Tuesday, 31 January 2012

2.1 Blame

Advisory: Contains some strong language

Sorry guys but this is another long chapter to start season 2. Still I hope you all enjoy :) and thank you  Karima Henderson and Valpre for the help on the latest poses that finally worked.

Blair lay on the ground listening to the sound of the wind get quieter. He could hear the footsteps grow very faint, he tried to look at who it was but they were too far away. His eyes grew heavier and started to close. As he thought his existence was finally at an end, he heard a voice "Hay are you ok. We need to get you to the hospital and fast too as you have lost a lot a blood."

Elvira was getting really annoyed she had opened the club two nights in a row and was not impressed by Blair's lack of attendance. she tried ring his phone but it kept going to voice mail. "Can't believe this, that lazy bastard." as she talked to herself. Then a customer said, "Are talking about your partner, Blair?"

She looked him up and down and replied, "And!" Sounding nervous but replied "He's in hospital. I saw him being taken to the hospital." She didn't wait around to hear anything else, she jumped in her car and head to the hospital. Elvira's mind was racing thinking anything from it's just scratch to oh my god he's dead. The thought of him dead, filled her with happiness and she needed proof and she was going to get it. Then she would be "The Boss" right hand man and finally everything she dreamed of. She couldn't have pulled up to the hospital quick enough and ran inside almost knocking several people over in the process.

She got to reception desk and said "Hi, I'm Dr Slayer. I heard a friend of mine was brought in this evening, can you tell me how he is doing? Name is Blair Merrick."
"Sorry Dr but there was no-one admitted by that name." replied the receptionist.
"I understand he was hurt very badly perhaps, maybe even DOA."
"Sorry, yes there was someone but he had no ID on him. He had cuts to the face and lost a lot of blood and it was touch and go for while but he is stable, I think being a vampire helped in this case. However he checked himself out against doctors advise. Even though he was told to stay here for a few days."

Elvira left the hospital and made her way to Blair's home. She knocked and heard Blair say, "Come in." as she walked in he replied, "Oh it's you what do you want."

"Well you are very wounded I could kill you and you wouldn't be able to fight me. Checking yourself out was a stupid move, Blair."
"Yeah well, I hate hospitals. You are doctor, just get me pain killers. I'll be fine."
"Why should I?"
"If you tried to kill me Elvira, we would not be having this conversation, as you would have killed me already."
"Did you see who it was?" she asked with concern.
"No, and they might try it again so I checked myself out and came home. Why do you care anyway?"
"I don't but being here isn't safe. The hospital would have been better. Besides have you told Heather about this?"
"No. Can you tell her for me?" asking Elvira.

"I don't like her, Blair. You act very strange around her. You never was like that with me." Trying not to shout as he was getting more short of breath.
"If you were nicer to me and treated me with some respect, maybe we would still be together." Blair then passed out. Elvira did one kind thing for someone else she phone Heather to her what had happened.

When she told Heather as expected the news didn't go down well. Before Elvira could say anything more the phone went dead. She knew this could only mean one thing, Heather had an idea who was behind this and she was going to get the truth.

Heather got to Estevan's home walked in and heard voices coming from the living room, as she stormed in room looking straight at William,"You bastard. How could you?"
"Darling what have I done? as he looked confused at Heather.
"Don't you darling me! Blair was taken to hospital as he was found in a pool of blood last night and you are telling me you know nothing about this?" By the way she looked at him, he knew she was very serious.
"Heather I swear to you I know nothing about this." as he proclaimed his innocence.
"You promised, you would give me time and gave your word you wouldn't hurt Blair." the anger had already turned to upset and she just didn't know what to do anymore. She cared deeply for both of them but fighting and trying to kill each other was never what she wanted. 

William glared at his father and brother and then went to Heather. "I am telling you the truth, Heather please look at me. I swear on our marriage that I did not have anything to do with this." She looked at him for a moment then said "Why swear on our marriage?"
"Because that is all I have left to hold on to, us. Why would I risk it all by killing a person. I admit I hate him because you like him but because I love you, I would never knowingly upset you by trying to kill him."  She looked up at Estevan and Blake but before she could say anything, William spoke, "Well Dad was it you because I told you I would leave if you hurt him."
"Will, I didn't kill him when I had the chance and I give my word it wasn't me."
"Don't lie Dad, we both know you have killed before so it is very possible you did this."
"I admit I have killed before but this time I backed off when you asked and I hoped you would clean up your own mess." staring at William.
"Clean up his own mess. Who do you think you are. Killing is not an answer to getting your own way." Heather snapped at Estevan.
"Look Heather, you storm in this house protecting this man and yet you seem not to care about William. You leave him and he falls apart." Estevan spat back.
"I never left William. I left you and your overbearing controlling nature. There was never two in my marriage there were three people. also do you remember you kicked me out." 

