Tuesday, 26 November 2013

5.19 Young Love

Estevan found Dawn rocking Nathan to sleep, “Baby, you need to sleep.” Dawn sighed, “I’ll be fine.”
“Give our son to me and go and rest.” Dawn reluctantly agreed and went to bed. 

“Now young man I thought we talked about giving your Mum grief. She needs to sleep so be a good boy for me.” Nathan smiled at his Dad and then Estevan said, “Remember Blake is taking you to the park so be nice to your brother.” 

He closed the nursery door behind him and saw his Mum waiting for him.
“Estevan, can we talk?”
“What do you want to talk about?”
“Harmony has got the potion to make David human again please ask her to give it him.”
Estevan looked horrified, “You want me to talk to Harmony?  The answer is no.” He walked away listening to his mother cry and she pleaded with him, “Estevan, please for me. We were close once…” 

Estevan was now close to her, “Close, you were the one that started all this, the lies and the secrets. I’m your only child doesn’t that mean anything to you?”
“Of course it does. I loved both you and your Dad. Please forgive me because I really want my son back.” He looked at his Mum and watched a tear fall down her face and he hated seeing her hurt, “I won’t talk to Harmony for you but I’ll try to be your son again on condition that there are no more lies.”
“Will you patch thing up with your Dad?”
“Fine I’ll go and see him but no promises.” Nathan started to cry as Estevan went towards the nursery 

Daphne asked, “Please let me after all I am his grandmother.” When she walked inside Estevan listened at the door, “You are very handsome just like your Daddy now what was that song I sung to him to get your Daddy to sleep, oh I remember…My bonnie lies over the ocean.” 

Estevan could hear the song being sung and thought, ‘I can’t believe she remembers that song.’ He got up and joined Dawn in bed before the tears started to fall.

Ty and Harmony sat on the blanket, “Did you eat earlier?”
“No but the food looks nice.” After they ate some food, Ty puts his arms around her and watched the waves crash under the night sky, “I need to tell you something.”
Harmony quietly said, “What is it?”
“After graduation I want to attend university.” 

Harmony spun around and asked, “You aren’t leaving town?”
“No I’ll be doing the course online but I can’t see you often…”
“How often?”
“Once maybe twice a week.” 

Harmony looked upset then Ty pulled her close and kissed her and as they parted, “I’m only a phone call away if you need me.”
“Do you have to do the course?”
“I want a better life for me for us. Don’t you?”
“I have a trust fund.”
“Beauty, I don’t want hand outs. Now what day shall be our day?” 

Harmony smiled, “Saturday from morning to night. I want the whole day.” Ty laughed as he said, “Fine you can have the whole day.”

They exchanged numbers and Ty walked Harmony home. They were at the front door about to kiss goodnight when Blair opened the door, “Harmony you need to be in.”
“Dad I was talking to Ty.” Blair through gritted teeth said, “I know now get inside.” 

Teddy had heard the commotion outside and came to the door, “Hello Ty, thank you for walking Harmony home.”
“No problem Mrs Merrick.”
“The name is Teddy and before you say good night to Harmony I was wondering would you like to have dinner with us tomorrow?”
Blair tried to interfere, “I’m sure Ty is very busy with work.”
“Then as the boss you can give him the night off or work after the meal, I mean you have an office here.” Blair wanted to yell but held his temper, “I’m sure that would be wonderful.”
“Ty, can you come for dinner?”
“I’d love too, Teddy.” Teddy dragged Blair inside and left Ty and Harmony alone. “Your mum seems nice.”
“She is and she keeps Dad under control.”
“I want your Dad to like me so it’s easier for us.” Harmony cupped his face and replied, “It will happen, I promise.” 

Ty pushed Harmony back slightly as he held her and then asked, “Do I get my good night kiss?” Harmony swung her arms around him and kissed him and when she stopped he said, “That kiss was amazing, when are you turning?”
“The sooner the better.”

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

5.18 Harmony finds Ty

Ty sat on the step wondering what Blair and Harmony were discussing. Ty thought, ‘He is telling her to keep away from me.’

“No he didn’t,” as Ty looked up he saw Harmony facing him. He walked down the steps and looked her in the eye not knowing what to say. “I heard your thoughts. Dad needs time but I can’t wait for him to come around."

Ty stopped her talking and said, “Do you want to know a secret?” Harmony looked puzzled as Ty continued, “I really like you.” Harmony smiled and stepped closer, “You have beautiful eyes now you don’t cover them up with makeup. Why did you wear the make-up, anyway?”
Ty asked, “Let’s go for a walk.” 

When they were walking around the town Ty tried to explain, “My parents didn’t want me and so I started going from one foster home to another…well I hated it. One day I saw a band who wore make-up and I thought it was cool so I tried it and for a long time it helped me cover the pain of not being wanted or loved. Harmony you have no idea how lucky you are to have a family that love you and want to protect you.”
“I suppose so but Dad is overbearing.” 

