Tuesday, 24 April 2012

2.16 Games

Blair couldn't sleep so he went to watch some TV and when that didn't work he tried to read a book. The furniture was starting to move again and he'd had about all he could take. "Fucking go away. Leave me in peace." as he yelled at Elvira. Then he started talking to himself, she was a nightmare alive but now she's even worse dead.

He called Estevan and told him, "I'm going away for a few days so you will have to manage the clubs."
"What's going on Blair?"
"Elvira is back and driving me crazy."
"Yeah that's right the bitch is back." so clean up your mess and get rid of her or I'm gone for good."
"I'll see what I can do! How long will you be gone for?"
"Haven't decided but I'm off as of now. I'll phone when I get back."
Blair packed a bag and took off on his bike. He past Teddy as she walked alone. He glanced at her but carried on without stopping. He needed time to think. He had no intention of going home any time soon.

Teddy knocked on Blair's door but there no answer. She walked back to her home a little deflated that he wasn't there. Her mobile went buzz and there was texted message and it read, 'I miss you darling. I'm sorry. I will be there soon.' She panicked at the message, frantic it was her ex. Teddy didn't want to see him as she knew what was going to happen he would be all loving, give her the speech you need to be looked after and then he would lock her in the house without anyway of contacting the outside world. Then he would date other woman as if he was single.

She tried ringing Blair and it kept ringing. She said out loud, "Blair where are you?" The phone started to ring the ID said Blair, she answered it almost in tears, "Blair I'm in trouble!"
"What's wrong?"
"My ex says he coming home. I'm scared. What do I do?" Blair thought for moment, what should he do turn around and help her or keep going?
"Teddy, where are you?"
"At my house."
"Listen to me. Get to my house and let yourself with the spare key and lock the door and I'll be there shortly."

He turned around and headed back to his place. His mind was racing. All sorts of thoughts were going through his head, why was he helping her, was it love, friendship or did he feel sorry for her. When he got home he saw her curled up in his bedroom.
"Teddy are you ok?" as he sat beside her.

"No, I'm not." Blair got her onto the bed and held her as she let the fear drain her emotionally. This was new to him. His only experience was Elvira and that wasn't anything to brag about. Then there was Heather but although he had feelings for her and told her he loved her this was different. He tried to push things with Heather and lost her because of his stupidity and one night stands for him were just that.
What was he thinking he was at the airport when he returned her call and heard her in a state. Whatever this was  he was going to go with the flow this time.
"I need to go away for awhile. You can stay here while I'm gone."
"Go. Go where?"
"This place is getting to me and I need to get away." He wanted to yell and argue with her but he thought better of it.
"Please stay with me."
"No. I can't but stay here make yourself at home and when I get back we will talk." as he brushed his hand through her hair.
She looked at him upset and said, "When are you going?"
"Now." Teddy went to kiss him but he pulled away and walked through the door and didn't look back.

Mathew had recently had his birthday and was now arguing with Spencer about his curfew. He felt he should be allowed more time out with his friends but Spencer refused to give in to his demands.
"You need to concentrate on your school work."
"And not have a life. I want to see more of my mates. Dad I'm not a baby anymore."
"I hate to butt in but can you two keep things down." Estevan asked.
"I know you need to sort things out but I need to work as Blair is away and the arguing seems to be getting worse."

"I want to live with Aunt Heather!"
"They are away on honeymoon. So guess what you have to stay here with me." raising his voice to Mathew. They stormed out each slamming a door. Leaving Estevan just standing there.
Teddy spent the next week cleaning Blair's house as she had nothing better to do. She'd phoned in sick as she was too afraid to go outside the front door in case her ex saw her. She tried to phone Blair but his phone was switched off. She tried to enter Blair's room but it was locked. She received another texted and it read, 'Darling, why weren't you there? You better not be seeing anyone.' and that was only the start. 

