Blair Merrick
Date of Birth: 01/09/1942
Star Sign: Virgo

He was an only child born to David and Katherine Merrick. They were very strict parents who saw Blair as an inconvenience rather than a blessing. He was never shown any love and as he got older his hatred for his parents only grew. He tried to channel the negative energy from his parents through creativity but always got knocked back. Once he left school he left his hometown to find happiness. Blair ended up in Bridgeport and started to hang around with some stranger people. When he learned they were vampires, he asked to be turned in the hope for a better life. The leader turned him into a vampire but it only increased Blair's unhappiness. 

He then turned to killing to fill the emptiness inside. Over the years he became lonelier, until he met Elvira Slayer. The first few months were happy but then Elvira's evil side became darker and it only fuelled their now destructive relationship. He soon met a fellow Vampire Estevan Granger and started to work for him moving up the ranks of the business and becoming his right-hand man. After splitting from Elvira, Blair would only have contact with woman to suit his sexual needs. 

He soon met a beautiful vampire name Heather Dark. He thought he was in love with her but he soon realised it wasn't love. He just wanted someone, anyone as long as he could control them. While at work he meets a beautiful young woman Teddy Green. He can see she is in trouble and helps her out. He suddenly realises he is putting her before himself. As he gets to know her, feelings start to develop and he soon realises he is in love with her. He takes off because he is unsure how to handle these feelings but soon comes back to confront her about his feelings. Only to find Teddy’s ex has hit her and she is in a terrible state. In a fit of rage he kills the ex but Teddy takes off before he can talk to her.

He searches for her and when he finds her, he tells her everything about his past and his feelings. After dating for a short time they discover they are expecting their first child. They get married in France in a quiet ceremony. Soon after they have a daughter, who they name Harmony. He discovers his boss is really is younger brother as they share the same father. He takes all his anger out on Estevan but soon they start to get on. Now Blair and Teddy have a second child a boy who they named Draco but who will he take after?

Teddy Merrick (Green)
Date of Birth: 22/02/1986
Star sign: Pisces

Teddy was born in Twinbrooks but brought up in Hidden Springs. Her parents had 2 sons, the first son died shortly after being born and their second son died after being hit by a car at the age of 3 years old.
When Teddy came along they were very protective of her and never let her out of their sight. They loved very much. 

After their deaths they left Teddy money and property. She sold everything apart from the holiday home in Starlight Shores. She met a man who at first swept her of her feet but she soon realised that he was controlling and violent. After a year in this destructive relationship she left. Soon he started taunting her. Teddy went to a club to get drunk to forget her troubles but she starts to cause a scene. The manager of the club has to deal with the situation and offers to drive her home.

This is how she meets Blair. He tries to resist her at first but is soon captivated by her charm and beauty. Teddy in turn is bowled over by his looks. As she gets to know Blair, the more she falls in love with him and she sees her future in him. After her ex finds her, Blair saves her but she runs after she sees what Blair does. When he finds her they talk and Blair takes her on their first date and she soon realises she can’t say goodbye.

After they marry they have their first child Harmony. Blair turns Teddy into a vampire by mistake thinking he has killed her. It takes a while for Teddy to get used to this way of life and soon she forgives Blair for what he did.
Now they have a son name Draco.

Harmony Merrick
Date of Birth: 25/01/1998
Star Sign: Aquarius 

She is the first born to Blair and Teddy. Blair is very protective of his daughter and now she is a teenager he is even more wary. Teddy would like her husband to be a bit more easy going, but he can’t because even a look from a boy will make his blood boil. Harmony really would like to have a boyfriend but with her Dad will she ever get the chance and if she does is there a boy willing to stand up to Blair Merrick for his daughter’s love?

Daphne Granger
Date of Birth: 01/08/1813
Star Sign: Leo

Daphne grew up in a time when girls didn’t go to school or know how to read or write. At the age of 8 she was expected to work in a factory but when she refused she was punished with the cane. She hated her life and would often steal a book to teach herself to read and by the age of 16 she could read. Daphne was presented to a man her father decided to be her husband. She hated everything about him. The engagement went ahead even though she said no.

When she refused to have sex with her fiancé he hit her and commanded her to get undressed, her blood started to boil and she felt sick. She heard the stories of her great-grandparents being vampires but never believed it. Her mother told her that it sometimes skips a generation. Suddenly the hatred of this man who was commanding her to do things she wasn’t ready for took its toll and all she remembers is seeing his body lying on the floor drained of blood. She stepped over his body without a care and left home.

