Tuesday, 27 January 2015

6.38 Torri hears the truth

When Torri opened the door to her uncle she just looked at him as he walked inside. 

For a few moments they did not speak but stare at each other when finally Lawrence spoke, “I think the truth is long overdue, don’t you?” Torri just stayed silent as she listened to what her uncle had to say.

“When you were little, I knew how much you loved your Dad so I started to lie to you. I know I was wrong but I was protecting you. As you are probably aware by now long before you were born your Dad ruined my life. He hit Daphne, my fiancee at the time and because she never knew we were twins, she honestly thought it was me and like a fool I let her go. Over the years I fooled myself into thinking your father could change and when he met your mother I thought he had. However the signs were all there that he’d never changed and because I didn’t do what was right back then, when he hit Daphne, your mother lost her life and you were huddled in the corner terrified and scared because you’d seen the whole thing.” 

Lawrence watched as Torri digested the information and then she replied, “Then why can’t I remember?”
“I compelled you to forget, I showed Draco that night because I don’t want you to see it and I know I have not been there for you. I thought by pushing you away that it would be safer than you knowing the truth.” 
Torri had mixed feelings about everything she had been told and yelled, “You treated me like a pawn in your game and when that man stripped me, yes you pulled him off me but you stared at me as if I was a piece of meat and showed me no compassion, yet you expect me to forgive you?” 

Lawrence sat there wondering what to say. Everything she had said to him was right and how could he convince otherwise.
“All I can ask is that you forgive me and I don’t expect the forgiveness straight away because I don’t deserve that. Although you should know that the man I was and I hope to be once more, would be the man you would be proud to call uncle.” 

Torri just stared at her uncle and asked, “Do you really love her?”

Lawrence glanced up at Torri and said, “If we are talking about Daphne then yes I love with all my heart and there is nothing I wouldn’t do for her. If and when the bond gets fixed you will see the real me. I can however sense that you feel uneasy being around me so I will leave you and hope that when you feel comfortable if ever you will come to me and accept me as your family once more.” 

Lawrence was almost at the door when he turned round and added, “Not all the family fortune disappeared, your inheritance is still intact but going by your mother’s wishes before she died you have to be married. The will was done in secret and your father never knew about it, the only other stipulation in that will, again from your mother was not only were you to be married but be very happy.”
Torri was now in shock and asked, “Can I see the will?” Lawrence wasn’t surprised that Torri didn’t believe him and said, “If you feel you need to see the will then I will not stop you. I am sure Blair has a solicitor that would tell you that the will is genuine.”

“Thank you and I also need to know have you had funeral for Dad?” Lawrence wasn’t surprised by the question and answered calmly, “No I have not had funeral for him, there is a part of me that will always love him after all he was my twin. I just don’t know whether it would be appropriate to have such a thing as a funeral for a man who caused so much pain and anguish not only to others but to his own family.”
Torri looked harshly at her uncle and said firmly, “Maybe I should hate him as well but he was my Dad. How can I not mourn him?” 

Lawrence shook his head and said, “If you want to mourn your Dad's passing then that is up to you, I won’t stop you but I will need to know within the next few days because I’m coming to the conclusion that I should just bury him and let him rot in hell with that bitch.” Torri fidgeted as she looked at the floor and said quietly, “I will let you know by tomorrow what my decision is. Now if you’ll excuse me I have things to do.” Lawrence nodded then turned and walked out the door.

An hour later Draco came over to see how Torri was and he could see how upset the meeting had gone and asked, “Do you want to talk about it?” Torri shook her head and as the tears rolled down her face she finally said, “I know everyone hates my Dad and I understand that but I’m not sure how I’m supposed to feel, if I mourn him everyone will hate me and if I hate him everyone will like me. What am I supposed to do?” Draco held her not knowing what to say but had an idea who would.

When Blair arrived Torri looked puzzled and asked, “Why is your Dad here?” Draco looked at her sweetly and said, “I know it sounds strange but I think my Dad would be the best person to speak to on this.” Blair wasn’t sure if he could help but he was trying to keep an open mind and asked Torri to explain what was going on. After she had explained the situation about her Dad and Uncle Lawrence she waited to hear what Blair had to say. 

