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2.1 Blame

Advisory: Contains some strong language

Sorry guys but this is another long chapter to start season 2. Still I hope you all enjoy :) and thank you  Karima Henderson and Valpre for the help on the latest poses that finally worked.

Blair lay on the ground listening to the sound of the wind get quieter. He could hear the footsteps grow very faint, he tried to look at who it was but they were too far away. His eyes grew heavier and started to close. As he thought his existence was finally at an end, he heard a voice "Hay are you ok. We need to get you to the hospital and fast too as you have lost a lot a blood."

Elvira was getting really annoyed she had opened the club two nights in a row and was not impressed by Blair's lack of attendance. she tried ring his phone but it kept going to voice mail. "Can't believe this, that lazy bastard." as she talked to herself. Then a customer said, "Are talking about your partner, Blair?"

She looked him up and down and replied, "And!" Sounding nervous but replied "He's in hospital. I saw him being taken to the hospital." She didn't wait around to hear anything else, she jumped in her car and head to the hospital. Elvira's mind was racing thinking anything from it's just scratch to oh my god he's dead. The thought of him dead, filled her with happiness and she needed proof and she was going to get it. Then she would be "The Boss" right hand man and finally everything she dreamed of. She couldn't have pulled up to the hospital quick enough and ran inside almost knocking several people over in the process.

She got to reception desk and said "Hi, I'm Dr Slayer. I heard a friend of mine was brought in this evening, can you tell me how he is doing? Name is Blair Merrick."
"Sorry Dr but there was no-one admitted by that name." replied the receptionist.
"I understand he was hurt very badly perhaps, maybe even DOA."
"Sorry, yes there was someone but he had no ID on him. He had cuts to the face and lost a lot of blood and it was touch and go for while but he is stable, I think being a vampire helped in this case. However he checked himself out against doctors advise. Even though he was told to stay here for a few days."

Elvira left the hospital and made her way to Blair's home. She knocked and heard Blair say, "Come in." as she walked in he replied, "Oh it's you what do you want."

"Well you are very wounded I could kill you and you wouldn't be able to fight me. Checking yourself out was a stupid move, Blair."
"Yeah well, I hate hospitals. You are doctor, just get me pain killers. I'll be fine."
"Why should I?"
"If you tried to kill me Elvira, we would not be having this conversation, as you would have killed me already."
"Did you see who it was?" she asked with concern.
"No, and they might try it again so I checked myself out and came home. Why do you care anyway?"
"I don't but being here isn't safe. The hospital would have been better. Besides have you told Heather about this?"
"No. Can you tell her for me?" asking Elvira.

"I don't like her, Blair. You act very strange around her. You never was like that with me." Trying not to shout as he was getting more short of breath.
"If you were nicer to me and treated me with some respect, maybe we would still be together." Blair then passed out. Elvira did one kind thing for someone else she phone Heather to her what had happened.

When she told Heather as expected the news didn't go down well. Before Elvira could say anything more the phone went dead. She knew this could only mean one thing, Heather had an idea who was behind this and she was going to get the truth.

Heather got to Estevan's home walked in and heard voices coming from the living room, as she stormed in room looking straight at William,"You bastard. How could you?"
"Darling what have I done? as he looked confused at Heather.
"Don't you darling me! Blair was taken to hospital as he was found in a pool of blood last night and you are telling me you know nothing about this?" By the way she looked at him, he knew she was very serious.
"Heather I swear to you I know nothing about this." as he proclaimed his innocence.
"You promised, you would give me time and gave your word you wouldn't hurt Blair." the anger had already turned to upset and she just didn't know what to do anymore. She cared deeply for both of them but fighting and trying to kill each other was never what she wanted. 

