Tuesday, 29 October 2013

5.15 Transition

Will and Art placed Ty on the bed. “What’s happening to me?”
“Art phone Granddad and tell him Ty is changing and quickly.” 

Art left the room to make the call and Will turned to Ty and said calmly, “Ty, somehow you are changing into a young adult but we are here so you aren’t on your own.”
“I thought it happened…” Will advised him to save his strength as this was a long process. Heather came in and asked, “How is he?”

Will looked at Heather and said, “He’ll be fine. Can you ring the doctor and ask for lots a blood packs. The doctor doesn’t have to stay but we will need them and even if we gave him our blood it wouldn’t be enough as this is not the normal change.” Heather looked concerned as Will added, “Ty’s change has been triggered by something.” 

Ty tried to sit up and heard what was going on and answered, “I pushed Harmony away just like Blair wanted but I love her.” He passed out again. Art panicked, “Dad is Ty dying?”

Will saw his son’s concern and said, “No just this change is going to be tough.”
“Am I going to be like this?”
“Are you stressing over anything…like a girl?”
“Me? Just loving the attention Dad. That reminds me I had a date tonight…oh well guess it’s cancelled now.”
Will looked angry, “Are you playing around?”
“Not like that but I’ve had four girlfriends in the last 2 months.” Will was in shock and Heather couldn’t believe this was her son standing in front of her.

Harmony ran passed her Dad and screamed, “It’s all your fault!” Blair looked at Teddy and asked, “What did I do?”
They jumped when they heard the door slam, “Go talk to her.” 

Blair entered her room to find Harmony on the floor crying, “Harmony what have I done?”
“Ty refuses to see me anymore because of you and I want to see him Dad.” Suddenly she clutched her stomach. “Harmony, what is wrong?”
Crying through the pain, “I don’t know Daddy.”

Estevan sat next to Ty and explained, “You are becoming a fully grown adult with all your vampire powers, do you understand?” Ty nodded and asked, “Does that mean I have to leave school?”
“No it means you complete your education but you look like an adult instead of a teenager.”
Ty thought about Harmony and asked, “What about Harmony? Will Blair allow me to see her? I mean will she even recognise me?”
Estevan had to calm Ty down. “TJ, I’ll talk to Blair, I can’t make any promises but I will try. If you are meant to be with Harmony believe me it will happen.”
“I know I am, don’t ask how but I know I’m meant to be with her.” 

Estevan phoned Dawn to tell her he may not be home that night but if she went into labour he would be straight home. Dawn reluctantly understood and finished their call going to bed.
They all took turns watching Ty as went through his change. Occasionally he would utter the word Harmony in his sleep but that was all.

Harmony was now tossing and turning on the bed as Blair and Teddy watched helplessly. “Try Estevan again Blair, please. She’s our baby.” Blair kept getting the answer machine. 

When he tried his home number Daphne answered the phone, “Is Estevan there?”
“Blair, can I help?” When he explained Daphne asked him to check on Draco. “Why would I need to check on my son? It is Harmony that needs help.”
“You asked for my advice now try listening to me, please.” He looked at Teddy and said, “Check Draco.” 

Teddy ran to his nursery while Blair stayed with Harmony.

Ty had to take more blood and kept asking for Harmony. Will looked at him and said, “You need to do this alone but you have us.”

“I can’t breathe,” as he fell to the floor. 

Estevan and Will helped him back to the bed. Art came in to take over from his granddad. “Go home to Dawn she needs you. I can help Dad. Ty is my friend and I need to help.”
“You are growing way to fast Art but I love you very much. However I’m staying but thank you for the offer.”

Art asked his Granddad, “Ty is family now, right?”
“If he is family to you then that is good enough for me but you know if he does end up with Harmony he will be an Uncle to you?”
“Officially maybe but he will always be my friend, my best friend.” Estevan thought back to Jason and how much he missed him. When he left Holly, he left his best friend too so he knew how important having a best friend was to Art.
“Then we all stay to help him, agreed?” Will looked at his son and then to his Dad and they nodded in agreement. 

Heather came in and kissed Will, “Baby and I need sleep so we will say goodnight.”
“Make sure you both get some sleep.” Heather smiled and said, “We will, night everyone.” Estevan followed her outside and asked, “Heather, are you ok?”

