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4.26 Love and the Truth

Advisory: Some nudity 

Teddy stormed out of the room and downstairs. Blair went after her, “Will you just stop and listen, please.”
Teddy turned around, “You are the most self-centred man I’ve ever met. You leave me alone and pregnant. Did you know they wanted to terminate the baby to save me?”
Blair pleaded with her, “I really am sorry but you didn’t do it, did you?”
“Oh I see me keeping the baby makes everything ok, does it?”
“I didn’t mean it like that and you know I had to help Estevan. It was you that pointed out he was family, my brother. Leaving you and Harmony was one of the hardest things I ever had to do. Tell me you understand?”
“All I know is my husband took off and when I found you I begged you to come home but you sent me away. I’ve been so lonely and miserable. I hated Harmony seeing me like that. The baby has been suffering too.”
“I’ll make it up to you I promise.” Teddy just looked at him and harshly replied, “And how are you going to do that?”
“I want us to go away to relax and have fun…” 

Teddy interrupted him as she got closer with her lips only inches apart, “Does your idea of going away include lots of sex?” Blair smiled and replied, “Most defiantly.” Teddy pushed him away and angrily said, “So you thought a few days away filled with sex would solve things between us. You must think I’m stupid.” Teddy made her way towards the stairs and then said, “Don’t think this argument is over and don’t follow me either.”
Blair jumped as he heard the door slam behind her. ‘This is getting out of hand. How can I make this up to her if she won’t let me try?’ 

He’d had enough of this arguing and stormed into the bedroom. Teddy had her back to him, “I thought I told you not to follow me.”

Blair went to Teddy and made her face him, “I normally wouldn’t do this but I love you and I’m telling you we are going away. I just want to be with you and put this right. We are leaving in the morning.”
Blair then headed for the door when Teddy asked, “What about Harmony?”
“I’ve made arrangements for her to stay with William and Heather. I spoke to Harmony and she is fine with it. I’ll be down the hall if you need me.”

Once the door closed Teddy fell on the bed holding back the tears and quietly said, “He’s never been like that with me before, telling me what we are going to do. I’m so confused because when I look at him all I want is to be with him but I’m still mad and now I have to spend another night alone. Am I being silly?” Teddy heard Blair through her thoughts, ‘You don’t have to be alone. You only have to ask.’ She thought for a moment then asked, ‘I just want company.’
Once she had spoken those words Blair opened the door and said, “I’m here.” He watched as she went to the bathroom to get changed. She always changed in front of him but he knew he had to give her space. Blair knew this wasn’t going to be easy and he knew deep down he deserved what Teddy dished out to him but it didn’t stop him missing her. 

When she came back she had new lingerie on that he’d never seen before. Teddy decided the best way to get back at Blair was show him what he was missing. “You know you are torturing me.”
“Blair, I always wear lingerie to bed you know that.” Then she lay next to him and she fell asleep in his arms while Blair lay there awake thinking about what they could be doing.

Estevan started to undo Dawn’s dress and said softly, “It’s time to connect.” Dawn started to panic, “What do you mean?” The dress by now was on the floor revealing a corset with stockings underneath. “We talked about this Dawn. I wanted to connect with you after we slept together but you refused. Now we are married I have too. Being a vampire the need to connect with you, to drink from you won’t go away.”

“Estevan I’m frightened it will hurt and…” He started to kiss her neck softly and slowly and asked, “How does that feel?” Dawn closed her eyes and felt the sensual touch of the kiss on her neck. She tilted her head even more so he could kiss other parts of her neck. “Wow you’ve never kissed my neck like that before.” Estevan had just finished taking the last of the blood from Dawn when he picked her up in his arms and carried her to the bed, “I connected with you…”
“You mean that kiss on the neck was you drinking from me?” Estevan smiled at Dawn, “I would never hurt you so I was really gentle and you enjoyed it.”

As Dawn lay on the bed Estevan just stared at her admiring his bride in her lingerie as he trailed his hand up her side.  Dawn let out a small laugh. “Are you nervous?” Estevan asked.
“Sounds strange but a little and I have no idea why.”
“It’s not our first time but it is a special night.” 

Now both naked, Dawn sat up slightly to kiss her husband, “I love you.”
“I love you too.” As they looked into each other’s eyes an overwhelming desire of passion took over and the talking stopped. The intensity of their passion wasn’t like anything they had experienced before until finally they had exhausted each other and fell asleep with a smile on each of their faces.