Ty stopped and looked at her, “He cares about you and to your Dad I’m an outsider and a threat.”
Harmony giggled, “You a threat, how?”
“He doesn’t want me to date you and take his little girl away from him.”
“Is that how you see me Ty, a little girl?” Ty had backed himself into a corner and wasn’t sure if he could explain, “A little girl? Umm no...” 
Harmony was now really close to him and said calmly as she could, “Tell me what you see?”
Ty could smell the mango in her hair the scent of her perfume and his hormones were now racing but he had to keep this under control and he kept telling himself, ‘She is my girl but I have to wait until she is a full vampire but it is going to kill me. I mean I can’t live without her so now I’m stuck wanting her but having to wait.’
“I see a gorgeous girl in front of me who becomes more beautiful with each day; I mean to me you are a vision of beauty.” 

When he stopped talking he realised his arms were around her and her hands were resting on his chest. “Ty you say these things to me but do you mean them?”
“I’ve never said them to any girl before except you. In fact when I’m around you the words just pour out, I just can’t help it.” Harmony looked into his eyes and asked, “What are you thinking?”
“That I want to kiss you.”
“Then just kiss me.”
“I can’t because if I do I won’t want to stop and…”

“Ty, you and I won’t rush things but on a date you are supposed to kiss the girl.” Ty smiled at her, “This isn’t an official date so Harmony, would you like to go on a date?” Ty was thinking, ‘Please say yes or I will die of a broken heart.’
Harmony was screaming in her head, ‘Yes, he finally asked me out…yes. Shit did I really say that? He looks so hot in that suit please tell me that he has a hot body to match underneath.’ Ty’s expression changed to embarrassed when Harmony asked, “What is it?”

“You do know I heard your thoughts just now as you forgot to block your mind from me. Harmony looked horrified, “You heard…oh shit, oh shit…” Ty smiled as it was her turn to be embarrassed. “One day maybe you’ll get to see if you’re right. I take it from your thoughts that your answer was a yes to our date?”
“It was a yes but this was a sort of date so you still have to kiss me.” Ty kept hesitating and Harmony asked, “Have you ever kissed anyone?”
“Umm no, you?”
“I guess the kiss will be a first for both of us plus if the bond is real then everything we will experience together.” She didn’t wait for an answer as she put her arms around Ty’s waist. Ty cupped her face as he kept thinking, ‘If I don’t do this right Beauty will never talk to me again.’ Then he heard Harmony’s voice in his head, ‘I love the name Beauty and I’d never stop talking to you.’

Ty moved his head closer as they both shut their eyes, again he could smell the mango in her hair and her perfume. Then he felt a soft touch of her lips against his. He pulled her closer to him and caressed her lips with his. Harmony pulled Ty more towards her as they moved their lips in a passionate embrace. They became locked in the kiss and stood there for what seemed hours and when they finally broke the kiss, Harmony held Ty tight and said, “The bond is real…”
“I guess so,” hugging her just as tight. “Your Dad is not going to like this…”
“He will have to get used to it as it is very real. When do we go an official date then?”  Ty laughed, “Tonight?”
“I can’t wait see you at 7 on the beach?”
Ty kissed her again and replied, “I’ll be waiting.” 

Ty walked back towards his home and Blair came out of nowhere and pinned him to the wall, “You will not meet my little girl at the beach.” 

Ty pushed Blair off him and growled, “The bond is real Blair and I love your daughter so get used to it.” Blair glared at him, “Just walk away and leave her. The bond can be broken.”
“By mutual consent but neither of us want too, besides after reading her mind didn’t you break your bond with your wife and look what happened to both of you. You almost lost Draco and each other.” 

Blair got angry, “Leave my wife out of this; I love her very much…” 

Ty interrupted him and asked, “If her Dad was alive and told you to never see Teddy again what would your answer be? Yes Sir, I’ll leave. Bullshit, you wouldn't leave her because you love her.” Blair hated how Ty had an answer for everything. “Fine you win but you hurt my daughter and you’ll be dead.”

Tuesday, 12 November 2013

5.17 Blair's Confession

Kerri sat with Harmony waiting for Blair to arrive, “Harm it will be ok.” Harmony didn’t answer as she kept crying. Kerri ran her hand through her best friend’s hair, “I’ve never seen you so upset. That boy Ty was creepy so you are better off trust me.” 

Harmony looked at her friend coldly as she got up and screamed, “Better off…No don’t say that. There is something about him and I can’t put my finger on what but I need to see him.”
Blair had heard Harmony yell at Kerri when he asked, “What’s wrong?”