She turned to Estevan and replied, “I’m just tired that’s all but thanks for noticing.”
“You need anything Heather just call.”
“Thanks but you have a baby due any day so concentrate on Dawn first.” After their brief conversation Estevan went back into see how Ty was doing.
“Everything ok, Dad?” Estevan looked at Will and smiled.

Blair ran into Draco’s room when he heard Teddy shout then he saw Draco standing there as a child. Harmony staggered in and looked at Draco and said, “Cool you are bigger now. Just stay out of my room.”
Draco looked at his sister and said, “K.i.s.s.i.n.g, Harmony loves someone I wonder who?” 

Harmony left the bedroom and said, “I hate you.”
Draco yelled back, “Love you sis.”

Ty fell to the floor then pulled himself up and the change started to complete. They all watched as Ty turned into the vampire he was meant to be. Art asked, “Ty are you alright?”
Ty turned and looked at him and said firmly, “I never felt more alive.”

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

5.14 Bribery

Harmony found herself at the graveyard and knelt down by her grandfather’s grave. “Granddad.”
David appeared and said, “Harmony, is that you?” 

She ran into his arms and softly said, “It’s me. Can you please talk to Daddy, he found out I like this boy Ty and he wants me to have nothing to do with him.”
“I take it you like the boy?” She looked at her granddad, “I do and I would like to get to know him better.”
“I wish I could help but I’m stuck here, sweetheart.” 

Harmony lost her temper, “No you’re not, I heard Daddy say that you married Daphne and you see her every week at Uncle Estevan’s house.”

“You know…” Harmony like her father took the bribery route and held a bottle out, “Unlike my new gran this potion I hold contains the ingredients to make you human again for death till you part but this is the deal, I want to get to know Ty without Daddy breathing down my neck. Something is different I can feel it but I want to know why. All I need you to do is talk to Daddy. After all even though you are human he is scared of you, I heard him say that to Mum.”
“And if I don’t?”

“I tip this away but I could go further and give you eternal life, I need to make my first kill but I could try it out on you if you let me.”
“You said kill…”
“I need the practise and I could turn you rather than kill you, I know how and if I kill you I could always bring you back and try again.”
“Harmony don’t you think this is going overboard just for a boy?”
“Maybe but I need to find out what it is. Will you help me Granddad?” David looked at her and softly replied, “I will help because you are my Granddaughter and I love you not because of bribery.”

David didn’t wait for someone to open the door. He passed through the door catching Teddy by surprise and all she could do was point in the direction of Blair. He was playing away at the piano angry that Harmony was getting older and wanting to see boys.
“Nice to see you still play the piano.” Blair slammed the keys down and turned to his father and with sarcasm in his voice asked, “Not with the wife?” 

David sighed, “Do we have to be this way every time? Look I made my mistakes and I regret them but you and Estevan were never a mistake and yes I should have been there more but it never meant I never cared for either of you. I’d like us to get along can we do that?”
Blair grunted, “I suppose so. Why are you here anyway?” David looked at Bair and replied, “Harmony came to see me. She says you are giving her a hard time over a boy, Ty.” 

Blair got angry, “She isn’t dating not now, not ever.”
“As a parent I understand your concern but if you don’t let her date she will hate you…” Teddy was in the doorway and added, “And end up with someone like my ex.” Blair softened his face when he looked at Teddy and held her saying, “That will never happen to our daughter. I will make sure of that.”
“She could date countless men to spite you and ignore Ty. You know he has a good heart so what are you afraid of?”
“I’m afraid she’ll never need me again…” 

Teddy caressed his face and said, “You won’t lose her if you accept Ty. One of two things will happen they will get to know each other and drift apart and break the bond mutually or grow stronger in their love and then get married…”
“Are you trying to give me a heart attack?” 

Teddy smiled, “No just pointing out the truth.”
“Blair, listen to your wife. You have a good woman there. Harmony just wants to make her own choices.”
“Fine I’ll let her chose her boyfriend but whoever he is, he’d better treat my baby right.”
David smiled at his son and said, “She will come to you if he doesn’t and you know that deep down.”

Ty was swinging on the swing when he saw Harmony enter the park. He watched as Harmony approached him. “Hello again.” 

Ty stood up and just looked at her. “Why did you run off when you kissed my hand?”
Ty just stared at her and replied, “I don’t know, your Dad wouldn’t approve of us being seen together.” Harmony got closer towards Ty and asked, “Is that what you want?” 