She forged papers so she was able to work and created a story that her husband was killed in a war so no-one felt sorry for her being single. She moved every so often telling people she was 40 years old. She tried dating but never found a man that she liked enough to marry until she moves to Painswater Point. It was the town’s coldest winter on record, Daphne slipped on some ice and local man helped her to her feet. There was an instant connection between them. She saw more of David over the next 6 months only learning then that he was married and had a son, Blair. Daphne was heartbroken but David begged her to stay. He tried to get a divorce but his wife refused. Daphne decided to carry on seeing David and after a few years falls pregnant with her only child Estevan. Soon Daphne can’t stand being around David if she cannot be his wife so takes Estevan and fleas to Sunset Valley. David wants her to come home but she refuses but she still loves him so starts seeing him again until he dies.

When Estevan starts to date Holly she isn’t pleased and refuses to accept his choice and they stop talking and Daphne moves away. After 25 years apart she finds out he has moved to Painswater Point and slowly starts to rebuild their relationship having to accept his love, Dawn. 

Estevan Granger AKA 'The Boss'
Date of Birth: 01/08/1956
Star Sign: Leo

He grew up in Sunset Valley with his mother. When he called for his best friend a young girl answered the door. Estevan fell in love instantly for Holly who was human and soon they started dating. When they were 22 years old they got married and shortly after had their first child William.

William had only just turned 1 year old and they found they were expecting again another son, Blake. Unfortunately due to Estevan becoming unstable with his vampire powers he was afraid he would harm Holly. The thought of leaving tore him apart but the thought of hurting her due to the uncontrollable urges terrified him even more.
He took the boys in the dead of night as they were vampires like their father, leaving his wife behind. He still loves her presently and the thought of betraying Holly with another woman he just couldn't do it. Now Holly has passed away his boys think he needs a woman and that he should move on but Estevan refuses to think about it.

He hated the fact William dated a human but it comes from the pain he feels after losing his wife. He always liked Heather and now she is a vampire he accepts that his son and his wife have to make their own way in the world.

He and Blair have been in business for many years but they know way too much about each other to part ways. Only in recent years have they started to be friends. Estevan knew early on the Blair was his brother but never told Blair. When his Mum turns up he realises that he will soon have to tell Blair of the real relationship they share. When he finally tells Blair, he is called a lair but after reading Estevan’s mind he starts to understand that it is all true. Now the brothers are starting to have a new relationship.
Estevan is now a grandparent to a boy name Art and he dots on him, helping William and Heather out whenever he can.

The boys set their father up to meet someone new and at first tries to ignore the feelings but soon realises that Dawn Star means more to him. After dating Estevan asks Dawn to marry him and she accepts and now they are expecting they first baby.

Dawn Granger (Star)
Date of Birth: 02/04/1978
Star Sign: Aries

At the age of 15, Dawn showed promise as an artist. She attended Art College but soon discovered that her passion was not just art but making things look good. After her first year she asked to change her direction in art for interior design. Dawn left college with honours and thought jobs in the area were easy to come by.

Unfortunately she soon learnt you had to gain life experience and the only way to do this was to work from the bottom up. Men would always ask her out and even though she dated from time to time, relationships just got in her way. Dawn has always put her career before herself and it has paid off as she now works for herself as the most sort after Interior Designer.

When she meets Estevan for the first time she throws her Ipad at him as she finds him very arrogant. Soon he wins her over and they are soon married. On honeymoon she finds out she is 3 weeks pregnant and they are both thrilled at the news. 

William Granger
Date of Birth: 14/02/1983
Star Sign: Aquarius

William grew up in Barnacle Bay along with his brother Blake. He is very close with his brother and has always been there for Blake. He was always wanted by girls but he never could find one he wanted to be with until Heather Dark came along.

After first meeting her they dated and he knew then that they were meant to be. His father had other ideas and made it known that she was not liked due to her being human. William married Heather in secret but when his Dad found out he lost Heather anyway because he would not stand up for himself or his wife against his Dad.

When he does find her and he learns she was pregnant but lost the baby because of the stress she was put through by his Dad he becomes angry. He finally stands up to his Dad and wins Heather back. They soon have a son named Art but William would like more children.