Harmony looked at her Dad upset and said, “Ty left school. I’m never going to see him again.” Blair hugged his daughter while she cried and asked Kerri, “Has she been like this all day at school?”
“As soon as we heard Ty the creepy kid left school, Harmony started crying and hasn’t stopped.”
“Kerri, I need to speak to Harmony on her own.” Kerri nodded and walked away, “You and I need a long talk.” 

They both sat down and Blair tried to explain, “Do you really like Ty?”
“Yes I do. Something is different when we are together.”
“Harmony, tell me what is different?” Harmony looked puzzled as she tried to think of a good way to explain to her Dad, “I have all this feelings of love, sadness and loneliness and passion inside of me. Sometimes when I know I’m feeling happy, I feel sadness if that makes sense. I hear thoughts but I know they aren’t from you, Mum or Draco. This is just very strange to me.”
“You are feeling someone else’s feelings and thoughts but you need to filter them properly so you can hear their thoughts and understand their feelings.”
“Dad what are you going on about?” Blair sighed, “When Ty kissed your hand something happened…What I’m trying to say is we think you both bonded with each other.” 

Harmony got up and started to panic, “No that means without each other we are going to die.” Blair shouted at her, “Harmony calm down you won’t die…”
“You mean like when you broke your bond with Mum? She cried most nights calling for you and she became weaker and you want that for me just because you don’t want me to have a boyfriend?” Blair tried to defend himself but Harmony was not having it, “The last thing he said to me was that he wanted to see me but he didn’t want to cause trouble between us. I mean why should he care he doesn’t know you.”
“But he seems to care about you.”

Art walked in to find Ty working out, “You can’t hide here forever.” Ty stopped and looked at Art, “I can try. Besides Harmony will never recognise me like this.”

“When you speak to her she will and then you can start dating my aunt.” Ty laughed, “I forget that you are Harmony’s nephew. I guess you are right but Harmony hates me.”
“Aunt Harmony is upset. I heard her talking to Kerri saying she misses you but the rumour is that you left school.” Ty was horrified to think people had thought he’d left school, “Harmony thinks I’ve left and wouldn’t say goodbye.” 

He ran to the door when Art said, “She doesn’t even know you work for the family because of your nickname.” Ty turned to Art as he continued, “Also remember because you look like an adult you have to finish your school work from home.”
“Now I’m a full vampire I know I bonded with Harmony but she doesn’t realise. I wish she did.”
“You need to see her…”
“I need Blair to give me permission…” Art looked at Ty and firmly said, “My uncle won’t let you see her if you won’t stand up to him. You need to show him you are a man.”
Ty grunted, “Fine I’ll tell him I’m seeing her whether he likes it or not."

Blair was waiting at the arcade when Ty walked in, “So you decided to get your lazy butt into work?”
“Get off my back!” Blair looked at him and shocked Ty, “My little girl hates me because you are refusing to see her.”

Ty snapped, “I did it because I don’t want to become between father and daughter. You forget I was abandoned. So why would I put the person I love in isolation by putting a rift between you?”

Blair was waiting for a fight when Harmony walked in, “Dad I forgot…” She saw her Dad with someone and asked, “Oh I didn’t know you were with someone I’ll come back later.” Harmony just stood there staring and thought, ‘There is something familiar about this guy. I’m sure we have met before. He has beautiful eyes whoever he is, no wait I can’t think like that Ty is my future. I mustn’t get upset again.’ Then she asked, “Dad, aren’t you going to introduce me?”
“Harmony this is…” Looking straight at Ty, Blair said through his thoughts, ‘Just play along, got it?’
Ty replied, ‘Fine!’
“Blair continued, “This is our new employee TJ.”

“Hi TJ. Dad have you spoken to Ty yet?” Blair looked guilty and tried to get Harmony to stop talking, “Harmony we will talk when I get home.”
“No we won’t...I like him Dad and I want to see him. Now please find him tell him it’s ok that he can see me.”

Ty stood there with a smile on his face and said to Blair through his thoughts, ‘So she does like me?’
‘Yes Harmony does.’
‘Please let me date your daughter. I promise I will be on my best behaviour.’
‘And if I say no?’
‘You won’t because of the bond but if we don’t love each other then the bond can be broken. But we both know that you’re afraid of your daughter having another man in her life.’
‘TJ I need to talk to my daughter alone.’ Ty left without saying a word to Harmony. 

Blair ushered her to a seat. “Daddy, what is wrong?” Blair sighed, “Harmony, I always do what’s best for you…”
“Daddy…” Harmony knew something was wrong and was getting angry. Blair could understand the anger in his daughter’s voice and always swore if he was going to a be a parent he’d do a better job and it meant being honest with his daughter even if he hated it inside.

