Tuesday, 30 December 2014

6.34 Giving up on us

Draco saw the look that meant he was in trouble, “Lawrence!” 

Lawrence glared at them both, “I warned you no more than two days.”  

Lawrence started to walk away but Torri wanted answers and started to follow him. Lawrence knew she would and kept walking until they were a safe distance from the estate. 

When they were outside the home he once shared with Daphne he stopped and waited for Torri’s questions.
“What is this two day rule and don’t give me the, ‘It’s nothing crap.’?” 

Lawrence just stood there looking as if he was thinking of what to say.
“Uncle Lawrence, answer me!” Draco looked at Torri with amazement that she was standing up to him after all these years. “I’m still here and I want to know now.” 

Draco added, “We could go inside and talk about this in private.” Quickly they heard Lawrence say, “Not a good idea.”
“Why do you have a whore in there?” Lawrence looked angrily at his niece and firmly said, “What is it with people these days and the use of the word whore. I’ve heard it enough over the years but no more.” Torri went right up to him and asked, “Have you got a prostitute in there then?”
“No and I haven’t been with a prostitute since his Dad worked for me.” 

Draco shuddered at the thought of his Dad sleeping around, “Don’t bring my Dad into this.”
“Look I may run a brothel but I no longer sleep with them.” Draco glared at him as he pushed Lawrence and said harshly, “Really because you threatened to sleep with Katherine…”
“It was a threat more than anything. Look Elvira dumped her on me in exchange for her freedom. I couldn’t stand being around Elvira and the more I saw her, the angrier I became because she was a constant reminder of what I’d lost. Now do as I’ve asked Torri and go home.” Torri yelled, “No as I’m staying so deal with it, unless you have something you want to share!”
“Just go home…” Torri screamed at him, “I AM HOME!” 

Lawrence suddenly felt emotions he hadn’t felt in a long time and heard, “Torri you heard your Uncle go home.” When they all looked they saw Daphne standing there. No-one moved and Lawrence was in shock and speechless. Finally Torri broke the tension, “Daphne why are you here?” Daphne couldn’t look at Lawrence but in front of him asked, “Torri before you go home answer me two questions…” Torri was puzzled and looked at Draco then back at Daphne as she came closer, “What do you want to know.”
Daphne looking directly at Torri asked, “First question, would you lie and protect your uncle?” Torri without looking at Lawrence said, “He is family but I won’t lie for him, protect him, I don’t know. Why?” Daphne staying very calm but very nervous asked her second question, “What is your father’s name and what is he to your uncle?” Torri was even more confused but answered the question, “My father’s name was James Knight and he is Uncle Lawrence’s twin brother although you might not tell these days if he was still alive because Dad kept his looks and Uncle Lawrence let himself go.” Lawrence at that moment knew Torri had unknowingly backed the story he once tried to tell but condemned her own father. 

Daphne looked at Draco and said, “Pack your bags and go home immediately and don’t even think of arguing with me. Do you understand?” Draco nodded and quickly left with Torri and all you could hear was Torri say, “What is going on?”
“Hun I don’t want to stick around and find out because Gran looks pissed.”

Daphne still couldn’t look at Lawrence and the silence was unmistakable until Lawrence finally said, “We could go inside and talk.” Daphne’s head was racing and she couldn’t think straight. “Don’t you dare try anything, do you understand?”

“Yes.” Lawrence held the door open for her and shut the door once they were both inside. 

Daphne smiled when she saw the picture and heard Lawrence say, “That was a great evening at our friend’s party.” Daphne remembered that was the night Lawrence gifted her, the necklace as a promise of love.
“This was also the home that has bad memories,” she trailed off trying to compose herself; Lawrence wanted to hold her but held back. “It’s where you gave up on us.” 

