Thursday, 19 January 2012

1.9 Confession of the Heart

Advisory: Contains some strong language

Heather didn't want to go home after being at the club so she wandered the streets and ended up at a park. She looked into the sky and then burst into tears. Elvira knew everything and this tore Heather apart she wanted and needed time away from her past to think things through. Heather was so confused she loved her husband William but was starting to have feeling for Blair. She hated having to get married in secret and that Blake took their one and only wedding photo.

All because William's father could not or want to accept her. She didn't care that they were Vampire's she accepted them for who they were so why did Estevan hate her so much. She even said she would change to just get accepted but William loved her the way she was and so did his brother. She often tried to be nice to Estevan but he would refuse to even be in the same room as her.

If he had just accepted her she would be home with William wrapped in his arms, having their first child but after Estevan demanded she leave and never return the stress of the arguments and the pain of leaving her home caused her to have a miscarriage. Heather never had chance to tell William the news of the baby so he didn't know she'd lost their baby. After these events she swore the past would stay in the past and she would get a new life and yes through angry she thought becoming a vampire was the best option. After leaving the mobile would ring at least several times a day and the ID would always say "William". She blamed Estevan for this pain and the loss of her baby. Now because of Elvira all the memories and pain she suffered had returned.

She lay there on the grass crying until she could cry no more. She was about to fall asleep when she heard footsteps from behind but she didn't turn around just kept looking in the same direction. "Heather are you ok?" the voice said. She sat up and turned to face the voice, it was William sitting there next to her. She wanted to go into his arms but she was angry, upset and confused at him for letting his father treat her the way he did and for not standing up for her.

"How did you find me? You know I don't even care just leave me alone." snapping at him.
"I can't leave I love you." as he looked deep into her eyes.
Heather got to her feet and stared back at him, "If you loved me, you're Dad wouldn't control you, hate me and we'd still be together."

William looked ashamed and replied, "You are right I should of told my Dad to piss off but I didn't and because of that I lost you. Now you love another and..."

The pain in his face was heartbreaking. "You know about Blair?" He just looked at her "I have only seen him a few times but in answer to your question I don't know how I feel about him. It's just, it's not complicated with him. It's just him and me and when we are spending time together, no-one other than his jealous ex...That's how you found me through her, she works for your father. And Blair." waiting for an answer.

"Blair is my Dad right-hand man soon to be a dead one I hope." as he calmly replied.
"Don't you dare bring Blair into this. You think by killing Blair it will fix things, well it won't and if you don't want me to hate you tell your Dad to leave him alone, William do you hear me call him off Blair." by now she was screaming at the top of her voice.
He pulled out his phone and as he was dialling his Dad's number, this was happening across town.

He got through to him and said, "Dad listen I've found Heather but don't kill Blair or I will lose her." he listened to his Dad reply. "I mean it Dad don't do it or I will walk away and you will never see me again. " he listened again and hung up. Looking at Heather he said, "Blair is alive just bruised."

"You mean he beat him up?" still angry.

"Yes he did."

"Is that the answer to everything with your family. Beat them up, kill them if things don't go your way?"

William snapped back at her, "You can't talk, I mean look at you! You ran and your answer was to turn to a vampire. Is it all you dreamed of? I admit my family is not perfect but at least we are honest about who we are but you did this to please other people."

Heather was all fired up now, "I see turn the argument around. Blame me for wanting to be accepted by your family, wanting to spend my whole life with you and yes blame me for losing our baby." After those words were spoken she wished she could take them back but it was too late.

William fell to the floor and asked "Baby, what baby?" Heather sat beside him and told him everything, "Shortly after we married I fell pregnant. I was so excited couldn't wait to tell you and when I came home early to tell you, your Dad was waiting for me. He knew we had gotten married behind his back and he was furious, he started yelling at me blaming me and told me to pack my bags and leave. Your Dad scares me when you are not there so I left. I was also told 'not to speak to my son again or I will find you.' So that's why I never answered the phone and a few weeks later I went to the doctor's as I was bleeding and in pain and was told I had lost the baby."

William face by now was full of rage. He got up and said angrily "My Dad caused this. I'll kill him!" as he tried to storm off Heather grabbed his arm and said "William don't or you will be as bad as your Dad. I know how you feel, I wanted to do the same but you have to get passed this."

