Tuesday, 30 October 2012

3.25 Proof (Finale)

Dawn was working on some drawings when the phone rang. She answered it harshly, "Estevan, I told you not ring me unless you have good news." Dawn listened to him and replied, "Fine I will meet you."
Dawn made sure she looked her best. She wanted Estevan to see what he was missing. "What's this about?"

"You look amazing, Dawn."
"Is that it? You wanted to tell me how good I look?"
"No I mean yes I mean...Look I wanted you to know all the business are going legal and there will be no more drugs." He tried to step closer but she backed away.

Dawn shouted, "They are going to be?"
"Dawn, baby it takes time. The business are going to an accountant so they can legit the figures for each club. We haven't ordered anymore drugs. I'm cutting my hours so I can spend more time with you and Art. I have a full house because Heather needs help as a new Mum. Do you believe me?"
Dawn stood there and replied, "It sounds wonderful but is it real?"

Estevan yelled, "I've done what you asked and you still doubt me. Why?"
"You don't give up selling drugs that easy. I would still need proof."

"The proof will be here in just days." Estevan moved in closer and suddenly Dawn realized how close he was and before she could object he kissed her wrapping his arms around her. Dawn hated how she couldn't resist him. 

They strolled through the streets and before Dawn knew it she was at Estevan home.
"I can't come in. I have to tell you something. I went to a client's home yesterday and the guy that I was to do work for made a pass at me."

"I'm telling you because I want you to know I'm not interested in anyone but you. I shoved him and left. I didn't take the job either. If I wanted someone else I wouldn't tell you, would I?"
Estevan read her mind and knew she was telling the truth. "Dawn are you ok?"
"Stop worrying I'm fine. I told you so you could see it's you I want. Please just get this sorted so we can be together. Now take me home."
Estevan reluctantly agreed to take her home. 

When he got home Estevan demanded to know how things were progressing. "Dad, the accountant says the books will be done soon."
Estevan yelled, "Not soon enough."
"I understand why your angry but in a few days, Dawn will get the proof and she will believe you."
"I can't take it anymore. I need her here. A client made a pass at her and if I don't get that proof she is more likely to accept the advances of another man and it will be my fault. Now GET ME THOSE BOOKS!" Estevan yelled.

Heather heard the yelling and phoned Dawn and begged her to come over and calm Estevan down.
Blair was at the door, "What fucking time do you call this?" Estevan yelled.
"Well I got the books from the account but if this is not a good time then I'll leave." Suddenly Estevan calmed down. "Follow me!" 

He scanned the books carefully. "Where are the old books?"
Blair gave him the old books and said, "You can see the differences." Estevan was relieved the proof was here and Dawn would have to believe him now. "How's Teddy doing?"
"I don't want to talk about it." 

Estevan understood and showed Blair out and poured himself a drink at the bar. When he glanced at the door, Dawn was standing there looking at him. "I just got the proof how did you know?"
"I'm not here for that. I got a call because you are in a foul mood."
"Oh I'm calm now but while you are here I have the proof. I have the old books and the new ones."
Dawn didn't say anything just scanned the books one by one checking numbers from one book to the next. 

Estevan watched her fingers move along the pages and her eyes scan every line. He kept thinking why is she taking so long and look how lightly her fingers glide down the page. This woman is purposely torturing me. Then she closed the books and placed them on the table and with those piercing blue eyes looked at Estevan.

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

3.24 Sorry

"I feel so awful." trying to get up.
"Hey, stay there. I'm so glad you are awake." Blair replied
"What happened?" Teddy asked.
"You need to rest." Blair tried not to meet her eye contact.
Sounding very weak, "Blair, what is going on? Please tell me."
"What do you remember, and then I will fill in the blanks?" Speaking softly to her.
"I remember going to dinner then we came back and we were all over each other. The rest is a blank." Teddy was still groggy.
"Do you remember I was feeding from you?" Blair asked with caution.
"I do, why?"
"The thing is gorgeous...I slipped and well umm your turning into a vampire now."
"This is why I feel awful?" Teddy asked weakly. Blair nodded shamefully a yes.
Teddy being weak couldn't get up but there was a slight change in her tone, "You did this to me. What about what I wanted? Did you stop and think about that Blair. I can't bear to look at you, get out and by the way your new bed is the couch."

Blair came out of the room thinking his heart was going to break. He spent many hours getting the house back in order. He was now afraid that he was losing Teddy. She had never told him to sleep on the couch before.   

He heard the bedroom door open and Teddy was staggering out. He quickly grabbed her and held her, savouring her smell, the touch of her hair.

