Tuesday, 26 June 2012

3.7 A date or not?

His whole body froze waiting for her answer.  Blair kept thinking, 'I did ask her the right way, didn't I? What is taking so long? I just love her so much what will I do if she turns me down?'
"Blair did you hear me?" as she looked at him. Suddenly Blair snapped out of his thoughts and said, "What did you say?" terrified that she might turn him down.

"Blair you can get up. I said my answer is yes. I will marry you."

Blair put the ring on her finger and thought, ' I'm so glad she said yes and I will never tell her how scared I was the last few minutes.'

"I love you." hugging her tightly afraid to let go.

Dawn made her way to club to see what they wanted her to do. William was waiting for her and showed her around the empty, undecorated club. "What kind of things do you want?"
"We want a lounge up stairs with a coffee bar, relaxing and a general relaxation area. In the basement will be where the music and bar will be. Toilets need to be on every level. You come highly recommended so the decorating part is in your hands."
"I'll put some designs together and get back to you in a few days."
"Great. See you in a few days. Sorry, will you be able to show the designs to my Dad? It's just he is very fussy...Here is his address. Let's say 11am on Friday!"
"That will be fine but your Dad said I would only deal with you or Blair."
"I know but we have interviews to do for the club and Dad is the only one available."

Mathew had taken to the drums and had finally found a new outlet for his frustrations. The drinking was getting less and less. 

Snowie and Mathew over the last few weeks spent more time together and Mathew had even asked Snowie to the prom. They posed together for their prom picture. 

When the prom had finished they finished the evening by sharing their first kiss.
Although Spencer approved of Mathew's relationship he didn't want his son to end up like him. As he watched their relationship blossom, he remembered at seventeen he had let his emotions run away with him and by the time he was eighteen he was already a Dad. Spencer wanted Mathew to have the things he'd never had a career, a steady income and then a family.

The last thing Spencer needed was to make a phone call saying your daughter's pregnant. It would not go down well with Snowie's family. In 6 months Mathew would finally be leaving school. Mathew didn't know this but he was being sent away to college.
Blake opened the door to let Dawn in and told her Dad was in the kitchen. 

When Estevan turned around there were those striking eyes again just staring at him.
"Hello Dawn. What brings you here?"

Trying to focus while looking at his bare chest. She finally said,  "William said you wanted to see the designs for the club." Estevan could not believe again his son had made excuses and Blake didn't say there was someone at the door.

"Do you want to make you way to the living room and I will take a look." Dawn sat down and noticed the picture above the fire place. "A beautiful picture!"
"That was my wife, Holly. Shall we get to work?" Dawn realised he was not comfortable talking about her and sensed he was angry that she was there. "Look I'll go if you want?" feeling that Estevan wanted to be left alone.
"Don't you want to show the designs?"
"I do but I get the impress I have done something and you're angry with me."
He looked at her and said, "I need fresh air. Would you come with me and I will explain."

Dawn was taken aback by his request but agreed. As they strolled around the park there was a long silence then Estevan broke the ice. "Sorry about just now when I snapped at you. I find it difficult to talk about my wife at times."
"You must have loved her very much?" wishing she could take back what she had just said.
"I still do love her but my boys are right I need to move on. The truth is Dawn, I haven't dated since my wife died and when you walked in the club...well let's just say I wasn't expecting you. I am sorry for the way I acted when we first met."
Dawn was shocked at his apology but accepted it with a smile, "its ok. Running a business can be stressful." Realising what he'd also said Dawn added, "You mean that you like me, don't you?" Suddenly feeling very vulnerable. The expression on his face said it all and then Estevan replied, "Why is that wrong?"

Dawn panicked her career was her life and lover's came and went but Dawn knew if a vampire loved it was for life. "Look I think we should kept our relationship professional."
"You look horrified, have I offended you?"
"No. I'm flattered but I don't date. My career means everything to me and..." he got closer to Dawn and said, "and nothing. I just want a date with a beautiful woman. Would you accompany me to the opening of the new club when it's finished?
Dawn thought about his offer and asked, "If I say no; do you still want me to design the club?"
"Dawn, I never go back on a business deal."