The phone rang the ID said unknown but she answered it as she thought it may be Blair, "Hi."
"Darling, where are you?"
"Go away."
"You are my girl and you need to be with me."
"No. I don't love you."
"Now you know that you do. Come to the house and we can talk."
"Listen stay away from me and my house."
"It's my house and I'm waiting for you." She put the phone down and this time she was shaking. Then she heard a noise outside, Teddy looked out the window but couldn't see anything. She stepped back knocking herself against the chair but she kept her eye on the front door as the handle began to turn and she watched the door slowly opened. 

Sunday, 22 April 2012

2.15 The Wedding

"Stop worrying Heather will be there." Estevan assured William.
"I know but..."
"No butt's, now the photographers is waiting to take pictures. Now where is your brother." leaving William alone. He rang Heather's mobile and Paris answered, "Will she will be there now let her get ready." as she put the phone down before he could say anything.
"Put a bloody smile on your face will you."
"She won't speak to me and I've left loads of messages Dad."

"Listen, Sam and you are finding your feet in this relationship and once you tell each other how you both feel then you will be fine but stop calling her all the time as you sound needy. Now smile and think about seeing Sam later. William needs us today so let's get some pictures done and make it a day to remember." Spencer walked in and said, "I'm off now. I'll see you there." Mathew was staying with Estevan as he didn't like girls and the thought of being around so many made him nervous.

"I'll see you at the wedding." as Spencer hugged Mathew before leaving.
The girls were busy fighting for the bathroom, "Heather we know it's your big day but get out of there. We need to get ready." As Heather comes out of the bathroom the doorbell rang, Paris answered the door, "Hi." then bolted to the bathroom before Sam realised it was free. Spencer sat down to watch TV thinking it would be better to stay out of the way. "I hate to rush you ladies but the photographer will be here in 30 minutes." The next 20 minutes all Spencer heard was doors slamming and "I'm not going to be ready on time. I need more time."

When Heather was finally ready she came into the room and Spencer said, "Sis you look wonderful. I'm so proud of you." Heather embraced him in a big hug saying, "Thank you." and then started to cry. "Sis don't cry or you will end up having to do you make up again." As she wiped away the tears, Heather smiled and elbowed him in the side. "I'm glad you are here, Spence."
"Me too, sis."

The photographs were taken over the next 15 minutes and then the car arrived. "I'm so nervous." as panic set in .
"Sam and Paris both assured her that she would be fine."I have to stand in front of everyone and say my vows."
"This is what you wanted." Paris reminded her.
"I know."
"You don't want to be late for your own wedding, do you?" Sam asked. Heather took a deep breath and thought I know I can do this and got in the car.
"Where is she?" William asked Blake.
"She is on her way and stop pacing the floor or you will wear it out."
"Will sit down." Estevan commanded. They saw Sam poke her head through the door nodding that Heather was here.
William was nervous and starting to mumbling to himself, "I can do this." Estevan interrupted his thoughts. "Will, do you love Heather?"
"Of course I do."
"Then get out there and say I do to each other."

As Heather approached the front, William was taken a back at how beautiful she looked and couldn't wait to hold her. When they were face to face they smiled at each other and William said, "You look gorgeous."
"You're handsome too." The guests gathered around them and watching them as William started to take his vows,

"Heather I love you
You are my best friend
And my one true love
And I sincerely declare
That today in front of our family and friends
That I William
Commit myself once again to be your partner
I will cherish our friendship
I vow to love, honour and care for you
Today, tomorrow and forever
I will be your best friend
Your loyal companion
And your soul-mate throughout life
I will help you when you need help
And I will turn to you when I need help
I choose you as the person with whom I will spend my life
And I promise to live a life
That will honour the vows we make today." Then it was it was Heather's turn. As she looked into his eyes she recited the same vows,

"William I love you
You are my best friend
And my one true love
And I sincerely declare
That today in front of our family and friends
That I Heather
Commit myself once again to be your partner
I will cherish our friendship
I vow to love, honour and care for you
Today, tomorrow and forever
I will be your best friend
Your loyal companion
And your soul-mate throughout life
I will help you when you need help
And I will turn to you when I need help
I choose you as the person with whom I will spend my life
And I promise to live a life
That will honour the vows we make today."

