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3.12 The Basement

Introducing Special guest DJ Silverback Thanks for the mix to go with this chapter 

A few hours to go before the doors officially opened and the Granger household was full of ciaos. Sam was still in the bathroom putting on makeup and Blake was yelling at her to get a move on. Then there was Estevan sitting reading the newspaper looking very calm and relaxed.

Blake saw that his Dad was not ready and said, "Dad, we have to leave in an hour." Estevan didn't reply just made his way to his room to get ready.  When the door closed behind him and he was alone, for the first time in a long time he was nervous. He was going to be face to face with Dawn, the woman who turned him down but in truth felt the same way but was just being too stubborn to admit it.

The clothes he was wearing tonight were ready. It would be the first time anyone would see this side of him but he was only interested in one opinion and that was Dawn. When he first met her it was her eyes that drew him in. When he moved down her face and saw her soft lips the thought of them touching his, made him tremble and by the time he got to her long, smooth legs thinking about her wrapping them around his waist, he was blown away and knew he had to get to know her. If only Dawn would come clean about how she felt, he just hoped that tonight she would.

Blair was concerned Estevan hadn't shown up yet, "Where is your Dad? He should be here by now."
William answered, "He's running late but he is on his way."
It was the third time Dawn had changed her outfit. 'Why am I bothering after all he told me to bring a plus one, besides he will have some young thing wrapped around his body as his date? I will just go show I don't care who's wrapped around him, have a drink and come home.'
When she looked at the clock she saw that she was running late she got in a taxi and made her way to the club. When she arrived there were still people lining up outside the door. She went straight inside showed the invite and headed for the lift.

William was taken by surprise when he saw his Dad, "Wow, this is weird. Dad you...look very different."
"It was the look I was going for...different."
Blake spoke to his Dad through his thoughts, 'What do you think you are doing?'
'Opening my club. If you are referring to the way I am dressed then that is my business but if you want to pick holes when are you getting married?'
The last thing Blake wanted to do was talk about marriage. Blake wasn't interested in getting married not to Sam or anyone. Deciding they would end up fighting he left and went to be with Sam.

They had got DJ Silverback to open the club.

 Blake was showing off some moves.

"Blair, have the doorman been given their instructions?" Estevan asked.
In a low tone, "They know the score!"
"Teddy not here?"

"She's not well so she stayed home." Blair answered.
"Not long before the baby arrives is it?" Estevan enquired.
"Two months but Teddy would rather the baby was born now."
"Do you know what you are having?"
"We are having a girl. I think Dawn just walked up to the other bar." 

When Estevan turned around he saw Dawn approaching the bar. He watched as she sat at the bar and drank her drink and then another. He slowly approached the bar; she was drinking when he got there. "Glad you made it."
Dawn looked up and saw Estevan standing by her, "Hi. The club is busy." trying to keep the conversation light.

"It's all thanks to you. Would you like another drink?"
Dawn just gave a half smile as a yes. He ushered the bartender to pour another drink as he took a seat next to her. "Did you come on your own?"

"Yes I did." snapping at him. Estevan got up to walk away but Dawn fell from the stool and fell into him.She could feel the ripple of his chest under her hands. Dawn loved the open shirt he was wearing and started to feel weak.

Looking up at him she gazed into his eyes, she wanted to tell him but suddenly was lost for words. Estevan could smell her perfume and her eyes were just fixed on his but he had to stay focused. She had to be honest, no more lies. He pulled away from Dawn and said, "I have to go, the club will be closing soon and you need to go home."

Dawn stood there and asked in anger, "What gives you the right to tell me to go home?"
Estevan turned to her and said in a whisper, "You need to sober up. You are upset and before you make a fool of yourself, go home."

"Who says I'm upset? Only you do. I don't need you looking out for me; in fact I don't need anyone."
Estevan was fed up with her games and in response to her said, "I'm pleased for you now GO HOME." Dawn wasn't about to listen to him she looked straight at him and yelled, "No, I'm not going anywhere."

Before she knew what was happening, Estevan dragged her out of the club and was driving her home. "Let me out of this car right now." but Estevan ignored her. 

When they got into her apartment he put her on the sofa while he made the coffee. He told her to drink it and when she had finished said, "I'm not a child. I can look after myself. You didn't have to yell at me."
"I came over was polite and you snapped at me. You are the one upset and taking it out on me, question is why?"
"I'm not upset." trying to lie.
"I'll be off then. You are home safely and I need to shut up the club. Hope we work together soon. Goodbye Miss Star." 

He got to the door and Dawn said, "What that's it? You are going to walk away?"

