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Tuesday, 24 February 2015

6.42 Let's talk

Art chased after her and begged her to go back to the apartment but she refused, when he suggested his place, Ellen agreed as long as someone was in while they talked and only talked. 

William sat in his bedroom and could hear the shouting coming from downstairs. Victoria tried comforting William, “They will sort this out.”
“How could he treat her like this?” Victoria sighed, “Some girls like to be treated rough but I’m guessing that they have never really talked about this and Ellen being so quiet... and it went from there but I really don’t know.” 

William turned to look at Victoria and asked curiously, “Girls like it rough?”
She smiled, “I’ve read books, heard girls talk but I was a virgin when I met you so don’t know from experience but I would think boundaries would have to be in place.” William couldn’t resist and asked, “Would you want to try that?” 

He could sense the question made her feel uncomfortable but at the same time sensed that Victoria was curious. Victoria looked at him and quietly replied as she fidgeted, “How would it work?” William was expecting a flat no but was pleased that she was interested too. He’d never told a woman what to do as his marriage was always 50/50 but to have power over his girlfriend not only intrigued him but in truth turned him on.
“You said you read books, if I read one that you pick then we can go from there.”
“Ok I’ll get one for you.”

Art couldn’t understand how it had got to this but was trying to explain or defend, he wasn’t sure which. One thing he knew was the moment Ellen left the apartment he wanted her back and to sort this mess out.
Ellen was sitting on the sofa listening to Art go on and on, “So what you are saying is that I control you?”
“Yes.” Art was confused, “How?”
“You tell me what I should wear, you won’t let me come here and you won’t let me on the pill.” 

When he listened and took in what was said he cringed, “I was trying to help.”
“When I want your help, I will ask for it. Art, I love when you get bossy but only sometimes. However it’s in every part of our relationship. Dawn came to see me because they were worried about me.” Art looked worried and said, “You told Dawn about this?” Ellen nodded and Art said, “Shit Granddad finds out about this, I’m dead.”

“Art what do you really think of me?” Art was shocked at the question and replied quietly, “I love you but when you wouldn’t give me ideas about where to go on our dates and agreed with everything I said. I thought you were that type of girl that wanted to be told what she should do.”
“I should have said something but I thought you would have dumped me.”

“Dump you…are you crazy Ellen, I mean look at you, I’ve seen the way guys look at you,” he turned away from her and put his hands in his head and said, “I’ve been a total asshole, my Dad saw it but I didn’t till you started to walk out the door. Can we start again?”
“I’m not sure Art. Look I’m going to visit my Dad for a fortnight and I’ll see you when I get back.”

“Will you call me, please?” Ellen looked at him and softly said, “I will in a few days.”

William sat on the bed reading this romance novel and hated the book but it did give him ideas of what Victoria was getting at, dominance and submission. He had his reservations about doing this and wondered could he even be that demanding to another.

While Victoria and William were cuddling up on the sofa he casually said, “Finished the book you gave me.”
“Oh that was quick.” Victoria sat up and waited for William to speak, “I get the idea behind them. It is the dominant and submissive roles you were referring too right?” Victoria nodded then replied, “I wasn’t implying that we should…”
“But it has crossed your mind, right?”
“Fantasy is great but would it work in reality?” William  cupped her face and said, “We could try but have ground rules so if either is uncomfortable we can pull out and a test period.” Victoria smiled and asked, “Can I think about this not because it doesn’t interest me but because this would be real and no longer in my head?”
“I understand but I have to say it does intrigue me.”

Art was on the phone to Ellen, “Please baby come home I miss you.”
“I think you miss ordering me about.” Art quietly said, “I thought you’d be right but I miss you and I’m sorry…”
“I was due on yesterday…” Art sat up with the phone and asked carefully, “Did you come on?”
“No and now that means I’m a day late Art Granger.” Art stayed silent for a few minutes then said, “Baby come home and we will do a test together and I am sorry.”