William glared at his father and brother and then went to Heather. "I am telling you the truth, Heather please look at me. I swear on our marriage that I did not have anything to do with this." She looked at him for a moment then said "Why swear on our marriage?"
"Because that is all I have left to hold on to, us. Why would I risk it all by killing a person. I admit I hate him because you like him but because I love you, I would never knowingly upset you by trying to kill him."  She looked up at Estevan and Blake but before she could say anything, William spoke, "Well Dad was it you because I told you I would leave if you hurt him."
"Will, I didn't kill him when I had the chance and I give my word it wasn't me."
"Don't lie Dad, we both know you have killed before so it is very possible you did this."
"I admit I have killed before but this time I backed off when you asked and I hoped you would clean up your own mess." staring at William.
"Clean up his own mess. Who do you think you are. Killing is not an answer to getting your own way." Heather snapped at Estevan.
"Look Heather, you storm in this house protecting this man and yet you seem not to care about William. You leave him and he falls apart." Estevan spat back.
"I never left William. I left you and your overbearing controlling nature. There was never two in my marriage there were three people. also do you remember you kicked me out." 

William by now was between them but what happened next shocked everyone. "STOP IT BOTH OF YOU." William shouted then he said calmly, "I love you both very much but Dad, Heather is right you are a controlling person and I love her and it about time you realised I am a grown man with a wife and you need to BACK OFF. I will continue helping you run the business but you need to butt out of my private life."

"I have to go now." as Heather walk towards the door.
"Heather wait!" William called after her, she glanced over him but then closed the door behind her.
When Heather arrived at her house she saw Blair going into his house. Letting herself in she called out, "Blair."

"Up here." Heather walked into the bedroom and found Blair lying on the bed. "How are you feeling?"
"Better now you are here." as he smiled at her.
"Can I get you anything?"
"Have you decided what you are going to do?" she just shook her head. "Do you love me?" asking her.
"I care for you very much and..." Blair interrupted her, "Heather answer the question."
"I can't, I won't. I need to know who tried to attack you first before I give my answer." getting very frustrated.
"If it was your husband would it really make a difference on how you felt?" keeping his eyes fixed with hers but she looked away "It wouldn't change my feelings but I couldn't live with what he did." He took hold of her and pulled her onto his bed and held her, "This is what I want." She pulled away quickly and replied, "What are you doing?"
"Showing you how much I care. Isn't this what you want?"
"Not like this. I want romance, tenderness and love. I don't want someone to just yank me onto the bed being demanding." Heather then ran out of his house leaving him alone.

Blair just lay on the bed thinking what had he done wrong. Heather opened her door to find William waiting for her. "How is he?"
"Blair is fine. How did you...Forget it I don't care anymore." as she just fell on the sofa next to him. "Thank you for standing up for me with your Dad." He put his finger on her lips and said, "I'm sorry for what happened to Blair but I won't let it come between us."

He asked her to come with him and promised to bring her straight home. She went with him and they were back at his house but instead of going to the house, they walked up then crossed the road. Heather looked at William, "I meant what I said Heather I want another chance and if you give me that chance this house will  be our home and no Dad. It will be just you and me. She was so overwhelmed by his gesture but because she wanted to know who attacked Blair, she said "When I know what happened to Blair I will give my answer." Feeling deflated but understanding he drove her home.   

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1.10 The Truth- Finale

Advisory: Contains some strong language

Just to let you know that this chapter is very long for me a lot needed to be said in this one. It was not my intention for it to go on this long so sorry if it to much but all the same I hope you enjoy reading it.

“How are you doing?” Blake asked
“How do you think I’m doing? Sorry Blake I didn’t mean to snap. It’s just I love Heather so much. I want her to come home.” Looking at Blake.

“I know what Dad did and he was way out of line. You and Dad need to talk about this. How is Heather?” as he looked on with concern.
“You're right, Dad shouldn’t have done what he did because he scared her she lost our baby and then she turned herself into a vampire. Why would she do something like that?”  Sounding more upset as he spoke.
“William I’m sorry about the baby but you need to stand up to Dad it’s the only way.” After saying his piece he left to get ready for work.

William hated this house and hated the decor as he went from room to room in search for his Dad. As he got upstairs he heard footsteps coming down from the attic. He saw his Dad open the door and start to go down the hall, shouting after him “Dad we need to talk.” Estevan turned around and approached his son calmly, “Well what is it?”

“You have a nerve to speak to me like that after what you have done.” Ready for an argument.
“And what have I done this time?” Standing his ground.
“Did you know my wife was pregnant when you kicked her out? Also what is your problem with her?” as he felt the anger becoming more intense.

