Tuesday, 24 September 2013

5.10 Concern

Blake sat with Keith’s body waiting for the ambulance when he felt fear race through his body. Lexy needed him and he was going to be there. 

He left the station in search for Lexy and with every step he took the fear grew then suddenly he felt nothing. Panic set in as he feared for Lexy’s life. The first thing he did was call for help, ‘Dad help, how do I find Lexy when I have no contact?’ Estevan heard the plea through his thoughts, ‘Stop and feel and make sure you can’t sense her. What was she doing?’
‘We found Keith dead and she went after the killer.’
‘What do you see around you?’
‘Dad this isn’t a game.’ Estevan lost his temper, ‘Answer the damn question.’ He could feel Blake’s panic grow as he answered his Dad. 

‘There are some building and a park.’ Estevan quickly said, ‘Go to the park, if the criminal is calm he’ll hide in plain sight.’ Blake was already running towards the park.  ‘Dad what if…’
‘She will be fine don’t you dare think the worst. You have a long life ahead, marriage, babies, and grandchildren. Blake you have to believe that do you understand?’ Blake couldn’t answer he felt like his heart was breaking in half.
‘Blake, pull yourself together Lexy needs you. I’m not far away.’ Blake took a deep breath as he entered the park; he quickly scanned the area and saw Lexy in the corner lying on the floor with Blair over her and what look like a dead body to one side.

Blake ran to Lexy shouting, “No, no, no…” Blair saw the state he was in and said, “She passed out Blake she is fine. I knocked her out...” 

Blake got to his feet ready to fight Blair when Estevan yelled, “Blake back down now.”
“I knocked her out but not in the way you think. That guy lying over there picked up a piece of wood and swung it in Lexy’s direction. She panicked and screamed I managed to stop that wood before it hit her head by pushing her out of the way but she hit her head anyway. However the killer over there is just breathing so we have to deal with him. I checked on Lexy and she is still breathing and was just starting to wake up.”
Blake wanted to argue but how could he; his uncle had arranged his wedding and now saved Lexy’s life. “Hun…” 

Blake turned his attention to his wife as she was getting up from the floor. He went over to her and pulled her into his chest and said, “Are you ok?”
Lexy nodded, “Blair saved me from getting beat up and that’s all I remember.” Suddenly she remembered why she was in the park and rolled the guy over who was still conscious and said, “I’m arresting you for the murder of Keith Summers, you don’t have to say anything that may harm your defence that you may later rely on in court, do you understand?”

The guy murmured, “Yes.” Then some officers that Estevan had called took him away. “Blair, stay with Lexy a moment while I talk to Blake."

When they were far enough away he firmly said, “Blake, don’t argue with Lexy about her job, I know you hate it but now is not the time. Remember her boss was a friend too and losing her friend will be hard on her so be a good husband and just be there for her, understand?”
Blake nodded at his Dad and asked, “Are you mad at me…you know getting married?”
“I was but I understand why you did it and I’m happy for you both. I do have a wedding gift but I’ll give you that in a few days when Lexy is up to it.”

Lexy collapsed when she got out of the lift, Blake got down beside her and she said through tears, “Keith is dead because of me.”
“Baby, he died because of a mad man not because of you.”
“If we hadn’t taken the long way…”
Blake yelled, “Lexy stop this now. We had just got back and were on our way there, you would not have been able to prevent this but you caught his killer because you were there.” 

He held her close to him and continued, “You are a fantastic cop; don’t ever ask me to repeat that but this why I get worried.”
“I’m quitting the job, I’m losing it.” Blake inside was jumping up and down with elation that Lexy wanted to quit the job but deep down even Blake knew she was quitting for the wrong reasons. He hated what he was about to say, “You can’t quit the job. You can only quit when you are at the top of your game.” Lexy was in shock, “Blake, do you really mean that?”
“I do. Now does Keith’s wife know?”

Lexy buried her head in Blake and said, “I don’t know.” She trembled as she took the phone in her hand. 

She dialled his home number and his wife picked up the phone, “Mrs Summers, it’s Lexy Sail.” Before Lexy could say anything more she said, “Lexy I heard you got married congratulations.”
“Thanks,” making what Lexy had to say next even more difficult, “Mrs Summers, while Keith was on duty…he was killed.” Then she listened to his wife sob down the phone, “Where is my husband Lexy?”