“I did a test before I phoned you…”
“What did it say?” Ellen didn’t answer and Art in a panic said, “Ellen what did it say?”
“I’m not pregnant so before coming home I’m seeing my doctor and going on the pill.” Art was angry but kept his voice calm, “Ellen, you know why I say no to the pill…”
“Then get us a home, get a job and I will gladly discuss staying off the pill.” Art agreed to get a job but asked that once she was home could they discuss having a family. Ellen thought about it and thought starting a family was a bad idea and said so. She reminded Art that they had a long way to go before starting a family.

Tuesday, 17 February 2015

6.41 Uncertain

Ellen just sat circled up on the bed wondering what she should do. She loved Art but when he yelled at her over the use of the pill, it concerned her a great deal. 

Ellen like most young girls wanted a family but Ellen wanted to get to know Art and then maybe move in together, yes marriage would be nice but it wasn’t essential not for Ellen anyway. When Art insisted that he’d made his commitment by bonding with her that didn’t sit well.
Ellen wasn’t questioning how she felt about Art but was now questioning the way he was treating her. Ellen had to admit there were times she loved his dominant side and there were other times she hated it like now. A few questions that sprung to mind were why wouldn’t he let her go with him to babysit the twins? Why could they only have sex when he wanted it? Why was he expecting her to dress a certain way and finally the one that she was most uncomfortable with was, why didn’t he want her on the pill? 

Ellen wanted to be a Mum one day but not yet and if she fell pregnant now, would he even stick around at this stage or was it a case of I got you pregnant, now deal with it. This was the type of guys she knew from back home and she didn’t like this side of him.
Ellen felt alone and isolated because apart from a few brief meeting with his father William and his girlfriend Victoria it felt like Art was trying to keep her away from his family and she really needed to talk to someone before this all became too much.

Ellen jumped when there was a knock at the door, she slowly walked over towards the door, took a deep breath then opened it. 

She was surprised to see a lady standing there and said, “Hi can I help you?” Dawn smiled and re-introduced herself and watched Ellen step aside to let her in.

“Ellen, are you alright because you seem preoccupied?” Ellen fell back in the chair and said almost in a whisper, “I’m fine…” then she stopped before the tears started. Dawn kept looking at her and replied, “We were concerned about you because every time we ask after you, Art says you are busy. It’s just we are used to seeing all the other girlfriends but we don’t see you.”
“I’m ok.” Dawn wasn’t buying the speech with a fake happy tone that was too obvious. “Ellen if something is bothering you, well you can talk to me.”
“I can’t because you are Art’s step-grandmother…”

“True but I can see you are upset so talk to me, please.” Ellen knew she needed to open up so decided to take a chance, “I’m thinking of leaving Art…” Dawn was stunned and asked carefully, “Why?” Ellen was trying to find the words and just blurted them out, “At first I thought if I didn’t do what he wanted he’d leave me. What I mean by that was when he asked me to pick somewhere to go on a date, I’d just say you pick because I thought he wouldn’t like what I wanted to do. I mean I’d hurt him when we first met, I just thought he would leave me, stupid right?” Dawn went to say something but Ellen continued without taking a breather, “Then he says things like, I want you now and I don’t argue, I just let him have me even if I don’t want it but he is getting worse. He wouldn’t let me babysit with him. He wanted me to cook different food even though I was already cooking. I’m changing my clothes to suit his needs and wants and now he refuses to let me on the pill saying nature must take its course and I should be grateful as he’s shown his commitment by this bonding.”

