Tuesday, 28 May 2013

4.34 House hunting

The one thing Blake loved about running a business with his family was that he had access to any of them at any time. The morning had been going from one property to another and both Lexy and Blake were exhausted. They sat in 'The Basement' drinking coffee planning their next move.

“There has to be a place you would like?” Blake looked at her and laughed, “I was fine with the first two, one being a house and an apartment. You were the one being fussy.”
Lexy became all defensive, “I was not. The one needed a lot of work and the other had one bedroom.”
“Ah, so you do want to move in with me?”
Lexy smiled, “I need to move in with you but we need to stick to one rule, separate bedrooms.”
“One day that rule will get broken, Lex.”

She leaned in closer to Blake and replied, “I know but until then, try anything and I promise I will kick you where it hurts.”
Blake grinning, kissed her and cheekily said, “Promises, promises.”
“You are incorrigible sometimes.”
“You wouldn’t have me any other way.” Lexy was about to argue back when an alert came through on her phone, “Another property has come on the market. Would we be interested?”
“How many rooms does it have?”

 “It has 2 bedrooms but it’s an apartment. It’s not far from the police station. Blake can we take a look, please?” Deep down he didn't like her working for the police. Fact was he would prefer Lexy didn't work at all but that wasn't her and he knew it. Regardless of his personal feelings it would be one fight he’d lose if he tried and pushed the matter.
“Let’s take a look.”

Estevan found Dawn painting, “I thought you were resting?” Dawn continued to paint, “I have a lot on my mind.”
“What is bothering you?”
“I’m scared about losing the baby, about giving birth plus how the family are going to take the news.” 

Estevan took the paints off Dawn and held her, “Firstly you are not going to lose the baby on my watch, second of all giving birth is a small part of this and the end result is a beautiful baby.”
“Giving birth is going to hurt.”
“And I will be there with you.” Dawn looked at him, “Have you ever given birth?”
“No but…” Dawn snapped, “I get you will be there but you still have no idea the pain I’ll go through.”

Estevan just held her, “Calm down, you are right about the pain but the baby we will have will be worth it. The family will be fine with the news.”

Blake and Lexy were looking around the apartment, “It’s spacious and the bedrooms are a nice size.” 

Blake smiled at Lexy, “Do you want to live here?”
“I’d love too but it’s out of our price range.” Lexy looked defeated as she walked out of the apartment. 

The estate agent was waiting outside, “Miss Sail, what did you think?”
“It was lovely but unfortunately it is a little expensive.”

“The owners do want 90,000 but as a first time property, it is worth the money.” 

Blake appeared, “Here are the keys. It was a beautiful apartment but as I’m sure my girlfriend told you it’s a little expensive but I’ll offer 85,000.” 

Lexy just stared at Blake, “I’ll see if the owners will accept the offer and ring you later, Mr Granger.”

When they were alone Lexy argued, “I don’t have the extra cash to buy this place. How dare you offer the extra money without talking to me first?” They continued to argue going home and in the end Estevan had to intervene, “What is going on?” 

They both looked at him and Blake said, “When did you get home?”
“We got home as you were pulling away, now will someone please tell me what is going on.”
“Your son is the most underhanded man I’ve ever met.”

“What did he do?”
“We are looking for somewhere to live because I can’t go back to my home after what happened. I told him after the mortgage is paid I get 40,000. We agreed to go 50/50 but the apartment we looked at is 90,000 and Blake offered 85,000 without consulting me.” 

He turned to Blake and asked, “Is this true?”
“Yes and I won’t apologise because every place we looked at neither of us liked but Lexy’s face said it all when we saw this place. When she saw the price she looked upset.” Blake looked at Lexy and continued, “So I’ve put in extra, I just want to see her smile. What is wrong with that?” Estevan couldn’t argue with that. Although he could see Lexy’s point he had brought the boys up to do the right thing when it came to the woman in their lives. William had done the right thing by standing up to him over Heather and now Blake was doing right by Lexy. “Has the house sold yet, Lexy?”
“It went on the market this morning.”
“How much did it go on the market for?”
“50,000 so after agent fees and mortgage I’m left with 40,000.”
“Are you both trying to pay for this place outright or a mortgage?” Blake jumped in, “Outright.”
“Ok but what about buying furniture etc?” They both looked at each other as they hadn’t thought about that. “I didn’t think neither of you had thought it through.” 