Blair took a deep breath and said calmly, “Everyone does hate your Dad on that part you are right. However you saw him differently to everyone else and no one will blame you for that. I mean to this town when I was a boy everyone thought my Mum was a wonderful person but in reality behind closed doors she wasn’t nice and I wish she had been because maybe we would have had that bond a mother and son should have had. My point being is that if you loved your Dad and you can find it in your heart to forgive him for what he did to your mother then we will respect your wishes wanting to mourn James.” 

Torri thought for a moment and said quietly, “Draco, did Uncle Lawrence really show you what happened to my mother?” Draco looked at the floor and almost in a whisper replied, “I saw the whole thing and all I will tell you is that you looked terrified so in answer to your question yes your father killed your mother and the worst part was after he was done he looked at you with the bloody knife in his hands and laughed. I honestly think after that incident that is when your uncle Lawrence decided to banish your Dad and start pushing you away.” 

Torri broke down and Draco hugged her as the tears kept coming and heard Torri say, “Then my father can rot in hell.”

Tuesday, 20 January 2015

6.37 Loss

Harmony and Ty were still arguing over the house they had been given by her parents when Blair walked in. 

Ty yelled, “Blair, I really think giving us the house is too much. So I am declining the offer. I would like to provide a home for us rather than you.” Blair wasn’t in the mood for confrontations and snapped, “Fine, you don’t want the house you ungrateful…” but Harmony stopped them before it got out of hand and asked, “Daddy what is wrong?” 

Blair looked at Harmony and asked, “Where is your mother?”
“Mum and Dawn are helping Lexy get things ready for the new baby.” Harmony then repeated her question, “Dad what is up?” Blair sat down not sure how to answer. 

Harmony could tell this wasn’t good then Blair answered, “My Dad died and he’s not coming back.” Ty looked at Harmony then at Blair and said, “Blair, I’m sorry and what I said earlier…” Blair interrupted him, “TJ, its fine. You have a right to want to build your home. I just wanted to do this for Harmony and I do understand your reasons but right now it is the furthest thing from my mind.”
Harmony asked, “How did this happen?” Blair didn’t look at her and said, “I need Draco and Katherine here so I can tell you all together.”

When they were all present at the house Blair filled them in. Teddy stayed quite as the children asked their questions and Draco was the first to ask, “So you are telling us my girlfriends Dad was alive but he killed Granddad and now he is dead too? Blair nodded and Draco fired off, “This is just great, how am I supposed to tell her?” Blair looked at Draco and replied, “You aren’t going to tell her anything as Lawrence is coming to tell Torri himself.” Katherine now saw the opportunity to ask, “So all this time the Lawrence we all know is because a bond was broken?” 

Blair sweetly looked at his daughter and said, “Yes but it doesn’t excuse what he did to you. He doesn’t even know you are my daughter yet but he will.” Harmony now asked, “Are we to welcome Lawrence into the family?”
“Good question but right now your gran is in mourning and because she is the head of the family we will go by her wishes. However do not mention Lawrence to her at the moment.” Katherine asked, “How is Gran?” Blair sighed looking at his wife then to each of the kids in turn and answered quietly, “Uncle Estevan took her home and the doctor was called, they have given her sleeping tablets to help her rest.”
“Teddy finally asked, “Where is Lawrence?”

“When he comes to see Torri that will be all and then he will leave. He is keeping his distance for now out of respect for Mum and Dad.” Teddy was now curious and asked more questions, “When you broke our bond you weren’t as bad as this so why is he?”
“It has been 170 years but can we talk about this later because I have to arrange a funeral again for my Dad.” Blair then left for his bedroom leaving everyone with more questions than answers.

Blake was just lying there in shock at the news of his granddad’s death when Lexy lay next to him and asked, “Blake is there anything I can do?” Blake didn’t look at her but answered, “Why did he have to die, he was the good guy.”
“I know I know…” Lexy went quiet after this as she didn’t know what to say and left their room but not before looking back. 

As she got to the stairs she felt a shooting pain through the stomach. She screamed for Blake and when he appeared she said, “You need to get me to the hospital.” 

When Lexy fell to the floor Blake picked her up and took her to their room, “Lexy, I’m getting the doctor to come here instead.”

William was just finishing his call to Blake, “Keep me posted on what the doctor says on Lexy’s condition but I have to go as Art has just walked in.” When Art heard his name he grunted at his Dad, “What have I done now?” 

William looked at his son and said calmly, “Art, I’m sorry for the way I acted the other night. I’m just worried about you and Ellen. However I need to tell you something. Dad came over not long ago and said that there was a fight when they tried to rescue gran and granddad got caught up in it and lost his life.”

