Monday, 1 December 2014

6.30 1843 Part two

When seven o’clock came around there was a knock at the door and when Daphne opened it she saw Lawrence dressed in his finest with a bunch of red roses standing at the door. 

He tipped his hat and said nervously, “These are for you, I hope you like them.” Daphne blushed and smiled, “They are very beautiful. I would invite you in but since it’s the first date…” Lawrence interrupted her and said, “I understand, I will wait here while you put the flowers in water.”
A few minutes later Daphne walked back with the roses in a vase and put them on the table and when she came to the door and shut it behind her she said, “Thank you for waiting by here for me Mr Knight.”

“Since we are now on an official date don’t you think it would be more appropriate to call me by my first name Lawrence?” Daphne smiled brushing back her hair that had slipped forward and quietly said, “Thank you for the roses Lawrence.”
“You’re welcome Daphne and the hair you brushed back, next time keep it there.” 

Daphne started to play with her hair as she took Lawrence’s arm. As they walked towards the park he asked, “So Daphne what do you do for a living?”
“I teach at the local school.”
“Do you like children?” Daphne laughed, “It depends on the day. When I saw you with my friend the other day chopping wood, does that mean you are a farmer?” 

He stopped and looked at her, “Who told you that?”
“Elvira told me, a man with no money but respectful.” Lawrence tilted his head slightly and asked, “And you believed her?”
“I have no reason to doubt my friend Lawrence.”
“I see,” then they continued their walk. “I am a local businessman, my family own the estate. I run the estate with my brother but he and I don’t always see eye to eye so from time to time I help out on the estate doing what needs to be done. My brother James would rather give orders than help. He isn’t exactly a people person. So in answer to your question I do have a farm on the estate but it’s not the only thing we do.”

“Does that mean you have money, I know that is rather bold of me to ask and sorry if I offend you but…” He stopped to look at her and quietly said, “Daphne you could not offend me. I am comfortable but to be honest I don’t like luxury, I don’t even live on the estate because that would mean living with my overbearing brother. Now enough talk about my business and brother, let’s talk about us and our future.” Daphne was nervous about how bold he could be and Lawrence sensed it and added, “I don’t mean to scare you but I said I would be honest. I feel that there is something special between us.” Daphne looked away and said, “I can feel it too but it’s too soon and there are a few things you should know about me before this goes any further.” 

Lawrence gestured her to take a seat and listen intently while she explained, “When I was sixteen my father expected me to marry, he had chosen my husband but I could tell he was evil but the engagement went ahead anyway. I tried to please my father but when my fiancé wanted to consummate the relationship I froze, I felt sick when he touched me. Suddenly I snapped and the next thing I know he’s dead and covered in blood…” Lawrence interrupted the story and calmly said, “You turned into a vampire when this happened, am I right?”
“Yes but how did…”
“My mother had a similar fate and then years later she met and married my father. From what I researched and was told it is common on the female side, which in this case is good because it brought you here and now you are sitting with me.”
“You’re very sweet.” He held her hands in his and sweetly said, “You are worth it. Now it’s getting late so I think I will walk you back.” 

When they got to the door they both stood there looking at each other then Lawrence stepped forward and kissed her cheek and said, “Good night my darling Daphne.”
“Good night Lawrence.”

When Lawrence turned the corner out of the street he saw his brother staring back at him. It was like looking in a mirror. They both were tall and well-built as they both looked after themselves. They both had long blonde hair that sparkled in the sunlight but stood out at night and were clean shaven. James had a very dark side that if pushed could be lethal. Lawrence unlike his brother had a nice side. He was more of a charmer and made time for people and would help out if it was needed whereas James wouldn't help. The only way you could tell them apart was that James had a tattoo across his chest.

“Who is the new floozy?” Lawrence glared at his brother and firmly said, “She is no floozy but a lady with a kind heart.”
“Does she have a name my dear brother?”
“Daphne and don’t ever let me catch you talking about her in a demeaning manner again.” 