“Stop,” Dawn shouted. Ellen went quiet again and it was now Dawn’s turn to speak, “Are you telling me he is controlling you and you don’t want him too?”
“I liked it at first…”
“Did you ever discuss this?” Ellen shook her head.
“First of all, the pill is your choice and not his. It does sound like Art is taking this control thing too far and I have to ask but has he hit you?”
“Have you refused sex by saying no and Art force himself on you anyway?” Ellen shook her head again and said, “I don’t say anything, what does that count as?” Dawn was taken aback and said, “Ellen, I think you and Art need to talk. Plus I want to kill him for making you feel like this especially about the pill. However you do need to let your voice be heard and be honest with him and then if he continues to behave like this then you know he is wrong and then you can leave knowing you did everything you could.”
Dawn left but not before telling Ellen that she could come to the house anytime if she wanted to talk.

Ellen had packed a few bags and rang her Dad saying she wanted to come and visit. When Sam asked if Art was coming with her, Ellen didn’t respond so Sam didn’t push things over the phone.

Art walked in and saw the bags and asked, “Where are you going?” Ellen just stood there and said, “I need to put space between us.” Art lost his temper, “Space…everything is fine with us and you are not leaving.”
“Art please, I’m not leaving you but I need space to think things over.”
“Like what?”
“Why won’t you like me go on the pill?” Art yelled, “I have my reasons…” 

Ellen was terrified of speaking up but pushed through her anxiety and replied, “What are your reasons then?”
“You are human and not a vampire like me,” Ellen was stunned but listened to Art, “If by the time we want a baby it may be too late and then I’ll never be a father.” Ellen had to ask, “Where has this come from?”
“My parents had tried for years and when my Mum had a test she was told no kids. They were devastated but by some miracle they finally found out they were expecting me. So I decided a long time ago no pill for the girl I date.”
“You can’t force a baby on us just because of what happened with your parents.” Art couldn’t understand why Ellen was upset and said firmly, “You aren’t leaving so go and unpack those bags.” 

Ellen tried to walk past Art but he pinned her to wall, “I said you aren’t going anywhere. I am not having another female leave me.” In tears Ellen begged, “Please don’t be like this…” 

Art responded by kissing her and said, “I know you like this and if I pushed you more you would be very willing when I took you to the bedroom.”
“Art you aren’t listening to me. Yes you are right if you pushed, I’d be very willing but I want to be able to have fun during sex but there is none. So please let me go and think about what I have said.” 

Art stepped back and just looked at Ellen as she ran from the apartment leaving her clothes behind.

Tuesday, 10 February 2015

6.40 I wish it was that easy

Dawn called up to Nathan to come down for breakfast, finally Dawn heard, “Coming Mum.” 

Nathan rolled out of bed and made his way to the bathroom and when he looked in the mirror he screamed. Daphne slowly made her way towards the bathroom and waited, while Dawn ran up the stairs and yelled at Daphne, “Why didn’t you go in there?” Daphne shook her head and replied, “You’ll see.” 

When Nathan walked out he had only a towel wrapped around him, Dawn looked visibly shocked while Daphne smiled and said, “I thought you were never going to make your teens. However go and have your hair cut, you look a mess.” Dawn panicked but Daphne told her this was normal. 

When they were alone Dawn asked, “Daphne are you ok?” Daphne just looked at her and replied, “I’m in limbo and I don’t know what to do.”
Dawn knew what she was talking about and asked with caution, “I’m a good listener if you need to talk and we both know what this is really about, Lawrence if I’m right?” Daphne glanced away and said quietly, “I need to talk to someone because Estevan has a blind spot where Lawrence is concerned.

Nathan made his way to the arcade where he knew his Dad would be. When he saw his Dad he smiled and asked, “What do you think?”
“You need a haircut but it’s nice to see your a teenager.” Nathan sighed, “You and Gran must think alike because she said that about my hair.” Estevan laughed, “Was your Mum ok, when she saw you?”
“She freaked out but Gran told her it was normal. They started talking about other stuff so I quickly left to see you.” Estevan asked with concern, “How was your Gran this morning?”
“She had a brief smile when she saw me, but it quickly disappeared and then she looked miserable again. Dad I know it’s none of my business but I think she needs to see Lawrence.” Estevan yelled, “You are right it’s none of your business, he is not allowed anywhere near my Mum, do you understand?”

