Tuesday, 23 September 2014

6.21 You have me

William was deep in thought when Victoria walked in. “William, are you ok?” 

He didn’t look up but said, “Draco is still out cold, we believe he is fighting Elvira but he didn’t come to me. I thought we were close…” 

Victoria sat beside him and replied, “When he gets through this talk to him.”
Will didn’t move or say anything. Victoria continued, “I’m trying to help here, I see you need someone to talk to yet you aren’t responding to me.” 

Victoria started to move towards the door when Will yelled at her, “I’m lost Victoria…” She turned and looked at him, “What do you mean?”
“My best friend and cousin is fighting for his life so everyone is focused there but everyone has someone but I don’t.”
Victoria was shaken by the comment and replied, “You have me, the twins and Art…” but he interrupted her, “Do you know how lonely it is when you sleep alone? It’s very lonely and all I think of is you and…never mind it doesn’t matter, I’m sorry I’m just worried.”
“You mean us sharing a bed?” Will was trying to think of how he could explain, “I didn’t mean it the way it sounded, and I just miss holding someone, waking up with someone, especially at times like these.”
“So you really think of us like that?”

Will became all nervous, “When you wore that bathing suit while swimming, I watched you get out and all I could think was how I could remove it.”
Victoria started to fidget as she smiled, “Oh I see. If I’m honest then I would tell you that I think of similar things too.” 

Will, got close to Victoria, holding her so her hands were on his chest and asked, “What things do you think about?”
“Lots of things, like us spending our first night together. How will we be, will I like it?”
“Are you ready?” 

Victoria tried to look away but Will lifted her chin so they had eye contact, “What are you thinking Victoria?”
“I’m not sure…” 

Will kissed her lips softly as he held her closer. She felt the tenderness of his kiss which sent shivers down her spine. She was torn, part of her hoped he would take her to his bed and make love to her but the half of her was nervous and was still undecided.
“Victoria, I can read your mind and I know you are still unsure so I will wait until you are ready.” She glanced into his eyes, “Thank you for being patient.” He kissed her forehead and said he had work to do.

Will was in his office trying to work but he couldn’t think straight. Suddenly Paris walked in, “Hi Will.”
He looked shocked but happy to see her, “Paris, I’m sorry I haven’t come to see you, especially after you had the baby.” 

He came around the desk to see the little one.
“Do you want to hold her?” Will happily took her from Paris and said, “How have you been?”
“Will, I couldn’t be happier but I came here because I heard you are seeing someone.” Will looked nervous but Paris assured him, “I’m happy you have someone, it’s the nanny, right?”
“It wasn’t planned but Draco knows me too well.” 

As Paris feed the baby she replied, “Philippe told me about Draco, I am sorry. She seems sweet; I would like to meet her…”
“Didn’t she answer the door?”

“Yes but she thought I was a work colleague and I didn’t want to upset her by saying I was Heather’s best friend. Anyway I know it may not be the best time to ask but I’m finally getting married and I’d love it if you, the twins and Art came. I want you to bring Victoria too.” He hugged her and said, “Congratulations Paris, you deserve it.”
“It’s this weekend, I will understand if you can’t come because of Draco…”

“I will be there Paris and if need anything please come and see me.” Paris took a deep breath and asked, “I want the wedding at the resort…” Will interrupted her, “Done plus I’ll make sure a room is available for the night.”
“Will, thank you,”

Philippe kissed Paris as he walked into the living room and asked, “Did you see Will?” 

Paris looked at the floor for a moment, “He is happy being with this girl Victoria but she doesn’t know who I really am yet. However Will is taking Draco being in hospital really hard. I feel guilty asking him to attend the wedding on Saturday.” Philippe held her tightly, “We are doing nothing wrong my darling and Will is happy for us you know that.”
“I know you are right…the baby is crying, do you want to go?”

“Relax everything will be fine and she just wants Daddy,” smiling as he walked off to take care of his baby.

Philippe and Paris daughter Cherise


  1. Will and Victoria...still not sure about their relationship. I feel like Will's trying too hard to move on and he's settling. And Victoria comes across as too unsure of herself. Hopefully they figure each other out and they make it work.
    Cherise is cute!

    1. Val,

      Still not sure awww :( Will had been mourning for Heather for just over 5 years until Draco in his way introduced him to Victoria. He really likes her but because she is unsure that could be why you are doubting the relationship. Victoria is having doubts because she is a virgin and in some ways feels that she will be compared to his late wife Heather but William wouldn't do that and Victoria will see that soon.
      Cherise is very cute :)

      Thanks for reading :)

  2. Will is so broken up about Draco and it's too bad that he doesn't have anyone to help him. Although he has Victoria in his life it's not the same until she can overcome her uncertainty It's a good thing that Will is patient otherwise he might have moved on by now. I'm hoping things work between them.
    Cherise is adorable. So happy that Paris is getting married!

    1. Dandylion240,

      Will is very upset about Draco and feels like he is on his own but in reality he does have Victoria. She has never been with a man and is scared of disappointing William but he knows that she won't. Hopefully she will see that soon. Fingers crossed for them.

      I'm glad you like Cherise :)

      Thanks for reading :)

  3. It is nice to see Paris happy. At least someone is. ;)
    Is Will pursuing this because he's lonely? He has so much happening, he should just lay back a bit and not rush anything any party is unsure of.

    1. Zhippidy,

      Paris is on cloud nine lol. Will is upset over Draco not because he is lonely. At a time like this he feels alone I think because he goes to bed alone and can't cuddle up with someone. Hopefully he and Victoria will figure things out.

      Thanks for reading :)

  4. Cute kid! I just love it only in sims can you say I'm getting married oh and by the way it's this weekend and can we use the business as a site?

    1. Mypal,

      She is cute :) Yes the sims are abrupt at times lol

      Thanks for reading :)