When Estevan woke up Dawn was not next to him. He found her in the kitchen cooking breakfast. 

He spun her around quickly and said, “Never mind breakfast. Come back to bed because I think I forgot to explore some parts of that beautiful body of yours.”
Dawn smiled, “That’s not the way I remember it.” 

Estevan lifted Dawn onto the counter, “You know if you won’t come to bed then I guess we will just have to make love here.” Dawn knew that look all too well and returned the comment with a kiss.

Teddy had brought her bag down and asked, “Where are we going?”
“You will find out when we get there. Now I have my full strength back I can do all sorts of things.” Teddy didn’t like that last statement Blair made and in fear of what he would say asked anyway, “What do you mean by that?”

“You can’t block your mind properly so is there something you need to confess.” Teddy couldn’t believe it Blair knew and he was making her relive the whole mess again, “Please don’t make me say this please Blair I beg you.”
“Sorry but it has to be done.” Just then Estevan walked in. “You called Estevan?”

Ignoring her question he asked Estevan, “Where is your wife?”
“I sent her shopping and I’m meeting her for lunch so this better be good Blair after all this is my honeymoon and you are interrupting it.”
“It won’t take long but you need to hear this. I didn’t get it all but got most of it but we are just waiting for Daphne and Blake to turn up.” No sooner had Blair spoken those words they both walked in the door. Daphne realised what was going on and tried to make an excuse to leave but Blair wasn’t hearing any of it. “Sit down now both of you.”

Daphne and Blake sat down and Estevan asked, “What the hell is going on?”
“I only found out when I reconnected with Teddy again. Remember the call we received the morning of the wedding about Adam was found dead in his cell?”
“I’m not sorry he is dead. Are you? What does it have to do with my Mum, Blake and Teddy?” Estevan asked.
“We were so preoccupied with wedding stuff that I didn’t read minds, did you?” Estevan then went over to where the three of the sat and asked, “Who what’s to speak first?”

Daphne piped up first, “It was kinda my idea.”
Blair asked, “Kind of?”
“Truth is your Dad and I agreed. Then we asked for Teddy and Blake’s help.” Estevan and Blair just looked as she continued, “Adam is or was a descendant of an ancient vampire. I won’t bore you with those details but that was how he could over power you Blair. Your Dad saw the whole thing and wanted revenge.”
“Teddy doesn’t know about that night.” 

Teddy stood up and said, “I managed to block that from you. Daphne told me how Adam slit your throat. She said you were in hospital and healing. I did get to the hospital but you wouldn’t see anyone so I just told them not to tell you I had tried. Anyway I was angry, you could have died being so weak.” 

Blair pulled her close, “I didn’t realise you knew about any of it. I’m so sorry.”
Holding on even tighter Teddy replied, “I’ve missed you so much, Blair. The anger I felt was overwhelming so I had to do something. He was going out of control. So I released your Dad from the graveyard…”

“It’s ok gorgeous. You did what you felt you had to do.” Blair replied then Blake added, “I made the potion to turn granddad human.”
Daphne then continued the story, “Once released from the graveyard he went to the jail where Adam was being held. Your Dad passed through the wall and saw Adam asleep. Then he drank the potion turning him human then he strangled Adam with his bare hands. After about five minutes the potion wore off and he passed through the wall the same way he came in. If you ask if I regret it the answer is no. I mean he tried to destroy my son, my grandson and my great grandson and Blair. He had to pay.” Estevan was about to say something but Dawn came in and Estevan’s attention was now on his wife, “Sweetheart, I thought we were meeting for lunch?”
“I was at one shop and after buying something I then thought I’m on a honeymoon I should be with my husband not shopping on my own.” Estevan smiled and asked, “What did you get because I don’t see a bag?”

Dawn went red and replied, “I can’t show you in front of everyone one.” Estevan now intrigued held Dawn close and said to everyone, “I should be angry but I’m not and thank you for telling us the truth. Blair enjoy your time away with Teddy. Mum and Blake I’ll see you when I get back from honeymoon. Please no more interruptions from any of you.”

Once home Dawn took Estevan to the bedroom and asked, “Can we stay here in this house for our honeymoon?”
“We can but I thought you had to show me something.” Dawn stripped naked and showed him the tattoo. “Is it still painful?”
“A little and now you have something new to explore.” 

Letting out a small laugh, Estevan then pulled her towards him and softly said, “Well I better not waste my time and start exploring then.” 