Nathan bit back as he replied, “No I don’t. You say a bond is an important part of being a vampire and that it means something but you would rather Gran be miserable and watch her die piece by piece because for your own reasons you don’t like him?”
“Enough! Now do as your Gran suggested and get that damn haircut.” 

Nathan stormed out the arcade angry at his Dad. He barged past Blair and when Blair realised who it was that knocked into him; he knew Estevan had told him off for something.

After Dawn had called Teddy all three woman were in the living room and both Dawn and Teddy were on the edge of their seats waiting to hear Daphne’s side to the story. “Maybe it’s a mistake telling you girls…” Teddy got in before Dawn did and firmly said, “Spill, we want to hear it from your side. Estevan and Blair have told us what they think they know but we want your version.”

Daphne sighed and thought for a minute or two then started her story, “When I first saw him, I had thoughts that no young woman should have…” Dawn interrupted eagerly, “You wanted to go to bed with him, right?” Daphne glanced in Dawn’s direction and replied, “Well he had no shirt on and…well you know the rest. Anyway I fell for him quickly and when he asked me to marry him I didn’t even have to think, I just said yes. When I got beaten up I thought it was odd because it was a total personality change for Lawrence as he was a gentleman but because he’d never said he was a twin, I believed it was my fiancĂ©. Even when I look back I was fighting all intuition that said something wasn’t right but like a stupid fool I listened to Elvira when she said leave him. To think she knew all this time he was a twin, she knew of James. I was so gullible. Now after all this time I know the truth and have condemned the man I love to a life of hell.”
Teddy spoke up, “Take him back.” 

Daphne glanced down to the floor and quietly said, “It’s not that easy.”
Dawn firmly said, “Yes it is. If what you say is true then up and till the bond was broken; he was a good guy right?”
“Yes but…” Dawn fired back, “If he would do anything for you then he will atone for his sins but what I don’t understand is… if the bond was broken what effect did it have on you?” 

Daphne looked at them both then said, “I grew slightly older plus my hair can’t grow beyond this length. I got off lightly compared to Lawrence. Estevan refuses to talk about Lawrence. Blair wants me to be happy. Ironic but I thought anyone to have an opinion about Lawrence it would have been Blair.”

Teddy added, “Blair is trying to go with Estevan’s wishes. He was hoping Estevan would calm down and see things clearly but it doesn’t look that way right now.”

Daphne looked sad, “This is why I’m stuck because I know Estevan would get on with the real Lawrence. I just don’t want to lose Estevan again but I miss Lawrence so much.” Dawn and Teddy looked at each other; then Teddy said, “You won’t lose Estevan but you do need to speak to him.” Dawn added, “I can’t imagine how hard it is for you right now. I mean you were in love and thought he hurt you and then after all these years you find out it wasn’t him after all. Do you think he can atone for what he’s done since the bond broke?” 

Daphne looked at them and replied, “It will be a long road but I believe he can. The problem is regardless what he is done since the bond break; I broke it when he was a good man so I have to restore the bond. Then he will be able to show everyone the real him. I just wish my own son would understand.” Dawn looked at Daphne and said, “Then make him understand.”
Daphne sighed, “I wish it was that easy.”

Tuesday, 3 February 2015

6.39 Changes

Ellen was making dinner when Art came up behind her and asked, “What are you making?” 

Ellen carried on making the dinner as she replied, “Macaroni and cheese, why?” Art sighed and said, “I want something different so scrap that and make something else for me.” Ellen look shocked and quietly replied, “What do you want then?” 

Art rubbed his chin and thought for a moment and said, “I think sushi would be nice.” Ellen looked disappointed as she scrapped the macaroni and cheese and began preparing the sushi.
After dinner Art went to sit down while Ellen cleared the dishes. 