“No I didn’t know Will. I’m sorry. I don’t have a problem with her it’s just...” as he stopped speaking.

“WHAT THE FUCK IS IT THEN?” snarling at his Dad getting ready to pounce

“Don’t speak to me like that Will do you hear me. I haven’t got time for this.” As he stormed off down the stairs. William pushed the door to his room open and slammed it behind him. He looked at his phone and still no missed call from Heather. What was taking so long he thought as he put his phone away. Even though he had seen her only last night he had come to the conclusion that she would have rung him all would be forgiven and they would be together by now.

Heather was in a terrible state she didn't have a clue what to do then the door burst open and there in front of her was her father in-law, "What do you want? By the way you could have knocked." as she prepared for a showdown.

"Would you have let me in?" not waiting for an answer, "Were you pregnant?" Heather looked at him for just a moment and said "William told you then. I'm out of your family for good so no need to worry, I'll be the good daughter in-law and you won't see me again as instructed."

He ignored her comment and made the two of them coffee and told Heather to sit down as they needed to talk, she wasn't sure what game he was playing so did as she was asked. 
"Estevan what do you what?"
"You need to come home William needs you!" She interrupted him
"Oh I see you want me to come home now. What the hell is wrong with you?" 
Staying calm as he spoke to Heather, "I only interfered to protect my son and before you start which you have every right to do, please hear me out." as he sipped on his coffee.

"I've never told anyone this not even my boys. I was married once, we were very young when we got married. I loved my wife and I still do. My boys were very young when I left her, taking our sons with me and I know you think I was cruel but I didn't leave her because I hated her but because I loved her. We meet when we were still in school and we were just crazy in love. There was only one difference between us but it didn't bother us, she was human and I was a vampire. When she became pregnant with Blake, I became very ill and my urges to kill became very strong. I was afraid of hurting her and to protect my wife I left taking the boys with me. As they were vampires I was afraid they would become ill and hurt their mother so that is why they came with me.  I have since learnt not all vampire suffer with this. I just hope they will be ok.

They don't know their mother is human or anything about her, I was going to tell them but I was afraid of upsetting them. I was afraid the same thing would happen to you because you lived with 3 vampires but I tried something different with you by offering to turn you but William wouldn't let it happen so I had to push you away. You are a vampire now but you can change back, remember you have that choice. If I had known you were pregnant maybe things would have been different. Anyway you know the full story. Please for William come home he is lost without you but it is your choice." as he stood to make his way to the door.
Heather replied "Thank you for telling me but you should tell the boys the truth. I want you to know my feelings haven't changed for your son but you interfered in our lives so much, things would never change and you would still infer ."

He stopped in his tracks and without turning around replied "I'm sorry and I give my word I would not inter and even you should know that if I give my word I mean it." She stared at the door thinking to herself was I just in a weird dream. He was actually being nice, to me. This made her even more confused at what to do.

When Estevan got home he decided he needed to workout out but once he was changed he couldn't face it. He needed to sort things out with his son. He knocked the door and went in and he found William sitting on the bed staring at the wall. He turned a chair around and sat there for a few moments and then spoke, "Can we talk William?"

"Why, you didn't want to talk earlier. Dad why did you push her away?" trying to hold back his emotions.
"I did what I thought was right for you. I was wrong I'm sorry." as he wondered if he should tell him the truth pulling the chair closer towards William.
"Son, we need to talk about you mother." Estevan had Will's attention now, "I should of told you a long time ago but you are half human. Your mum is human." waiting for a shock response but there wasn't any. "Will, did you hear what I just said."

"Blake and I know Dad. As kids we were curious about our mum so we went searching in your private desk and picked the lock and found the pictures. I just wished we could of meet her."
Estevan sat there in shock, "You knew all this time and never said?"

"Dad there is something else. She died a few years after we left."
Estevan  couldn't lose it now in front of his son, "I did love her, I still do. I hope you know that? I need to tell you something else, I saw Heather earlier and told her about your mum and my reasons. I have asked her to come home but she says I will interfere so I don't know if she is coming back."