Ty stepped back and sadly said, “I’d love to know you better but I don’t want to make things difficult between you and your Dad so we can’t meet again.” Harmony couldn’t say anything and was almost at the brink of tears, “But what about the nice things you said?”

“I meant every word but your Dad….” Harmony bolted this time from the park with all her emotions flying everywhere. Ty felt terrible but he needed to stay on Blair’s good side if he was to win over Harmony. 

Suddenly he collapsed not knowing what was wrong he got the phone from his pocket and managed to phone Art before he passed out.

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

5.13 Stay with me tonight

Philippe had found it hard staying at William and Heather’s place because it was the first time he hadn’t jumped into bed with a woman he was dating. However this felt different so he took the step of asking her to his place on a date. Philippe was the type of man who kept his home clean but that said he was only picking up after one person but as he looked around it dawned on him that it now felt too quiet. He went to bed alone and woke up alone. Philippe felt it was time for a change and was hoping that tonight would change that.

He checked his bed was tidy and made in case they ended up in here. He wanted her to have a good impression of him. Just as he lit the last candles he heard a knock at the door. 

When he saw Paris standing there he was lost for words, “Are you going to invite me in?” He stood away from the door and let Paris in.
Paris looked around quickly and said, “I love your place.”
“Would you like the tour?” Paris smiled and cheekily said, “I’d love that.” As he showed her around the apartment she gasped in shock, “I’ve never seen a guy’s place so tidy.” He ushered her back to the living area and poured her a glass of wine. “Are you trying to get me tipsy?”
“This is a date and I want to show you a good time.” 

He took her glass from her and kissed her passionately running his hand across her cheek. “Is that behaving for you?” Paris bit her lip and looked into his eyes and asked quietly, “Where is our relationship going?”
“Where do you want it to go?”

Paris put her arms around him, “I want more than just a date, I want a lot more but I don’t think you do.”
Philippe held her tighter and replied, “I told you before I’ve like you for a long time and the last few months have been fun but if we are being honest then I want more too.”
Paris was scared to ask but asked anyway, “How much more?”
“I’m getting too old to mess about so I was hoping you would consider moving in with me.” 

Paris fell on the sofa disappointed, “I thought that you…”
“Wanted to get married? Yes I do it’s just because you were engaged I thought it might be inappropriate to ask you so soon.” Paris looked at him and Philippe said softly, “I love you.” Paris couldn’t believe it he loved her and that look in his eyes meant he was serious. “I love you too.” Paris stood up in front of Philippe and grabbed his hand guiding him to his bedroom. 

She stood there by his bed not know what to do next. Philippe suddenly had his hands around her waist pressing his lips hard against hers gliding his hands down to her bum. He whispered in her ear, “I want you Paris.”
“I want you too.” Paris intensified the kiss moving her hands down to his trousers. 

He helped her out of her dress and pushed her back as he kissed her chest. She tried to grab on but instead wrapped her leg around him. 

Then she felt a soft material underneath her and watched as Philippe removed his clothes. He pulled her on top of him and loved her soft lips touch his and as she arched her back slightly he viewed her breasts and wondered what it would be like to kiss them. 

He grabbed Paris and moved their position. Paris wrapped herself around him as he started to caress her chest and kiss them one by one. “Do you like that?”
Paris just nodded as she murmured a yes. She pushed herself more into him as he kissed her. Philippe could feel Paris arch her back more as their passion intensified and moved his hands up her bare back to hold her there as he continued. 

Paris pushed against his hands and as he let go she fell backwards onto the bed. He followed her move and not letting up as he pushed himself inside her. His thrusts became harder and Paris gasped with delight as he went deeper within her. She tried to claw at his chest as she screamed his name but with every thrust she lost control and resigned herself to the fact that this was the best she’d ever had and that Philippe was in control for the night.
When they had finished making love Paris started to get dressed and Philippe asked, “Where are you going?”
“I need to get going…” 

Philippe got up and stopped her, “I don’t want you to leave, Paris. I did ask you to move in with me and I meant it. At least stay the night and think about it.”
“This feels like a dream.”
“Was it a good dream?” Paris smiled at him, “It was a good dream that I don’t want to wake from.”
“Then don’t wake from it and stay with me tonight.” Philippe pulled her towards the bed keeping his eyes on hers and asked, “What is your answer?”
“I’ll move in with you and I’ll stay tonight.”
“Then tomorrow we will get your things and make it official.” Paris lay in his arms thinking, ‘I’m finally getting my dream. I’m going to be living with my man and there won’t be anyone here but the two of us.’