"Estevan, thank you for you offer but I have to say no." He was shocked and hurt that she turned him down but he loved that fire in her. He loved that she could say no to him.
"I understand. However I've changed my mind, all club designs must now come through me." Estevan couldn't believe what he was doing. He was captivated by her and suddenly wanted to see her more and hoped after spending more time together working on the club, she would change her mind about the date. 

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

3.6 Love is in the air

Soaking up the sun was a relaxing day to spend the day but Sam was upset that on his day off Blake was called into the lab. She hadn't seen him all week and it was driving her crazy. Things were getting serious between them and they had even talked about getting a place together.  They were meant to start looking today. Blake had said she could look without him but she didn't think it would be fun so refused unless he was with her. Estevan had said she could move in but as they got on she didn't want to ruin that so kindly declined the offer.

After lunch she had got a call from Blake saying he had finished for the day and did she want to look at a few places. He said he would pick her up from her house in 20 minutes and would go to the first house. Sam quickly changed and suddenly had butterflies in her stomach at the thought of finally moving in with Blake.
The first place they looked at was awful and Blake said, "The only way we could move in here was knock it down and start again." The second was not much better either and by the time they had finished saying what was wrong about the homes they'd seen it was 6:00pm and they were unable to look at anymore.
They went back to Blake house and made love for the first time in a week. Lying in bed Sam asked, "Are we ever going to find a place."
"Sammie you know we will. It will just take time that's all."
"I just wish we'd found our home already."

Blair was still upset by Teddy turning down his proposal. Teddy however pointed out that a conversation about marriage was not a proposal and until he asked her the right way the answer would always be no. Blair thought about her words very carefully and decided there was only one way to ask so he had arranged everything.
Passing a tattoo shop Blair looked inside and decided on the spot he was getting a permanent reminder of Teddy.

He asked to see what tattoo they could do and was given a few books to look at the different designs. He looked through them all but couldn't see any he liked. Blair told the artist about Teddy and asked if a design could be created. 

Blair waited while it was being design and when it was done they showed the tattoo. Blair liked it. He told them it was to go on his forearm and took his seat in the chair while they carved the design into his skin.

After they had finished he looked at it for a moment and then smiled at his now permanent reminder of Teddy.

Blair found Teddy and lay his hand across her stomach and said, "How are you both feeling?"
"We are fine. Still being sick and still tired but doing ok. You have been ages where did you get too?" 

Teddy needed to lie down and Blair went with her and replied, "I was sorting a trip out for us and you and I are going out for dinner tonight...I mean would you like too?"
Teddy looked at him and answered, "I'd love too. Um Blair what is that on your arm?"
"This is a tattoo. Do you like it?"
"Why did you put my name on as well? I mean it's nice but you should have left my name off. I do like it though." He couldn't believe how calm she was being today and loved having his Teddy back even if it was for a short time.

After they had dinner Blair and Teddy took a walk along the beach and Blair asked, "Did you enjoy this evening gorgeous?"
"I did. But you are acting all weird! First the tattoo then you and I are taking a trip and you still won't tell me where. Oh yes it's an overnight trip but that is all you will tell me. Blair what is going on?"

Blair gazes into her eyes and pulled her into an embrace and said, "I love you. You are the best thing that has ever happened to me. Remember when I took you on our first date." Teddy nodded in silence as he continued, "The car that I picked you up in, well it's yours. You loved it so much you can have it."
"Blair thank you but it's not my birthday..."
"I know but it my early wedding gift to you."

"My what?" looking confused until she saw Blair getting down on one knee pulling something out of his pocket.

"Teddy will you marry me?"
Her face lit up with excitement. It was the perfect moment she had always dreamed of but what should she say? Her mind raced as lots of different thoughts entered her head. Teddy loved him no question of that, they were having a baby together but was it too soon? Half of her said no but the other half was saying are you crazy. This guy comes into your life has loved you from day one, treats you better than any other boyfriend has and you are thinking about this. Say yes, for god's sake say yes now before you break his heart and lose him forever.
"Teddy what is your answer?"
"Sorry this...oh wow Blair I don't know what to say. My answer is..." 