William looked out the window and hoped she would come back soon. His thoughts were interrupted by shouting from down stairs, Estevan and William looked at each other and ran down the stairs. Blair was standing there in front of them and Estevan yelled "GET OUT OF MY HOUSE YOU WERE NOT INVITED."

Ignoring the request he demand to speak to William alone. Estevan was about to say something then William put his hand up and said "Dad it's ok. We need to talk any way." as he showed Blair to the living room. "Have a seat." Blair ignored the request, "Don't have a seat then. "William leave Heather alone. I want to date her. You had your chance and blew it." staying calm.
"I can't. I made a promise to Heather I wouldn't kill you but I won't stay away unless she asks me too. After all she is still my wife." standing his ground. Blair went for him but William just stepped to the side just in time. "I told you I won't fight you but if Heather wants me to stay away then I will but not because you tell me. Do you understand?"

Blair glared at him, "I will have her." he spat.
William shouted at him, "Heather will not be yours, Blair. She is far too good for you." then calmly said, "See yourself out will you."

Blair left the house but reeling from their conversation; he walked for what seemed like miles coming to an old part of town.

 He stopped only for a moment and before he realised what was happening he was being attacked he had no time to react, he couldn't see or sense who his attacker was and whoever they were their ability to overpower him was overwhelming. He tried to turn around but was being shoved face forward towards the ground. He tried with all his might to turn around but got knocked to the ground again.

 He pulled himself up and pushed the person away but only just, he caught his breath but as he was about to attack the person he felt something hard hit his head and he fell to the ground being left for dead. 

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1.9 Confession of the Heart

Advisory: Contains some strong language

Heather didn't want to go home after being at the club so she wandered the streets and ended up at a park. She looked into the sky and then burst into tears. Elvira knew everything and this tore Heather apart she wanted and needed time away from her past to think things through. Heather was so confused she loved her husband William but was starting to have feeling for Blair. She hated having to get married in secret and that Blake took their one and only wedding photo.

All because William's father could not or want to accept her. She didn't care that they were Vampire's she accepted them for who they were so why did Estevan hate her so much. She even said she would change to just get accepted but William loved her the way she was and so did his brother. She often tried to be nice to Estevan but he would refuse to even be in the same room as her.

If he had just accepted her she would be home with William wrapped in his arms, having their first child but after Estevan demanded she leave and never return the stress of the arguments and the pain of leaving her home caused her to have a miscarriage. Heather never had chance to tell William the news of the baby so he didn't know she'd lost their baby. After these events she swore the past would stay in the past and she would get a new life and yes through angry she thought becoming a vampire was the best option. After leaving the mobile would ring at least several times a day and the ID would always say "William". She blamed Estevan for this pain and the loss of her baby. Now because of Elvira all the memories and pain she suffered had returned.

She lay there on the grass crying until she could cry no more. She was about to fall asleep when she heard footsteps from behind but she didn't turn around just kept looking in the same direction. "Heather are you ok?" the voice said. She sat up and turned to face the voice, it was William sitting there next to her. She wanted to go into his arms but she was angry, upset and confused at him for letting his father treat her the way he did and for not standing up for her.

"How did you find me? You know I don't even care just leave me alone." snapping at him.
"I can't leave I love you." as he looked deep into her eyes.
Heather got to her feet and stared back at him, "If you loved me, you're Dad wouldn't control you, hate me and we'd still be together."

William looked ashamed and replied, "You are right I should of told my Dad to piss off but I didn't and because of that I lost you. Now you love another and..."

The pain in his face was heartbreaking. "You know about Blair?" He just looked at her "I have only seen him a few times but in answer to your question I don't know how I feel about him. It's just, it's not complicated with him. It's just him and me and when we are spending time together, no-one other than his jealous ex...That's how you found me through her, she works for your father. And Blair." waiting for an answer.

"Blair is my Dad right-hand man soon to be a dead one I hope." as he calmly replied.
"Don't you dare bring Blair into this. You think by killing Blair it will fix things, well it won't and if you don't want me to hate you tell your Dad to leave him alone, William do you hear me call him off Blair." by now she was screaming at the top of her voice.
He pulled out his phone and as he was dialling his Dad's number, this was happening across town.

