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6.17 Right treatment for Draco

Teddy sat there thinking of when the bond had been broken and what effect it had on her and Draco. When she had check-ups they would always say the baby is doing well and he’s a fighter. If he is fighter, then why isn’t he telling his mother that he needs help? Teddy could see in the eyes but Draco was trying to keep up this fa├žade of tough guy but he was also scared.

Teddy had, had enough so she decided that she was going to confront him and get to the truth. Teddy had tried ringing him and speaking through her mind but he wasn’t answering either way.

When she finally found Draco the sight that greeted her was one that no mother should see. 

Her only son was in a pool of blood with a knife beside him, Teddy froze and panic swept through her body as she screeched out in pain. Teddy ran over to her son and cradled him in her arms, “My baby boy, what have you done?” 

Draco didn’t open his eyes but in a whisper said, “Mummy, you came for me. El…” Draco suddenly stopped talking as he tried to lift his arm.
“Who is El? Oh please don’t die Draco, Mummy loves you please stay with me.” Teddy was now in tears. 

Suddenly a ghost approached her and said softly, “You are the ghosthunter?” Teddy stopped crying and asked, “Who did this to my son?”
“Mam, he did it to himself.”
“My son would NEVER kill himself!”
“In our world as you know we see many things, he did this to himself but it was strange…”
“Strange how?” Blair and Estevan had arrived after they both heard Teddy’s cries for help. 

They saw Teddy cradling Draco and Blair had this pang of guilt sweep over him and almost in the ghost’s face repeated, “Strange how?”
“He argued with himself, saying he’d lost everything but he didn’t want to die. At one stage he said you can’t make me. As ghosts, we see a lot of strange things, I was close to your father in death and I know he is David’s grandson. This is why I paid more attention. We can do things not even a vampire can do.”
David appeared in the graveyard with Daphne and said, “Get to the point; we want to save Draco’s life.”

“Teddy, he said El to you, am I right?”
She looked at the ghost and replied, “Yes…”
“He can be saved but only his parents can save him but keep him unconscious…”
“Why?” Blair butted in.
“Because Blair, El was only part of the name and as he was fighting himself or so I thought, I stepped inside him and then quickly ran out before I was seen. Elvira is controlling your son, now help him before she kills him and takes over his body.”
 Draco started to open his eyes but Estevan got to Draco first as he knelt down and said, “This is for your own good my boy,” as he punched him out cold. They strapped his wrists together as Teddy force blood in his mouth.
“Blair, he is going to be ok, right?” He looked helpless at his wife and for the first time was speechless for words.

The family doctor was waiting at the hospital. He asked them to lay Draco on the bed and leave. The doctor took samples of Draco’s blood, then sent them to the lab for testing. Dr Lane knew the family well and to see Teddy like this broke his heart.
“Teddy, you know I will do everything for Draco that I can.”
“Please save my baby.” He looked at Blair as Teddy cried into his chest and Blair said trying to keep it together for Teddy’s sake, “I was so hard on him, looking back he tried to tell me but I ignored my own son, please doc what are his chances?”
“Right now he needs both you and Teddy but if we are to believe you and proceed with this course of treatment, you have to be honest with me, do you understand?” 

Blair looked at Estevan and he nodded.
“Doc, I’m Blair’s younger brother, Estevan and if we are to tell you what we know, may I suggest a private room to explain.”
Teddy watched as they went into the room and explained the version of events that took place the day they got rid of Elvira.

“So, what you are telling me is that Draco as a teen got into a fight with Elvira because she attacked a girl he liked?”
“Yes and we think this event has caused this but the only way to confirm it would be the girl, Torri. Turning Elvira human wouldn’t have been the cause.”
“Can I speak to Torri?”

Daphne looked at the doctor and said, “She took off and who can blame her, the man she is madly in love with, from her perspective treated her badly so she wanted out. The real Draco may have not treated her so shamefully but unless Torri knows the truth and sees him again she will never be able to decide for herself.”
“Then seen as we cannot confirm what really happen, I will go with your thoughts on Elvira. Somehow transferring her blood into his bloodstream and contaminating Draco. Blair you and Teddy will both have to give a pint of blood each, at hourly intervals.”
“Then you can start with me first.” 

Blair followed the Doctor when Daphne held Estevan back, “Mum, Blair needs me.”
“I know he does that’s why I held you back. You need to help Blair by helping Draco.” Estevan looked at his Mum and replied, “What do you mean?”
“I asked around about Torri’s whereabouts and the information I got back is not good, really not good.”