Art was in shock at the news, “He was fine when I saw him the other day.” William looked sad at his son but said, “We are all in shock by the news and now Blake has phoned me to say that Lexy is in early labour. I need to be at Dad’s to help sort things out, can you look after the twins until Victoria gets back.” Art nodded and watched his Dad leave the house.

Daphne was just looking out the window when Estevan walked in, “Mum, you should still be asleep.” She didn’t turn around, “I can’t sleep, I’m so….oh I don’t know what I am, exactly.” Estevan didn’t know what to say and as he fidgeted Daphne said harshly, “Oh go and deal with something and leave me alone.”

Estevan stood his ground and said, “I’m not going anywhere, I’m your son and you need me so please don’t shut me out.” Daphne started to cry and Estevan quickly went over to her and hugged her. “Estevan your father was a good man, why, oh why did he try and play the damn hero.” 

Estevan holding back his tears said, “Because he loved you mum. Human or vampire you can’t blame him for that.”
“You know his illness had come back…” Estevan whispered, “He told Blair and me. Blair is arranging the funeral but we’d like your input.” Daphne wiped the tears away and replied, “I will help but I need to change first.”

A week later

After the funeral they arrived back at the house and Estevan asked, “Mum, were you ok with that?”

Daphne looked at her son and replied, “It was something your Dad said to me just before he died, he said he could make things right with me but not with Katherine so by laying him to rest next to her means it makes things right.” Estevan was curious and asked, “I can understand what you mean but Blair didn’t look happy. So do you think he is ok with this?” 

Blair had been listening to the conversation and asked, “Why don’t you ask me!”
Estevan turned round to see his brother just staring at him and said, “You are right I should have asked you but you seemed really upset that your parents are now buried together.”
“I am pissed off but Mum is right, Dad would be ok with this. If things had been different between my Mum and me maybe I would have been alright but I guess we’ll never know.”

Daphne looked at Blair and with tears running down her face she said, “I hope you know Blair that as far as I’m concerned you are just as much a son to me as Estevan is.” 

Blair held Daphne and replied sweetly, “As far as I’m concerned you have always been my Mum.”

Tuesday, 13 January 2015

6.36 Confrontation

Daphne was huddled in the corner and asked, “Why do you hate me so much. I never did anything to you?” 

James crouched down and replied, “I’d watched you for weeks looking beautiful, I was captivated by you and just as I was going to ask you out, you picked my brother. I’ll admit I never thought it would get as far as it did but the thought of my brother’s hands all over you sickened me to the core. You were supposed to be with me not him.” Daphne was terrified and asked carefully, “You were jealous of Lawrence? I never knew you or of your existence…”
“We could have been something great you and I. Lawrence never could treat you like I could…”

Daphne spoke firmly as the anger within her built, “Lawrence was a gentleman with love in his soul and I betrayed him thinking he could turn on me I am guilty of that but you…you have a twisted sense of jealousy and became violent with me in order to get back at your brother. You should have embraced our happiness not destroyed it.”
“Silence whore. You promise to share my bed and I will let you live.” Daphne responded almost in a whisper, “I will not share your bed because I don’t love you. Lawrence is my love.” 

James grabbed her by the throat and said harshly, “You refuse my offer?”

The boys were running towards the estate with Lawrence following them. When the estate came into view Estevan said, “Where would he take her?” Lawrence with sadness in his voice replied, “I don’t know.” Blair hissed at him, “You must have an idea?”
“Try his room, turn left after entering the house then when you get to the end of the corridor turn left again and carry straight on.” 

When they entered the house they could all hear the shouting and Daphne pleading to be let go. Estevan had never heard his Mum like this and he couldn’t bear to think of what was happening to her. They heard the door open and close and then heard David’s voice.

“Let her go.” James turned around throwing Daphne like a rag doll and made his way towards David. “Who are you and how did you get in?” 

David didn’t move as he stared at James, “I’m Daphne’s husband and you left the door open…” James looked shocked, “You married that whore and you a human, how laughable.” 

David went to walk past but James blocked his way, “Where are you going?” David kept eye contact with James and replied firmly, “Going to see my wife.” James stood aside to let David pass but he wasn’t going to give the couple long.

Daphne cried out, “David, why are you doing this. He will kill you.” as David embraced her, he replied softly, “I’m putting things right. I treated you and Katherine so terrible. I can’t make things right with her but I can with you…”
“I love you but this is suicide.” 

