Tuesday, 25 June 2013

4.37 The wait is killing me

As they walked through the park Paris said, “You don’t have to do this.” Philippe looked shocked and asked, “Why, what am I doing?”
“This whole asking me on a date thing, I know Heather and Will put you up to this.” 

Philippe leaned against the tree and with a hurt tone said, “You think that this is a pity date? I’ve liked you for a while but because you were with someone I stayed in the background. When I heard you were single, I decided I wanted a date.” 

He stepped closer and added, “I know you are hurting but I was hoping you’d give me the chance to take that hurt away.” Paris looked into his eyes and said, “I’d like that very much. Sorry for saying you were doing this out of pity.”
Philippe smiled, “That’s ok. I hope you don’t mind but I thought we’d have a picnic in a secluded place I know.”
Paris smiled and jokingly asked, “Are you trying to seduce me?”

“A beautiful lady needs romance and if it’s done right then in time the rest will follow,” Kissing her hand slightly. ‘If this is a dream no-one wake me because I want to see where this ends,’ Paris thought as Philippe lead her to the picnic area. 

Paris naturally leaned into his chest without thinking. She felt the rhythm of his chest as he breathed, it helped relax her as she forgot about everything. “Are you falling asleep?”
Paris quietly replied, “No just enjoying the company. Tell me how long have you lived here?”
“I moved here 10 years ago I think. And you?”
“I lived in Barnacle Bay then moved here. Heather and I were best friends in college but lost contact for a few years then met up again and that’s how I came here.” 

Philippe turned Paris to face him slightly, “You have beautiful eyes and those lips,” running his fingers across them, “Are soft to the touch.” He pulled her head slightly towards his and kissed her, savouring the soft touch of her lips pressed against his. As their lips parted Paris thought, ‘Wow that kiss was amazing, that tongue knows no limits. Why is he single? What’s wrong with him? No too many questions. Have to have another kiss.’

“So are you both excited about moving into your new place?” Blake and Lexy smiled and then Estevan asked, “So when is the engagement party?” They were both in shock but Blake got in first, “What? Dad, we aren’t engaged and before you ask we are not expecting a baby either. What made you think that?”
“I just got the impression you were getting engaged by living together. Just so you know I would be happy being a grandfather again.” 

Lexy went bright red, “Estevan, we have no plans for a baby.”
“You have 2 bedrooms, right?”
“We are having a room each.” Estevan was in shock, “I thought you were…” Blake answered, “Sleeping together? No we won’t be until it is right for us.” Dawn looked at Estevan and asked, “Can we tell them, please?” Estevan smiled then looked at Blake and Lexy, “Blake, you are going to be a big brother.” 

There was a silence for a moment then Blake hugged his Dad, “Congratulations Dad, that’s brilliant news. Can I ask one thing though? I want a sister and not another brother.” Estevan laughed, “I’m afraid that is out of our hands. You and Lexy are the first to know so I would appreciate it if you wouldn’t say anything yet.”
Lexy was hugging Dawn, “Are you excited? If you need anything just ask.” 

Blake started to panic and dragged Lexy out of the room, “You said no plans for a baby but you looked like you were getting broody.”
“I’m just excited for them but yes I love babies. It doesn’t mean I want one, I mean we’ve only been going out a month.”

Dawn cuddled up to Estevan, “Will they be alright?”
“Blake is terrified of becoming a parent, babies scare him.”
“Wasn’t he good with Art?”
“He was and still is but he could always give him back. I think as they get to know more of each other then he might change his mind.”
“I think Blake would be a good Dad, “as she kissed Estevan.

In Blake’s bedroom he and Lexy were enjoying each other’s company after clearing the air over the baby thing, “You know I feel like I’m a teenager being naughty.” Blake laughed and said, “Trust me when I say if we were being naughty, you’d have fewer clothes on.” Lexy kissed Blake and asked, “When are we going to make love?”
“I think we need to wait a while.”
“The wait is killing me Blake.”
“Me too but it will be worth it in the end.”

Paris arrived home to find Heather waiting for her, “I want details.” Paris followed her to the kitchen, “Is he a good kisser, did you sleep with him?”
“Heather, slow down. First of all I did not sleep with him although I wish I had because those kisses we shared were amazing. That guy has some serious tongue action.” Heather was surprised, “You mean he has potential?”
Paris was on cloud nine as she continued, “He is amazing, he talked of romance and treating a woman with respect. Is it wrong that I want to sleep with him, spending all my time with him?” 

Paris lay down on the sofa and Heather responded, “I’m glad to see you are happy and I don’t want to burst the bubble but wait before you sleep with him get to know him. However he sounds wonderful.”
“I’m seeing him again but our next date is a week away. I hope I can survive.” 