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

6.16 The final straw

Advisory: Adult theme

Draco woke up screaming in pain, “No…it can’t be true.” He quickly got dressed and went to Torri’s home. When he didn’t get an answer he kicked in the door. He searched every room and found nothing, her clothes were still there but something wasn’t right. He replayed the memory and saw Torri getting into a car saying, “Good bye Draco.” 

He fell into the chair and glanced up and saw a picture Torri took of them together and he remembered that was one of the good days they had, had together. He shouted out loud and through his thoughts, “DON’T LEAVE I NEED YOU.” The thoughts were silent, there was no answer, he tried again but still nothing. He picked up the picture and left her home, he stumbled across town and for the first time that he could remember he started to cry.

He ended up at the basement of one of the clubs and he knew his Dad would be doing the rounds and he needed his help so desperately, he knew he would have to crawl to get his Dad’s attention because of his heartless reaction to his Mum. He was prepared to take whatever punishment came his way as long as he got help.
The door opened and he waited to have his Dad’s rath of fury but instead pretty boy was standing there, “There you are Draco.” It took all of Draco’s strength as he was distraught over Torri leaving, “Leave me alone.”

Pretty boy pulled him close and said sweetly, “I’ve come to take you home, your Mum wants to see you.” Draco paused for a moment but he wanted to see his Mum so much that he agreed to go with pretty boy.
He was shocked that pretty boy had driven him to his parent’s home. 

When they got inside he said to Draco, “You look a state, go and get cleaned up in your room.” 

Pretty boy watched him go to his room and smiled to himself. He knew Draco had let his guard down because of a silly love interest and his parents were still at the club so for the next hour or so he had Draco all to himself.

Pretty boy made his way slowly towards Draco’s room and when he walked in Draco was in the middle of getting changed when pretty boy saw his chance and took it. He forced Draco to his knees and pushed hard inside him, “Get the fuck off me.” Pretty boy ignored him and said, “I don’t like being cheated on and you with that girl.” Draco was trying to fight him and get free but pretty boy had been working out. Draco was screaming and yelling, “WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU ARE DOING?”
“Fucking my boyfriend.”
“I’m not your boyfriend NOW GET OFF ME!” Pretty boy pushed harder the more Draco struggled but stayed silent as he continued.

Blair had heard the commotion and stood there in disbelief at what was going on. He stood there watching pretty boy for a moment and felt a rage like nothing he felt before. Daphne had warned him that Draco needed help but he never thought it would be like this. Draco’s voice echoed in his head as he replayed the pleas for this guy to get off him. 

He watched and waited as pretty boy was about to climax and took his chance. He came up behind pretty boy and in one clean motion snapped his neck. He then walked out of the room and waited.
Draco in a panicked state ran out of his room and scream, “What did you do?”
“I did you a favour now clean up your mess.” 

He saw his Mum just stare at him and asked, “What?” He followed her eyes downwards and quickly covered himself when he realised he was still naked. Teddy said though her thoughts to Blair, ‘At least we know why the girls like him.’
Blair shook his head and repeated to Draco, “Clean up your mess and put some clothes on.”

After an hour Draco appeared fully clothed but shaken but all he heard from his Dad was, “How dare you bring a male lover into this house. You know my feelings on this.”
“Dad I…”
“Draco I banned you from this house for a reason but you broke in and carried on with HIM, this is not acceptable behaviour from my son.”
“Dad I…” Draco was trying to ask for help but Blair was angry and wasn’t listening, “GET OUT, I no longer have a son.” 

Teddy was devastated and started to cry, Blair held her and said calmly, “I’m sorry but this has to be done.”
Through her tears she said, “My motherly instinct tells me something is very wrong. Blair please let him come home.”
He knew she was right but he stood his ground as he refused to listen.

Draco had already left; he made one more stop to Torri’s house. He took one last look around but almost jumped when he saw his reflection and screamed, “YOU!”

“Who did you think the voice was, Draco? Now you have lost everything how does it feel? You will go to the graveyard and there you will end your life.”
“No, I won’t.”
“Oh but you will then I can be free of you, you see now I’m stronger I can control you. You also had to believe that the voice was your alter ego. In many ways you were too easy to control.”

When he was at the graveyard, he was trying to fight to keep control of his body but she was too strong. As he knelt there with the knife in his hand ready to slit his wrists he remembered what his Dad had told them about her so with every fibre in his being he gained enough strength to block his mind from her and screamed for help from the one person deep down he knew would help him.