William by now was between them but what happened next shocked everyone. "STOP IT BOTH OF YOU." William shouted then he said calmly, "I love you both very much but Dad, Heather is right you are a controlling person and I love her and it about time you realised I am a grown man with a wife and you need to BACK OFF. I will continue helping you run the business but you need to butt out of my private life."

"I have to go now." as Heather walk towards the door.
"Heather wait!" William called after her, she glanced over him but then closed the door behind her.
When Heather arrived at her house she saw Blair going into his house. Letting herself in she called out, "Blair."

"Up here." Heather walked into the bedroom and found Blair lying on the bed. "How are you feeling?"
"Better now you are here." as he smiled at her.
"Can I get you anything?"
"Have you decided what you are going to do?" she just shook her head. "Do you love me?" asking her.
"I care for you very much and..." Blair interrupted her, "Heather answer the question."
"I can't, I won't. I need to know who tried to attack you first before I give my answer." getting very frustrated.
"If it was your husband would it really make a difference on how you felt?" keeping his eyes fixed with hers but she looked away "It wouldn't change my feelings but I couldn't live with what he did." He took hold of her and pulled her onto his bed and held her, "This is what I want." She pulled away quickly and replied, "What are you doing?"
"Showing you how much I care. Isn't this what you want?"
"Not like this. I want romance, tenderness and love. I don't want someone to just yank me onto the bed being demanding." Heather then ran out of his house leaving him alone.

Blair just lay on the bed thinking what had he done wrong. Heather opened her door to find William waiting for her. "How is he?"
"Blair is fine. How did you...Forget it I don't care anymore." as she just fell on the sofa next to him. "Thank you for standing up for me with your Dad." He put his finger on her lips and said, "I'm sorry for what happened to Blair but I won't let it come between us."

He asked her to come with him and promised to bring her straight home. She went with him and they were back at his house but instead of going to the house, they walked up then crossed the road. Heather looked at William, "I meant what I said Heather I want another chance and if you give me that chance this house will  be our home and no Dad. It will be just you and me. She was so overwhelmed by his gesture but because she wanted to know who attacked Blair, she said "When I know what happened to Blair I will give my answer." Feeling deflated but understanding he drove her home.   


  1. I'm glad that Blair is going to be okay! Boy, Heather's choice just got even more difficult!

    Finally, William gave his father boundaries, but it still may be too late to salvage his relationship with Heather.

    Great beginning to the new season! Thanks for not making us wait too long!

    1. Blair is back to fight another day lol. Heather is still torn but at least she saw William stand up to his father :)

  2. ~ Blair is OK!
    ~ I wonder who it was,Elvira knew nothing about it,so it has to be either the father or brother in law!Or it could be someone else,we don't know the whole story YET!
    ~ Loved it more when you can!(",)
    -PS-So happy you got the poses to work!Val is much better at that than me,like 100% better!

    1. Thanks Karima, yeah Blair is ok. I thought it was strange Elvira didn't know a thing lol.

      I'm wonder who it could be???

  3. I'm so happy Blair is okay. And Good for William for standing up to his dad. It's about time. I really like Will, I think he loves Heather and realizes his mistakes. Blair on the other hand is all passion and mystery. Tough choices Heather has to make.

    Great opening for the new season.

    1. Blair I didn't want to see go and Will does love Heather and standing up to his Dad was a good move. Still hate the choice Heather has to make.

      Thanks for reading :)

  4. Whew, I'm so glad that Blair is okay! I really thought he was dead, the way he was lying on the ground with the pool of blood around his head. It looks like Heather and William still love each other, despite how she feels about Blair. I think they should give it another try. That way she'll know for sure who she really loves.

    1. I glad Blair is still here :) Heather does love Will but I think the Dad is her concern and that is why she is holding back.

      Thanks for stopping by :)

  5. hmmm Blake was awful quiet on this one and he did attack him not long ago, makes one wonder.

    I'm as curious as Heather to find out what happened! edenz~

  6. That's good that Blair is okay. I am proud of William for standing up to his father about Heather... I have a weird feeling about Blake and I think maybe he had something to do with Blair's attack.

    1. LateknightSimmer,

      William wants his wife back and yes Blair lives to see another day lol Blake maybe lol

      Thanks for reading :)