back. Now get out of my room." She slammed the door in his face and then all he heard was crying from the other side of the door. He wanted to go back and tell her everything would be fine but he couldn't.
When he got downstairs his Dad was waiting, "How did it go?"
"Dad she hates me."
"She doesn't hate you she just needs time. Everyone is here to see you off." Matt went into the living room to find the family waiting.

Will was the first to hug him and say, "I can't believe it my nephew has grown up. This house will be to quiet now."
"I'll miss you Uncle Will. Take care of my Aunt and little cousin for me."
"You know I will, Matt."

Matt picked up Art and said, "Art be good ok. See you soon."
"Uncle Blake take care."

"Listen less of the Uncle and remember we are only a call away." Matt turned to Estevan and smiled. Estevan pulled him into a hug and said in a whisper, "Anything you need call me, money you name it call me."
In a whisper back, "Are you and Dawn ok?"

"I'm working on it. How did Snowie take it?"
"Not good." Estevan just gave a half smile. Matt was dreading saying goodbye to Aunt Heather as he knew she would start crying. "Aunt Heather thanks for everything."

Holding back her tears; Heather said, "Matt you can always come back, just take care of yourself but have a good time."
Matt hugged her again and said in a whisper, "Please give this letter to Snowie for me."

Matt hugged Paris and his Dad. He asked Paris to look after his Dad and if they ever decided on a date then he wanted to be there on the big day. 

Leaving the house he took one last look up the stair case in the hopes that Snowie would come down and say goodbye but the hall was silent. He was embarking on a new stage in his life but he had hoped that Snowie and he would remain friends but it just didn't seem it wasn't going to work out that way.  

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Tuesday, 18 September 2012

3.19 Decisions

It was Mathew's birthday but he didn't want a fuss made and the only thing he asked for was to spend the day just with his Dad. Snowie was upset but he needed to talk to his Dad and do things that they used to do when Mathew was growing up.

Waiting for a fish to take the bait Spencer asked, "What's bothering you?"
"Dad, I don't want to go travelling. I want to stay here with my family."
"You mean Snowie?"
"I really like her Dad and..."
"Matt, you need to develop as a person. Snowie is your first girlfriend and your feelings are telling you this is right this is real. Maybe that is true but if it's not you will have wasted your chance to experience life outside this town. You will be a better person for it trust me."

"What if Snowie is the one and she won't wait?"
"Then she was never the one for you in the first place. Now let's do something else." They packed up the fishing gear and discussed what they would do next.

Blake was packing up the last few things in the old house. He couldn't believe how empty the place looked. Blake was still too upset to go in the flat so Estevan packed it up. Well in truth he had everything destroyed.
"Are we ready now Blake?"
"Yes Dad." The house had new furniture but it was just the few odds and ends that were being taken with them. Estevan sold most things and wanted a new start.

Blair had finally settled Harmony down to sleep. He found Teddy playing pool. "What's wrong?"
"I'm fed up. The doctors given me a clean bill of health and still we haven't had sex. Don't you want me anymore?" Blair spun Teddy around to face him, "Is that what you think?"

"Not now." They started to kiss when Harmony started to cry, "Don't lose those thoughts." Blair said heading to Harmony's room.

When he got back to the living room Teddy wasn't there. He found her in their bedroom. Blair was lost for words, "You look ummm..." Teddy stepped closer to him. "I got at the same time as the wedding dress but never got to use it, till now." 

Blair pinned her against the wall, "This time I will help you out of that."
"I thought you'd never offer." feeling the passion each one had for the other.

When Matt arrived home Estevan was waiting to see William but he was taking his time.
 “Matt, Happy birthday.” 
“Can we talk?” Matt asked.
“What’s wrong?” 

“Dad’s sending me travelling but I can’t bring myself to tell Snowie.” Estevan looked sympathetic at Mathew.
“Listen to your Dad. If you feel the same way after you travel then come back to her. If Snowie feels the same way then she will be waiting. Listen to me, my girlfriend is angry with me and I have to make it right and here I am giving advice.” Matt laughed and replied, “You have girlfriend trouble. What have you done?”

“Just let’s say my job doesn’t help.” Matt wanted to question more when Will walked in, “Matt, Dad and I need to talk.”
“How’s Art?”
“Still won’t settle.”
“Let’s go and settle him.” Will tried to stop him as Heather was still trying to cope but Estevan knew he needed to interfere and help.

