Tuesday, 29 May 2012

3.1 A bad night

2 Days previous.

The day started like any other get up have breakfast and go to school. Mathew had spent the day wishing the final bell would go so he could get out of there. It was Friday night and hanging out with friends doing nothing seemed like a plan.
When he got home he threw his bag inside and shouted "I'm going out, bye." leaving before he could hear a no in return. Mathew met with his friends at the arcade. "You were quick." Anson said.

"I bolted before anyone saw me. What do you think of the new teacher?"
"He's ok I guess. Gave a kid detention though for yelling at him."
"Matt, is your Dad still giving you a hard time?" as Ben briefly took his eyes off the game he was playing.
In a sarcastic tone he answered and trying to imitate his Dad, "Mathew do your homework, Mathew do your room and don't forget you can't have a life."
"He can't be as bad as my parents. They have organised my whole life. Football club, violin lessons etc. I hate the stupid instrument."
"How about we don't talk about our lame parents and play truth or dare."
"Ben, pick truth or dare?" Mathew asked.
"I pick truth."
"We'll go easy to start. Have you ever kissed a girl?"
"I wish." Mathew started to laugh. "You have never kissed a girl!" Ben was getting angry, "Yeah what about you, Matt?"
"Who me...umm." getting all embarrassed, "No I haven't either." realising it wasn't so funny after all.
"We know you fancy that new girl in school, Matt."
"No I don't!" feeling his cheeks heat up. Then both his friends started to tease him. "Mathew and Ariel, Mathew and  Ariel."
Yelling at the top of his voice, "Leave me alone guys."

Mathew decided while his friends were in this mood he'd leave them too it. "I should have never started that stupid game." muttering to himself. It was getting dark and he didn't want to go home so he decided to try and sneak into a dance club.

He knew his Dad was working at the Plasma Club so going to The Grind would be a better idea than getting caught. He was pleased to see there were no bouncers on the doors and so access to the club would be easier. He got in and no one had even questioned his age. Mathew was now on a high trying to act more like an adult. He went to the bar and asked for drink after drink. The barman said, "You have all night. Go and dance for a bit." 

Mathew now in a drunken state found his way to the dance floor. He tried to dance with a few women but he wasn't getting the reaction he had hoped for. Most of the reactions were "Get away you creep." or "Try and touch my butt again and I'll slap you."

After that Mathew made a few moves on the dance floor stumbling more than dancing. He then saw a figure walk towards him and fear set in as it was his Dad walking towards him. "Oh crap Dad worked here tonight, I'm so for it now." He tried to run but his Dad caught him and hauled him off to the bathroom.
Mathew then woke up with a very sore head not remembering how he got home. The last thing he remembered was his Dad yelling at him.

Present day.

"There you are. We need to talk."
"Dad about the other night, I'm sorry."

"You're sorry, what is wrong with you?"

"Why do you spend more time with Paris and not me?" Realising what all his behaviour was all about, Spencer replied "I enjoy her company. Paris could never separate me from you. Truth is I love her and would love you two to meet. It's just you have grown up so much lately but sneaking out to get my attention isn't the right way. I forgot you may still need me for a little while longer. Before you meet Paris; how about we spend some time together."

"Can you teach me to drive?"
"We will see!"

"Dad, thanks. I will meet Paris."
"I'll arrange it for later this week."

Sorry for the lack of good pictures but Mathew wouldn't play fair :)

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

2.24 Baby? The Finale

Advisory: Some Adult Scenes and Nudity

Teddy loved the new place it was right on the beach and had great views. After a few weeks of getting it right it finally felt like home. Blair was shocked and pleased to know how close she was to him. Blair came over to see Teddy before going to the club and after having spent some time together he announced he had to go work when Teddy kissed him goodbye, he said "See you tomorrow." 

After the door closed Teddy realised she didn't want to see him tomorrow, she opened the door and called after Blair. He came back and asked if she was alright.
"No I'm not. I can't see you tomorrow."
"I'm not good at this but I want to see you tonight after you finish work. I mean what I'm trying to say is will you stay the night."
"Are you sure?" as he brushed his hand though her hair.
"Yes I'm sure." not wanting him to leave.