Heather giggled, “Paris you sounding more like a teenager on her very first date.”
“That is how I feel.” 

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

4.36 Not ready to go home

Monte Vista

Blair didn’t want to go home but he knew Teddy wanted to get things ready for the new baby. He’d been out get some things for the journey home when he felt a pain bolt through his stomach and instantly he knew Teddy needed him. 

When he rushed inside he saw Teddy on the floor clutching her stomach. “Gorgeous, is it the baby?” Through tears of pain she replied, “I tried to get a bag down from the cupboard and now I think I’m in labour. I thought it was going to be easier as a vampire.”
“That’s not true.” As he laughed slightly but as soon as he saw the expression he back tracked and said, “I’m getting the doctor then I’ll get you to bed.”

“Blair, no doctor.” Blair was already speaking to the doctor and was told to make her as comfortable as possible until he arrived. Then Blair turned his attention at his wife, “Teddy I’ve already phoned the doctor so no arguments. This pregnancy is different as you almost lost the baby because of my stupidity and I will not take any risks.” 

He picked her up and took her up stairs to their bed and made her as comfortable as he could.
“Blair, I’m sorry. I wanted to wait until we were home to have the baby.”

As he rubbed her forehead, “You don’t have to be sorry. All I ask is you and the baby be alright.” Teddy looked at Blair, “It really hurts.” He kissed her and said, “I know but we will have another beautiful baby at the end of this and I know you can do it.”
“I want to be home. Promise me you’ll take me home when the baby is born.”
“If the doctor says yes then I will.” There was a knock at the door and Blair went to let the doctor in. 

Within a few minutes the doctor saw Teddy on the bed and asked Blair to leave while he examined her. At first Blair was reluctant to leave but after Teddy reassured him that she would be ok then he left.

“Teddy, I need to examine you to see if you are in full blown labour, ok.” Teddy just nodded as the doctor checked her over and confirmed she was now 5cm dilated. “You still have a while yet but baby is fine.”

Teddy screamed, “Doctor, please just get this baby out.” The doctor looked sympathetically towards Teddy, “I need to get a few things from the car but I will be back and I’ll help you though this. Teddy you are doing fine, I will send your husband back in so he can help you.”
“Help me! It’s his fault I’m pregnant, his fault I’m in pain. He is never allowed near me again and you can tell him that from me.” The doctor wasn’t fazed by Teddy’s outburst as he left to get his things. He told Blair that his wife and baby were fine but not to be surprised when he went back in the room if Teddy yelled at him. 

The moment Teddy saw Blair she crumbled, “I need the pain to stop. Tell our baby to come out now.” Blair really wanted to help but knew all he could do was to be there and take what Teddy dished out. The doctor came back and examined Teddy again. “You are 7 cm dilated. Hopefully it won’t be long now.” Teddy lost it, “I want drugs to take the pain away.”
“You won’t need the pain killers at this point.”

Teddy now became sarcastic with her tone, “Really and how would you know, doc? Have you ever given birth?” She saw the look the doctor gave, “I didn’t think so now be a good doctor and give me drugs to take this pain away or better yet get my baby out of me.”
Firmly the doctor replied, “Teddy please calm down as the stress is not helping the baby.” Blair at this point kissed Teddy and quietly said, “Gorgeous, please do what the doctor says and calm down. I know the pain is horrible for you but our baby needs you. Please for me.”
“Then hold my hand and don’t leave.”
“I’m staying right here and I am not leaving.” He asked the doctor, “How is the baby?”
“The baby is doing fine because he can tell his Mum is calming down.” Teddy screamed in pain because without any ease of painkillers she felt every twinge and shooting pain through her stomach.

“Teddy, are you ready to start pushing?”
“No but I thought you said…” The doctor glanced at Teddy and said, “The baby has decided it’s time and you’re ready. Blair stayed with her the whole time. He watched Teddy lay back complaining she needed to rest then sit up as she had to push. When she pushed Blair could feel the life being sucked out of his hand and wondered if the feeling would ever come back. After several hours Teddy gave one last push to a beautiful baby boy. 

Teddy now exhausted looked at Blair holding their son. “How is he doing?” Blair smiled at her, “Thanks to you he’s wonderful. Do you still like the name Draco for a boy?
“Draco Merrick has a nice ring to it. Yes I like the name. Blair we need to get home so Harmony can she her brother.” 

The doctor interrupted, “Congratulations on your new baby. The baby is fine but Teddy you need to rest before you travel.”
“How long before my wife can travel?”
“Hopefully in about a week you should be able to travel.” Teddy was too tired to argue but Blair promised to make sure Teddy rested. 

