Tuesday, 20 May 2014

6.6 Confused

Warning: Adult scenes and coarse language 

Draco needed to think so he pick up his violin and started to play. As he allowed each note to vibrate his soul, he found himself thinking of Torri. When he first saw her face as a teenager his entire body exploded as if it were on fire and when he saw Elvira’s hands around her throat he knew he had to save her, in that moment nothing else mattered.
He remembered that just before he turned Elvira human, he glanced at Torri and when his eyes met with hers, he knew that Torri felt the same way about him. However he couldn’t understand why he treated her badly most of the time.
As he continued playing he felt he was being watched and when he glanced up he saw his Dad staring at him.

 “Draco, What is bothering you?”
In a sarcastic tone said, “Nothing is bothering me.”
“Not a beautiful red head?” Draco broke the string on the violin when his Dad said that and replied, “I’m not involved with anyone.” Blair raised his voice slightly and asked, “So you are fucking different people every night rather than listen to your heart.”
“You have experience, yeah right!”

Blair yelled, “You think this is all new to the young, well let me tell you this life style you are living will be your undoing. Your Mum saved me so don’t under estimate what a woman can do for you. I tried to deny my feelings for your mother and almost lost the best thing ever to happen to me. So if I were you pull yourself together and marry the girl you saved before you lose her forever.” Draco walked past his Dad and said, “Thanks for the advice but I will handle my life my way. Besides I’m having fun, which is more than you have these days.” 

Blair grabbed is son and punched him. Draco fell to the floor and Blair knelt by him, “I have fun every day with your mother and I wouldn’t swap that for anything. Now your sister does me proud, take a tip from her.”

“Oh really then why did Ty take Harmony to a secret location and they spend the night together in the same bed so your princess can’t make you that proud, can she?”

Blair walked into the office and yelled at Ty, “You better answer me TJ. Did you sleep with my daughter without marrying her first?”
Blair waited for his answer and TJ said, “I have asked Harmony to marry me and she accepted so yes we have been intimate ever since. I told you before I love her. We have done nothing wrong and just so you know I will be staying the night at your house at Harmony’s request.” Blair was trying to hold his temper and through gritted teeth said, “My daughter means everything to me and for her sake I will allow you to stay overnight at the house,” then he took a deep breath and asked, “When do you plan to marry Harmony?”
“Soon but we will decide the date.”

Blair held out his hand, “Welcome to the family, Ty,” then they shook hands as a sign of new beginning.

Draco had just bent pretty boy over the sofa pushing hard and loved hearing him scream over and over then he grabbed him firmly and said cruelly with every thrust, “Don’t ever tell me what to do and stay away from Torri.”
Pretty boy replied through moans of pleasure, “You’re the one cheating on me.”
“How many times have I told you there is no us and I pay for your service so don’t back chat me again.”
“You may pay for the use of my ass but we both know you love it.” 

Draco punched him and as pretty boy lay on the floor Draco added, “Your services are no longer required.” As Draco approached the door pretty boy yelled, “You will be back because you love this ass.” Draco turned around and said coldly, “I can always pay for another tight ass.”

Draco ended up at the casino when he saw a man chatting to Torri. When Torri saw him she excused herself from the man and went straight for Draco. 

“It’s not what you think.” Draco just had that cold stare and asked, “Did he touch you?”
“Not like that.” Draco pulled her close and firmly asked, “What part did he touch?” Draco was angry and Torri replied, “He just stroked my arm but I told him I wasn’t interested…” Draco interrupted her and said, “Wait for me at the house.” Torri bowed her head in shame as she left.

Draco grabbed the man and dragged him to a dark corner of the club. “The girl you were talking to…well she is off limits.”
“I would disagree,” he then taunted Draco by what he said next. “Her breasts are amazing don’t you think and when I felt her up; boy can that girl gush.” 

Draco was now furious and grabbed him by the neck and coldly said, “Say goodnight.” Then Draco sunk his teeth into the man and quickly drained him.