William was becoming concerned for Heather. He call his Dad to ask his advise and all he would tell him get her to eat and if she still refuses to keep anything down then to call the doctor. Heather had sunken into a depression because after losing a baby a couple of years ago and now not being pregnant was taking its toll. Heather had thought like the first time when they were married that she would fall pregnant straight away but questioned herself as to why it was not happening. Will tried to help by reassuring her but she wouldn't listen. Heather was also refusing sex and William tried to point out as gently as he could that by not having sex there would be no baby.

Spencer could be found working at the grind mostly. Unfortunately he got his days mixed up and told William he was working at Plasma 501. He had been working flat out serving at the bar when he caught sight of a young lad very drunk and very loud. He couldn't see Blair so had to leave the bar and deal with the situation and to his horror it was Mathew making a scene. He dragged him to the toilets and yelled at him. "What are you doing here and look at the state on you Mathew."

Mathew tried to speak but couldn't string a sentence together. "You are going home now."
Spencer told the other bartender to tell Blair what was happening and he was taking his son home.

When he got Mathew home he put him to bed and went to the living room to watch TV. William walked in and asked, "Why are you home early?"
"Mathew got drunk at the grind and I had to bring him home. I have no idea how to handle this. Anyway How is my sis doing?"

"I'm worried about her."
Spencer looked at William and said, "She will get through this you know that right."
"I know but if we are not have sex how can she get pregnant?"
"Look Will, she will snap out of this just keep doing what you are doing and it will happen when it is the right time for you guys.

He went to check on Heather but she was asleep and so he got in bed to cuddle up to her. He was just about to drop off to sleep when he heard Heather stir. She tried to get out of bed but he held on to her and said softly. "Hun, do you want to have a family?" Heather turn toward him and replied, "You know I do."

"Then let's make one." kissing her softly and tenderly. She followed his moves suddenly yearning for his touch and moaning to him, "I've missed this Will."

Blair had gotten to Teddy's to find her asleep on the sofa. He picked her up and carried her to her room and as he put her down she woke up, "Did I fall asleep? What time is it?"
"Its 3am I didn't think I'd be this late. Go back to sleep." Teddy was still half asleep and asked, "Are you still staying?" Blair got undress and climbed into bed and said, "Does this answer your question." He wrapped his arms around her and she fell back into a deep sleep but with a smile on her face. Blair was just pleased to be able to come home to her. In the morning Teddy woke up to find Blair by her side. She left the bedroom and made breakfast by the time she was half way through Blair had woken up and found her at the sink washing up.

He wrapped his arms around her and said, "You weren't there when I woke up." Teddy laughed and replied, "You were sound asleep and looked peaceful and I was hungry so got myself breakfast." She turned to him and looked him in the eye and commented, "Well I'm here now." 

Suddenly they couldn't keep their hands off each other when their lips parted for a brief moment they wondered how they got out of the kitchen. Blair asked, "Are you sure?" Teddy looked at him and answered in a whisper "Yes."

When they got to the bedroom, Teddy started to undress but Blair asked, "Keep it on...you look sexy in it."
He knew what Teddy had been through with her ex and what he used to do when he forced himself on her so Blair never wanted her to feel embarrassed or ashamed again. Taking it slow he hoped that over time her confidence would grow.
After undressing he took her in his arms and started kissing her slowly and for the first time he did not want to rush. He listened to her soft moans and as he continued to explore he could feel the heat between them. 

Teddy sat up as she pulled away, Blair went to ask if something was wrong, she kissed him softly and slowly on the lips. She had never felt like this before and didn't know where these feelings came from. Blair could feel the passion with every kiss she gave him. When she ran her hand down his chest, Blair suddenly felt emotions he had never experienced before.  He was trying to hold back but again the urge to get gratification was strong but Blair was fighting it as he didn't want this to end.

Teddy's soft moans were becoming stronger and she was begging for more. He'd never enjoyed sex before and he certainly never made love with anyone. Listening to her slow but steady breathing he followed her moves.

Blair was letting his emotions take over and for the first time he said, "I love you." She suddenly let out scream of pleasure and through a moan she replied, "I love you too." After they had filled their desire to consume one another they just lay there in each other's arms.