Heather Granger (Dark)
Date of Birth: 03/06/1986
Star Sign: Gemini

Heather fell in love with a vampire William Granger but the father never approved of his son being in a relationship with a human. Soon after they married in secret but William's father found out and forced Heather out. After this Heather lost her baby and decided a life as a vampire would be a better alternative.

She makes her way to Painswater Point to start her new life. She starts to see a vampire named Blair but soon realises that his Boss is her father in-law. Soon her husband William finds her begging for another chance.
She asks her husband for a divorce but he still pursues her and they start dating. Heather finally has the man she fell in love with back and she breaks things off with Blair.
Heather has now re-married her husband William and soon finds out she is pregnant with their first child. When their son Art is born, Heather finds motherhood difficult. She asks Estevan for help as William is working a lot. After a while she wants another baby as long as William is around more to help. 

Art Granger
Date of Birth: 26/06/1997
Star Sign: Cancer

Art loves the girls and they love him. He soon learns that they like him for his wealth. He doubts he will ever find the one. Now he wonders should play the field or just wait? He often talk to his cousin Matt to ask advise and Matt often tells him sleeping around is not the answer. Art hates being an only child and is now arguing with his grandfather and is afraid he is losing him to his new wife Dawn because of the new baby.

Blake Granger
Date of Birth: 21/05/1985
Star Sign: Gemini

He is the youngest in the family. He loved school and was top of his class. After leaving school he took to making potions in his Lab and took a job at the local science facility and is doing well. His loyalty to his brother is second to none. He tried to kill Blair over the relationship he was having with his brother's wife, Heather.

His first serious girlfriend Samantha Wood is sweet and charming. He adores her as much as she adores him. When they start living together Blake is naïve to the fact that Samantha is lonely and soon she starts an affair. When Blake confronts her she begs for a second chance but Blake asks her to leave. His hunger gets the better of him and he attacks her, he think he has killed her and gets his Dad to help. When Estevan sees her lying there he knows she is dead.
An autopsy discovers she was killed by another person and not by Blake. When he discovers this he is relieved but is terrified to let anyone new into his life until he finds out a female went to great length to prove he was innocent.

Lexy shows him he can trust people again especially her and when the killer tries to murder her, it is Blake that helps her through her nightmare. He realises this is the person who he loves and will do everything to protect her.

Lexy Granger (Sail)
Date of Birth: 01/02/1988
Star Sign: Aquarius

When Lexy was visiting family in Barnacle Bay the house caught fire but she was rescued by a fire-fighter Estevan Granger.  She meets him again when she has to arrest him for the murder of Samantha Wood, Blake’s girlfriend. Lexy knows he didn’t commit the crime and helps Estevan discover who really did it.

When the killer tries to murder her it is Blake that helps her. When she tells Blake that she is in love with him, Blake backs off but realises he feel the same way and finally tells her.

They now live together and are working on the relationship as they want it to work out.

Philippe Tisseur
Date of Birth: 28/12/1982
Star Sign: Capricorn

Philippe moved to Painswater Point 10 years ago and soon started to work for Blair and Estevan. He has never had trouble getting a date or a woman in his bed. When he sees Paris he doesn’t know what to do as this is the first woman to get his real attention. The problem is that Paris is engaged to Spencer. When he hears they have broken up he is happy and when he sees her in the club with Heather, he takes the plunge and asks her out. At first Paris refuses but Heather interferes and after their first date Paris is hooked.

Will she finally be the one or will he just use her like all the others?

Paris Song
Date of Birth: 01/07/1985
Star Sign: Cancer

Paris grew up in Barnacle Bay. While at college she met Heather and soon became best friends. They lost contact for a while then out of the blue she receives a call from Heather; she travels to town and listens to Heather pour her heart out about William and Blair.
Paris convinces Heather to follow her heart.  She moves to town permanently after she starts to date Spencer, Heather’s brother. They get on well and soon Spencer asks Paris to marry him. After a few years things go wrong for them when Spencer finds out where is ex lives and he goes to see her. Paris follows him and sees that he still has feelings for Tracy.
Paris walks away from the relationship but soon is pursued by another man, Philippe. Has she finally found her man?

Ty Jones

Date of Birth: 26/09/1996

Star Sign: Libra

Ty was put into care after his parents couldn’t handle him. He hated foster care so has kept on the move to find a place he can call home. He needs to support his education so he gets a job working for Estevan and Blair.

His nickname around the office is TJ but will he ever find that one place he can call home?


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