"Blair get off me I can take care of myself."
"You can't at the moment. Please don't push me away. I didn't do this deliberately. Let me help, what do you need?" Blair begged. Teddy tried to pull away but Blair wouldn't let her go.
"I hate you Blair, I hate you!"
"Teddy I know you don't mean that. Look at me please?" She looked in to his eyes and before she could say anything he picked her up and took her towards the couch. "What are you doing Blair get off?"

"No, you need blood feed from me gorgeous." Reluctantly Teddy fed from him. After she had finished she slumped back into Blair. He savoured this moment because he wasn't sure what to expect once Teddy was a vampire.
He could see how weak she was and decided that it would be best for her to remain in bed until the change was complete. Teddy was still angry at her husband for changing her without her consent and tried to object when he carried her to the bedroom but Blair ignored her. He put her in bed and told her if she needed anything to call for him. He tried to kiss her but she growled at him.
Blair left the room but wondered if he still had a wife. As he fell back on the sofa panic set in again. He hated to see the pain she was going through and know he was the cause of her pain. He just hoped that this anger towards him wouldn't last long. He remembered how she bugged him until he smiled and how he saved her life. He couldn't let her throw it all away just because she was turning into a vampire. He decided to storm into the room and have it out with her.
"I said go away. I hate you." growling at him weakly.

"You hate me fine go ahead but know this, I love you. I know what I did was stupid and wrong but it was a mistake. I didn't even know I had turned you till Estevan told me. I thought I had killed you. I tore our home apart in grief and rage to what I thought I had done to you. So if you are still mad at me at least let it is for the right reason." Slamming the door on his way out. Teddy just lay there thinking about what he had said.
Would it be so bad being a vampire? Maybe she could get a new look. Suddenly she could feel Blair's pain and torn soul. He was telling the truth about what he had done. She felt this rush of love he had for her that was just as explosive as her own feelings for him. Teddy then started to explore her mind powers.

She saw the pressure put on Blair when he was a child. The memories of the crimes that he had committed including the murders. One thing that Blair never confided in her was where he buried Elvira or her ex but now thanks to mind reading she now knew the location. The only question Teddy was now asking was Blair letting her read his mind because of his guilt or did he have no idea that she now knew everything.
Then she heard his voice through her mind, 'Why are you concerned about him? He tried to kill you.' Before she could respond to him Blair was there in the doorway.
"I will always protect you, just let me back in please? I'm sorry."

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

3.23 Torn apart

Advisory: Nude scenes and coarse language

"Gorgeous wake up." Blair shook her slightly. Blair thought she was playing around and any minute now she was going to pull him in for a loving and tender kiss, like she would do after they made love but she continued to lay there. "Teddy, please wake up. I need you. I can't look after our daughter alone. I can't be alone again, please wake up." His mind was racing what should he do. He laid Teddy in the bed putting the covers over her to keep her warm.
"I'm so sorry I never meant to hurt you, you are the one person I would never hurt." laying next to her wondering what he should do next. There was one of two things he could do and that was call Estevan or the doctor. He picked the phone and dialled the surgery, "Dr Lane, please come and see my wife, she's not breathing." After that he called Estevan, "I think I killed my wife."
He left the room to wait for the doctor and Estevan to arrive but he was pacing the floor and the more he paced the worse he felt. He'd finally found the woman of his dreams, married her and had a baby with her and on a romantic evening while having sex he killed her. This all happened because he got carried away. What would he tell their daughter?

Dr Lane was the first to arrive, "Mr Merrick, what is wrong with Teddy?"
Blair didn't want to say but he knew he had to tell the truth, "I got carried away while having sex and while feeding from her I went too far and now she's not moving. I put Teddy in the covers to keep her warm but nothing. Please help her!"

The doctor went to the bedroom to look at Teddy. Then there was a knock on the door and Estevan entered, "Blair what have you done?"
"I think I killed her. I fed from her and slipped now she is just lying there, why oh why did I need blood then, I should have waited."
"Blair, you are going to be ok..."

"Not without my Teddy." Blair spat back.
"Blair pull yourself together. Look at the state of you. How could you let a woman change you like this?" Estevan demanded.

"Look who's talking. You are giving up everything for Dawn, so don't talk to me about change. I love her and now I've ruined everything."
"Your right Blair, we have changed. I hope Teddy is ok."

The doctor examined Teddy checking her over carefully and then entered the room and said, "Mr Merrick could you come here please?" Blair looked at Estevan and then made his way to the bedroom with Estevan following behind. The moment he saw Teddy lying in the bed, he went straight to her side and without taking his eyes from her said, "I've lost her haven't I? I saw my future with her and only her, now it's gone."
The Doctor quietly replied, "Mr Merrick, I checked her over and I'm sorry to say that as a result of your over feeding she has passed away."
Blair got angry and said, "No, help her please!"
Dr Lane replied, "I can't, I wish I could but it's too late. I even gave her blood in the hope that would help but nothing. I'm very sorry for your loss."