Heather had come to the conclusion it will happen when it happens and was now enjoying just being a couple with Will. She had already returned to work on Will's advice giving her a reason to get up and do something. William was glad to see his wife smiling again. After work Heather had an appointment with her Doctor to make sure she was feeling 100% and then she could be signed off and after every week since feeling depressed she couldn't wait for the appointments to end.
Blair spent most of his time at Teddy's. She enjoyed him coming over but most of all she enjoyed the freedom. She loved the fact Blair trusted her. The last three months had been so much fun.

Blair had the night off and decided to cook a meal for Teddy. He started to cook the meal and Teddy started to throw up and he was concerned as this had been going on for a few days now. He tried to get to go to the doctor's but she refused saying it was nothing but he insisted. 

Teddy made an appointment to see the doctor but refused to let Blair go with her. When she got there she saw Heather in the waiting room. They said Hello to each other but each other were too preoccupied with the reasons why they were there.   Heather was called in to her appointment.

"Take an seat Mrs Granger." as the doctor sat down. "How have things been this week?"
"Everything is good. I'm back at work and my husband is looking after me."
"Good. As you know we asked you to go for tests last week. Well we have the results."

"Miss Green sorry to keep you waiting, please come through." Teddy followed the doctor and took her seat.

"So what can I do for you today?"
"It's nothing really. My boyfriend is being overprotective and seems to think because I've been sick a few times, I need to see you."
"Is there any other symptoms?"
"Like what?" sounding really confused.
"Teddy the last time I saw you there were bruises and you were very shy and unhappy. You seem a lot happier did you take my advise and leave your boyfriend?"
"Yes I did."
"So, how long have you been seeing your new boyfriend?"
"I've know him for about four months but we have been dating for three months." 
"Well I'm glad to see you looking happy and healthy. This new boyfriend seems a lot better for you than your last. So is there anything else."
"I feel tired all the time and dizzy."
"I'll carry out some tests now and we will get to the bottom of this." After about 30 minutes the doctor had the results.

Saturday, 19 May 2012

2.23 Elvira's Ghost

Teddy had arrived back in town to do what Blair or Estevan could not do and that was to get rid of Elvira once and for all. She had asked him not to be at the house when she was doing her job. Blair tried to argue with Teddy but backed down when he saw he was fighting a losing battle. He was concerned about her going in the house because of what she saw but she assured Blair she would be so focused on the job she would be fine.
When she got there her body started to tremble at the thought of being here but the thought of Elvira being in their lives concerned her more. Teddy opened the door took a deep breath and called for Elvira.
Elvira tried her usual games but Teddy was ready for her. "Oh look its the blonde bitch."
"Shut up and leave Blair alone."

"Fighting his battles now are we. You do know you can't touch me as I'm a ghost." mocking Teddy.
"Don't count on it...This is your last warning leave now." Teddy hissed back.
Teasing Teddy, Elvira added "Why? What you gonna do Blondie!"

Teddy launched herself at Elvira and all she heard was Elvira letting out a scream, "How is this possible the living can't touch ghosts."

Still fighting Elvira; Teddy replied, "I'm a ghost hunter so you are leaving."

Elvira tried to fight back but lost the fight and replied, "You can't make me. Do you hear me, you can't." disappearing before Teddy could catch her.

Teddy left the house and told Blair that his house was on lock down until the job was complete. She had to explain to Blair that it could be a long drawn out process. She would travel back tomorrow and start again.
"Teddy this is stupid you travelling back and forth. Stay at my new house."
"Blair we have talked about this. I can't and my new house isn't ready yet so for now I will have to travel."
"Now you are the one being stubborn."

The following day Teddy arrived at the house and found the gravestone of Elvira and started to talk to the headstone. Teddy knew all too well that ghosts couldn't take their full form in daylight so she would take a different approach. Teddy was going to appease Elvira instead and after talking calmly to her, Teddy started to walk away making sure Elvira thought she had won.

Elvira couldn't resist and had to follow Teddy as she followed her Teddy turned around and pulled her machine on Elvira and started the process of drawing in her ghost. Elvira tried to avoid the rays and got away a few times but Teddy was relentless in her pursuit of getting rid of Elvira.