Thanks to Val for the beautiful tattoo

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

4.25 Wedding

Please be aware that this is a very long chapter but I couldn't split this. So I hope you can bear with me and enjoy the chapter too. Also the vows are not my own words. I found them on the net.

Estevan was taking a morning swim to overcome his nerves. When he heard a familiar voice, “Don’t you need your energy for the wedding night?” He saw Blair sitting on the deck chair looking at him. 

He got out of the pool and hugged Blair as he stood up. “You look your normal self again.”
“I’m just glad to be back.” 

Estevan was about to say something but Daphne came out, “I understand you boys have things to talk about but Blair you have a wife to grovel too.” Blair ignoring her looked over at Estevan and calmly said, “How is Teddy and Harmony?” Estevan wasn’t sure what to do. Secrets had almost pulled them apart and now he wasn’t sure if he should tell Blair because when Teddy found out he was coming she wanted to break the news to him, “Harmony is fine and is excited about seeing you again. Teddy is not well but I have made her eat…”

Blair needed to reconnect to get his full strength back, “What is wrong with her and where is she?”
“She wants to tell you herself. Teddy is upstairs so I could keep an eye on her. Blair, please reconnect with her.” 

Blair ran up the stairs to their room but being apart for a few months he decided to knock the door. His body filled with happiness when he heard her voice, “Who is it?”
“Gorgeous, can I come in?” 

Then he got the shock of his life as the door swung open and even with Teddy in a weakened state; items were heading his way and the flowers he had sent her hit him straight in the head. All the time Teddy yelled and screamed, “Don’t you think you can worm your way back into my good books after leaving me, you, you, bastard.” 

When Blair came back downstairs he sat in shock and Estevan sat next to him, “How did it go?”
“She hates me.”
“Can you blame her? She is hurt; you didn’t trust her enough to tell her what was going on.”
“I get that, how do I fix this?”
“She still loves you. Teddy won’t want to cause a scene at a wedding so talk to her there.”

“What is wrong with her?” Estevan sighed and said, “She asked not to say anything…”
“She threw things at me and slammed the door in my face, Estevan. I have a right to know.”
“You’re right…She has been crying most of the time but she misses you.” Blair was still angry, “Why all the secrecy, I have a damn right to know.”
“Here is the deal, I will give Teddy time to tell you what’s going on but if by the time I’m due to leave with Dawn and she hasn’t told you then I will.”
“I miss her so much. I hated doing this to her to us but I had no choice. Where is my little girl?”
“She is down the beach with Heather and Art.” Blair didn’t waste any time in going to see his daughter. 

When she saw him it was like he’d never been away she ran into his arms and gave him a big hug, “Daddy your home. I missed you.”
“I missed you too.” Heather came over and said, “Nice to see you, Blair. Is Harmony going with you?”
“No, Estevan said she is being a flower girl.”
“Daddy I don’t want to wear a dress. Can I please go with you?” 

Blair knelt down and replied, “You will look very pretty in a dress. I want to ask you something.” Harmony looked at her Dad, “I asked William if you could stay with him for a while because I need to sort things out with your Mum.”

“You mean say sorry.”
“Something like that. Would you be ok with it?” Harmony looked at him and smiled, “Yes its ok.” Harmony went off to play with Art and Heather asked, “When does Will bring her back?”
“A fortnight if that’s ok?” Heather nodded in agreement and called to the kids that it was time to get ready for the wedding.

“William says you have something to tell me?” Spencer asked.
“Dad, please not now.” Spencer looked hurt, “You know there was a time you could tell me anything.”
Matt leaned against the railings looking at his Dad and said, “Dad I’m a grown man and this thing about Hazel and I in separate rooms is stupid. It should be our choice and well…we want to sleep together.” Then Matt mumbled the next part, “Matt, what did you say?”
Matt took a deep breath and said, “I’m going to asked Hazel to be my wife.” Spencer started to pace the floor, “Mathew Dark you are only nineteen, she isn’t pregnant is she?”

“Dad did you hear what I said earlier we haven’t slept together so that part would be difficult. I might be young but I know this is what I want.”
“You spoke to Estevan first, didn’t you and what did he say?”
“I’m young and should wait and talk to you but he said if it is what I want then he will support me.”
“If you promise not to run off and get married yet then…” Spencer stayed silent for a moment and then carried on, “You get my support but I do think you should wait. I take it Hazel has no idea?”
“No she doesn’t but I am nervous.”
“Mathew you will be fine. You will know when the time is right to ask.”

