Tuesday, 30 September 2014

6.22 Getting your life back

Elvira swung for Draco but missed; he looked at her firmly then threw her to the ground. “Do you give up?”
“Never.” Draco was angry and screamed at her, “Fuck off.”
She laughed at him as she punched him, “You may look like your Dad but that would be going for second best and I only have the best.” 

Draco would never touch Elvira but being told he was not good enough, he’d had heard enough and threw himself at Elvira. Just like when he was a teenager he kept punching her over and over not giving up. The memory of Elvira hurting Torri gave him enough determination to finish this.
Elvira pushed him off her and snarled at him, “You are a waste of space just like your mother.” Draco saw red when she mentioned his Mum and yelled, “No-one disrespects my Mum, bitch.” 

He kicked her and Elvira hit the wall sliding down hitting the floor with a thud but before she could react he lifted her up so she hung in mid-air and quietly said, “I want my life back, my body back and you can leave me alone because you are not wanted.” Suddenly she fell from his hands onto the floor but she couldn’t move and said, “What is happening?”

Draco knelt beside her and said, “It looks like you lost and I won.” Elvira started to fade away and in a confused state replied, “You’ve been replacing my blood all this time.”
Draco smiled, “No my parents have, you lied they do love their son no matter what.”
“I will find a way Draco mark my words I will find a way.”
“And if you do I will be ready for you.” Then Elvira started to fade out of sight.”

Teddy was getting a coffee when she felt Draco’s thoughts and heard, ‘Mummy where are you?” She ran down the hallway, pushing the door open to see Draco’s eyes open.
“Son, is that you?” Draco tried to move but couldn’t, “Mum, I can’t move?”
The doctor walked in and Teddy said, “Draco says he can’t move, why?”

“Draco, your body has been through hell and back…”
“You’re telling me.”
“Draco, it could take a few minutes for your body to adjust to your blood so please stay calm and relax and try and concentrate.”
Blair practically knocked the door of its hinges as he ran in, “Draco!”

“Dad, it’s me. She faded…” Teddy interrupted him, “Faded?” Draco nodded and Blair asked, “Gorgeous, what do you mean?”
“Draco when you can get out of that bed, you need to smash her gravestone to make sure she has gone for good but only you.” Draco looked at his Mum and said, “The last thing she said was that she would find away.”
“If she does we will be ready but right now you need to rest.” Draco looked around the room and felt sick as he knew the answer but was hoping he was wrong, “Where is Torri?”
They looked at each other, then Blair replied, “Son, she came to see you but was too upset so Gran took her home.”
Draco looked at his Dad with a sad expression as all he could see was the worst, “Elvira was right, Torri hates me. She thinks I’m a monster. Can you all leave; I need to be on my own.” Teddy tried to protest but Blair took her outside and said, “He isn’t shutting us out gorgeous, he needs time. He’s in love with her and knowing my son, he is properly working out how to win her heart.”

Draco was able to move. He pulled himself up and wrapped himself into a ball and started to sob. The tears kept coming as he thought of all the hurt he’d caused. Torri had been the most important person in his life and he’d caused her the most hurt. 

He disconnected the machine from him and got dressed; he opened the door and almost collapsed. Blair caught him and sat him on the chair and said firmly, “Where the hell are you going?”
“Where do you think?”

“I see and how do you propose getting there?” Draco looked at his Dad and replied, “Let me ask you, if this was you and Mum was being stubborn, would that stop you?”
Blair sighed, “No but right now you need to regain your strength then you go after her and hope and pray she will have mercy and take you back but a word of advice, beg and grovel.”
Draco smiled, “You were right along that life style sucked and worst part is I had what I really wanted right in front of me and have properly lost the best thing ever.”

Blair helped Draco back into bed and Draco asked, “Dad, can you do something for me?” Blair listened as Draco continued, “If Torri needs anything please help her.”
Blair looked curiously at his son, “Example!”
“I know Sis and I have a trust fund, if Torri needs a bill to be paid or food, please take care of it and when I’m well I will make it up to her I promise.”
“You are aware Torri works for a living?”
“I know but please…”
“Ok Draco but only if I know she is struggling.” Draco smiled, “Thanks Dad.”


  1. Fingers crossed that this is the last we'll see of Elvira! Woman be gone!
    So glad that Draco won! Hopefully it's not too late for him and Torri. I think it may take a while for Torri to get over the things he did in the past but knowing it wasn't him should help.
    It was touching how he tried to get up and go to Torri before he was strong enough to walk yet and how Draco made his Dad promise to help Torri. He's a lot like Blair - rough edges and all but he knows what's important.

    1. Dandylion240,

      Let's hope this is the last we see of Elvira lol
      I hope that Torri and Draco can get back on track but we will see
      Draco is very like his Dad and he loves Torri and asking his Dad to help while he's still recovering is the first step.

      Thanks for reading :)

  2. ~ Yes I think it is time,that Draco had a new start, a make-over would be a start,so Torri does not look at the guy who caused her pain, A new start with a new look!
    ~ I hope that Elvira is gone for good!
    ~ I hope he wins her love back,it will only work if she feels the same way!
    ~ Fingers crossed she does! (",)

    1. Karima,

      Draco needs a fresh start and a new look so lets hope he gets that chance now he has his body back.
      I think this is the end for Elvira but we will see.
      Torri I think needs time but we will see on that one.

      Thanks for reading :)

  3. I hope smashing the headstone is enough. I worry that Elvira has enough something, dunno, DNA, blood, essence, of Draco that she will remain a slight consciousness somewhere and work her strength back up.

    1. Zhippidy,

      Smashing the headstone should be what is needed but who knows...DNA, essence...don't say that as Elvira might hear you lol.
      We don't want her back EVER!!

      Thanks for reading :)

  4. Oh SO SO SO happy Draco won, but knowing Elvira she'll do her best to try to get back at him, she has a mean streak that would make the Devil cringe I'm sure :P
    I hope that Draco can at least talk to Torri, maybe she let them start over again... maybe.
    So glad to that Draco's Dad and Mum finally realized they needed to help him rather than push him away, I dread to think what would have happened had they not come around and helped him out... *shudders*

    1. IvoryButterfly,

      Elvira make the Devil cringe lol properly. Draco will try and win Torri back but we will see. His parents knew they had to help Draco or risk losing him but I don't want to think of what would happen if Draco had lost....runs away lol

      Thanks for reading :)

  5. Glad to see Draco is alive and well. His family must be so relieved to have him back. Hopefully Elvira is gone for good!

    1. Val,

      Draco is happy to be back and so are the family and lets hope the bitch is gone for good

      Thanks for reading :)

  6. Hahahahaha! I love how Draco tried to get out of bed. It's sweet too.

    1. Mypal,

      Draco wants Torri so sweet

      Thanks for reading :)