After a while Teddy caught her and started to pull her in and at the same time Elvira tried pulling away but the rays had become too strong and Elvira couldn't fight it anymore. Once Elvira was safely in a container, Teddy picked up the tombstone and got rid of it. Blair's ghost was finally gone. Teddy realised that there was nothing standing in her way and it was her that was now pulling away from Blair. Teddy was free to be who she wanted and Elvira was the last obstacle in her way.

Teddy phoned Blair to tell him Elvira was finally gone. "Thanks for what you did gorgeous. Now you have finished, come over and see the new house."
"Ok. Will you come and get me as I don't know where it is?"

Teddy walked in and Blair showed her around. Teddy's first comment was, "No dark room?"
"Uh no. Do you like the house?"
"It's very nice, Blair. I love the colour in the bedroom."

Blair smiled and the thoughts going through his head of what he and Teddy could do in there but he stopped his train of thoughts and replied, "Red is your favourite colour?"
"Yes but how did you...Blair you didn't do..." but Blair interrupted her and said, "So what if I did. I told you this house is too big for one person. Ever played pool?"

"What? You change the subject now we are talking about a pool. You decorated the bedroom in my favourite colour and act like it's no big deal." being confused at what Blair was doing.

"Fine you want to talk let's talk. You and I have feelings for each other, yet you refuse to move in with me."
"We have just started seeing each and had one date. You think one date and I'd move in. What's wrong with taking things slow?"
"How slow do you want to go?"
"I came here to see my boyfriend's new house but if you are going to be an ass I'm going home." Teddy went towards the door but Blair got there first.

"Don't leave!"
"Why so we can argue again?"
"You are right I did the bedroom with you in mind. I read your mind and took advantage of that. After everything that has happened all I know is I hate being apart from you."
"Don't try and control me Blair. I lived through that once and I won't go back. I do love the room but you should have done it your way."
"Stay a bit longer and let's have some fun." She looked at him with forgiving eyes and replied, "I'll stay for a while longer."

They watched TV for awhile not saying much to each other, Blair hated the silence and reading her thoughts he knew she was upset, "Gorgeous, I didn't mean to upset you earlier."

"It's ok; it was nice that you thought of me. I'm just not ready..." before she could say anymore Blair kissed her then whispered in her ear I'm sorry and I know you are not ready to move in but I am ready." 

Teddy put her head on his lap and they continued to watch the TV. Teddy's phone went buzz in her pocket and when she looked it was a message saying the new house was ready to move into and she could collect the keys.
"What was the message?"
"I can move in to my house today. Will you help me move?" Blair looked at her and agreed to help. He was pleased she was moving back but he would rather she was moving in with him. He knew if he pushed things then he would lose her. He was used to getting his own way and having to give up some control was pushing Blair to his limit but to have a real relationship he was willing to give this a go. 

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

2.22 First Date

Travelling in the car was silent at first but Teddy broke the ice, "How's work?"
"Ok I guess but we did get an arcade up and running. And you?" trying hard to keep his eyes on the road as he would rather look at Teddy.
"Still looking for a house. I'm trying to change my  job but no luck yet. I may have to go back to my old job." The car stopped and Blair said, "We're here."
"Blair it's a field with a few trees." Blair opened her door and said follow me. They walked down the path and when they got to the end, Teddy was surprised to see a patio with a table and two chairs and a meal for two overlooking the sea.
"Blair this is beautiful." as she took a seat. When Blair took his seat he asked, "What was your old job?"
"Oh that. Well, how do I put this I was a ghost hunter." Blair almost choked and as he got himself together he said, "You were what?" moving his seat around to her.
Teddy repeated her statement, "I was a ghost hunter. I could get rid of Elvira for you, all you have to do is ask." now very aware of Blair being very close to her.
"Why would you do that?"

"After meeting her I can understand your reasons. Also because I like you. I realised how I felt after you left." Blair got closer to Teddy and replied, "I would've come back if you had called."
"I know but I want things to be different this time. I want to be heard and loved and not controlled. I know you like control Blair but something is changing in you I can see it."
"You are why, I want to try." Then he took her hand and turned on the stereo and asked her to dance as they started to dance Teddy asked, "Where did you learn to dance?"