Torri was waiting when Draco entered the room, “You let that man feel you up.” Torri was shocked by the statement, “No, I swear to you he did not touch me like that. Since coming to this town, I have only made love with you.”
“And I told you it was sex only.” 

Torri yelled back, “No it wasn’t sex it was making love. The way you touched me, the way you held me. You were affectionate and loving.”
“STOP! I don’t make love…”
Torri wouldn’t give up and yelled back, “Dress it up anyway you like but we both know what it was and is. I’m also falling for you.”
Draco didn’t want to hear any more and firmly replied, “I’ve heard enough and I warn you not to speak to a man and don’t let a man touch you as you are mine.” 

When Draco left the house he leaned against the wall and felt his head become heavy and confused in his true feelings.

Tuesday, 13 May 2014

6.5 What's there to think about

“Morning Baby,” as Blake greeted Lexy in bed. Lexy smiled as she kissed him then Blake added, “Happy 6th anniversary.”

“I can’t believe we have been married that long, lucky for you then I have the weekend off.” Blake grinned as he said, “Lucky me and you know my favourite hobby is you.” 

Lexy blushed as they shared a passionate kiss. 

Blake pulled Lexy up and gave her a gift and when she opened it she stared at the gift of a new ring. Lexy said thank you but her emotions over whelmed her and she left the room leaving the box to one side with the ring still in there. 

Blake followed her and saw her looking out of the window and asked, “I thought you’d love the ring so what is wrong?”

“It’s beautiful and I do love it but don’t you think this house it too big for us?” Blake wasn’t sure what Lexy was getting at and replied, “It’s perfect for us, why?” 

Lexy turned around and said, “When I told you Nathan looked good in your arms you said we could try for a baby. Then when I bring the subject up again you took me on holiday as if that would make it go away. Every time I want to try you avoid the subject. We have been married a few years now please can we talk about this?” Blake knew he couldn’t avoid the subject forever and said, “I’d be a crap Dad…I mean looking after my brother is one thing but I can always hand him back besides you’d be the great mum.”
Lexy was in shock, “Is that what you think, that you would be a bad parent. I’m terrified but I know this is what I want and we would learn together. I want our baby just please promise me you will think about this before you say anything else.” Blake held her and said, “I will think about it.”

Victoria was enjoying her morning off by taking a swim. William watched her every move and kept thinking, ‘I can’t ask her out. No. I need to accept I’ve had my time with a wonderful woman and now I have the twins to bring up.’ 

He was about to go back inside when he saw Victoria get out of the pool in an almost nude bathing suit, hugging her in all the right places when he heard, “Just ask her out bro.” 

Will turned around and said, “Isn’t it your anniversary?”
“I told Lexy I was getting food for tonight’s romantic dinner after she started on about having a baby again so I needed time to think.” Will looked at his brother and said, “Don’t you want a child of your own?”

Blake sighed, “I watch you and you are always saying it is difficult and that you are tired.”
“Everything you have said is true but I wouldn’t change being a parent for anything. Being a parent is terrifying but rewarding at the same time. The moment you hold that child in your arms, there is nothing like it. I will be here if you need help and the twins would love cousins to play with.”
“You really think I could be a good Dad?”
“You and Lexy would be great together, I say go for it, you might even surprise yourself.”
Blake smiled and said, “Thanks bro and what are you going to do about Victoria?” Will looked into the air and replied, “I just don’t want people to think that I love Heather less for liking someone new.”
“Talk to her before making your decision.”
“I’ll think on it. Have you heard from Philippe?” Blake nodded and replied, “Yeah, mother and baby doing well.”
“No doubt when he is back he will be showing baby pictures.” 

Victoria walked past and said, “Oh excuse me I didn’t know you had company.” Will was about to introduce his brother when Blake said, “I’m Will’s brother and you must be Victoria, Will speaks very highly of you. If you don’t mind me saying but you are very pretty, is there boyfriend?” Victoria giggled and replied, “You think I’m pretty, thanks. I don’t have a boyfriend because I’ve yet to find a man who ticks every box for me.”
Blake raised his eye brow then he heard through his thoughts, ‘What are you doing? I will speak to her when I’m ready.’
‘Will I’m only trying to help.’ 