James folded his arms and looked coldly at Lawrence, “I wonder what she’s like with no clothes.” Lawrence flew into a rage and knocked him to the ground and knelt on his chest and as he pressed harder he firmly said, “Listen to me James and listen well, Daphne is not to be touched in anyway by you. I am dating her, do I make myself clear?”
“Perfectly my dear baby brother but heed my warning you and this Daphne won’t last I can promise you that.”

Over the next six months Lawrence courted Daphne. She grew to trust and love him but all the while Elvira grew jealous of the relationship between them. One night after he walked Daphne home Elvira cornered Lawrence offering herself to him on the understanding that her friend need never know but this only fueled the ever growing hatred Lawrence had for Elvira and he warned her that if she persisted then he would inform Daphne.

A week later over dinner Lawrence proposed to Daphne and she accepted. 

As they danced the night away blissfully happy at their future together Lawrence pulled Daphne close and kissed her passionately not wanting to pull away but when Daphne pulled away Lawrence begged her not to leave. 

“I’m not ready Lawrence.” He grabbed at her arm to stop her from opening the door and said, “We are engaged, why we can’t celebrate the right way?” Daphne looked into his eyes and said in almost a whisper, “People will talk if I stay the night as we aren’t married yet.” He pulled her back into his arms and softly said, “You are very sweet but do you really want to wait till our wedding night?”
Daphne wouldn’t look at him until Lawrence lifted her chin so they had eye contact, “I’m very nervous.”

“I am too but this is for us the next step and I want to experience it all with you, if you will let me.”
“Then I’ll stay.” 

The night was more than they expected and when Daphne woke she had a smile that beamed. When Lawrence saw the smile he asked, “I take it you slept well?”
“I did and I would like to return the favour.” 

Lawrence smiled and cheekily asked, “How will you do that as I have everything I want right here?” 

She pinned him to the bed and in a whisper said, “Like this,” as she sunk her fangs into his neck gently. He gasped as she drank his blood and he asked, “My darling, what are you doing?” 

Daphne didn’t reply and then she heard, “Daphne I can hear your thoughts, I can see your dreams of us…” She looked at him with a smile, “It’s called bonding my love, you will never be alone again as I will always be with you.” 

Lawrence sat up and grabbed her by the neck and has he brought her lips to his he bit them, he tasted her blood and said as he licked his lips, “Always together.”

Lawrence was packing his bag when Daphne sat on the bed and asked, “Do you have to go?” He stopped and stroked her cheek and loving said, “My darling, I wish I didn’t but I have too but in two days I will be back and then I’m all yours.” Daphne bit her lips as she smiled, “I will miss you.” 

They then heard, “It’s two days you will be apart.” Lawrence picked up his bag and softly kissed Daphne and when he saw Elvira he said, “Goodbye Miss Slayer.”
Elvira cheekily replied, “Goodbye Mr Knight.” 

Once Daphne had gone back to the bedroom he went up close to Elvira and firmly said, “I don’t know what you are up to but it stops right now. I don’t trust you and in all honesty if it were up to me you wouldn’t be friends with my Daphne.”
“Tough luck.” 

When he opened the door Daphne ran out of the bedroom almost knocking over Elvira and wrapped herself around his waist planting kiss after kiss on his face and when he finally got to ask what that was for Daphne added, “It was just a reminder that the only woman you’ll ever need is me.” He pulled her close and kissed her deeply and said, “And what a reminder, we will pick up from there when I get back.”
“I hope so.”
A few hours later Elvira said her goodbyes and left. 

The following morning Daphne heard the front door she looked around the corner and saw Lawrence but it was his twin James. Daphne had never met him and Lawrence had never explained he was an identical twin. She ran into his arms saying, “You are back a day early,” but the response she got from him was not what she had hoped as he screamed at her, “You were with another man last night weren’t you?” Daphne couldn’t understand the complete change and panicked, “No I’m with you my love and I don’t want another.” 

James hit her hard across the face with the back of his hand, “You are lying to me.” She tried to step away but he grabbed her and shook her like a rag doll calling her a whore. 

James then pushed her on the floor and stamped on her with his boot over and over until she begged him to stop. Then he yelled, “I need air, I will deal with you later.”