As they put the rings on each other's fingers there were tears of joy and claps from everyone who were pleased to see that they finally got married again. Then William kissed Heather for the first time as Husband and Wife. He then leaned over and whispered in her ear, "Fancy going home right now?" Heather blushed and replied, "We will, just let's get though the day."

"I can't wait." as he kissed her again. Suddenly they were being whisked away to have more pictures taken.
Blake made his way over to Sam and said, "You look wonderful, hun." 
"Blake we need to talk and as she was about to say what was on her mind but he jumped in and they both said the same thing at the same time, "I love you."
Blake thought that Sam was going to break up with him but was pleased to see that they felt the same way about each other.

"I sorry Blake for having a go at you, it was just..."
"It's ok Sam." as he stroked her cheek and then kissed her. Blair found William and Heather, he approached them and offered his congratulations.
"It means a lot Blair." as Heather kissed his cheek. William shook his hand and added, "Is that your friend?"
"Yes. Her name is Teddy."
"She seems lovely. You'd better not leave her alone for too long." William joked with him. 

Spencer was busy talking with different people and every now and then, Mathew would say, "Dad I'm hungry. When can we eat?"
"Soon I promise." Estevan came over towards Mathew and said, "Are you hungry?" Mathew replied "Yes." Estevan pointed to behind his back and when Mathew looked he saw a plate of food. "Don't tell anyone." then Mathew took the plate and ran to a table to eat before anyone saw.

It was time for the cutting of the wedding cake after William and Heather had cut into the cake, people were starting to each take a piece. Blake and Sam decided to go and offered to take Mathew home to give Spencer a break. They went to say goodbye to the happy couple, "Put your wife down." watching his brother break from kissing Heather. "Congratulations to you both." as he hugged Heather and whispered quietly, "Glad to have my sister back."
"It's nice to be back Blake and thanks for everything." William said to Blake and Sam, "Nice to see you have made up." As they watched Blake and Sam take off, William pointed to Spencer and Paris getting cosy in the corner.

"Heather when can we leaving?"
"I want to be alone with you in our house."
"We are going straight to the new house?" as her face lit up. The thought of their own place, no one interfering in their lives and being able to making love with each other with no one just walking through the door just brought a smile to Heather.
She took his hand and said, "I want to go home, Will."

The limo was waiting to take them home. On the journey home things were getting very hot. Will started to run his hand down her face and body, his lips made his way from her lips down the neck and he whispered in her ear, "I love you." Neither of them had realised the door had already opened and the driver coughed to get their attention, "Mr Granger, Sir. You are home."
"Thank you." as he helped Heather out of the limo.

When they got inside William pinned Heather to the wall and said, "Where were we?" She released herself from William running up the stairs leaving him in shock at what just happened and turned around and said, "Are you staying there all night?"

Heather got to the bathroom so she could change. "Are you ok in there?" William asked as he waited patiently. Then she came in view of the doorway, "Do I look ok?" He was lost for words and just stared at her as she approached him. 

Heather climbed on top of him like she had the other day and replied, "This is how I remember it."
William responded to her, "Definitely the way I remember it."    

Note: This was where I got the wedding dress  and also the vows I did not write myself I found examples on the internet and thought they were right for this chapter.

Also you can view the wedding album under Video's on this blog.

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2.14 Last Nights

Estevan had arranged the venue for both the bachelor and bachelorette parties, he was closing his one club "The Grind" on the two consecutive nights. The Friday night the club was hosting his son's last night of freedom and the following night it would be Heathers turn to experience one last blow out a week before the big day.
Although he had helped arrange Williams's party with Blake, the only involvement with Heather party was the venue and he was also getting the bills for the wedding. Heather had picked her bridesmaids Paris and Samantha, she wanted Mathew to be a page boy but he refused, he did promise his Aunt that he would be there on her wedding.