Estevan turned to look at her and replies firmly, "What am I walking away from?"
"You know you are right, you need to go back to your club your women..."
"My what? Are you jealous? I seem to remember you turned me down. You also reminded me daily that there was no chance for a date. So again I want to know what am I walking away from."
Dawn was trying to think, he was right she had turned him down and now she was questioning him about other woman but he was right she was jealous.
"It's nothing really so thanks for driving me home. I'll see you around."
"I'm not going until you tell me what the hell is going on. This time no more games, Dawn!"
"There is nothing to tell, so just go."
"Damn it, Dawn stop lying to me and yourself. We both know you have feelings for me."   

Dawn thought she had hid her feelings for him well but what could she say now. She went to make another coffee but Estevan stopped her. "Are you going to just stay silent?"

She couldn't look at him and said in a low tone, "Your right, I like you but you made it clear that you are no longer interested."

"What makes you think that?"
"You went cold on me. You didn't answer the phone to me yesterday." 

Estevan turned Dawn around to face him.
"You needed time to think and it is worked."
Being in his arms was where she wanted to be but she wanted more. She suddenly blurted out without warning, "Make love to me?"
Estevan loved her honesty but declined the offer, "I can't Dawn, it's not the way I do things."

Dawn was now confused and pulled away from him, "What is that supposed to mean?" 

He pulled her in close and whispered, "I only make love to someone I'm in love with. Have gotten to know and in a relationship with. I'll ask you again would you go on a date with me?"
Dawn looked at him and replied, "I'd love too."
"Dinner tomorrow night?"
"What time?"
Before walking out the door he answered, "7.30 pm."

Estevan arranged to pick her up and then left. Dawn fell to the floor with mixed feelings, she was going to have her date but why didn't he kiss her goodnight?

The Basement video The Rush Mix

Note: I'd to say that thank you to Karima who listened to my frustrations about this chapter, Thank you :)

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3.11 Not knowing what to do

Dawn had collected her post from the mail box and noticed a colourful envelope. When she opened it there was an invitation inside and it read, 'You are invited to the opening night of The Basement.' Dawn plus one.

She didn't read past the plus one. 'He is telling me to bring someone.' The thought of never seeing Estevan again after tomorrow now filled her with dread. When he had first asked he out she was right that her career came first. Their first encounter wasn't ideal but she took the job anyway but from the moment he put his arm around her saying he wasn't giving up was all it took. The lowering of his voice that day sent shivers down her spine. The thought of him bursting in the door and taking her in his arms and making love to her even made her heart skip a beat.

Dawn was also angry at Estevan, he told her I won't give up but here in this invite there was a plus one. How dare he treat her this way! Dawn had to do something, she was going to ring him and tell him there was not going to be a plus one and she had changed her mind about that date. Dawn didn't care how it looked all she knew was that she had to be in his arms before her body exploded with all this desire inside.

"Dad your phone is ringing, are you going to answer it?" Blake said.
"No. I'll just let it ring."
"Who are you avoiding?"
"Not avoiding Blake, just making sure I get what I want in the end."

"What the hell are you on about?"
"It's Dawn; I guess she wants that date after all."
"Isn't that what you wanted, Dad?"
"I still do but Dawn turned me down."
"How do you know it's not a professional call?"
"I just do. Besides I want to know that she really wants me."
Blake had a horrible thought, "Dad please tell me you are not planning to you know...have sex?"
Estevan smiled, "Blake how do you think you and Will got here? Besides it is none of your business if I do or don't."
Blake decided this conversation was getting out of hand and left his Dad alone. The phone rang again.

Putting the phone down again, 'Doesn't he want me? Why won't he talk to me?' Dawn had never been like this and hated that Estevan made her feel so vulnerable.  Dawn tried to work but she couldn't focus. After a few minutes she picked up the phone to see if there was a missed call or texted but still there was nothing. She needed to get out of apartment so decided to go shopping for an outfit for the club. She must have tried on a dozen different dresses and shoes but nothing seemed right.

Estevan needed to work off his frustrations so worked out in his gym for a while. He had let himself go lately and wanted to look good. His thoughts about Dawn were getting to him. Those eyes lusting after him and her soft lips pressed against his were driving him to the brink but he wasn't going to mess it up. He'd only ever slept with one woman and that was on their wedding night.

He could have any woman he wanted but unlike most men who would sleep with any woman, Estevan was very picky. He missed being in relationship, the romantic walks, talking for hours even just being able to hold that person. Making love was just a small but great part. He loved it there was no denying that but for him it was a package deal not just a one night fling.

The phone rang and Dawn answered it hoping it was Estevan but it was a new client wanting work done on the house. She made her excuses as to why she was unable to take the job but it was all lies. If he wouldn't answer the phone then she wanted to make sure his eyes only noticed her when she was in the club.

She tried every dress in her wardrobe; he'd seen her in that dress. 

She looked fat in that one; her bum looked too big in this one. 'What am I doing? I'm not fat; I just need to make sure he sees me. What if he doesn't notice me? Does that PLUS ONE, mean I've really blown it. Why, oh why did I turn down that date? He was so sweet to me that day. 