Then Lexy’s phone rang, “Hello.” She covered the mouth piece and said it’s the estate agent, “Are you sure, thanks.”
She looked at Blake and Estevan in shock, “There were two buyers arguing over my house but it got so bad that the one buyer offered 10,000 over the asking price.”
“It’s what’s known as a bidding war.” Estevan stated.
“That’s crazy.” Blake looked at his Dad and Estevan disappeared. 

Blake put his arm around Lexy and asked calmly, “Does that mean we can buy the apartment if the owners say yes?”
 Lexy turned and kissed him and said with excitement in her voice, “Yes it does.”

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

4.33 Let me help you.

Lexy had only been back at work for a week and already she hadn’t seen Blake in a few days and she missed him. They had agreed to take things slow but it drove her crazy to sleep alone.  However today was different at work because this was her first day shift and when she shut the door behind her, she suddenly noticed how quiet and dark her house was. 

After having dinner for one, Lexy settled down to catch up on some reading about the new procedures she had to follow at work. Lexy glanced at the clock on the wall. It was just gone 8pm and soon Blake would be ringing for their daily chats. 

Suddenly Lexy heard a bang at the back door and jumped backing into the wall and shouting, “Who’s there?” but there was no answer. 

The pipes started to creek and Lexy covered her ears shouting, “Stop it go away.” It was dawning on Lexy that what Adam did to her that night in her own home had actually terrified her to her core and Blake had been right all along.
There was a rational explanation to all this, it was high winds outside knocking the door and the old pipes but now after her ordeal they were intensified by what she had been through. 

She heard the front door open and hid in the corner, “Baby, it’s me Blake. I know you’re scared, please let me help you.” One thing Blake had been adamant on was that he had a spare key to her home for emergencies only. Blake knew sooner or later the nightmares would start and wanted to be there for her when they started. 

Hearing his voice was calming her down and she came out of hiding and ran straight into his arms sobbing uncontrollably. He held her for a few minutes then said, “You need to rest. I’m taking you to mine, ok?” Lexy didn’t answer him but he felt her nod as she continued to hug him.

Blake sat on the sofa expecting Lexy to sit next to him but she sat on his lap, “Thank you for coming to get me.” Blake looked at her and replied, “I’m glad you are feeling better and I’ll always be there.” He knew he was right but Lexy didn’t need to hear that. What she needed was his support and understanding, “Blake, I should have listened to you in the first place but…” He put his finger to her lips and softly said, “Shhh Lex, no need to explain. You did what you needed to do and I was there when you needed me.”
“If I’m in your room tonight, where are you sleeping?”
“Gran is still here so I’ll sleep in Dad’s room.” Lexy smiled and said, “Won’t that freak you out?”
“Not really. After all it’s just a bed.” 

When they got to Blake’s door Lexy pulled him close and started to softly kiss his lips, “You can always stay with me?” 

Blake kissed her more deeply as Lexy put her legs around him, “I want you Blake.” His hands were starting to wander and he had to stop himself and put Lexy down, “Baby, we can’t. Not yet.” Lexy ran into the bedroom and Blake followed her, “Why can’t we?” 

Blake got Lexy to face him, “With everything that has happened and with tonight, I would feel I would be taking advantage of you.”
“Maybe I want you too!”
“No you don’t. Not like this and you’d hate me for doing that to you by the morning. I don’t want you to hate me.”
“Fine but I think you are over reacting.” Blake wasn’t going to get into a row over this and left his bedroom.