He got through to him and said, "Dad listen I've found Heather but don't kill Blair or I will lose her." he listened to his Dad reply. "I mean it Dad don't do it or I will walk away and you will never see me again. " he listened again and hung up. Looking at Heather he said, "Blair is alive just bruised."

"You mean he beat him up?" still angry.

"Yes he did."

"Is that the answer to everything with your family. Beat them up, kill them if things don't go your way?"

William snapped back at her, "You can't talk, I mean look at you! You ran and your answer was to turn to a vampire. Is it all you dreamed of? I admit my family is not perfect but at least we are honest about who we are but you did this to please other people."

Heather was all fired up now, "I see turn the argument around. Blame me for wanting to be accepted by your family, wanting to spend my whole life with you and yes blame me for losing our baby." After those words were spoken she wished she could take them back but it was too late.

William fell to the floor and asked "Baby, what baby?" Heather sat beside him and told him everything, "Shortly after we married I fell pregnant. I was so excited couldn't wait to tell you and when I came home early to tell you, your Dad was waiting for me. He knew we had gotten married behind his back and he was furious, he started yelling at me blaming me and told me to pack my bags and leave. Your Dad scares me when you are not there so I left. I was also told 'not to speak to my son again or I will find you.' So that's why I never answered the phone and a few weeks later I went to the doctor's as I was bleeding and in pain and was told I had lost the baby."

William face by now was full of rage. He got up and said angrily "My Dad caused this. I'll kill him!" as he tried to storm off Heather grabbed his arm and said "William don't or you will be as bad as your Dad. I know how you feel, I wanted to do the same but you have to get passed this."

"Why should I? You don't love me anymore. I've lost everything." "I never said I didn't love you. I just need time to work out what I want. I deserve that at least please for me." begging for space. 

"I'll stay in town. Just phone when you have made your decision." then he kissed her so tender in the hope she would remember how much she meant to him and at what they had regardless of his father. Heather watched as he walked away touching her lips still taking in his soft tender touch and reminding herself how wonderful it felt.

Blair had taken a real beating but that he could handle but the feelings he was experiencing about Heather bothered him more. He was falling for her but she was married and to "The Boss's son." He once thought he was in love with Elvira but feeling this pain he knew what her ever felt for Elvira wasn't love. They had only shared one kiss and he was smitten with her. He knew Heather felt something because thanks to her she had stopped him being killed.

Thanks to Estevan's hatred of Heather, he had pushed this women into his life and he wanted more. He was prepared to stand up to Estevan and William if that is what it took to get Heather. The only question on his lips was did she feel the same way. He couldn't wait so he went and knocked at her door but there was no answer so he shouted through the door 

"Heather I know you are in there open this door. Don't ignore me!" Still reeling from her argument with William she opened the door and without saying a word went back to watching T.V.

"Stop watching that damn box and look at me, Heather. Do you have any idea what has just happened to me?" yelling at her.

"You've got no bruises I thought Estevan attacked you?" she asked quietly.

"Vampires heal very quickly, you should know that. Why didn't you tell me you were married?" demanding to know what was going on.

"Look I've had a rough night too. William found me and says he still loves me..." Blair interrupted her and asked the question he did not want to know the answer too, "Do you? Love him still?"

"I do love him and I won't lie to you but I have feelings for you too. I care for you a lot but I don't know if it is love and as I told William I need time and space." looking at him.

"I want you. I love you Heather and I want to be with you." caressing her hand softly and looking deep into eyes. As he left her home the ache in his heart that she might choose William filled him with dread  

Sorry that it is longer than usual but I thought all this needed to be in one chapter.

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1.8 Opening Night Part Two

Advisory: Contains some strong language

Everything was set, the drinks were ready at the bar and Blair and Elvira looked at each other with fear as "The Boss" was going to make an appearance. This was the second club to open but this club was less fussy about their clientele, you were able to dress casual or formal, it didn't really matter as long as it was packed and the money came through the door.