Blair's anger and hurt was at its peak and he snapped at the doctor, "Listen you get her to wake up now. I love her do you understand, now fix my Teddy."
"Blair that's enough." Estevan yelled.

"I'm sorry Doc but as you can tell he is grief stricken."
"I understand but you need to help him through his time of grief."

Blair stormed out of the bedroom trashing his home. The doctor and Estevan went after him. Estevan and the doctor got him to sit down but only just before he finished destroying the whole house.
Estevan asked kindly but firmly, "Why did you really build this house?"

"The moment I laid eyes on Teddy, I knew she was for me so this house was for her and our children, why?"
Estevan turned to the doctor and said, "How many vampires do you treat?"
"About 3 vampires." looking puzzled at Estevan's questions.
Blair was already on the edge, "Who gives a fuck, Estevan. What does this have to do with my dead wife?"
Estevan yelled at Blair with the doctor watching the whole thing, "The reason I asked you, you idiot was you need to remember you love Teddy and the doctor has no clue." turning to him saying, "I'm sorry doc but you don't."
Turning back to Blair, "You drew blood from her right? Then the doctor gave Teddy blood."
"You know I did! So what if the doctor gave her blood?"

"When I saw her lying there I knew but he didn't. I will explain now you are calmer but you haven't killed her. You have started the turning process. She is resting and won't wake till at least tomorrow. Everyone's change is different; I just hope for your sake she understands when she finishes transforming. As she did not ask to be changed you may be in big trouble. I suggest grovel and begging as female vampires can be worse than us male vampires."

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

3.22 Where did it go wrong?

Advisory: Nudity and some scenes of a sexual nature

The idea of getting married was to have a wonderful day and a passionate night of love making but all these ideas went out the window when the doctor told Blair and Teddy no sex due to her bad time with the pregnancy. Blair was caught off guard when Teddy admitted she wanted sex but he wanted more. He wanted to make it up to both of them for the lack of a wedding night. He had arranged a babysitter for Harmony, at first Teddy objected at letting someone look after their daughter but after convincing Teddy it was a good thing for both of them she agreed.

Blair was about to go in the bedroom and see what was keeping Teddy when she finally came out of the room. When Blair saw Teddy in that dress all he could think about was watching it fall to the ground and his hands all over her body. He pulled her close and said, "You look amazing."

Teddy blushed slightly with a smile and replied, "I know that look but save it for later."
Throughout dinner Blair just kept smiling at Teddy and after a while she couldn't take it anymore, "Blair, what is going on?"
"Can't I just be happy?"

"Yes but there is something else."
"I know how disappointed you were not having a wedding night. I know I hardly slept that night because I wanted you so much. I mean the day was great but even you have to admit it wasn't anything special."
He saw the look on her face and got closer and held her hand, "You know I didn't mean it like that, Gorgeous. It's just I know us and what we are like. The last few months have been killing me and I know you feel the same way."
Teddy thought about his words then spoke, "I should be mad at you for saying it but it's true. I'm holding back because I'm afraid of getting pregnant again. I love Harmony but I'm tired and because you and I focus so much on her. I forget about us."
Blair ran his hand down her cheek and said, "This is why I insisted we have a night for ourselves. I have to tell you something so please don't get mad. Harmony is staying overnight at Snowie's house so we have the place to ourselves."

Teddy pulled away from Blair and in an angry tone said, "You did this without consulting me. Now my daughter is at your ex girlfriends house..." Blair interrupted Teddy and replied, "I know how it looks but Heather is not there she has moved in with Estevan as she is having a tough time with her baby." Suddenly what was supposed to be a romantic evening was turning into a row and Teddy lost it, "You seem more concerned with your ex and what she is doing than your wife and daughter?"

Blair couldn't believe what she was accusing him of and yelled, "You think my interest is what Heather does. You are wrong, Teddy. The only reason I know is because Estevan my boss and her father in-law. Looking back at what she and I had was nothing compared to you and me. I fell in love with you the moment I met you but at the time I did not what to admit it. I mean I married you, didn't I." 

Teddy just glared at him and Blair realised how the last part sounded but before he could say anything Teddy got in first, "Your right you did marry me. What was it for Blair, my sake, Harmony's sake or so you could feel good about doing the right thing?"