“He’s been taken to the hospital. You will need to give a formal ID…I am sorry that you lost him.”
“Promise me you’ll catch the person or persons responsible.”
“He’s already in custody Mrs Summers.” After that there were a few moments of silence then they said their goodbyes. Lexy dropped the phone and cried while Blake just held her.

Saturday, 21 September 2013

5.9 A bad feeling

Harmony lay on the bed thinking about when she saw Ty. ‘He kissed my hand and it felt wonderful but I need more than five minutes with him. I wonder what he looks like without his makeup. I don’t have his mobile number.’ There was a knock at the door, “Come in.” 

Teddy walked in to see a big beaming smile on her daughters face. “What’s the boy’s name?” Harmony suddenly looked terrified, “I can’t tell you because you will tell Dad and then the boy I like will be dead.”
“Oh hunny, you honestly don’t think your Dad would do that, do you?”

“Yes I do. He expects me to live alone and never know what true love is. What about what I want? I want to talk for hours with the man of my dreams, have lots of kisses and more.”
“You mean having sex, Harmony?”
“Yuck no, after everything that I have heard it’s disgusting. I mean Kerry told me her boyfriend touched her breast and touched her down…you know there.” Teddy was trying not to laugh and composed herself to explain, “You really think sex is disgusting?”
“It’s all about men forcing us to do what we don’t want, right?” 

Blair was sitting outside the door cringing at every part of their conversation and it took all his strength not to burst in there. He knew Teddy would lose it with him if he did. Teddy sighed, “No it isn’t Hun. Do you think that’s what your Dad does to me? I mean you did tell him about the disgusting noises coming from our room.” Harmony shrugged her shoulders then Teddy had to explain, “Sex is part of a relationship when two people love each other. Sex is a form of expression when it comes to being in love not what a man can get out of a woman. If a man forces himself on a woman and she says no then it is known as rape. Do you understand the difference?”

Harmony nodded and asked, “So if I have a boyfriend it’s ok to have sex?”
“Not until you are ready and not until you are of legal age. However just because you are the right age doesn’t necessarily mean you are ready either.”
“I understand Mum.”
“Now you were going to tell me the boy’s name.”
“What about Dad?”
“Leave him to me.”
“His name is Ty and he kissed my hand today but took off.” 

Blair after hearing the name decided to go and find him.

Lexy and Blake had returned from honeymoon. They were taking the long walk to the station for Lexy to tell Keith she would be returning to work. “I wish you weren’t going to work in the morning, baby.” 

Lexy sweetly looked at Blake, “Me either but I can’t lay in bed with you all day every day.” 
Blake kissed her and said, “I can’t see anything wrong with that.”

Keith was waiting in the office for Lexy when he felt a sharp stabbing penetrate his back and again and again. When he turned around he saw a man stand over him, “I told you to release my partner but you don’t listen. You gave me no choice Keith.” 

He smiled as he watched Keith struggle with the pain. He tried to get the phone from his pocket but the man stood on his chest and slowly increased the pressure. “I’m making sure you die tonight.” Keith struggled to talk, “You won’t get away with this.”
“But I will and when my partner is free it will be all your fault for those poor woman who have to enjoy us touching them and believe me they will enjoy it.”
“It’s not my fault, it will always be yours and you know it.” 

Keith coughed up blood and tried to get free but he was becoming weaker every second, the man kicked him while he lay there on the floor. Keith started to shiver as he became cold and his eyes started to close but he tried to fight it but he couldn’t and with one last breathe he closed his eyes and stopped breathing. 

The man wiped his knife and placed it back in his pocket. He smiled as he glanced at Keith’s dead body then he took a cloth from his pocket and opened the office door and closed it behind him as if nothing had happened.

He past Lexy and Blake as they entered the station but Lexy had a bad feeling something was wrong. 

When they entered the room she saw the trail of blood and knew instantly that Keith was dead. “Blake that guy we past, I think he did this. Call an ambulance.” Before Blake could say anything Lexy took off. She knew if she could read his mind then she would know. 

