Thursday, 5 December 2013

5.24 Blair's secret

Blair sat on the bed thinking, ‘What have I done?’ Teddy sat beside him resting her hand on his shoulder, “Now do you want to talk to me?”

Blair got up and said, “I’ve done something really bad.” Teddy put her arms around him and said, “Nothing can be that bad.”

Blair with anger in his voice added, “I crossed the line.” Teddy looked calm as she replied, “If you are on about where you the other night and keeping it from me then yes, you crossed the line. As for your nightmare…”
“What nightmare?”

Teddy came face to face with her husband and said, “All the secrets you have been keeping must have been getting to you because you started to talk in your sleep. The sweat pouring off you was terrible and when I heard Heather’s name mentioned I started to read your mind. I have to say you and her having sex wasn’t a nice thing to see but I know one thing we do so much better.”
“Are you saying it was all in my head?”
“And that’s where it better stay. Do you know why you were thinking of Heather?”
“It could be to do when she saw me the other day. She gave me a bunch of letters and asked me to mind them.”
“Did she say anything else?”

“Only that she did love me. I told her she opened my eyes. Meaning that when you came along I knew what I wanted.” Teddy smiled at him as he told the truth and asked, “Now are you going to finally tell me what you are up too?”

“Nope. I have a better idea in mind.”
“Oh no you don’t…” Blair cut her off as he kissed her and suddenly Teddy forgot what she was asking.
“I’m so glad I haven’t cheated on you.”
“Me too.” Teddy raised her head slightly and kissed Blair before he could spoil the moment. 

Later that day Teddy cornered Blair and firmly asked, “Ok Blair your time is up. What have you been up too?” Blair was about to answer when the doorbell rang so he replied, “Saved by the bell.” 

She saw him speak to a man and then Blair shut the door and came up to Teddy and said, “If you want to know what I was doing the other night then get changed and I’ll show you.”
“Who was the man at the door?”
“A limo driver; now trust me.” When Teddy entered the bedroom she saw a dress hanging up. She looked puzzled but put the dress on anyway. 

The next thing she knew Blair had walked in pinning her to the wall and said, “You look amazing in that dress. You are so going to drive me nuts all night.” Then he let her go without kissing her and held the door open for her. For a moment Teddy stood there and Blair said, “If you love me and I know you do then you will want answers but you will need to come with me.”

Teddy stood with Blair in the middle of a field, “This is the big secret, a field?” Blair pulled her close and asked, “Is that all you see?”
Teddy looked puzzled and asked, “Ok Blair, what is going on? I’m dressed up to be in the middle of a field?”

“First of all you dressing up was for my pleasure because I’m taking you for dinner, Estevan and Dawn are joining us. The piece of land; I bought it. Estevan was telling me everything went through on the phone. You are right Ty and Harmony together means she won’t be sleeping around but I just never thought of my baby bonding so soon. I thought I was the only man in her life. Anyway what I’m trying to say is that this is land is for Harmony.”
“But she is so young.”
“The day she gets this land is when she is old enough and when she wants to move out of the family home into a place of her own.”

“I thought you weren’t seeing me until the weekend?”
Ty sighed and replied, “I have to tell you, I’m going on a course starting next week.” 

Harmony turned her back on him, “You said you weren’t going away. You were going to study from home.” Ty wrapped his arms around her, “I will be studying at home. It’s just they want me to go on this two week course to meet my tutors and take some tests to see if I can cope with the work load.”
“Ty, please don’t go. Something will happen and you will find…” 

Ty cut her off and lifted her chin so Harmony looked at him in the eye, “I don’t want anyone but you. I am yours and you are mine. They can try but my only interest is you.”
“Just promise me that if you get tempted you will ring me first.”
“I promise.”


  1. ~ A gold star goes to Zhipp! LOL! Well guessed! ;)
    ~ Just a dream,more like a nightmare for Teddy!
    ~ Blair is coming around*faint,gets up,faint,gets up,faint again* OMG!!!!!!!
    ~ Harmony tried her pout out on Ty,but he seems to know just how to handle her, & had her happy again!
    ~ Doesn't she realize he will miss her too!?
    ~ Loved the is one! (",)

    1. Karima,

      Yes Zhippidy you guessed right lol. Teddy was very calm here. Blair is slowly coming around to the idea of Ty and his daughter together hehe, wow.
      Ty knows how to handle Harmony thankfully but yes he will miss her alot, glad you liked this

      Thanks for reading :)

  2. Wow, Teddy is one understanding lady, if my hubby was dreaming about hot sex with his ex, I wouldn't be that calm. I found her reading his thoughts/dreams a tad disturbing, poor man, he can't have some privacy even in his sleep. That's a very nice gesture Blair did for his daughter.

    1. Val,

      Teddy was very understanding to calm for me but then it was only a dream thankfully otherwise Blair would have been dead by Teddy's hands lol. She only read his thoughts because he was sweating and called Heather's name.
      Blair did something nice for Harmony, yay

      Thanks for reading :)

  3. LMBO I still thought the dream was real and that Blair was just hiding it and then had a nightmare about it.
    Phew! That's the last thing they all needed!

    Hm. I wonder what Harmony's going to say about that land. She could either be real happy or upset that her daddy's handing stuff to her on a silver platter without her having the satisfaction of earning it herself. Maybe I'm putting too much into this.

    Aw, Harmony actually is worried that Ty would want anyone but her? Girl, open your eyes!

    1. Mypal,

      It was the last thing they needed. Harmony won't know about the land until Blair thinks she is ready. Harmony will properly love it but Ty may have a different take on it. I don't think you are reading too much into this as you could be right Harmony may also be angry at her Dad.

      Thanks for reading :)