I'd like to thank ArtistKate for her help in making the tattoo's

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

3.5 Misunderstanding

Wrapping his arms around her Will said, "So what do we need to talk about?" Heather had been dreading this conversation but knew if she didn't tell him then it would drive them apart and she couldn't bare to lose him again.

"This is hard but I have to tell you. When I saw the Doctor he told me I didn't need to have weekly visits anymore..."
"Darling you told me this already."

"Will, please this is hard enough. He also told me I couldn't have children." Will was in shock and upset. His dreams of having a family were crumbling right in front of him and all he could do was sit there listening to Heather tell him. "After losing the baby he said I must of had an infection so can no longer have a child. He wants me to have more tests to make sure the blood tests weren't wrong but what's the point? If I can't have..." 

Will was hurt and angry and yelled, "What's the point? The point is we want a family; a baby and you don't want the tests to make sure. Sounds like you have made up your mind that this is it. You take it at face value we can't have a baby and don't want to make sure."

"Will, it's not like that."
"Really because it sounds like it." William went to walk out the door when Heather grabbed him and asked, "Please let's talk about this."

"Talk. You've made up your mind about having children without me so there isn't anything left to say is there?"
"You don't understand I want a baby, a baby with you but if the blood test came back to say I can't have a child, how is that going to change?"

"If you don't have the test to make sure then we will never know."
Heather went to answer Will but there was a knock at the door. Still angry Will said, "I'll get it." Heather went back to the living room not knowing how to fix this; she never thought that Will, would take this so hard. Until now she never thought that he wanted children as much as he did.

When the door opened Heather was shocked to see her doctor with William. "Doctor Smith, what are you doing here? I didn't think you made house calls."
William offered him a seat and he replied, "I don't normally but I've been trying to call you."
Heather looked concerned, "Is something wrong?"
"Is it ok to talk in front of your husband?" Heather answered "Yes."

"Remember I asked you to have more tests...Umm there was a mix up in the lab where we send the blood sample to for testing. I had to re-send what sample of your blood I had left back to the lab. It seems we mixed you results up with someone else...Poor woman."
"It's not Teddy Green?" Heather asked.
"Teddy who? Oh no...It's not her."
"Look the reason I came here...the tests they came back fine you can still have children." The relief they both felt was indescribable. William was relieved that there was still a chance to be a Dad after all and Heather couldn't wait to start trying again.
"There is just one thing."

"What is that doc?" Will asked.
"When I said you can have children; what I meant by that was you are already expecting a baby. We need to do a test to see how far along you are but we double checked the results to make sure before giving you the information. So come to the surgery tomorrow and we will see how many weeks you are."

When Will came back into the room he pulled Heather close and said in a whisper, "I can't believe this we were expecting all this time."
"I'm sorry..."
Will stopped her and said, "You need to rest and take it easy. No stressing over anything. This baby is staying. Now we just have to tell my Dad."

Estevan was at the grind waiting for the new interior decorator to arrive. William was supposed to deal with this but he told his Dad, Heather had to go to the doctors and he was going with her to make sure everything was ok. Estevan hated dealing with this side of the business but agreed to meet this person.
When the door opened Estevan shouted "You are late."
"I'm sorry. My car broke down I had to wait for a taxi." she told him.
"I'm not interested in excuses. You work for me I expect you to be on time. Miss..." waiting for an answer.
"Dawn Star."

"Do you have a portfolio I can see before I hire you?" He demanded.
Dawn threw her Ipad at him as something in her snapped, "Here is my damn portfolio, you self centred jackass. I don't give a damn who you think you are but I will never be spoken to like that. My work is of a high standard and if you don't like my work just say it because I haven't got all day. Now you have seen my work give me my ipad back."

Estevan stood surprised at her outburst and usually anyone spoke to him like that they got a mouth full back, or given a beating but he never laid a finger on any woman like that.  "I like what I see your hired." giving back her Ipad.

"Thank you Mr Granger."
"My name is Estevan."
Dawn looked shocked, "I was supposed to meet a William Granger."
"Sorry he couldn't make it. I'm his father."
"You a father..." Estevan didn't like where this conversation was going.
"I have two sons but you will be either dealing with William or my business partner Blair. We are building a new club and need it designed and this is where you come in. So William will be contacting you shortly."