She saw him strolling in the park and as she came closer she heard in his mind, ‘Now Keith is out the way, it’s back to business.’ He made a call, “Did you post bail?”
This was enough evidence for Lexy.  She quickly knocked him to the ground with anger and frustration in her punches. She had to keep it together just long enough to arrest him for Keith’s murder, “What’s your name?”
“Not telling you but you seem good enough for a good seeing to.” 

Lexy growled at him suddenly knowing who he was and said very coldly, “I’m arresting you for the murder of Keith Summers.” The guy suddenly realising she was a cop reached for a piece of wood and picked it and swung it towards Lexy.

Thanks Karima for your help on a few pictures :)

Tuesday, 17 September 2013

5.8 Cool and Calm

Ty looked at his reflection in the mirror and started to talk to his reflection, ‘Why can’t you show her the real you? Look at me, I’m ugly and she is way out of my league. I must be kidding myself she’s never going to see past the dog collar and makeup. Then stop wearing them. No I can’t otherwise people would see the vulnerable side and I can’t let that happen.’ He then put his makeup and collar back on and said to himself, ‘Now I know Blair is Harmony’s Dad I’d better keep up the blocking of my mind before I end up dead.’ 

He jumped when he heard a knock at the door but before he could answer Daphne walked in, “Ummm, who are you?” Daphne eyed Ty and replied, “My name is Daphne Granger. I’m Estevan’s Mum and I was sent to take you shopping for a wardrobe.”
“I don’t need hand outs.” Daphne laughed, “Unfortunately there is a dress code when you work for my son plus you need clothes. Also I know your secret, you may be able to block minds but I can still you read yours.”
Ty looked horrified and coldly asked, “Ok then what am I hiding?”

“You like Harmony.” Ty mouth almost fell to the floor and pleaded with her not to tell anyone. Daphne looked at him and said, “Come on I haven’t got all day and Estevan wants to see you suited and booted.” Ty had never had a wardrobe before but was more concerned about Blair finding out about his feelings for his daughter.
“Please answer my question…”
“I will while we are shopping.” 

As they walked to the shop Ty asked, “Can I pick my clothes?”
“I think that would be a good idea but I will help you when it comes to the suits. How old are you Ty?”
“I’m seventeen.” They had gotten to the shop and Ty started to look at the different clothes but was terrified to touch them. 

The assistant looked at Ty giving him the impression that he shouldn’t be there. “Maybe I shouldn’t be here.” Daphne looked taken aback, “Come with me.” Towards the back of the shop was a private room with plenty of mirrors, a sofa and a changing room. “What is this place?”
“It is for good customers who want to do their shopping in private. Did you see any clothes you liked?”
“I’m worried that you will tell Blair…” Daphne stopped him in his tracks, “While you are trying on new clothes you can tell me about your feelings for Harmony.” 

Ty reluctantly agreed to tell Daphne. He took his collar off and tried a t-shirt and trousers. “I like her but every time I see her I mess things up.” Daphne asked, “Do you like the outfit?” Ty shrugged his shoulders. “Ty, what is it about Harmony that you like?”
“Everything. She has pretty eyes and when I touched her arm her skin is so soft… But she says I’m not her type.”
“Did she say about the way you dress?” Ty looked at her as Daphne continued, “Some girls use it to hide their feelings. Ty here is some advice; you need to show her the person you are inside.” 

Ty had tried a shirt and trousers on as Daphne looked to see if it fitted well. “Estevan will want the makeup gone while you work.”
“No. It’s who I am.”
“Ty, it’s not who you are. Are a piece of makeup?” Ty looked at Daphne as if she had gone nuts, “You use makeup to hide the real you because of your past but one day you will have to show everyone the person you are. Going to work with makeup isn’t a good idea. You need to attend work as you. Now would you like to meet Harmony again?”
“She insulted me and I yelled at her.”
“What did you say to her?”
“I said something about her being spoilt even though beautiful and gorgeous.” Daphne looked at him straight in the eye, “Did you mean it when you called her beautiful and gorgeous?”
“Every word, why?”
“You have my word that because you said those words, you now have her attention.” Ty looked confused, “Blair calls Harmony’s mum gorgeous. Another tip for you is keep on Blair’s good side. Now if you hurry she’ll be leaving the arcade where you can meet up.”