"Before I became a vampire. I took dance classes but when my parents found out they banned me from attending as boys don't dance as they would tell me."
"What were your parents like?" she asked.

"They were too strict and never gave me the time I needed so the first chance I got I left for the city Bridgeport and got a new life as a vampire. Now tell me about you."

 "I had two brothers but they died before I was born. My parents would say that I was their last hope and loved me until the day they died. My Dad was a manager at a big firm and mum worked as a dinner lady. They had a few properties and I sold them all except the one I'm staying at now. I will use it for a holiday home like they did."
"Just to let you know, I am moving home too."
Teddy looked Blair and asked "Where are you moving?"

"Staying in town but I know you won't come to the house anymore. So we could get a house together."
"Blair, no. If things work out then yes I would love to live with you but I want to live on my own for a while."
"I understand but to warn you my house is too big for one person." 
Teddy smiled but knew rushing things was what got her into the mess before and she wanted them to get to know each other. 

Blair then took Teddy for a walk and as they strolled through the trees Blair stopped and turned to Teddy and kissed her.
When their lips parted Blair asked, "Would you like to go out again?" Teddy just nodded in agreement. 

While walking back to the car Teddy stopped and shocked Blair and said, "Blair the other night when you asked if I could forgive you, well I already have." He wrapped his arm around her and replied, "Thank you."
When they got to Teddy's front door she looked at Blair and said, "I want to ask you in but I don't want to spoil this evening."
"I've never left a woman at the door before."
"Well, we are both learning from this date then. I meant what I said about your ghost."
"I can deal with this, Teddy."
"No you can't and stop being so stubborn. Now do you want my help?"
"I...I want your help." reluctantly giving in.

"Good. Now before I go inside do I get a kiss good night?" Blair leaned against the wall and pulled Teddy in close and kissed her holding her as long as he could then let her go and said, "There is you're good night kiss, gorgeous and sleep well."

Teddy closed the door with a smile on her face. She thought the first kiss was good but that kiss was even better. Driving home Blair couldn't think of anything else but Teddy. Every part of his body wanted her but these feelings were different, he had his need yes but he wanted to explore every part of her. The ache wasn't just about a physical need but a mental one, he loved everything about her and he knew there and then he was going to spend his life with her.

Sunday, 13 May 2012

2.21 First Steps

Blair went passed Teddy's home and was shocked to see a 'For Sale' sign outside. His mind was now racing, was she leaving and never coming back, in truth terrified him. He immediately rang Teddy trying to stay calm as he did not want to blow his top when she answered but the phone kept ringing and ringing. He kept trying every ten minutes and still there was no answer.

He started to talk to himself, "Should I go back to the city and ask her what is going on or do I let her go and hope she comes back. I hate these feelings, I hate it. I should never have gotten involved with a woman because now Teddy is all I think about. I mean Elvira was a bitch from hell. Heather I thought I loved her but I think it was more I have to have her and no one else can and now Teddy. I really am losing it are these feelings I have what people call love? After all, I only ever thought of me and no else until Teddy came along. See I'm doing it again thinking of her and the harder I try not to think of her, she always manages to creep back into my mind. Damn her!"

Teddy was still thinking of Blair, telling him to go was one of the hardest things she had to do but she needed time. She had spent the last few days crying. Teddy wasn't eating or sleeping and many times she tried to pick up the phone but what would she say, "I asked you to leave, now come back." he would laugh at her.

She had contacted an estate agent to put the house up for sale because she couldn't stay at the house anymore as there were too many bad memories of her horrible relationship. The house would end up being a constant reminder of her passed. Teddy couldn't stay with Blair as that house was now a bad memory remembering her ex had died there. 

There was only one option left to her find a new place but she loved the new town so decided she was staying in Painswater. Her head kept saying he can't be trusted but her heart desperately wanted to give him a go. She tried to look on the internet for a new home that would be hers and no-one else's but her mind always got back to Blair.