“Heather give Art too me.” She was too tired to argue and handed Art to Estevan. The moment she did, Art stopped crying.
“Can you stay forever?” Heather asked.

“No but you could move in with me. Don’t take it the wrong way but you need to rest and you need to accept help.” Heather looked defeated but understood he was right she needed to rest.
“Dad it’s a nice offer but I can look after my wife.”

“Then why does Heather look terrible. Why is Art screaming all the time. He needs routine, Will. How do you think I coped? I was a single parent and set up a business working from home. I was always there. This is a tuff time for both of you but Heather is suffering.”  Will took his Dad outside and said, “What’s going on?”

“I want to help both of you. Just for a little while until Art calms down. Besides I’m having problems with Dawn. She wants me to give up the drugs and go legit.  She won’t move in with me till I give it up.” The doorbell went and Heather walked passed and said, “I’ll get it.”

“Dad, do think the clubs could go legit. I mean could the business survive?”
“You did what?” Heather asked.
“I gave him an ultimatum!” Dawn stated

“Are you crazy? Estevan let you walk out after saying that. Shit he must be serious about you.”
“I really like him Heather. I’m experiencing feeling that I’ve never had. I’m scared though. How will I know if it is real and when Art looked happy in my arms, I’d never felt so much emotion. What’s happening to me?” Heather listened to Dawn as she told her about Estevan. Heather never thought of him as a man that could love. She thought he must have once, otherwise she wouldn't have William.
“Dawn I’d love to continue this talk but you know Estevan is upstairs.”
“What!” Dawn got her things and headed for the front door. Estevan saw her leave and went after her.

“Dawn wait!”
“What is it?”
“When you giving up this stubborn streak. I miss you.”
“You know how to resolve this, Estevan.”
“It’s not that easy there are thing to sort out.”

She came close to him and said, “I think, no I KNOW how I feel about you after talking to Heather but I will not say anything till you do the right thing.” Dawn kissed him slightly then continued, “You will not feel my lips on yours again until you do the right thing. Neither will you ever hold me in your arms till you DO THE RIGHT THING. Oh and I will want proof.”Estevan could feel his body light up with desire for this woman. How he wanted to have her there and then but he swore until she said, ‘I love you’ to him, he would hold onto those desires.

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

3.18 Ultimatum

"Why didn't you call me or your brother for help?"
"I tried but I couldn't reach either of you."
"Did you see the mess I had to clear up? It should be a clean kill not a blood bath. Blake what got into you." demanding to know.

Blake fell to the floor and said, "I loved her Dad but I couldn't trust her anymore and I couldn't bare her being with him. Then the hunger came and then it all went blank until I saw her on the floor."
"You are a vampire and it's a natural part of who we are to kill but it's how we control the urge that makes the difference. Your kill was overkill. When I kill it is a clean kill not that mess I saw. I've cleaned up your mess but now we will have to move."
"Where will we go?"
"I'll find a house here. Art lives here and I'm not missing him growing up. You can also pack your bags!"
"I have a business meeting and you are coming with me and I won't take no for an answer."

When Estevan got to the apartment it was empty, he was getting his things when he heard the door. "Where are you going?" Dawn asked.
"Remember that business trip I told you about, well it is back on."
"How long will you be?"
"Just a few days and when I get back I should have a new place."
"You don't have to go!"
"We both know me being here is putting pressure on us. I'll be back soon."
"Why are you going away on business, when your clubs are here?"
"I have to meet suppliers that's all!"

"Suppliers can be dealt with over the phone, email but face to face for alcohol! Now who's lying?"
"Drop it Dawn!"
"No I will not drop it. I want to know."
"Are you sure?" Dawn just looked at him firmly and told him she did want to know. 

Estevan took a deep breath and said, "The clubs are a front for selling drugs. The only business that is on the up is the arcade. Our supplier got 15-20 years and now I have to deal with new people. Blair works for me. William is learning the ropes and Blake is starting out in the business by coming on this trip."
Dawn mulled everything over in her head and then replied, "I know there is more!"

"Like what I've told you everything."
"I did research on vampires when I started to have feelings for you and some can read minds. Some are really good at this. Do you read minds?"
"I can and I trained my boys to do the same."
"Have you ever read my mind" Estevan didn't know how to answer that but by the look he got from Dawn, she was not about to let up until she knew.
"Yes I read your mind that's how I knew for sure you had feelings for me." Then very calmly Dawn replied, "Thanks for telling me the truth."