Ty ran from the shop in his new outfit but he decided to keep his makeup on. When he arrived he saw Harmony saying goodbye to some friends and waited for her. Harmony caught sight of him and approached Ty. “Hello.” Shit she spoke to me what do I say back? Well say something idiot. “Hello…ummm about the other day…” 

Harmony interrupted him, “I’m not spoilt but thanks for the other things you said they were nice, I’m Harmony by the way.” Did she just tell me her name, ok don’t you dare do that weird dance play it cool and calm.

Ty took her hand and kissed it gently, “It a pleasure to meet you Harmony.” She giggled and thought, ‘This feels strange but nice. I wonder if he’ll ask me out again but then after I was horrible to him I wouldn’t be surprised if he didn’t.’

“I have to go but maybe we’ll meet soon?” Harmony was in shock, ‘when will you see me again.’

Tuesday, 10 September 2013

5.7 Stepmum

Daphne watched as David got dressed, “Why don’t you come back to bed?” 

David turned and held her, “Darling, I wish I could but we both know this potion will wear off and I will be a ghost again.”
“I will find a way to make it permanent for us, for you.” 

David lifted her chin and asked, “Have you told the boys yet?” Daphne looked ashamed, “It’s really hard.” David started to yell at Daphne.

Estevan and Blair walked into the house to wait for the girls as they were out shopping for maternity wear. They heard yelling coming from upstairs and went to investigate.

“I can’t believe this…”
“Hun, I’m sorry but I tried telling Estevan but…”
“No more lies. We need to tell them or I’ll refuse the potion and I won’t see you.” Daphne panicked, “They won’t like it…”
David firmly said, “I don’t really care if they like it. They need to know and remember Daphne you were the one that wanted to tell them rather than let me.” 

David was so angry he turned to walk out but found his sons staring at him. Daphne was horrified as they all stared at one another. Estevan in a sarcastic tone asked Blair while staring at his parents, “I could have sworn our father was a ghost.”
“Do you know what, so did I. So how is it a man that looks like our Dad is standing in front of us?”
David just looked at them and said, “I have a confession to make.” 

Estevan sat on the bed and replied, “This better be good,” taking a quick glare at his mother knowing that she had a hand in whatever this was. Blair blocked the doorway and waited to hear his Dad’s confession. “When I came to see you a few months before I died so you could check on Blair…” Estevan interrupted him, “Get to the point, Dad. How are you human?”

Daphne butted in, “Since he killed Adam after taking that human potion. I found more of them that Blake has in his safe. So I broke in and took a few…” Blair finished the sentence for Daphne with a harsh tone, “And let me guess you have been taking it,” looking at his Dad then continued, “Meeting up and…I can’t believe I’m going to say this…and have sex, am I right?”
“Yes and no.”
Estevan looked puzzled, “There is no, yes and no. So which is it?” David felt backed against a wall and just blurted it out, “A few months before I died I married Daphne; I married your mother.” 

Blair yelled, “You did what?”
“You heard me, boy. Daphne is your step-mother.”

Suddenly David turned back into his ghost form and Blair demanded he drank another potion because he wanted answers. David reluctantly drank the potion and turned back into a human. 

Blair was angry and yelled, “Do you love her? I mean what about my mother, did you ever love her?”
“Blair, of course I loved your mother but she suffered badly with postnatal depression but we didn’t know what it was back then. When I first met her she was a wonderful, kind person but after having you she went downhill…”
“So it’s my fault?”
“No it isn’t your fault. If I knew what was going on I’d have got her help.”
“Have you seen her ghost?”
“So is her surname Merrick?” Daphne looked at Blair and replied calmly, “I kept my surname because your mother had only died a month before we married.”
“Just stay away from my family.” 

Blair left the room angry and hurt but Estevan went after him and shouted, “Does that included me?” Blair stopped and without turning around said, “How can you be so calm after they kept this from us. I mean you had the nice but absent father and nice mother, what did I get? A mother who couldn’t stand me and a father who worked away so I thought.”
“We are the better people here Blair, we are better parents than they ever were and we are better than friends, we are brothers, does that mean anything to you?”

“It does now but now your…she is my step-mother.”
“Welcome to my hell but maybe there is an upside to this too.”

“Harmony and Draco get a grandmother. After all Teddy’s parents are dead and so is your mother.”
Blair thought for a moment, “I suppose that could be a good thing.”