Blake was getting a hard time off Sam as he had organised dancers for this party and she felt they were going to do more than dance. "Darling you know that I would never look." as he tried to explain and for the first time he saw Sam get angry and upset, "You expect me to believe that you and your mates aren't going to look, yeah right." Then she slammed the door in his face.

"Sam calm down." Heather told her.

"It should be me telling you that. Why aren't you upset?" Sam enquired.

"I know William loves me and not some dancer. Blake loves you, anyone can see that."

"I know but he hasn't told me that he loves me and I've never had a boyfriend I care so much for. The truth is I love Blake and it scares the hell out of me."

William was getting ready for his party and he heard his Dad call from downstairs "Will let's go you don't want to be late." Estevan pulled Blake aside and said, "Blair is going to be there as William invited him. Rumour is he is seeing someone so William thought it would be good to let the thing with Heather and Blair go."
"Fine it means he took on board what I said and is finally staying away from Heather."
"What's really bothering you Blake?"
"Sam is angry with me for getting dancers and she thinks I'm..."
"Going to go with one of them, right." Blake looked at his Dad as he continued, "Sam will calm down all you need to do is tell her how you feel."
"I haven't had the time what with work, organising this party."
"True but there is a wedding coming up and maybe that would be the perfect way to say I love you to Sam."

When they arrived the music was pumping the bar staff had already put plenty of drinks on the bar and as each guest arrived they each took one. Tonight was a free bar so the drinks were flowing and the guests were getting louder. One of the guests found a stack of champagne and shook a bottle and the cork flew out across the room and he aimed the bottle at his mate soaking him but not before spraying some of the champagne in his mouth.
Spencer loved the party; he couldn't remember the last time he went out. He felt his phone vibrate and looked at his phone and thought I'll call Paris in the morning.
This then started a chain reaction and all the boys started spraying each other. William caught Blair with a bottle and then Blair retaliated back. "So rumour has it Blair, you are seeing someone. Is that true?"
"We are just friends. She has been through a lot and so have I."
"Well I hope things work out for you and I hope you will bring her to the wedding." Estevan then interrupted them and said, "Blake wants you."
William made his way towards his brother and Blake held up his hands and shouted, "Can I have everyone's attention." The music was turned down and everyone gathered around, "I'd like to thank you all for coming to my brothers last night of freedom but as you all know, William is getting married and this time we all know about it."
"Very funny Blake."

"As I was saying before I got interrupted by my brother, I thought I' give him a night to remember so...Officers can we help you, this is a private party."

"We heard there was trouble here." as she started to dance for William. He shot a look at Blake who loved he was causing his brother embarrassment and then the two dancers started to put on quite a show. All the boys were screaming "More, More." in their drunken state and spraying more drink at each other. As the night drew to a close Estevan and Blake had to carry William home. Heather was not impressed at being woken up by her drunken husband to be who fell through the door. She took one look and said, "I'm not moving you so you can sleep there."

"Heath" as he began to hiccup, "I wuv you." Heather wanted him to sleep so she threw a pillow at him and told him, "Go to sleep." as her temper was starting to rise at being woken up.

In the morning Heather slammed anything she could and heard, "Keep the noise down. My head hurts." Heather snapped at Will, "You have a nerve, you woke me up last night you idiot." As Will got onto the bed, she thought I'll drive him nuts before I go to work. 

She climbed on top of him and Will pushed himself up, thinking Heather was finally going to give in and as she got closer their lips almost touched and she said softly, "Will darling." as he closed his eyes ready to get his way with her, "You ever wake me up like that again and you'll be on the couch, ok." Heather then got up leaving Will nursing an erection. She heard him shout, "I'll get you for that."

Sam came over later to collect Heather for her bachelorette party and ignored Blake as she was still mad at him for the dancers he had organised, as Estevan passed them staring at each other he thought at this rate there will be no wedding and no girlfriends but I must not interfere and continued towards the office where he was overseeing the last of the paper work for the new venue, Blair had given him. The drugs were a what kept the clubs afloat and if Elvira hadn't be greedy then there would have been no issue. Although he knew she was going to threaten his sons lives and for him that was crossing the line.