The door opened at 9.00pm and the queue of people started coming through one by one helping themselves to the free drinks. Most turned up in formal and when Hannah saw that most of them were dressed up she left the club to change into evening wear. As people were dancing, Blair and Elvira took a break sat on the sofa. "Has he arrived yet? Elvira shouted over the music. "No not yet but it's still early yet." he yelled back.

Blair then saw Heather and walked over to her, "Hi gorgeous." as he smiled. Heather started to smile back but Elvira caught her eye and she turned even more pale than usual, turning away from both Blair and Elvira. He glared at Elvira knowing she was pushing Heather away from him. Unfortunately he couldn't fight with her in front of all these people.  

They went their separate ways by talking to more customers and making sure they were having a good time. Each of them danced with a variety of people and then both decided to get on the dance floor. One thing was for sure they both loved to show off their dancing moves.

The bar was kept busy with the request of food and drinks and at times the queue would get out of control and both Elvira and Blair had to help out. Hannah came back to the club all dressed up and made quite a stir on the dance floor with different men waiting to dance with her.

Jon came to the club to get Hannah to go home but she wouldn't leave she was too busy having a good time. Jon saw Blair watching and went over to him. "Don't you even think about it. Hannah is with me." as he shoved him. Blair just looked at him and said "Not interested Jon, I have my eye on someone else." Jon didn't say anything else as he left to go home.

Blair went outside and looked at his phone, there were no missed calls and it was now 1.00am and still his boss hadn't arrived. This was not good as it could mean either he got held up and would be here shortly or he had arrived took a look around and left. If he came and left, Blair knew this was very bad. As he made his way back in the club he saw a guy leaving, "Night." as he looked at the man but the man just stared at Blair and nodded as he passed him. 

Blair had a sudden  uneasy feeling as got back inside, he thought he knew the guy but couldn't place where he knew him from. He spoke to Elvira and asked "The guy that left, did you speak to him?"
Elvira thought he was good looking and want to make a move on him but every time she got closer to him the man would just disappear, "I've never seen him until tonight but he is sexy though." as she replied.
"There is definitely something familiar about him but I just can't place him." as worry swept over him. "Look can you close up I want to take off."
Elvira looked shocked but said "No problem." The boss being a no show had got to Blair and Elvira knew this was not the time to tease him about it.

Blair got home and saw the lights were off over the road so there was no point knocking on Heather's door so he went inside and made drink and within five minutes of making the drink there was a knock at the door. The knock began to get louder and louder Blair shouted as he opened the door, "Stop banging on my fucking do.." and didn't finish the sentence as he froze in that spot.
"Hello Blair, remember me?" as his boss stood in front of him. He didn't wait for a response he dragged him from the door outside.
"Boss, what's wrong?" as he found his feet.

"Cut the crap Blair. You only call me Boss when you are in trouble." Shouting at him.
"The club is doing well, Estevan and...." he was interrupted.

"I let myself in early tonight and hid on the second floor and watched the club as the doors opened..."

"Good then you will..." being interrupted again.

"Shut the fuck up you, ass. What happens next may depend on your answer to me. So listen carefully and think before you speak. Do you understand?" Blair just nodded and he started to shake. "A very beautiful vampire came in the club and I saw the way you looked at her. Then Elvira scared her off. How do you know her?"

Blair thought won't fuck does it have to do with him and then got shoved into the door, "You forget I can read minds, Blair. Now are you and her in a relationship?" Estevan's eyes were now burning red as he waited for an answer.

"I have had a meal with her and spoken a few times on the phone." by now he wasn't sure if that was the right answer or the wrong answer.

"Have you kissed or slept together?" keeping Blair pinned to the door. Blair fought back and got free of Estevan and trying not to show how scared him was at that moment yelled back,

"Kissed her once but we haven't slept together. Not that's it any of your business."

"Do you remember I have sons?"

"Yes but their kids."

"No they are not and William the eldest was there tonight with me as he is learning the ropes and who should he see but a man I trust with my business getting friendly with his wife."

Some of the pictures didn't go right so they were never put into the story but hope you still enjoyed it. I wonder if any of you recognised the characters on my bio?