She glanced over to see if Art would offer his help but he didn’t and kept watching the TV. 

When she joined him on the sofa he said, “Are you still wearing that?” Ellen looked at him puzzled and asked, “What is wrong with what I’m wearing?”
“I just think you should be wearing something different.” 

Ellen started to walk away but Art caught her and cupped her face and said sweetly, “I am just thinking of you.” Ellen gave half a smile and did as Art requested and changed her clothes.

Ellen had just finished changing when Art walked in, he wrapped his arms around her and said quietly, “Change of plan, I don’t want you to wear anything right now.” He spun her around and kissed her intently, pushing her onto the bed. Ellen’s only response was surprise as she asked, “Now?”
“Yes now.” 

Ellen didn’t protest and spent the next few hours in bed as they made love. 

When they had finished Art was getting changed in the bathroom when Ellen poked her head around the door and said, “I went to see the doctor today about going on the pill…” but she didn’t get to finish as Art yelled, “I don’t agree with the pill, nature should take it’s course.” 

Ellen fidgeted as she looked at the floor and softly replied, “I…I don’t want to be a mother yet.”
Art came close to her and firmly said, “We have bonded, I have made my commitment to you so having our baby should be what you want.” 

Ellen tried to interrupt him but he kissed her and added, “You will see I’m right, I promise you.”
Ellen nodded and sweetly asked, “Are you staying the night?” Art smiled at her, “I wish I could but Dad asked me to look after the twins again.”
Ellen looked upset when he wouldn’t stay, Art noticed her look of disappointment and said, “I’ll be here early in the morning so don’t worry. Just remember how I like my eggs and bacon cooked. Have a good evening. Love you.”
Ellen wanted to speak up but again wouldn’t say anything just responding with, “Love you too.”

Lexy was taking a much needed rest after the birth of their daughter Violet. Blake was about to get some sleep too when he heard cries through the baby monitor. Lexy hadn’t moved because the birth had been long and exhausting so Blake got back out of bed and went to see what his daughter wanted.

“Shush little one, you should be asleep so what is it you want?” As their eyes met Blake just stared into her eyes and smiled as he pulled her closer to him and sweetly said, “You just wanted a hug from your daddy, didn’t you?” 

Violet made a small noise as Blake rocked her back and forth.

Once he had put Violet back in her cot he turned around to see Lexy standing there with a smile, “Everything ok?” 

Blake went over to Lexy and pulled her into an embrace, “Everything is fine, beautiful and thank you.” Lexy giggled as she pulled back slightly to look into his eyes and asked, “Why are you thanking me?”
“I have a beautiful daughter, who I hope takes after you in looks.” Lexy glanced down with a smile at the comment Blake had made. Blake insisted she look at him and added, “If I hadn’t met you that night, I wouldn’t be here right now a husband and a father.”
“That night I only wanted to help as you looked so lost. I never thought I’d fall so in love with you,” trailing of before she let her emotions get the better of her. 

Blake kissed her softly and slowly as his hands traced her back and almost in a whisper said, “I know its early days yet but I want you to know I so want you.” Lexy still savouring the kiss replied, “Me too but we have to wait until things settle down.
“I can’t wait. Now isn’t it true new parents are supposed to get so sleep while the baby is sleeping.” Lexy smiled at Blake as he led her from the nursery.

As they got into bed Lexy asked, “Is Daphne coming to see Violet?” Blake wasn’t sure what to say and replied, “I hope so because she needs to smile again and I think holding our daughter will help.”
“Ask her in the morning.” Blake kissed her and said, “I’ll try again but I know one grandparent that will be here and that’s Dad.” Lexy laughed, “He has had lots of cuddles with Violet already.” Blake smiled at his wife, “This is Dad we are talking about, besides it’s the first grandchild I’ve given him so that will be his excuse to come over again and again.” Suddenly there were cries coming from the monitor again and Blake added, “Hun, it’s your turn.”