Estevan called at William's house and asked what was going on, "Dad, Heather is pregnant."
He hugged Heather and said, "Congratulations. How many months are you?"
Heather told him, "8 weeks."
"Does Blake and Sam know yet?"
"I tried calling at the house but he wasn't there. How was the meeting?" Heather needed to follow doctor's orders and rest so she left them to talk.

"That woman yelled at me the nerve."
"She was good looking?" William asked.
"What?" raising his voice.
"Blake met her when she decorated an office at his lab. Said he may be able to get her more work. She did ask him if was hitting on her but he told this was above board. He told me she would be good for you and the new club."

"My boys set me up."
"Come on Dad. You can't be alone forever. Tell me is she good looking."
"If I tell you, will you drop the subject?" William agreed.
"In answer to your question she is very beautiful and has striking eyes."
"You really did notice her. You hired her as well."
"I did hire her but you will be dealing with her." William had no intention of dealing with Miss Star. He and Blake had come this far and they were determined to at least see their Dad on a date.

Dawn Star bio is on the characters page above, if you would like to know more. :)

Friday, 8 June 2012

3.4 Stranger

Mathew was out the front playing ball with his Dad when Ariel walked by and distracted him. "Hi." Mathew called after her. Ariel just looked at him and continued walking.
"So you like her."
"Dad, leave it."
"Have you asked her to the prom yet?"

"No. She won't speak to me. When am I going to meet your girlfriend Paris?"
"I have arranged for her to come over for dinner tonight."
Later that evening Will had taken Heather out to the movies and dinner so Spencer could have the place to himself. He knew that Spencer was nervous about Mathew and Paris meeting. Heather had cooked the meal because Spencer was a lousy cook. He tried to cook toast once and burnt it.
The doorbell rang and Mathew ran for the door before Spencer could get there. "Hello."
"Hi you must be Mathew?"
"And you must be Paris." The tension at the door was awful and even Spencer could see how uncomfortable things were.
"Dinner's ready. Mathew go and sit down." Mathew walked off leaving his Dad just standing there.

"You look wonderful Paris."
"Thanks." as she got closer to Spencer.
"Sorry about Mathew answering the door. He will come around."
"So you have told him then?"
"Spenc you promised you would tell him."
"I know sorry. Let's go and have dinner." escorting her to the dining room.

They all sat eating dinner not talking until Mathew broke the silence. "So, Paris how long have you been sleeping with my Dad?"
Spencer was choking on his food when he yelled, "Mathew, stop this now." 

"Why should I? She hates me and you still spend more time with her than me."
Paris interrupted the argument, "Can I say something?"
Mathew looked at her and replied, "Go on then."
"First, both of you sit down." They both took there seats again as instructed.

"Thank you. Mathew I love your Dad but I am not trying to take him away nor do I want to replace your Mum. I would like us to have a relationship but not as Mother and son but as friends. Would that be ok?"
"I guess so." as he looked sorry.
Spencer then said, "Mathew I have a confession to make, Paris isn't my girlfriend. Paris is my fiancée. She has agreed to marry me."
Mathew was in shock, "Does Aunt Heather and Uncle Will know?"
"You are the first." Spencer reassured him.

"Are you ok Mathew? You look pale." Paris asked." The doorbell went interrupting the conversation.
"I'll get it." Mathew offered, he needed a distraction anything to get is mind off the fact his Dad was serious about her and that they were getting married. When he opened the door there was a girl standing there.
"Can I help you?"

"I'm an exchange student and was told to come to this address. My name is Snowie Winter."
"Nice to meet you I'm Mathew Dark.

Showing her inside he asked, do you like music?

"Love it."

Spencer came out to see who was at the door and Mathew introduced them, continuing through to the conservatory Mathew said, "Here's the jukebox. It has loads of different music on here."

"Do you play an instrument?" Snowie asked

"No, I play computer games mostly. Why?"

"I think the drums would suit you best."

Thanks to Pixx O'Eight for the loan of Snowie Winter

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