Friday, 6 December 2013

5.25 Naughty Boy

Draco had just been sent to the head’s office after he’d called his teacher sexy. Draco didn’t see it as inappropriate, as far as he was concerned it was a compliment and his teacher Miss White should have been grateful. Draco knew if his parents found out he’d be in big trouble but he had managed to convince the head it wouldn’t happen again.

Walking home he thought, ‘Art said pay a girl a compliment and they lap it up, stupid teacher. When I get someone they will never be allowed to say no to me.’

When he got home, Draco barged into Harmony’s room and before he could say anything Harmony yelled, “Get out of my room you little shit.”
“Is that the best you can say big sis.”

“What is it you want?”
“Can I use your chemistry table?” Harmony looked at Draco with curiosity in her eyes. “You better not break my stuff and leave the potions alone.”
“Look all I want is to make a stink bomb for school.”

“That’s easy and Draco, in the draw of the table there will be a little booklet and the first few pages will be on how to make the stink bomb.”
“Thanks sis.”

Harmony picked up the phone and redialled Kerry’s number, “Sorry about that, it was Draco who barged in.”
“He is cute.”
“Kerry that is my baby brother…” Kerry cut her off and said, “Think how yummy he might be when he is a full vampire…”

“Yuck…where is my sick bucket. Let’s get one thing straight you are not now or ever dating my brother.”
“So tell me; how is Mr handsome, Ty. I saw you with him the other day and you are one lucky girl. Have you kissed him yet and what’s it like?”  
“He is sweet and loving and nothing like my overbearing Dad and that is why I like him.”
Draco went inside the garage and stared at his Dad’s motorbike but wouldn’t dare sit on it because he knew what the consequences were if he did.
He started towards the table when he noticed his mother’s ghost containers and look at the glow inside each one. 

As he looked at each in turn he said out loud, “I wonder who you were and what you did?”
“He came to the last one but it was empty. Draco thought the ghost was hiding somehow and shook the container, “Boring container, nothing happened.”

Draco tried to give the chemistry table his full attention but the ghosts in their jar were more entertaining and he kept hearing, “Go on Draco, you know you want too.”
“No I can’t Mum will be angry, now be quiet.”
“Have you seen inside us yet?”
“Go away.”
“Draco, look at the empty one if you caught a ghost your Mum would be so proud.” Draco yelled at the container, “Be quiet. This conversation is in my head so shut up.”

Suddenly there was silence, he turned back to the table open the booklet and followed the instructions. Within a few hours he had made a few stink bombs. He intended to go to school early and set the few he had off in different parts of the school. Draco thought, ‘This will show them they don’t tell me, Draco Merrick off.’

He stepped back to admire his handy work when his arm touch the ghost container. He tried to stop it but his hand seemed to push it further towards the edge and before he knew it Draco was watching in slow motion as the container rocked back and forth and then fell off the shelf and slowly made its way to the floor. He stood there just frozen to the spot unable to stop it shattering into pieces on the floor.

He looked at the rest of the shelf and thought it was the empty one until he heard his mother’s voice say, “What have you broken Draco?”

“It’s nothing, I was making a potion but I dropped it.”
“Well make sure you clean it up.”
“I will.” Draco quickly cleaned up the ghost container and binned it. Draco started to talk to himself, “At least it was empty so no harm done. At least Mum won’t find out but when she does the container was empty so it won’t be a big problem, right?”


  1. I wonder if that was Elvira's container?

    1. Pinky,

      It was Elvira's container...shudders run Blair run lol

      Thanks for reading :)

  2. Draco is becoming quite the little naughty boy. It is rather funny that he called his teacher sexy though, all on the advice of someone older than him. Boys get crushes on their teachers. hahaha.... but his thinking that no girl will say no to him, that's not so good....

    And then the ghosts, and Draco hearing them speak to him... that was rather creepy.... were they really speaking to him, or was he imagining it, or maybe he can actually hear things others can't? I am really worried about the one he dropped.... I am sure this will not be good.

    1. Zhippidy,

      Draco is a naughty boy, he does have a crush on his teacher but you are right not allowing a girl to say no is a bad move, a very bad move.
      His mind was playing tricks on him as he looked at the containers, yes it is sensible to be worried about the one he dropped very worried as you said it won't be good,

      Thanks for reading :)

  3. ~ I think Draco may have miss understood his Uncle!LOL!
    ~ I am sure Art would turn many shades of red if he knew Draco's interpretation of flattering a girl! :P
    ~ Oo,no,thank goodness it was only an empty Container,otherwise it could have been any one of the troubling Ghosts that Teddy was sent out to catch,when she worked as a Ghost Catcher!
    ~ Draco is a naughty boy! I am sure his parents will hear about the stink Bombs!
    ~ LOL for this one! (",)

    1. Karima,

      Draco did miss understand is Uncle lol. Art would be very upset with Draco right now.
      The container was empty, we hope lol but when Teddy finds out she will not be happy at all. His parents will hear about the stink bombs hehe

      Thanks for reading :)

  4. LOL! Let's see him talk his way out of this one!
    I like Draco's badass attitude. :)
    Still, Harmony's friend all acting like one she might be interested in him when he's still a child... ew! haha.

    1. Mypal,

      Draco the smooth talker try and explain, this will be good, he badass attitude I love it too :)
      Harmony's friend knows they don't stay kids for long and loves the attitude he has at the moment but if he's an adult that could blow up in her face but I hope not.

      Thanks for reading :)

  5. Oh Draco, what have you done, dropping that container, if it was Elvira, Blair should watch out, or maybe it'd Teddy who should watch her back, nothing worse that a ghost scorned I imagine, not that I've had any encounters with Ghosts of course.