Teddy was falling and falling fast but could she forgive him? Then there was that ghost who called herself Elvira, who took pleasure in telling her that she and Blair dated. After everything he had said about Elvira, it was all true even dead; Teddy could see she was a bitch. Dealing with ghosts didn't scare her but there was no way she was sharing Blair with this ghost and if this Elvira person thought she could haunt him then she was very much mistaken.
She suddenly realised there was a bit of the green eyed monster within her and if a ghost could do this then imagine Blair being with someone else. Now she realised she needed to give him a chance.

Blair was at the new arcade with Estevan making sure everything was ready for when it opened and the children would be falling out of school into the arcade spending their pocket money.
"So Blair how are things with you and Teddy?"
"I tell her everything and she still asked me to leave. It's been days since I've spoken to her, what do I do?  Then I see a 'For Sale' sign outside her house. She's leaving Painswater and looks like she doesn't want to see me again either."
"Have you spoken to her about the move?"
"I tried but she won't answer her phone." 
"I've never seen you like this Blair. No woman has ever got to you like this but then it only takes that one special person and that's it. What's so different about her?"
"Her eyes, I just get lost in them, her smell. I just like everything about her."
"Sounds like you are in love."
"Don't be ridiculous I'm not in lo...Is it possible?"
"What you have to ask yourself Blair is can you see yourself spending the rest of your life with this woman? If this answer is yes then you have your answer. All you have focus on is doing something that will win her heart back."

Just at that moment his phone rang and it was Teddy. Estevan could see by Blair's face who it was on the phone so excused himself while Blair answered the call. He connected the call but the thought of her moving got the better of him. "So this is the way you tell me that you don't want anything to do with me by sell your house." Blair yelled down the phone.
"Fine if you are not going to hear me out when I rang to give you good news then I may as well hang up." Teddy snapped back.
"Well you hate me now you're moving and that's good news, is it?"
Teddy yelled back, "The good news was I'm staying in Painswater Point but if you want I'll move elsewhere?"

There was silence for a moment and then Blair replied calmly, "You are staying?"
Teddy was still angry, "Yes I am. I'm moving because I lived there with my ex and I want a fresh start. I was hoping you meant what you said and we could give things a go."
Blair then said, "You can live with me."
Teddy didn't react well at what he asked and replied, "Move in after that night and always be reminded about what happened!! Also you forgot to tell me about your ex Elvira haunting your place."
"I'm sorry about Elvira but I am dealing with it."
Blair had enough talking and needed to see Teddy again and after talking to Estevan about relationships he decided to take a risk and blurted out on the phone, "What are you doing in a few hours?"
"Watching TV I guess. Why?" by now her voice was calm.
"I'm coming down and you and I are going on a date. You need to know me the nice me so be ready at 8pm."
"Why? What have I done now?"
"You told me we are going on a date. He used to tell me what to do. I'm not being told ever again so the answer is no." getting angry again.

Blair had to think quickly and said, "I didn't mean it like that. I'm sor..."
"You're what?"
"This is really hard I've never you know said that word...Sorry. There I said it. Please will you go on a date with me?

Teddy was now in shock and laughed as she imagined Blair saying sorry and replied, "Umm Ok." The next few hours she spent trying to get ready. She looked through her wardrobe and thought, "What can I wear because I have no idea where I am going?" Teddy was not going to be a push over and Blair would have to respect that. Then she remembered what she felt like when he held her in his arms before leaving and how she so wanted him there and then. Teddy never felt this way even with her ex, Blair was the first to show respect and this is what captivated her.
She had finally worked out what she was wearing on this date and hoped it would be alright for the evening. Blair was waiting for Teddy to come down stairs because he arrived early she'd answered the door in a dressing gown and towel wrapped around her head but even that didn't stop Blair putting a smile on his face when he saw her.
Estevan had given him a few tips, "Be nice, let her know how beautiful she is and do not lose your temper and on dates you do not try and get her in bed. Get to know her and enjoy yourself." 

Blair was thinking about all he was told when Teddy stood in front of him and said, "I'm ready, Blair." He just looked at her and stayed silent then Teddy added, "You hate the way I look and it's not right for where we are going, sorry I'll change." She was about to go back upstairs then Blair finally said, "Teddy you look beautiful. I'm new to this so..."
Teddy stopped him in mid sentence and asked "Where are we going?"
"It's a surprise." as he showed her to the car.