“Ty started working for us just before he started back at school…”
Harmony suddenly shouted, “What?” Blair was now cringing at what he now had to say, “Ty hasn’t left school but can’t attend because he changed to a full blown vampire so has to complete his education from home…what I’m trying to say…this is difficult.” He turned his back to say the next part as he was ashamed at what he tried to do.
“Spit it out, Daddy.”

“Ty and TJ is the same person. The guy that you saw a few minutes ago is Ty…” Blair turned around expecting to have a showdown but Harmony had left to find Ty.

Tuesday, 5 November 2013

5.16 Newborn

Dawn sat on the bathroom floor trying to breathe and started to talk to herself, ‘This is painful, remember take a deep breath.’ Slowly she breathed in and out. Suddenly she felt a sharp pain and screamed for Estevan.

He knelt down and said, “Our baby is on it’s way.” Dawn tried to protest but Estevan calmly said as he picked her up, “Dawn you can protest all you like but the baby will come whether you want her to or not.”

Dawn through her breathing replied, “Stop saying her, we don’t know what our baby is.”
“Why do you want me to refer to the baby as it? No point arguing about it now as the baby is going to arrive soon then we will know.” Dawn let out a scream of pain when Estevan reminded her, “Baby, remember to breath slowly.”
“Then you do this…” 

Estevan still carrying Dawn to the car said, “If I could I would but we both know that it’s impossible.” Daphne heard the commotion and asked with excitement, “Is the baby on it’s way?”
“Yes Mum the baby is on the way.” Dawn started to panic, “I want the baby here.”
“The doctor told you that unfortunately that was impossible.”
Dawn tried anything she could think of to stay in the house, “The nursery isn’t done yet, I mean we were putting it next to our room and Daphne was taking the old nursery.”
Estevan chuckled, “For a much organised woman you are very unorganised.” Daphne glared at her son, “Estevan this is not the time or the place. Dawn don’t worry I’ll swap the room around and get the baby’s room ready, ok.” Dawn just nodded and then they drove to the hospital.

William and Blake rushed to the hospital. “Will, what do you think Dad will have this time?” “I don’t know but at least you won’t be the baby anymore.”
“Ha-ha, Will.” They sat there waiting and heard Dawn scream in pain. They both looked at each other and Will said, “I forgot to say congratulations on you and Lexy getting married. When are you having kids?”
Blake looked shocked, “We don’t want kids, well not at least for a few years.” Will then asked, “How is Lexy coping with Keith’s death?”
Blake sighed, “She’s doing ok but she is worried about who will be the new boss at the station.”

Estevan walked out the room and the boys asked, “Has Dawn had the baby?”
“Not yet but soon I hope but I’m glad you are both here.” Dawn cried out for Estevan so he smiled at the boys and went back inside.
The doctor looked at Estevan and said, “Your wife is ready to deliver.” 

Estevan held his wife as she pushed then she stopped pushing and asked with exhaustion, “Is the baby here yet.” The doctor shook his head and said, “You still have to push Dawn.”
“Can’t the baby wait? I’m tired, I need sleep.” Estevan stroked her forehead and said softly, “I know you are tired but you doing great. Are you ready to push again?” Dawn shook her head as another bolt of pain swept through her and so she pushed again, “Please doctor I need to rest.”
“I know but I can see the head now so you will have to push again for me.” 

Estevan kept his hold on Dawn as she pushed. Estevan kissed her again telling her she was doing great. Dawn pushed harder and suddenly heard a cry. Doctor looked at Dawn and said, “One push and then it’s all over.”

Blake asked Will, “How long does this take.” Will looked stunned that his brother could still be naive, “It takes as long as it takes.”

When the doctor appeared they looked at him and asked, “Has our step mum had the baby yet?”
“Your Dad asked for both of you to go in and met your new sibling.”
As they walked towards the room Will said, “I bet we have another brother.”
“I call your bet.”
“What.” Blake looked at Will and said, “$50 says you are wrong.”
“You are on little bro.” 

Estevan looked at both of them and said, “Making bets about your brother, you should be ashamed of yourselves.” They both looked at the floor as if they were children again and said in unison, “Sorry Dad.”

Will walked over and kissed Dawn and said, “Congratulations Dawn.” She looked at her baby in Estevan’s arms and said, “Thanks William how is Heather doing with being pregnant again?”
“She is fine, Art is fussing over his Mum and Heather is enjoying the attention as it won’t last long.” Dawn smiled and said, “Do you want to hold him?” 

Will didn’t answer but went to his Dad and he was handed the baby. 

Blake hugged Dawn, “Congratulations. Are you pleased it’s all over?” Dawn looked up and said, “Yes but as Estevan tried to tell me the pain was worth it. Are you and Lexy going to start a family?”
“In a few years, maybe. Can I hold my brother? What are you going to call him?”
Estevan looked at Blake and said, “We are still deciding at the moment.”