At the grind again the drinks were lined up and waiting for the guests as they arrived. When Paris got there she pulled Heather aside and said, "Love the wig hun. I have to tell you something."
"Well what is it?"
"Spencer asked me out and well we went on our first date and I really like him and..."
"Geese stop rambling, will you. I will be honest it is going to uncomfortable for me but at the same time I can't stop you. Besides you might be good for him keep him grounded." Paris kissed her cheek and squeezed her and said, "Thanks."
Heather saw a young girl by the door and went over, "Sorry this is a closed party."

"I'm looking for Heather."
"That's me, can I help you?"
"Paris invited me. She said you wouldn't mind and to ask for you when I got here."
"What's your name?
"Nice to meet you Teddy. Drinks are on the house at the bar and enjoy the night." The girls were becoming more noisy as they spotted two guys walking in. They started chanting, "Get the clothes off, get them off." 

The men started to dance and some of the ladies were trying to fight their way to the front in order to get a better look. Heather had front view of one of the dancers and was going with the flow of the crowd.
Paris approached Teddy and asked, "You enjoying yourself?"
"Yes I am. Where did you get those guys from?"
"Looked on the internet and found these guys. I have to go." as Paris saw Sam passing by. "Did you pick up the dresses."
Sam replied "Yes. We are now all ready for the wedding. Have you told William about Heather staying at my place the night before the big day?"

"It'll be fine, now I have to make a speech." Paris called everyone around, "Thank you all for coming tonight. I'm not a person for big speeches but I would like to wish Heather years of happiness in her marriage to William and I hope you will be very happy. Please raise your glass in congratulations too Heather."
As they raised their glasses, you heard in unison "Too Heather." 

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

2.13 Blair's Surprise

Blair was busy putting the last few details of the next venue together and it was giving him a headache so when he received a call on his mobile he was relieved to have the distraction. "Hi." as the number came up unknown.

"I wanted to say thanks for the other night."

"Um, who is this and how did you get this number?"

"Blair it's me, Teddy I'm the girl you drove home. They gave me your number at the club."

"I remember you have a temper when you can't get a drink. Are you feeling better after the other night?
"I'm ok. Are you working tonight?"

"I'm working from home, why?"
"Could I come and see you? It's just I want to talk to someone and you were a great at listening the other night, would it be ok?"
"I guess so I'll come and get you around 7pm, would that be ok?"
"That'll be fine and I will be ready. See you shortly."

As he put the phone down he wondered if it was a good idea. After all he was struggling with his own problems and dealing with heartbreak and rejection he hated but he could definitely sympathize with Teddy.
Blair asked Teddy if she wanted a drink but she declined as she made herself at home.
"So what do you want to talk about?" as he sat next to her.

"I just needed someone to talk to as living on your own gets lonely and talking to yourself is horrible."
"I love the solitude. Don't you have friends to talk too? I mean you hardly know me."
"I did have friends but my ex pushed them all away. He hated me talking to anyone but I finally got the strength to throw him out after listening to his crap."
Blair started to feel uncomfortable, "Look I do have a lot of work to do maybe I should take you home!"
"Please let me stick around. I enjoy your company." as she looked into his eyes. Blair thought why would this young girl like my company. Then she asked as she moved close towards him, "Are you seeing anyone?"

"No. I love the single life. Tell me more about yourself." As he tried to pull away but as she got closer he found her charming and so he started to relax. As they talked more he began to smile and laugh. "What's so funny?" Teddy asked.
"You are; you have such a beautiful smile when you laugh."
"I don't." as she threw a pillow at him and before Blair knew it he was in a pillow fight with her. When they finished they both collapsed in fits of laughter.