Tuesday, 8 October 2013

5.12 A word

Blair and Ty were in the office working when Blair asked, “TJ did you get those forms filled in like Estevan asked?” Ty looked and Blair, “I did, I also cleaned the arcade…”

Blair made his way to the front of the desk and just stood there and replied, “Don’t try and butter me up, boy.” Ty looked at Blair and knew instantly what he was referring to. He tried to stay calm, “Blair, what have I done?”
“You work for me and Estevan but that does not give you the right to open access with my daughter. She can do better than you so stay the hell away from her.” Ty felt the pain of not being wanted or being liked. He remembered Daphne’s words, ‘One day you will have to show the real you.’ 

Suddenly he lost it, “How dare you think I’m not good enough for your daughter. I may not be what you want for her but have you ever asked Harmony what she wants?” Blair stood there listening to Ty rant on, “Harmony is a wonderful person but you can’t lock her up forever. Is she your possession or does she belong to herself? If she tells me to piss off I’ll be heartbroken but I will accept it because she told me. So go on fire me, see if I care because if you do then I have more time to see Harmony.” 

Blair grabbed him by his clothes when he noticed Teddy in the doorway. He put Ty down and said, “Gorgeous, we were just talking about Harmony.” Teddy smiled at Ty but frowned at Blair, “Blair Merrick a word outside, NOW.”

When Blair closed the door Teddy started yelling at him, “What was all that about?”
“I don’t like him and he won’t be allowed near my daughter.”
“Excuse me!”
“I mean our daughter. Look at him…”
“Not your type?” Blair was angry, “Teddy don’t you dare twist this on me when I’m trying to protect our daughter.”
“You don’t understand…”
“Try me.” Teddy said, “Sit down.” 

Blair was now nervous as he sat down by his wife. “I know you were listening to the whole conversation when I was speaking to Harmony. When she said he kissed her hand, I became suspicious…” Blair interrupted her, “I know I heard and your point.”
“After you took off she said a few more things so I went to see Estevan. Daphne was there and confirmed what I thought; well they both said the same thing.”
“Teddy, get on with it.”
“They bonded, Blair” 

He shot up and yelled, “They did what!” Teddy tried to calm Blair down, “Please Blair they aren’t aware what has happened yet.”
“But they are teenagers it’s impossible.”
“It is very rare but possible. Daphne said the last case was 100 years ago.”
“No he’s not…I’ll fix this.” 

He burst into the office and punched Ty in the face. Ty fell backwards, just missing the table. “How fucking dare you.” Ty got up but slightly stumbled before straightening himself up. Blair went for him again but this time Teddy got between them, “Hit me instead.” 

Blair held his position looking at his wife then backed down, “I’d never hit you.” 

He pulled her close and kissed her, “I know you wouldn’t but you can’t kill Ty either.” Ty was frozen on the spot and with fear in his voice asked, “Did I do something wrong?”
Blair firmly said, “TJ, just stay out of my way. Take the books over to Philippe at Plasma 501 and be quick about it.” Ty didn’t question him and ran from the room. 

“Blair we have to tell them…”
“Blair I know you like him…”
“That’s not the point.”

Will had made a promise and went to the doctors with Heather. “The test confirms that you are expecting.”
Will looked at Heather and asked, “How far are we?”
Dr Smith replied, “After examining your wife it looks like she is 9 weeks along.”

Heather asked, “Can I have a home birth?”
“It’s not advisable, Heather. Now you are due at the hospital in a few days for your scan then I’ll see you in a few weeks for a check-up.” 

After leaving the doctor’s William pulled Heather into him, “I’m so happy right now.”
“What do you think Art will say?”
“I think he will be happy to finally be a big brother.” 

They spotted Art playing basketball with TJ. They watched for a moment and when Art saw them he raced over, “Is it true, am I going to be a brother?”

Heather was in shock, “How did you…”
“I overheard you and Dad talking.”
“Yes it’s true I’m pregnant.” Art hugged his Mum and said, “This is awesome Mum. I can’t wait.”