When Blake left Victoria asked, “When do the twins start nursery?”
“I’ve haven’t put their names forward. Would you like to join the twins and me at the park?” Victoria blushed and asked, “Are you sure?”
“The twins would never forgive me if I didn’t offer.” Victoria looked disappointed and said, “Maybe another time.” 

Victoria hurried out of the room feeling hurt and rejected, Will went after her and when he got to her room he knocked and walked in, “Did I offend you?”
Victoria composed herself and replied, “No, it’s just I remembered I have cleaning to do and we can’t have the house looking a mess.” Will could sense something was wrong but decided not to push the matter at this point and left. 

She threw herself on the bed and thought about leaving her new job but the twins had grown on her and she couldn’t bare to be apart from them but the problem she had was William was growing on her too and some nights she could have sworn that he was the other side of the door wanting to confess that he was starting to feel the same way.

After their romantic meal, Lexy pushed herself on to Blake and asked, “Have you thought about us becoming parents?”
Blake pulled her closer as he kissed her passionately, “Baby I’m scared of being a parent but I think together we could be good parents so I think it’s the right time.” Lexy’s eyes widened as she stepped up the passionate kiss and whispered in his ear, “Let’s start right now.”
“I’m all for that.”

Tuesday, 6 May 2014

6.4 Surprises

Warning : Adult scenes and nudity

Art was at the casino to get peace and quiet because the house was too full these days. He was playing around at the bar when he heard the door open, "Sorry we are closed until tonight." 

There was no answer so Art went to take a look and saw the girl who had turned him down all those years ago in front of him. Art just stared as she said, "Hello Art." He just continued to stare and listen, “I work at the police station and my boss, Lexy told me where to find you. I just wanted to say sorry about the way I treated you when we met." 

Art walked to the door without saying a word and opened it, "Glad you found me to let me know. Now if you will excuse me, I have work to do."
"Please Art talk to me."
"I kept my word, I'd stay away. At least tell me what your name is."
"Ellen Shine." Art looked into her eyes and said, "Goodbye Ellen." 

Ellen held herself as she tried to hold back the tears. "I know you don't mean that, I'll do anything just please don't send me away." Art smiled and wagged his finger at her so Ellen knew to get close, "Are you interested in me and don't lie to me."

"Yes I am." Art grinned and said, "I'm going to kiss you and you’re going to let me." 

Ellen nodded and as Art kissed Ellen he held her tightly but she didn't hold him back. "Ellen, why didn't you 
hold me when we kissed?" Ellen shied away from Art and said, "You didn't say I could." Art was shocked by what Ellen said but put it down to her nerves and replied, "Ellen when I kiss you it is ok to put your arms around me."
"Ok." Art wouldn't let her go and asked, "Be my girl?" Ellen looked into his eyes, "Yes I will."
"I will pick you up at 8 for our first date, where are you staying?"
“I’m staying at the new resort.”

Art was humming while he was getting ready for his date with Ellen when William walked in. “I take it you saw your girl again? Lexy was too excited to keep it to herself. What’s her name?”

Art looked at his Dad and said, “Ellen is her name, she is beautiful and…” Will was pleased to see his son happy again but interrupted him. “I get it Art, you’re head over heels for the girl. When do I have the pleasure of meeting her?”
“I’ll ask her and see when it would be convenient. Where are the twins?”
“They are at the park with Victoria.” 

Art could sense something was up and asked, “Don’t you like her?” Will looked at Art and said, “Draco set me up with this nanny but I am warming to her.”
Art raised his eyebrows, “You like her more than you should, am I right?” Will was unsure how to answer his son but replied, “I do Art but it’s not right. I love your Mum and what am I supposed to do change the d├ęcor of the whole house to be with someone else and erase your Mum?”
“Dad, Mum will always be in our hearts. We will keep her pictures up but you need to move on and start to make this house part of the new family. If you want to date Victoria I won’t stand in your way after all who was it that told Granddad to move on. I think it’s time to take your own advice.”
Will tried to protest, “She is young and a beautiful girl like that must have a boyfriend and one thing I could never do is take someone else’s girl.”
“Then either ask her or read her mind.”

