Tuesday, 16 September 2014

6.20 Face to face

The door opened and Harmony walked in, “Dad, they need you again. Can I talk to Draco?”

“Yes sweetheart you can.” 

When he left Harmony looked at her brother just lying there and said, “Remember Draco, you have to finish this, only you and you alone can do this, trust me and remember you have Mum’s blood too.”

It was pitch black when Draco opened his eyes; he stumbled to his feet and looked around but saw nothing.

Suddenly out of the darkness came these red beaming eyes. Elvira finally showed herself to Draco but still unaware that his family now knew the truth.

“How does it feel now you cut your wrists?” 

Draco walked past her keeping his eyes on hers, “I’m just coming around, you know Mum saw me lying in a pool of blood and called for help?”

“Delicious, isn’t it. Teddy frankly trying to help her suicidal son and now you are in-between worlds but I will be the one who prevails and then I will kill your parents for your father’s betrayal.” Draco realised that in this state, Elvira couldn’t hear what people were saying to him. She either was too confident or as he slept she couldn’t access his thoughts. 

Draco pointed his finger to her and coldly said, “Leave my family alone. You made me hurt my Mum’s feelings but no more. And why Carlton?”
“Oh you mean pretty boy, come closer and I’ll tell…”

Torri walked the streets and all she could think about was Draco. She found herself at the beach where they spent the day together. She remembered how on this occasion he was sweet and loving and even wanted to take a picture of their day together, suddenly she remembered seeing his eyes sparkle like when he was a teenager. Now she was confused and wanted answers. Torri picked herself up off the floor and said out loud, “Draco, I’m coming to see you right now and you better have a damn good explanation for me.”

She stormed into the room where she found Draco lying there helpless and suddenly nothing else mattered. 

She collapsed by his bedside and whispered, “Draco, how the hell is she controlling you? Remember that day at the beach; well you had that sparkle in your eyes please get that back.”

Blair and Teddy had been notified that Torri had barged into his room but Estevan held him back, “Leave Torri alone.”

Blair broke free of Estevan and said harshly, “He’s fighting for his life and she is yelling at him.”

“Torri isn’t yelling at him, I think that was her intention but seeing him like this changed her mind so leave them alone and let Torri get things off her chest because we know they love each other.”

Torri went outside for fresh air when Harmony came outside, “We all heard you. Are you ok?”
Torri just stared at her, “I wanted to yell but I couldn’t do it…”
“The way you stormed in told me that but in the end you got upset. I’m worried about him too but I still think he’s an ass…” 

Torri was stunned and asked, “But don’t you…”
“Believe that Elvira is inside him? Yes I do but I still he’s an idiot. I know he loves his family, he saved us once but I think because he didn’t kill Elvira outright, this is why she is fighting to come back. Draco wanted Dad to be proud of him so he changed the plan so Dad could kill her instead of Draco. But I’m only the daughter so what do I know.”
“Are you saying Draco did this to himself?”
“He was a teenager but in reality was still a child. He took a potion, I mean we all did because we all wanted to help bring her down but Draco set her free and he was the one who had to put her back.”

“What age is he now?” Harmony rolled her eyes, “By now he would be an adult anyway but Draco was always in such a hurry to do things. Look I do love my brother a lot but I have seen moments when he is kind and generous, I mean he found a girlfriend for William, our cousin. How he feels about you, I’m really not sure but my honest advice is talk to him but do yourself a favour first, punch his lights out because he does deserve it.”
Harmony ran from the room and saw Estevan looking worried at her, “Uncle Este, please get the doctor the monitor is going crazy.”
“How do you mean?”
“I’m not sure…” Estevan ran to get the doctor.

Draco had Elvira pinned to the wall, “So let’s get this cleared up, you were horny and used my body to sleep with pretty boy and that was why I wanted sex all the time because half of it was you?”
“How did you like sleeping with a guy? Do you know I tried to convince your Dad to try that so we could share but he never would go for it but you thought all this time you were bi-sexual. Really Draco you are just like Blair you only like females.” 

Draco grabbed her and threw her to the floor, “You fucking bitch, I’m not someone you can use.” Elvira was laughing the whole time through Draco’s outrage.

“You are getting weaker and soon you will be dead.” Draco got off her and firmly said, “Not without a fight, bitch.”
As he was gathering his thoughts he heard a familiar voice, “Draco can you hear me?” He kept staring at Elvira as he tried to make contact through his thoughts, ‘Is that you Torri?’

Torri looked at his parents and said, “I heard him.”
‘Draco, why did you treat me so cruelly?’ He felt sick when he heard Torri ask that question but knew he couldn’t undo what had happened and responded by saying, ‘I’m sorry but it was Elvira.’
She told Blair and Teddy what he had said. Blair asked, “Torri, ask how he is doing?”
When Draco knew Elvira had no knowledge of his conversations he told Torri that he was doing ok but he was scared. Now he knew his family believed in him again it gave him hope.

“Bitch, you want me dead then come and finish the job or are you gutless?” Elvira launched herself at him and yelled, “I’m not gutless, you pathetic excuse for a man.” Draco laughed as he got free and said, “You are so stupid, you can’t even see what’s happening. I’m starting to get control of my body back.” 

The look of horror on her face was a picture, “No it can’t be…”
“Tell me what I’m thinking?”
Elvira stood there silent as she listened to Draco carry on, “I’m thinking that I love Torri, yes that’s right I love her, see I can say it and you couldn’t stop me,” Draco then screamed out loud and through his thoughts, “Mum I’m sorry, really I am.”
Teddy gasped in happiness as she said, “Blair, I heard our baby boy. He is fighting and he’s not giving up.”
“That’s our real boy.”
Elvira was furious, “No it can’t be. How dare you say sorry and those 3 words, they are revolting especially to that girl…” 

Draco punched her so she landed hard on the floor, “That girl as you call her has a name and deserves respect and if it takes me an eternity to win her heart back I will because at the end of the day you hurt her not me, I was just to blind to see it was you controlling me until it was too late.”
“She will never trust you and at least I can honestly say I helped.”


  1. Come on Draco you can do it! Beat Elvira and kill her for good this time so she can't come back.
    I think Torrie speaking to him gave him the extra strength he needed to fight. So glad she came to her senses and went to see him, even if she met to yell at him. I hope when this is all over she gives him a chance to show that he's better than what Elvira let him be.

    1. Dandylion240

      Yes everyone is routing for Draco. I'm glad Torri turned up because it did give him hope. Draco will need to work hard to get Torri back but we will see.

      Thanks for reading :)

  2. wow.... crazy! The pictures are awesome :)
    Draco will win I am sure ^_^

    1. Zhippidy,

      Glad you liked the pictures they were fun to do lol and yes very crazy lol

      Thanks for reading :)

  3. I hope that was a K.O. in the last picture. Elvira must die!

    1. Val,

      YES Elvira the bitch must die :)

      Thanks for reading :)

  4. Nice chapter, but I don't understand why they got upset that Tori went in and talked to Draco. Isn't that what they wanted her to do? I mean, I get that they were upset that she was yelling but she was in there and maybe he needed somebody to yell at him.but that's just me.