"I haven't had this much fun in a long time." as he tried to get his breath back.
 "It is getting late so I'd better get you home."
He still had a smile on his face when he got back home. As he passed through the living room he noticed some things were out of place. He thought he was imagining things and he must have forgotten to put things back. Tonight had been a good night despite his concerns and a few things out of place were not going to spoil things for him.
Blair was too wired to sleep yet so he went back to working on the next venue and to make sure all the figures were correct before he spoke to Estevan and confirmed the final details. There was a loud noise coming from up stairs so he left the desk and made his way up stairs. The noise was coming from his black room as he like to call it. He loved that room as it was so dark and peaceful but who would dare to invade his favourite room in the house.

He slowly got to the door and took hold of the handle taking care to turn the handle quietly. He then pushed the door as wide as it would go and slowly made his way into the room. He saw a shadow of a figure using his bed and yelled, "Get out of my bed."

There was no response, "Did you fucking hear me? I said get out of my bed." As he got closer to the bed he saw who was lying on his bed and when they spoke it sent shivers down his spine, "Why should I?" as Elvira's ghost refused to go anywhere.

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

2.12 Estevan

Estevan decided to take advantage the house being empty, it was nice to have a house full but it was nice to hear the sound of nothing throughout the house. He had just sat down when the door opened and he thought, it was nice while it lasted. No sound came from the hall but when he looked up; he found that he was staring at himself. The clothes the hair was different but he knew it was his own reflection or self when he was in his 20's.

"Yes it's you. I mean me, us." as he stared at his older self sitting in shock.
"It can't be; now go away."
"Remember we are the same person so, you know this is all real. You do remember the time machine in the garage; well that's how I'm here."

"I said get out." raising his voice.
"No. Now sit down and bloody well listen to me." Estevan sat back down just staring at his younger self, "You have 5 minutes."
"It will take as long as it takes so do us a favour and shut up. Remember our wife Holly, the woman who loved us the woman who kept us together, the one who..."
Estevan got angry and said, "Don't you dare talk about Holly to me."

"Why do you even care you left her and now I'm in pain, I mean just look at me, I mean you. I turn into you an ass with no feeling. Do you even remember what it feels like to love? She loved us and the boys and you destroyed her world and ours. You are full of anger and hate and have twisted sense of love for the boys. Do you even remember how you felt about Holly, the warmth of her skin the touch of her lips? Just the touch from her would make you shiver. She was perfect the way she was and you left her, she would have pull you through but you never gave her the chance and taking the boys away from her broke her heart and yet she still loved you. When was the last time you had sex? I'll tell you shall I, when you were with Holly your wife almost 30 years ago. That is a lot of frustration. You need to remember her..."
Feeling the rage he yelled, "I don't want to remember and besides she is dead my Holly is gone and what's point to remember when all I feel is pain and longing for a woman I can never hold or touch again." as he started to break down.

"I am leaving these here in the hope that it will remind you of love and belonging, so that you can see that the boys have grown up well and that loving someone is a good and not a bad thing so that you can relate to what they are going through. You also need to have more pictures of her around here to show the boys that she is still a part of this family and never forget."

He started to think about her, he remembered he was best mates with her brother, Jason and that was how he and Holly first met. She was the only person who would never put up with his shit. She could control him but she never knew the power she had over him. He didn't mind though and that was one of the reasons he never looked at anyone else. He could never betray her like that, that night he left took all his strength and if she had caught him leaving, he would never have gone.

She refused to sleep with him until their wedding night but as he remembered it was worth the wait. Holly may have been human but kept up with him all night and that was how William came to be.  He opened the package on the table, inside was a video tape and a photograph that he took of Holly on their wedding day along with a few other photos of them together. As he looked at each one in turn, feelings he tried to bury were coming to the surface. As he continued to look at the photo of Holly he ran his hand across her face and felt tears roll down his cheek. The overwhelming pain of giving up the person you care for the most was torture for him; the boys were the only thing that kept him going.

He knew what he was told was all true so he decided to swap the painting in the living room for Holly so that she would always be a part of their life.

When the boys saw the painting of their mother in the living room they both smiled.

Note: I wanted to explain his character but I decided to do it differently so I hope you still enjoyed this short chapter :)