The next few hours were a blur as she cried into Elvira lap while she stoked Daphne’s hair. “Daph, you need to leave him.”
“I love him El and he’s never shown signs of violence before. I was a good woman to him, I cooked, made sure I looked nice for him and gave myself to him without question and he turns on me. I don’t understand.” Suddenly they heard the door and a voice call out, “Darling I’m home.” Daphne sat up looking at Elvira and said, “What do I do?”
“Stand up to him and then leave and return to your house and forget about Lawrence.” Daphne looked nervous, “But I can’t…”
“You can because I’m here so go on.” 

When she entered the living room and he saw the bruises the look of horror was unmistakeable, “Daphne my darling who did this to you?” Something in Daphne snapped and she screamed, “You did this to me you evil man. I did everything a woman should for her man and this is how you repay me.” 

Elvira stepped into the room and Lawrence knew immediately what was going on, “Daphne I didn’t do this I swear…”
“Really because the man that attacked me looked a lot like you…”
“Remember I said I have a brother James well he is my twin.” Daphne threw a candle at his head and screamed, “Making things up now are we?”
“It’s true, I’d never hurt you, I swear…”
“I don’t believe you Lawrence and to think I gave you my heart and my soul. Well I’m taking it back,” as she threw her engagement ring at him.

“Daphne please no, I swear we can work this out…” Daphne refused to allow him near her as he tried to approach her, then she dealt the final blow, “Lawrence Knight I release you from our bond, may you suffer for eternity for what you have done to your true love.” He fell to his knees as he felt the bond break and cried out, “I will never stop loving you and one day I will find a way to prove to you it wasn’t me but my twin brother that hurt you.” 

He watched as his only love left the house and a tear ran down his face. When he saw Elvira he said firmly, “I know you had a hand in this and tell my brother he will pay for what he has done. You will also pay because you betrayed a good friend.”


  1. I would like to take Elvira and stomp on her!!!

    1. Ivorybutterfly,

      I totally agree Elvira caused too much pain.

      Thanks for reading :)

  2. ~ Elvira's death was not painful enough,for the pain she has caused in her life time!
    ~ Thankfully she can hurt no more,I hope her grave keeps her this time!
    ~ Not sure whether Daphne dodged a bullet there,Lawrence,being the brother of James is also trouble?
    ~ And who exactly,out of the two, is the evil one now?
    ~ How times have changed! (",)

    1. Karima,

      Elvira should have had a more painful death but at least she is gone and yes Teddy will make sure she stays in that grave. Daphne will be very torn when she learn the truth, dodging a bullet not sure on that one. I wonder sometimes who is the real evil one. Yes times have changed a lot.

      Thanks for reading :)

  3. Now I'm really, really curious about Elvira. What the hell happened to her to make her so evil? I don't understand how she can cause so much pain, and for what? Jealousy?

    Lawrence's brother...major creep factor there! He and Elvira deserve each other!

    1. Val,

      Curiosity killed the cat you know :) When Elvira found out Lawrence was really rich, greed took hold and she wanted him instead but would that be enough to turn her so evil ummm not sure there. James and Elvira definatley deserve each other, you are right there.

      Thanks for reading :)

  4. The one I feel sorriest for is Daphne. She out of all of them has no clue of what was going on. Lawrence should have explained that his brother was his identical twin knowing how awful James was he should have expected trouble when he left town. If Lawrence was going to prove himself to Daphne why did he turn evil? Doesn't seem like the right way to go about it! I hope Elvira is gone for good now because the more I find out about her makes me hate her more and more. Now there's James her evil counterpart from the looks of it. Should be interesting to see how this all fits together.

    1. Dandylion240,

      Daphne has no idea what she has really done. You are right Lawrence should have told Daphne he was a twin but he thought in his mind he was protecting her, Lawrence was so bitter and angry that he lost his love. I think he grew to not care anymore but you are right not the best way to prove you are still an ok person. Elvira isn't the nicest person and I do agree with you here. James yes the flip side to Elvira. It could get interesting :)

      Thanks for reading :)

  5. How could she be so stupid as not to believe him