He watched Teddy close her eyes and fall asleep and then turned his attention to his son, “You have a big sister at home who can’t wait to meet you. Things you have to remember don’t fight with your sister, try and get along. Your Mum and I love you. Family is important and you are part of a big family. One last thing I’ve seen some bad things in my time so you ever do half the things I’ve done then you will answer to me. Do as I say not as I do. This will be your first lesson in life and I’ll say it again I love you son.”

Tuesday, 11 June 2013

4.35 A Night Out

William wrapped his arms around Heather and said, “You are looking sexy as ever.” He started to kiss her neck, “Will, stop it right now. I’m getting ready to go out.” 

He sat on the bed, “Pity because there are so many things we could be doing right now.” Heather turned to her husband and cheekily said, “So you won’t be bringing me home at the end of the night?” William looked puzzled as Heather reminded him, “You wanted to meet up after I’d been out with Paris…”
“Sorry, I forgot. Where are you going?”
Heather finished her makeup and said, “Plasma 501.” 

William gently pulled her in towards him and kissed her, “Enjoy your night and I’ll meet you there.”

William walked in the living room to find Harmony and Art arguing again, “Cut it out.” They both looked at him and then they continued to argue, “Don’t tell me what to do.”
“I’m your Aunt so I can tell what to do so there.” William felt like he was watching a tennis match, “I’m older than you,” Art spat back.
“This has got to stop,” William yelled. 

They both turned their back on each other, folding their arms, “Do you have anything to say to each other?”
“She started it.”
“No he started it.” William wanted to sort this out but he was doing the club rounds tonight and didn’t have time but before he left he told his Gran what to expect.

Heather got their drinks and asked, “How are you doing?” Paris looked at her friend and said, “I’m doing ok. The way he looked at her, Heather it’s the way William looks at you.” Heather giggled a little, “William looks at me like anyone else.”

“No he doesn’t. If there were naked woman in the bar right now his eyes would be on you.”
“You make me laugh at times. You know you don’t have to move out right away.”
“I know but you are Spencer sister.” Heather sighed, “And you are my friend. Are you going to keep in contact with Mathew?”

“Of course but I haven’t spoken to him since; Spencer and I broke up.” Heather looked at her glass, “I need another drink.” Paris offered to get it. 

She asked the bartender for 2 drinks when a guy sat at the bar asked, “Are you here alone?” Paris looked at him, “No my friend is over there, bye.” 

When she returned she had placed the drinks on the table when the same man from the bar asked, “Having a good time?” Heather watched Paris look at the man trying to get him to go away. Heather saw that the guy liked her and asked, “Would you like to join us?” 

He sat down and Heather added, “I’m Heather and this is my friend Paris.” Paris shot her daggers, “I’m Philippe. You are William’s wife, correct?” Heather had never seen him and was about to ask when he continued, “I’m a bouncer at the clubs but it’s my night off. William always talks about you. I hope you won’t mind Heather but I’d really like to dance with Paris.” 

Heather thought it would do Paris good but when Paris tried to object Heather told her to go with the flow. Suddenly Heather felt like a third wheel as she watched Paris smile while in Philippe arms.

“Now I can’t have my wife sitting alone, would you dance with me?” Heather looked up to see Will looking at her. 

She took his hand as he led her to the dance floor where he spent the next few songs dancing with his wife.

When the song ended Philippe whispered in her ear, “Will you go on a date with me?” Paris was in shock as they got back to the table. She was about to decline when Heather had read his thoughts and intervened, “She accepts your date. How about 1pm? You can pick her up from my house.” He smiled, “That’s perfect.” William could see Paris was going to yell and suggested he and Philippe went to the bar.

“Heather Dark, how could you do that to me?” Heather laughed, “You need that date and besides he really likes you. By the way since when do you call me by my maiden name?”
“Since you are trying to organise my love life.”

“Think of what is underneath.” Paris started to smile again, “You think…”
“Most definitely and if that happens I want details.” 

Heather had forgot William could read her thoughts, ‘Excuse me darling but aren’t you only supposed to have those thoughts about me?’
‘I have all sorts of thoughts about you. After all you are the one that benefits with thoughts like these.’

‘Tell me what I’m thinking now?’ Heather was shocked, ‘William Granger, I...I.’
‘When we get home we could try the new lingerie I bought you.’ Suddenly the thoughts that crept into Heather’s head made William smile and he wickedly replied, ‘That’s better and we can try that position tonight.’

 Paris looked at Heather, “I wish you and Will would stop that.”
“Sorry, he caught me off guard.”
“You told me if you looked like you were staring that you may be having a thought conversation.”

Philippe was asking William, “Do you know what flowers Paris likes?” William shook his head with a smile, “You’ll do fine stop worrying.”
“I’ve liked her for a while and now she’s free…is it too soon?"
"Just take it slow and see how things go. Don’t try to rush it.”