“Dawn you look absolutely beautiful.” Teddy said as Dawn was looking at the dress in the mirror. Dawn smiled and asked, “He will like the dress, right?”
Heather and Teddy looked at each other and then back to Dawn and Heather smugly replied, “I think his favourite part like most men is when they can take it off.”

“Heather!” Dawn exclaimed.
“His eyes will be firmly glued on you, Dawn. So don’t worry.” Then Dawn started to panic, “I can’t do this.”
Teddy looked at her and said, “Its nerves. Do you love him?”
“With all my heart.”
“Then get down there and marry him.” Teddy demanded.
Estevan waited at the front for Dawn to arrive and was nervous, “William, have you spoken to Heather?”
“Dad I will tell you what you said to me on my big day, stop worrying. Dawn is on her way.”

Estevan could hear Blair’s thoughts, ‘Blair, stop worrying. Teddy will be here and you can talk to her after the ceremony.’
‘Sorry I can’t help it.’ Heather and Teddy walked in giving the signal that Dawn was ready to walk in. Teddy sat behind Estevan and Blair. 

When he turned and looked at her, Teddy’s mind started to wander, ‘Why does he look so sexy? Mental note must remove his jacket and unbutton his shirt, trailing my hands across his chest begging him to take me. Teddy listen to yourself you are in the same room for less than five minutes and you have already allowed him to mentally make-love to you. Stop it right now. Be mad, be really mad.’
‘She looks way too good in that dress I wonder how quick I can remove it. If I was at full strength it would be seconds but in my state it could take a few minutes…’ Then Estevan interrupted Blair’s thoughts, ‘I get you want to make-love to your wife but will you block your mind.’
‘Sorry Estevan.’ 

Dawn arrived at the front and Estevan joined her. He held her hand and whispered, “You look stunning.” 

“Are we ever going to set a date?” Paris asked as Spencer had his arms around her as they watched the ceremony. Keeping a tight hold on her, “You set the date and I’ll turn up.”

Lexy whispered to Blake, “Doesn’t she look beautiful?”
“She does.” Blake then held her hand not saying anymore. 

Then it was Dawn’s turn to recite her vows after Estevan, I Dawn, take you Estevan to be my husband, my partner in life and my one true love. I will cherish our union and love you more each day than I did the day before. I will trust you and respect you, laugh with you and cry with you, loving you faithfully through good times and bad, regardless of the obstacles we may face together. I give you my hand, my heart, and my love, from this day forward for as long as we both shall live.

Then Estevan and Dawn shared their first kiss as husband and wife. “Hun, I can’t believe we are actually married.” Dawn gazed into Estevan’s eyes and added, “I’m so happy right now.”
The newlyweds were asked to smile for the camera. 

Blair saw Teddy watch as Estevan and Dawn were posing happily. Blair was about to approach Teddy when Estevan called him over to have pictures of just the two of them. While they were posing they had a conversation through their thoughts, ‘I was about to try and talk to my wife.’
‘I know but it's only a few photos.’

‘Congratulations Estevan. I hope you both will be happy.’ After all photographs had been taken, Blair found Teddy sitting at a table just watching everyone. 

He walked up to her and asked, “Can we talk?” Teddy ignored him and got up to leave but he grabbed her hand to kiss it and said firmly, “It is customary at formal gatherings for a husband and wife to share a dance. Would you do me the honour of dancing with me?” Teddy looked at him and hated herself for feeling weak in his presence yet so in love with him, “I would like that.”

Matt had taken Hazel outside and pulled her in for a kiss. As their lips parted Hazel said, “They look so happy and in love.”
Matt just stared at her for a moment and replied, “Uncle Estevan is madly in love with Dawn. I’m sorry about my Dad, he still thinks of me as a little kid. I really wanted to be with you last night.”
“Matt its ok. The way your Dad is acting I think his attention is on Paris at the moment.” 

Hazel noticed Matt get down on one knee and she was in shock not able to say anything as she watched him pull a box from his jacket. “Haz, I know we haven’t been together long but I know how I feel about you. Will you marry me?”

On the dance floor Teddy felt Blair’s arms around her and it felt wonderful. Teddy hated how her body was betraying her because in her mind she was still mad with him. She had to tell him about the baby. When Blair spun her around she asked, “Can we talk outside?”

Spencer saw the beaming smiles from Matt and Hazel, “Dad, Paris, Hazel and I are engaged.” Spencer had hoped in a small way that she would turn him down but he put on a smile and replied, “Congratulations.” Paris was elated for them, “How sweet, I’m so happy for you.” Then she hugged them both, “We have some news too. We are finally setting a date. It won’t be as big as this but still, isn’t it great.” Matt had never seen Paris this happy and if he was honest he thought they’d never set a date.