David kissed her and sweetly replied, “I know but it’s better to die like this than spend weeks in pain.” Daphne hugged David tighter, “I will never stop loving you and I don’t regret you being Estevan’s father. You too are very alike. I love you.”
“I love you too.”
James clapped his hands and said harshly, “Very touching but the time has come to part ways.” 

Suddenly the door flew open and in walked Lawrence with Estevan and Blair.  James sarcastically said looking at his brother, “Brother you have brought visitors…” Lawrence glanced at Daphne and David then back to his brother and harshly replied, “They aren’t visiting and I told you leave Daphne alone.”
“Still defending the whore, I see.” 

Lawrence flew at James and yelled, “She is not a whore.” 

James over powered him and had Lawrence by the throat, “See I’m stronger than you now. Killing you will be so easy but I’ll let you watch while I kill her first. Oh that reminds me, where is my daughter?” Lawrence wouldn’t answer James and for a moment they just stared at each other.
“Answer me!” Lawrence refused to say anything and when James knew he would get nothing from his brother he let him go. 

Blair saw the opportunity to knock James to the ground and started to punch him over and over. Estevan went to his parents and asked if they were ok. David nodded and so did Daphne. Estevan helped his Mum up and when she saw Lawrence lying on the floor hurt, her first instinct was to run to him but she felt she had to stay with David. 

As they looked at one another Estevan saw the genuine love they shared. He looked at his Dad and asked, “You ok?” David nodded with a smile then said to his wife, “We can’t leave him in pain.” Estevan looked at his parents and said, “While Blair is keeping James busy, I will help Lawrence. Personally I’d like to see him die but I won’t, well not today anyway,” Daphne looked horrified at Estevan’s statement.

Blair was still fighting with James when he saw David taking Daphne towards the door. Rage was now at its peak at the thought of her escaping; James pushed Blair off him just long enough to run towards David and Daphne. Blair flew at James but as he got closer he noticed James had a knife. 

Blair shouted but it was too late as he watched his Dad stumble to the ground clutching his chest. Lawrence tried to push James off David but James without even looking knocked his brother backwards. Daphne knelt by David’s side screaming, “Why do this to him. What did he do to you?” James had a cold smirk on his face, “He is with you.” 

Estevan was angry and shoved James and was relentless by causing pain. He punched, kicked and wouldn’t stop. Blair didn’t even try to pull Estevan off James as he knelt by his father’s side. “Dad, let me help you?” David gasping for breath said, “I told you before, I’m content with how my life has turned out. Harmony gave me the gift of life and my only intention was to put things right.” Daphne through her tears said, “David please listen to your son.” David tried to look her in the eye but couldn’t as he replied, “Daphne my time has passed. Blair, help your brother before he hurts himself.”

 Lawrence knelt down and said, “Is there anything I can do?” Daphne wouldn’t look at him but David said, “No but thank you. Just do yourself a favour and put things right especially with your niece and tell her the truth.”
“I hope she listens to me.” David smiled without saying anything.

Lawrence went back to the doorway and said, “Now James you will pay,” then shut the door behind him.

Estevan had James by his throat, “My mother is no whore so why wreck her life?” James laughed as he egged Estevan on, “To see that body of hers why else.” Estevan threw him across the room. 

Blair got to James first and while he held him against the wall Estevan coldly said, “My mother is no whore and she would never go for you.”
“If the whore re-bonds with Lawrence this is the face you’ll see for eternity, my boy.” Blair spat back, “If our mother chooses to bond with Lawrence it won’t be your face we will see.”
“Go on kill me now but are you really sure you won’t see me?” Estevan looked at Blair and said, “He wants a quick death, let’s make it a long and painful one.” Blair replied through his thoughts, ‘Dad is dying so as much as he deserves a very painful death. Just make it painful and quick, will you?’
‘Fine but what about Torri?’
‘We will tell her the truth but let’s get this over with.’
‘Very well.’ Estevan grabbed James from Blair and sunk his fangs in deeply then pulled them out slowly and then pushed harder back into the skin and listened while James screamed out in pain.

Daphne was still holding David with tears running down her face. Lawrence looked at David as he watched the life drain from him and when the boys came from the room he saw their faces. 

They both knelt by him and heard a faint whisper, “Boys remember your promise,” they nodded as tears started to come from their faces and then David said with his last breath, “Daphne I lo…” he never got to finish his sentence as his eyes finally closed.