In the morning he saw his gran and asked, “Please can you go to Lexy’s house and pack all her things and bring them here?” Daphne looked at him, “Do you have the key?” Blake passed the key to his gran and she left to start packing for Lexy.

 Blake was reading the paper when Lexy walked in, “Did you sleep well, Lex?” She sat down and asked, “I’m sorry about last night. I would have hated myself but I did miss you.” Blake put the paper down and said, “I missed you. I’m going house hunting today. Do you want to come with me?”
“What are you looking for,” as she continued to eat her breakfast.
“House, apartment, don’t really care. Would you move in with me?” Lexy stopped eating and replied, “I don’t know. I mean we aren’t even sleeping together.” 

Blake let out a little chuckle, “We can have a bedroom each. I was just thinking because you don’t want to go back to your house that this might be an alternative for you. I know we agree not to live together.” Lexy looked out of the window and said, “I don’t have much money and when the house sells, I’ll only get 40,000 after the mortgage is met.” Blake wrapped his arms around her and replied in her ear, “Then I’ll only put 40,000 towards the property.”

Lexy was shocked and turned to face him, “You would do that for me?”
“I’d do anything for you Lex.”
“Well we better start looking and I’ll see about moving in with you, it depends what we find.”

Dawn wrapped her arms around Estevan, “I wish we were still on our honeymoon.” He smiled at her and said, “I know but we have businesses to run.”
“I can’t believe we were away for 3 weeks. The doctor said I could have stayed a little longer.”
“I know he did but I’d rather you be home now.” Dawn started to look upset, “I can take care of myself.” 

He pulled her close and replied, “I know you can but that baby needs you to stay calm so please don’t get like this because I want to look after you. Besides you are in the very early stages of pregnancy, it must have happened on our wedding night so for me just take it easy.”
Dawn kissed him, “Alright but when the baby is born you’d better still give me the attention you are lavishing on me now.” 
Estevan kissed her softly and said, “You know I will.”

Spencer’s turmoil will be shown in Mathew Dark Adventure. Chapter up 22/05/13, For the people who don’t read this story but wants to know what happens

Tuesday, 14 May 2013

4.32 Spencer's heartbreak

Heather turned around to see Spencer with a look of horror written across his face, “You knew for the past ten bloody years and you never said a damn thing.”

Heather hated when Spencer was angry at her and she started to back away, “You have to understand…” Spencer cut her off, “The love of my life, the mother of my son and you never said.”
“I’m sorry but you wouldn’t tell me anything and when I tried talking to you about Tracy you kept saying you hated her.”

“The moment I saw her I fell for her but I didn’t realise what an idiot I was until she left me. If I stopped my criminal activity and got a job like she begged me too, we would properly be married with more kids. Did you know I tried to locate her for about three years after she left? If I’d known you had her address I’d have come to you.” 

He collapsed in the chair and Heather said, “You are with Paris and you are getting married.”
Spencer looked at his sister and said, “How can I marry her now. I need to see Tracy and figure out if I still have feeling for her. Does Mathew know any of this?”
“Not yet?”

“Heather, why were you speaking to Tracy?”
“Matt got drunk and slept with woman who now claims she is expecting his baby. Hazel is on the verge of leaving him. Apparently this all happened before he got with Hazel. I asked Tracy to help find the truth.”
“I want her address, Heather.” She looked at the sadness on his face and replied, “I don’t think it’s a good idea.”
“Give me that damn address now,” raising his voice.
Reluctantly Heather agreed, “All I have is her work address and telephone number.”

Spencer started to tremble and Heather got down beside him, “Spenc, what really went on?” 