Tuesday, 12 August 2014

6.15 Mistreatment

Draco held his head in shame, “Cuz I’m sorry pretty boy came here. I promise I will sort this out.”
“What is going on Draco?” 
He glanced at Will and said, “Dad kicked me out.”
Will firmly replied, “You were the one who saved our family from Elvira and now you are treating us like shit.”

“It’s not what you think…” Will yelled at Draco stopping him in mid-sentence, “What is it then? Harmony came to see me and Blake and believe it or not she is very worried about you so are we.”
Draco stood there taken aback at the comment and replied, “I will sort it don’t worry.” 

Will kicked the fireplace as Draco left because he knew Draco was lying but because he was blocking his mind he couldn’t see what was really going on.

Draco stumbled into the graveyard and fell to his knees and screamed, “Somebody help me please; anybody please.” He heard the voice again taunting him, ‘Nobody can hear you and if they could, they don’t want too, they all hate you. No wait that girl still likes you…lets piss her off so you have no-one.’
Draco had sweat pouring from and begged, “Please no, not that. Leave her out of this.”
‘Can’t do that, besides she irritates me with wanting to hear, I love you all the time.’

“David, I’m worried about Draco can’t you talk to Blair and convince him to let Draco home?”
“I tried but he is adamant that Draco can’t come home especially after the way he spoke to Teddy.” Daphne sat staring at nothing and said, “Something is off, I can sense it.”
“We will let Draco stay with us that way we can keep an eye on him.”

Blair was furious, “You are both ignoring me.” Daphne looked at Blair and said, “I know your angry but see sense, we need to keep an eye on him.” Over the last 5 years Blair had grown close to Daphne and even went as far as calling her Mum. Estevan loved this gesture and even teased him about it at times but Blair ignored the teasing because in truth he missed having a mother. “Mum, he treats everyone like shit. He loves that girl…Torri but he denies this but I have no idea why and you still want to take him in?”
“Yes because at some point Draco will open up to one of us and we need to be prepared when that happens.”

Torri just looked at Draco with horror on her face, “Draco please…” He grabbed her and said, “There will never be an, us. I don’t love you.” She ran into the bedroom and closed the door. He could hear the voice in his head, ‘Force her go on this will get her to hate you, think of the control you will have, think of gratification. NOW DRACO, I DEMAND IT.’ 

He screamed in his head, ‘Leave me alone, I can’t hurt her and you can’t make me.’
‘You forget I can.’
Suddenly he was moving towards the bedroom but he couldn't stop, Draco was trying to fight his body so he  could stay still but it was too strong. 

He forced the door open and yelled, “Leave now Torri for your own safety.” She saw the terror in his eyes and slowly came towards him and replied, “I can help you but only if you talk to me.”

Draco was now screaming at her, “No-one can help me, just leave and do it now!”
Draco heard the voice say, ‘HOW DARE YOU STOP ME! At least she hates you now,’ as he heard a horrible laugh.

 Torri left her own home in tears, she ran as far as she could until she finally became tired.
She lay on the ground thinking about what she should do. She loved him and it broke her heart that there were times he could be so loving and the next minute he was angry and possessive. She could see he wanted to open up and talk but he refused and she couldn’t understand why. She thought about going to see his parents but what would she say, ‘Hi, I’m the girl that wants to be Draco’s girlfriend and by the way he’s nuts.” 

Instead she let herself into the Art Gallery where and put her energies into work and for a while it worked.

She felt arms around her waist but when she looked down she saw they were human and quickly turned around, “I told you I’m in love with Draco.” 

He ignored her and brushed her cheek with a smile and said, “I know you told me but I saw you run from your house crying and hurt. I hate seeing you like this. I can offer you what you want love and a life together, I love you Torri.” 

He got down on one knee and said, “Torri be my wife?” 

She was in shock for a moment and thought, ‘He is sweet and he will be a good husband…but I want Draco to be here asking me on one knee. But Draco will never do this will he and I can’t help him if he won’t talk to me.’

“Yes I will marry you.” He picked her up in his arms and said, “You won’t regret this and I will make sure you have everything you will need. Now come with me and we will leave straight away.”

Torri tidied up her work station and left her resignation letter on the table. Just before opening the door she took one last look around Painswater Point and through her thoughts quietly said, ‘Good bye Draco.’