Estevan and Blake had arrived at Starlight Shores and were still waiting to hear from their contact. Estevan was still puzzled by Dawn's reaction. Did it mean she was ok with it or was she going to explode at him? Estevan couldn’t think about that now, he had his meeting.

Estevan told Blake to dress in clothes that could be thrown away. Blake questioned why and was told this is the first meeting with a new supplier. They would also have to watch the place for a few hours to make sure everything was on the up and up. Blake thought this was ridiculous but Estevan pointed out to Blake if the meet was a trap then they would be quickly behind bars.

They watched the place from a safe distance as people came and went. The phone rang, “Hello.”
“We will be there in five and I will be wearing dark jeans with coloured belt and a light brown jacket and a white t-shirt underneath.

Blake looked at his Dad, “Is the meeting still on?”
“Yep let's go.”  When they got there, two men were sat at a table talking. Estevan recognised the one from the description he was given. 

"Hi you must be Estevan. This is Adam." Nodding a hello
"This is Blake." They all shook hands. Estevan then said, "What have you got for me?"
Darren gave Estevan a sample and Estevan tasted it looked at Blake and said, "How much and what quantity can you supply?"

"As much as you need." Estevan gave the details of what he needed and then he and Blake left.
"Dad, why was the amount small?"
"New suppliers you start small and build up as trust grows."
"Are you sure about this?"
"You would make more money here than at your job. What you earn in a month, you can earn in a week. Then you could finally move out. Now let's get something to eat I'm starving."

Estevan took a walk and had this gut feeling that Dawn was not happy with knowing the truth. The problem now facing Estevan was that he was falling in love with her and he wanted her to be able to accept this part of his life, he was ready for her outburst but now he had found her, he was not willing to let her go. He phoned her and Dawn answered, "Hello."

"How are you?"
"It's late, Estevan. What do you want?"
"I see you're still mad at me!"
"Yes I am but I'll get over it. I just wish you were here and not there. I should walk away but it's too late for that. I just want to see you."
"I miss you too."
"William dropped off keys here for you apparently your new house is ready to move into."

Estevan arrived in Painswater Point and went straight to Dawn's apartment. 

"Hay it's great to see you!" The next thing Estevan remembers were things being thrown at him by Dawn. "How could you put me in this situation, making me have feelings for you and then telling me you sell drugs?"
"You said you were ok with it!" Still throwing things in his direction.

"Well I lied. How could you?" Estevan was making his way through the items being thrown at him. He grabbed Dawn and pinned her against the wall. "Happy now you have thrown things at me."

"Not really. I hate this...Why do you do it? I mean you have the clubs now. You can't need the money anymore." Estevan lowered his lips onto her neck and started kissing her, hoping it would stop her questions but she begged him to stop and when she fell to the floor he sat beside her and explained his reasons.
"I needed money to raise my boys and it meant I could work from home. Why I still do it! It's just what I do. Do you want us to stop seeing each other?"
"No, I...I want to keep seeing you I just wish you had a different job."
Changing the subject as he knew there would more on the subject at a later date, asked, "Look, come and see the new house with me?"
They walked into the house, Estevan was impressed Will found this house for him. It was just what he was looking for. Each room had been decorated right but most of all he was pleased to have a play room for his Grandson, Art. 

He did notice the picture of his wife was in here.
"Why is your wife's picture in here?"
"I thought as we were dating and this is Art room then having his grandmother picture was the right thing to do."
"I think it was a nice gesture. This place is really beautiful." After they left the playroom he shut the door and pulled Dawn into his arms, "While I was away I missed you and it got me thinking, I'm in love with you."

She stared at him thinking for a moment and then said, "I...I don't know what to say." Still holding her he responded, "I understand but at least you now know how I feel. It's all new to you but you will tell me when the time is right for you."
Dawn pulled away and said, "You are the first man to tell me you love me, oh shit I need to think."

Estevan put his arms around her and whispered, "I'll wait as long as it takes. I want you to consider moving in with me."
Dawn's head was now in a spin. She turned faced him and said firmly, "No, I can't. I will not live with you while you sell drugs. Estevan you have a choice it's me or the drugs. If you love me you need to show me so I can believe your words."
"Do you know what you are asking me?"

She kissed him and with a gentle but firm tone said, "It looks like we both have thinking to do, Estevan. You know where I'll be when you've made your choice." Then she left the house without looking back.