Daphne finally turned to face him and yelled, “Gave up…you should have told me about James being your twin at the beginning of our courtship…” Everything began to spill out during the argument, 

“Yes I should have said from the beginning but look at me! You take your love away and look what happened.” 
“From what I’ve heard you haven’t been exactly lonely…” 

Lawrence fired back, “You had a child with another man, you reduced yourself to the label of mistress,” he didn’t get to finish as Daphne slapped him. Instead of firing back he rubbed his cheek and said, “That’s what I’ve missed for 170 years, your touch.” Daphne was shocked by the statement and said, “I have to go. I understand my husband came to see you?” 

Lawrence hated that word husband but stayed as calm as he could, “He did come and see me. Once he’s gone make no mistake my darling Daphne but I will win you back.” Daphne looked into his eyes and said, “It’s too late for that. You run brothels, deal in drugs and who knows what else.” 

Lawrence grabbed her arm just inches from her lips and said firmly but sweetly, “I haven’t slept with anyone for about 50 years because I suddenly realised the one that gives me what I want is you. As for my businesses I will give them all up for you.” Daphne pulled her hand away but before she could walk away 

Lawrence was on his knees pleading with her, “Please take me back; you know I did no wrong. I want the real me back. You must understand that.” Daphne could feel her emotions letting go, wanting to say the one thing she longed to say but she was married now so put up a front of coldness and said instead, “Goodbye Lawrence.” 

As she made her way to the hallway tears were now coming down her face and Lawrence yelled after her, “You can’t leave this house, our home for a second time like this. Remember I’ve done nothing wrong but you will still leave the bond broken and condemn me for eternity for something I did not do?”
Daphne wouldn’t look back, “Lawrence please I can’t mend the bond because I am married to another, you know that…”
“What about when he has gone?” Daphne wouldn’t answer the question as she left the house once more. 

As she walked down the road the tears kept coming. She wanted to tell Lawrence even after all these years she still loved him. Seeing him after all this time broke her heart especially now she knew that she had broken their bond for nothing. 

Suddenly Daphne was grabbed from behind with a strong grip and heard the voice, “Hello again whore. Yes that’s right it is me the same man that caused all the bruises. Oh that’s right you thought it was your fiancé that did that to you but you thought wrong so little faith in the one you love. Now I’m afraid we have some unfinished business to attend to.” Daphne could feel her heart racing with panic. She wanted to tell Lawrence but it was too risky that his brother might find out. So Daphne sent a message to Estevan in the hopes that he would hear her frantic message.


  1. OMG! That scoundrel of a brother escaped. I can't believe he did that.

    1. Val,

      James did escape all because Torri was outside the estate long enough for him to use her powers without her knowledge and now poor Daphne is in the crossfire.

      Thanks for reading :)

  2. Oh no. Oh no you don't. You are NOT going offline and leaving this for a whole month!!! No no no. please? heh
    Wow. what a turn of events. When Estevan gets there, oh boy, blood will fill the crevices in the road.

    1. Zhippidy,

      I have to go off-line but don't worry I have scheduled all chapters to January so you won't miss them.
      Poor Daphne and when Estevan gets there all I'll say is poor James.

      Thanks for reading :)

  3. ~ Oh,My, Gosh!!!!!!!
    ~ I hope some one comes to her rescue............and soon!
    ~ Torri, standing up to her Uncle, you go girl!
    ~ Can not wait for more! (",)

  4. Karima,

    I hope Daphne will be saved before it gets too much.
    It was nice to see Torri finally standing up to Lawrence.
    There will be more don't worry next week is normal even if I'm not around lol

    thanks for reading :)

  5. I was afraid James was going to escape because of Torri being so close. I can understand Daphne being upset and not being able to bond again with Lawrence because of being married. Now that James is free I hope Estevan here's Daphne and comes to the rescue.

  6. DandyLion240,

    Unfortunately James did escape. Daphne at this point is very heartbroken and torn because in truth she still loves Lawrence. Estevan won't let any harm come to is mum.

    Thanks for reading :)