He didn’t look at her and now with a shaky voice started to tell his side, “I walked out the prison gates and the moment Tracy wrapped her arms around me planting kisses on me I knew my criminal activity had to stop. I managed to get a job and we started to talk about getting married and having another baby and for a month I stuck to my promise then an offer came that I should have passed up but didn’t. Anyway I got sent down for ten months, I kept myself to myself and was out in five months but at the prison gates there were no hugs and kisses. Tracy was hurt and upset at always being left to look after Mathew while I was inside. She told me that she needed time away and I was to grow up as Mathew needed a father. She said Mathew was staying with me. A few days later she phoned asking how Mathew was but I was angry she left me and refused to let Tracy see him unless she came home. She put money in our joint bank account for him but I never heard from her again. If I’d said sorry and not used Mathew as a bargaining chip, she would have come back.”

Heather was in shock, “Did you ever bad mouth Tracy to Matt?”
“Never. He loves his Mum. I came to you for help because I couldn’t cope on my own. I realised how Tracy must have felt and that is why I want to find her and apologise.”
“Do you still love Tracy?”

“Yes but I need to see her to be 110% sure.” William walked in and asked what was going on. When Heather explained, Spencer was attempting to go through the door but William stopped him, “I think this is a bad idea, Spenc.”

“Really, then tell me this if I told you that you could never see Heather again, what would you do?” William stepped aside because he knew the answer, losing Heather once was heart wrenching for him, the sleepless nights, longing for her and aching for her was the worst time of William’s life. 

In that moment he knew what Spencer had to do. “I hope you find the answers you need.” William gave back the details that Heather had given him.
“Thanks, I don’t know how long I’ll be but I will let you know.”
“What about Paris?” Heather asked.
“I’ll tell her Mathew needs me. I want to be sure before I break her heart.” He called Mathew, “I’m coming down, is it ok to crash with you?”
“Dad this isn’t the best time…” Spencer interrupted him, “Well you can tell me all about it when I get there.”

Spencer had put his bag in the car when he saw Paris, “Where are you going?”
“Mathew is in trouble and needs me. A woman is claiming he is the father of her baby.”
“Hazel must be devastated.”

“She is a mess and so is Mathew so I shouldn’t be more than a week.” 

Paris gave him a kiss and said, “I hope he can sort this out. Let me know what happens.” Spencer smiled and got into the car to start the long drive to Lucky Palms. He started to day dream about his life with Tracy. 

He could remember her smell, how soft her skin was and how when she was 16 having Mathew was the most natural thing for her. Tracy dotted on him and Mathew loved his Mum. Spencer remembered when he was out of prison how much he enjoyed spending time with Tracy and Mathew. Now after ten years he was going to come face to face with his childhood sweet heart, question playing on his mind now was he ready?

Tuesday, 7 May 2013

4.31 Missing out

Advisory: Some nude scenes

Blair asked, “Is everything packed?” Teddy looked at him and asked, “Why are we leaving?”
Blair sat the sofa and replied, “I told you we were going on to Monte Vista. Besides if I stay here the temptation to say yes will get to me.”
“If it wasn’t for Estevan, there would be no business.” Blair looked at her puzzled and asked, “You say that like you know everything?” Teddy sat next him and replied, “I was there, Blair.”
“When Estevan won the business from you, I was there. I saw you lose to him.” 

Blair started pacing, “I would have remembered you.”
“I doubt it you were very drunk that night. I was a teenager then. You spoke to me but dismissed me at the same time. After the fight Estevan put me in a taxi.”
“What did you think of me then? No I don’t want the answer to that; I was consumed with hatred back then.” 

Teddy put her arms around him and softly replied, “There was hate but even back then I wanted you. I understand the temptation is there but the love you have for me is the reason you won’t go back. Being away for a few months almost killed us both.” Teddy squeezed him tighter and as she did he closed his eyes holding back tears. Teddy was right, the person he was then and the man he was today were two different people. It was true they over lapped at times if everyone dared to cross him or the family but if it wasn’t for Teddy he’d be lost. So going back wasn’t an option as long as he had Teddy. “I love you gorgeous.”
“I know you do. Now we better get going but before we leave ring Carl and tell him no.” 