“Well you finally got married and I’m happy for you both.” Daphne said as she interrupted the happy couple. Estevan hugged his Mum, “Thanks Mum.”

Daphne hugged Dawn and whispered, “Don’t forget I want more grandchildren.”
“We’ll try.” Dawn replied with a girlish grin.

William was wrapped up in Heather on the dance floor but it with clear by their behaviour they wouldn’t be sleeping when they got home. Blake and Lexy were sitting in silence at a table when he heard Estevan through his thoughts, ‘Are you just going to sit there or are you going to ask Lexy to dance?’

Blake turned to Lexy and asked, “Would you like to dance?”
Lexy smiled and replied, “I’d love to.” When they got to dance floor Blake wasn’t sure what to do next and Lexy picking up on this said, “You put your arm around my waist hold tight and take my other hand in yours and then move your feet.” As they danced Blake asked, “When do you go back to work?”
“Not for a while yet.” Then he was behind her with his one hand around the waist. She could feel the heat between them especially with his touch. 

Blake turned her around so they were facing each other and without thinking pulled Lexy in even closer resting his hands below her waist and started to kiss her. Lexy touched his face lightly and asked through her thoughts, ‘Blake what are you doing?’
‘Kissing you.’ When they finally took a breath Blake asked, “I can’t think straight when you are near and the last few weeks looking after you has made me realise I’m in love with you and I couldn’t stand it if you dated anyone else. So will you date me?”

 Lexy smiled and asked, “Blake, are you asking me to be your girlfriend?”
“Yes I am so what is your answer?”
“Since you asked so sweetly then my answer is yes.” After that they stayed on the dance floor locked in a passionate kiss for the rest of the night.

Art and Harmony were keeping the other guests entertained by dancing.

Teddy was looking away from Blair as he rested his hands on her shoulders, “I said I was sorry. I never meant to hurt you or Harmony. I just want to be home with my family.”
“Blair you left us all alone. Breaking our connection made both of us vulnerable. When I needed you the most you weren’t there.”
Blair spoke softly, “I’m sorry but we need to reconnect. Estevan says you aren’t well; please tell me what’s wrong.” Teddy turned around looked at Blair and was about to speak when she collapsed to the floor. 

Blair knelt beside her, “Teddy wake up.” He could see her chest was moving so he knew she was still alive. Estevan heard Blair pleas and rushed out with Dawn. “What happened?” Dawn asked in a panic.
“She fell to the floor as she was about to speak. Estevan what is wrong?” Estevan knew by his tone they hadn’t reconnected and said, “Blair just kiss her to reconnect because she needs her full strength. What she wanted to tell you, what I’ve been trying to tell you is Teddy is pregnant.”

Blair was now in shock as he used all off his strength to pick her up as he did she gently touched his face and he quietly said, “I didn’t know and if I had known I would have come home straight away.” Teddy just rested her head on his shoulder without saying anything.
Estevan said, “I know you are leaving in the morning but stay at the house tonight.” Dawn just looked worried as Blair carried her. 

Estevan wrapped his arms around Dawn and said, “Don’t worry and we will be making love soon.”
“I can’t wait.”

Blair placed Teddy on the bed looking at her as she kept her eyes closed. What strength he had was failing as he had carried Teddy to bed. He pulled her up slightly and said, “I know you’re angry and upset but we have to reconnect. Our baby needs us.” 

Then supporting her as he leaned in for a kiss. Teddy put her arm around him as their lips met and savoured the smell of his cologne that she had missed so much. Blair had missed her touch, her face and enjoyed every touch of her soft lips on his. After a few moments he could hear Teddy’s thoughts and he could feel her anger and pain. Just then he could feel her heartbeat then another heart beating faintly. As they became stronger the baby’s heart beat grew stronger.
After saying their goodbyes Estevan took Dawn to a house that he had rented for the night in case Blair and Teddy needed the house. He knew once Blair was back Teddy would be fine. The only thing that worried him was the state Blair might be in after Teddy had her say. 

 Estevan couldn’t think about that now as he had a new bride. “You look so beautiful in that dress but it’s time to see what’s underneath. May I have the pleasure…?”
Dawn looked at him feeling her whole body tremble with desire as she whispered, “Ummm...just take me.”

Thanks Mypalsim for some poses for this chapter