Why am I really trying, he is obviously telling me he's no longer interested in me.' She was almost at breaking point as Dawn collapsed on the floor in tears. Dawn had never been in love so couldn't understand what these feeling were. Dawn was very successful in her career everything in her apartment was bought and paid for by her. She was self-employed, she had her own money but realising she wasn't successful at everything made her admit she needed to allow herself to open up and let someone in her life.
She knew she had blown it with Estevan but would still go to the opening night and show him she didn't care. She was going on her own to show him that she was independent and happy being alone. Dawn would put on her brave face and hoped the real her would not show through.

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

3.10 Realisation

Sam had come to the conclusion that there was no place out there for her and Blake. After lengthy discussion with Blake and his Dad they all agreed on Estevan moving back to the main part of the house and Blake and Sam to take the self contained flat above the garage. 

Blake phone Dawn and asked if she could decorate the flat for them and she said she could fit it in around the club but did ask that Estevan was not to infer or be there at all. Blake agreed to this but Sam not realising what was going on told Estevan.

Dawn was at home working on some designs for new jobs that were coming up after the club was finished but she couldn't concentrate every stroke of her pencil or paint brush her mind kept going back to Estevan. 

There was a part that hated him and then there was a part of her that wanted him so desperately. The problem was that every meeting he teased her because she turned him down for a date. If she changed her mind would it show weakness to him and the thought of showing weakness to any man petrified her.

Suddenly there was a knock at the door and when she opened the door there stood Estevan but she was shocked at what happened next, "Do you need a lift to the house to work on the flat for Blake and Sam?"
"Thank you." Dawn thoughts started racing as they drove to the house, 'what no, I want you type looks or remarks. What is wrong with me now I want him to want me and he has gone cold on me? I suddenly what to do things with him that are so dirty. What am I saying? I must get a grip.' As Dawn cleared her head, Estevan was reading her mind the whole time and thought now I know I will be so cold that it will be you begging me.

When Dawn saw how small the flat was she discussed with Blake and Sam what they wanted and got to work advising it would ready in just two days. 

While decorating the flat Dawn was a little heartbroken that there were no visits or interruptions from Estevan. 

The only time she would see him was at lunch in the main kitchen or a meeting she had with him to discuss the club. 

He was very professional and Dawn started to hate this. Estevan hated being like this but if she wanted him, she would now have to be honest and tell him but until then he would be the perfect gentleman and businessman.

Estevan meet his son's at the plasma club as they hadn't spent time together in ages.
"How's Heather doing?" Estevan asked but before Will could answer Blake added, "Congrats to both of you."
"Thanks Blake and Dad Heather is fine but we want to hear about you and Dawn!"

"Yeah Dad, tell us, how are things going?" Blake added.
"Boys I love that you are interested but there is nothing to tell."
Will became harsh at his Dad, "Bullshit. Now spill"
"Fine, I admitted to her I find her attractive but we always argue when we are in the same room."
The boys turned to each other and said childishly, "heat!"

"Very funny you two. She doesn't want to go on a date. The other day I read her thoughts and she likes me just as much but she is fighting it so I'm behaving."
"Dad, please don't embarrass us at the club opening." Blake asked.

In a low tone, Estevan replied, "Listen both of you. I like her a lot and if make a move on opening night then you two will have to deal with it."

Will suddenly asked, "Why is Dawn fighting her feels? She isn't worried about our reactions is she?"
"Well how do you both feel?"
"We are fine with it."
"Ok but what if things work out and we were to have a baby?"
Will and Blake stared at each other and then Estevan continued, "This is part of her reasons. By your reactions, she has a right to be concerned."

Will was the first to speak, "We never thought about it like that. We just thought about you dating again."
"It never entered our heads that anyone you end up with may want children." Blake added.
"This is all from reading her mind. I'm not saying things would work out or that Dawn would want children but you have to realise we are vampires and you set me up and by ignoring me when I said to leave this part of my life alone it could be a possibility in the future for me."
"You know what? If things work out, so what if you became a Dad again. I say see where this takes you." Will suddenly voiced.
"Will, are you serious? It would mean your baby would be older than their aunt or uncle."
"Blake, I know but Dad does have a point."
"Would you be ok with it, Blake?"
"I'm unsure Dad but I want you to be happy so I guess I would deal with it if the time came."

"Look let's get going as it's late." Estevan said heading for the lifts. When they got down to the ground floor they got out of the lift and standing in front of them was Dawn. They all looked at each other and then Dawn said, "Hi William, Blake. See you tomorrow Estevan?"

Estevan just nodded to her and carried on walking. Dawn was stunned by his reaction, she had found out he was here and came in the hope to tell him the truth but he had gone cold on her. All she could do was watch him walk away.