Blair picked up the phone and dialled his number, “Hi Carl,” Teddy stayed there while Blair was on the phone, “I spoke to the boss and we are out for good.”
“It is a shame but I understand. You know where I am if you change your mind.”
“Bye.” Blair put the phone down and looked at Teddy, “You did the right thing, Blair.” He picked up the suitcases taking them to the car. 

As they were driving Teddy asked, “Are you ok?”
“I just need the money.”
“No we don’t. If you want to earn money ask Estevan if you can go back. After all it was both of you that built it up.”

“I’ll talk to him when we get back. Now before all this kicked off we were discussing baby names for the little one.”
“Katherine, after your mum if it’s a girl.” Blair temper was building after Teddy suggested his mother’s name. Teddy could feel the change and quickly said, “I get the point, what do you suggest then?”

“Helen, Laura, Rachel…” Teddy interrupted him, “Blair they are too normal, what about boys names…”
“Don’t suggest my Dad’s name either.” Blair snapped.
“Fine I won’t. Look we need a name for the baby.”
“Why are we arguing?”

“You started it," Teddy firmly said then asked, "How about Jay, Luke or Marcus?”
“What about Draco?” Blair pulled up at the house in Monte Vista and again asked, “What did you think of the name I suggested?”
“I was thinking…I like it as it goes well with the surname but we still have to come up with a girl’s name.” Blair didn’t answer Teddy. She tried to read his mind but he blocked her, “Blair Merrick, what is wrong? Your mood is up and down.”

Blair lay on the bed and said, “It’s nothing,” Teddy lay next to him and enquired, “Ever since we talked in the car your mood is bad, talk to me.” He stroke her hair and replied, “Having this baby has made me think that’s all.”
“Think about what?”
“How Harmony and this baby will have each other from day one. It just dawned on me how much I’ve missed out on.” Teddy realised what Blair was on about and replied, “You have Estevan now.”
“I know but I never grew up with him doing all the things we should have done together, get on, fight, argue, defend and protect each other.”
“I think you should talk to Estevan about this.” Teddy said as she started to get dressed, “Where are you going?”
“You promised me a relaxing holiday so you are taking me for dinner. I’ll be back in a minute.” 

Blair didn’t move, when Teddy returned she was wearing the dress from the wedding he got up from the bed stepping closer and asked, “Let’s skip dinner and go straight for dessert.” Teddy backed away slightly laughing and replied, “No because this baby is telling me it’s hungry.”
Blair quickly got dressed and as they were about to leave he saw the look on Teddy’s face, “What is it? Teddy was outside when she turned around and replied, “I have nothing on under the dress.” Throughout dinner Blair spoke to Teddy through his mind, ‘what you are doing to me is torture. I want you now.’
Teddy had a smile on her face and replied, ‘Torture? So if I run my hand through my hair and down past my breast…’ Blair stopped eating and said out loud, “I can’t take it anymore you are driving me crazy. We are going home now.”

Teddy had a smirk on her face still trying to protest at the same time, “We just sat down.” Blair pulled her into his arms and quietly said in her ear, “I need you now, I want to make love to you.”
Teddy loved how she could wrap Blair around her finger and teasing him like this, she thrived on, “You’d better.”

Blair didn’t waste any time in pulling Teddy close once they were back at the house. He whispered in her ear, “I’ve missed being this close to you.” As he spoke the last word the dress was now on the floor showing her naked body. 

He undid her bun so her hair slid past her shoulders and said, “I can’t believe there is a baby in your stomach,” as he ran his hand across her bare stomach, “Well if we weren’t apart the bump might have shown.” 

Teddy wrapped herself around Blair as he kissed every part of her he could reach. Teddy let out an intense moan begging Blair to stop as she couldn’t take anymore. “Gorgeous, we have just started.”
“I’m sorry but not having sex all these months have built up inside me so finish quickly.” She begged again. Blair had no trouble doing as Teddy asked but was a little disappointed that their time was short lived. He had hoped their first time together would have be filled with heighten passion and lasted for hours but the intense separation had over taken their needs, Blair just hoped that next time it would last longer.