Draco was deflated at striking out for the second night in a row and when he tried to call pretty boy there was no answer. He heard a noise and looked around the corner and saw the girl who’s life he’d saved from Elvira. He thought with a smile, ‘Now I know why I saved her to have her in my bed.’
Torri saw Draco and knew instantly it was him, “Wow you grew up well, Draco.”
“And you have never looked better, babe.” Torri instantly thought Draco was charming and very sexy and looked him in the eye and said, “My name is Torri not babe.” 

He trapped her against the wall and replied slyly, “Your name is whatever I want it to be.” Torri glanced into Draco’s eyes briefly then turned away as if she was a teen soaking up every word. “Do you want to come in?”

“No I can’t but,” as he ran his hand down her body Torri’s eyes closed as if she was expecting him to do something but he just took his hand away clasping her chin. 

She opened her eyes and saw the soft gentle person she remembered. It was if he wanted to say something but decided against it and said instead, “Meet me for breakfast and wear something very sexy.” Torri smiled as she nodded then said, “Do I get a kiss good night?”
Draco whispered in her ear, “If you are a good girl, I’ll give more than a morning kiss.” Torri bit her lip as if he’d said the magic words she’d been waiting to hear.

Then Draco lifted her hand and kissed her and said, “Good night Torri.”

Art and Ellen were enjoying the walk back to the resort when Art asked, “I really enjoyed this evening with you. Are you planning on getting your own place?” 

Ellen rested her hands against his chest and replied, “I thought I’d never find you again and so I’m only paid up to the day after tomorrow then I have to return home.” The thought of losing her again was too much and Art said, “No you are staying and I will fix it so you don’t have to worry about the money side of it ok. You didn’t hand in your notice at the station, did you?”
Ellen shook her head and said, “No not yet.”

Draco kicked the door open as he held Torri in his arms but he couldn’t wait till they got to the bedroom. 

He pushed the items off the side dresser and placed Torri on the counter stripping her clothes. He didn’t waste time as he entered her and pushed hard so all she could do was scream, “Draco not so hard.” He kissed her lip drawing blood and said, “You want me then it’s my way.” He sucked on her lip cleaning up the blood then glanced at her naked body and his eyes widened with what he saw. 

Draco picked Torri up placing her over the sofa and was about to enter her from behind when she cried, “Draco please I really don’t like it this way.” Torri suddenly felt a gentle tug on waist as he turned her over. 

Draco wiped the tears away as he said, “I would never make you do anything you were uncomfortable with so no more tears.”
Draco refused to look at Torri in the eye during the rest of their lovemaking but after her plea she had noticed he was more attentive and loving towards her. 

When they had finished Torri asked if he was her boyfriend and it was like someone had flipped a switch, “I’m not your boyfriend but you are mine so don’t let me catch you with anyone else. The only man that is allow near…” He stopped mid-sentence as he glanced at her removing her robe slightly to see her breasts then continued, “The only man allowed near this perfect body is me.” 

He went to kiss her but she tried to turn away but he pulled her head back so he could kiss her. 

He softly ran his fingers over her lips and softly pressed his against hers and said, “We will have none of that. I never said I was a saint, you know perfectly well I’m a bad boy and considering I made you scream earlier, we both know you’ll never get another man to make you explode like that, ever.”

Torri tried to stand her ground, “Yes you did but we made love not sex!” Draco’s eyes widened and yelled, “We didn’t make love, it was sex and because this was our first time together I will let your comment slip. Now about our second date…something pretty as I’m taking you for a picnic. Be ready for 11am.” 

After he left Torri slid to the floor as she couldn’t believe he could act like two different people but she had a feeling that the real Draco was in there somewhere.