Teddy started to walk off. Blair felt a pain in the pit of his stomach and remembered the last time he had this and it was when Teddy took off. He wasn't going to let her get away again. Teddy was the only woman to bring the nice side out of Blair and now he had a daughter he was prepared to do anything to keep his family together. He caught up to her and asked her to come and sit back down and hear him out, Teddy reluctantly agreed.

"I married you because I love you not because of Harmony." He pulled himself closer to her and continued, "I also married you because you're beautiful and for the first time in my life you made me smile. As a result we have a beautiful daughter. I love you."

Teddy just looked at him and hated how she could never stay mad at him, "I love you too." Blair kissed her softly and heard a faint but distinctive moan come from her lips. Blair whispered in her ear, "Let's make love."

When they got home Blair started on Teddy before they even got inside. "Blair we have to get inside first." Inside, his hands ran over her body while still keeping his lips firmly on Teddy's lip. 

Blair now laid her on the bed and removed her clothes. He teased her with his fingers listening to her scream of pleasure. She begged him for more.
He'd never seen Teddy like this and thought the lack of sex was bringing out this adventurous side to her. 

Blair couldn't hold on he had to have her now so as he entered her, he kissed her on the neck but suddenly he needed blood. He knew that Teddy never objected to him taking from her but this time it was different. 

As Teddy's moans became more intense and as Blair was about to get his release he made a mistake and he slipped while feeding from her and when he realised what had happened it was too late her body was laying still on the bed. 

Thank you to Zhippidy for the Romantic Dinner poses

Tuesday, 2 October 2012

3.21 Turning point

"Heather, what are you doing here? Will said no to my offer."
"I know but the last few months have been hell. Art won't settle and after you offered to help...I just need sleep."
"Does Will know your here?"
"Will is coming over soon. Apparently you are retiring!"
"I'm going part-time and giving up the illegal side of the business." Heather put her arms around him and said in a low tone, "Thank you. It means Will is going straight too." She looked at him and stated, "Dawn must be some woman for you to give up that side of the business."
"I really hope she believes me." Estevan picked up Art, "Are you hungry young man?" Walking towards the kitchen.
"Hi Heath." Blake said. Heather walked into the living room and said, "We need to talk."

Blake sat down and Heather said, "I want to know everything!"
"I...I feel terrible. I didn't mean to hurt her Heath but when Sam betrayed me I was so hurt. I then needed to fed and the only thing I remember was her screaming then she was on the floor. I never intended to kill her. 

Now she's gone and I live with the guilt every day."
"I know you do Blake. I'm always here for you. Go and see Art and save your Dad before he gets covered in food. I'm going to rest so talk later." Hugging him before she left.
"I thought you were feeding Art?"

"He's finished. I'm taking him to his room for his nap."

Blake offered, "I'll take him, Dad." Estevan handed over Art and watch them go up the stairs. The doorbell went and Estevan answered it to find Will standing there. "Are you sure you can cope with the business?"

"Dad, you are only going part-time. Blair will be here shortly with the figures of how the clubs are doing."
"Heather is resting. How long will you be staying?"
"As long as Heather needs. She lost her temper after you left saying that we needed the help. So here we are."

"I will just babysit as much as needed, alright." They sat at the bar having a few drinks when Blair walked in. "Estevan are you sure?"

"I know what I want so, yes. What's the figures then?" Estevan asked
"The 3 night clubs without the drugs would be after tax $10,000 a week. This means doing the books properly and paying tax. The arcade makes $6,000 a week but that is already a legit business. All profit I should stress."

"The three clubs is that figure each club a week or altogether?" Blake asked as he came through the door."
Blair replied without looking at Blake, "The 3 of them together."

"This would mean 30% each for Will and myself. Blair and Blake would get 20% each. Is that ok with everyone?"
Blair wasn't worried as he had made enough over the years so this cut with no risk suited him fine. It meant most weeks he would take home $3,200. Blake was just happy he would get to work with less stress and more money.
Will then asked, "Would it be a good idea to expand?"
Blair answered the question, "Depending on what you wanted to build?"

"We could stick to what we know best clubs."
Blake asked, "How about a casino?"
Estevan said, "Not a bad idea but we would need a gaming licence, Blair see our old friend at the police station and get the gaming licence."
"Dad, you could ask Dawn to decorate for you?" Will interjected.
"Let's get the casino first and then we will see."
"The meeting is over. Blair see our contact and get the accounts sorted. I need the books asap. Will, you and Blake see where we can build a casino. Then we will continue this meeting in a few days."
"It might take more than..." Blair stated but Estevan yelled, "A few days is all we have."
Will told his Dad, "Calm down. Just phone Dawn ok and tell her what you're doing!" He just hoped that she would believe his words as he missed her so much.