"Why should I? You don't love me anymore. I've lost everything." "I never said I didn't love you. I just need time to work out what I want. I deserve that at least please for me." begging for space. 

"I'll stay in town. Just phone when you have made your decision." then he kissed her so tender in the hope she would remember how much she meant to him and at what they had regardless of his father. Heather watched as he walked away touching her lips still taking in his soft tender touch and reminding herself how wonderful it felt.

Blair had taken a real beating but that he could handle but the feelings he was experiencing about Heather bothered him more. He was falling for her but she was married and to "The Boss's son." He once thought he was in love with Elvira but feeling this pain he knew what her ever felt for Elvira wasn't love. They had only shared one kiss and he was smitten with her. He knew Heather felt something because thanks to her she had stopped him being killed.

Thanks to Estevan's hatred of Heather, he had pushed this women into his life and he wanted more. He was prepared to stand up to Estevan and William if that is what it took to get Heather. The only question on his lips was did she feel the same way. He couldn't wait so he went and knocked at her door but there was no answer so he shouted through the door 

"Heather I know you are in there open this door. Don't ignore me!" Still reeling from her argument with William she opened the door and without saying a word went back to watching T.V.

"Stop watching that damn box and look at me, Heather. Do you have any idea what has just happened to me?" yelling at her.

"You've got no bruises I thought Estevan attacked you?" she asked quietly.

"Vampires heal very quickly, you should know that. Why didn't you tell me you were married?" demanding to know what was going on.

"Look I've had a rough night too. William found me and says he still loves me..." Blair interrupted her and asked the question he did not want to know the answer too, "Do you? Love him still?"

"I do love him and I won't lie to you but I have feelings for you too. I care for you a lot but I don't know if it is love and as I told William I need time and space." looking at him.

"I want you. I love you Heather and I want to be with you." caressing her hand softly and looking deep into eyes. As he left her home the ache in his heart that she might choose William filled him with dread  

Sorry that it is longer than usual but I thought all this needed to be in one chapter.


  1. Whoa! This was so intense. So many emotions flying around. I feel for Heather, it can't be easy loving two people at once.

    1. I feel for Heather too and who she will choose is getting harder and harder. I still have no idea who it will be :(

  2. I'm enjoying this story so far! I like the love triangle between Blair, Heather and William. It seems like she has a lot of unresolved issues with her husband, who still loves her. But for Blair, it must be hard for him to fall for his boss's daughter in law.

    And Elvira needs to back off! This woman does not take no for an answer, does she?

    1. tommiegirl,

      Thanks for reading and glad you are liking it. This love triangle has been a great twist but I have admit even I don't know who it will be. Heather Loves her husband but also likes Blair so it must be tearing her apart :( as for Elvira she is one cool calculating woman.

  3. It was longer, but I love long chapters!

    I feel sorry for Heather. She has a hard choice to make. Blair is willing to fight to be with her, but I'm still not too sure about William. He still is under his father's thumb.

    I don't understand why his father still hates her. Unless it's because he did not choose her for William himself!

    Great update, Lcky!

    1. I have no doubt William loves Heather but standing up to his Dad is what he needs to do if Heather is to come back.
      Blair will fight for her but is it out of love or because of something else I'm not sure.
      The father in-law I hope will come clean soon :)

  4. Wow...I have no idea who I want Heather to be with...

    Blair loves her and he's not judging her for her past or anything. But then William is her husband and he still loves her and I know what it's like to have a demanding parent breathing down your neck so I can't even hate him!!! Then again I like Blair more, he's so masculine!

  5. Oh boy. Trouble on the horizon.

    1. Zhippy,

      Heather does have a lot to think about :)

  6. William found her again. That's good, in a way. LOL. Poor Heather and William, that Estevan is a jerk-face, for sure. I agree, William should have stood up for her, but I guess it was bad timing since Estevan just kicked Heather out while William wasn't there.

    1. LateKnightSimmer,

      William found Heather but now she has to make a tough decision. William should have stood by his wife and Estevan should have stayed out of their marriage. Can he stay out of it this time if Heather and William sort things out?

      Thanks for reading :)

  7. Poor Heather. So many choices and either way, it feels like both men are violent. Geez! I'd be scared of Estevan, too! He seems wicked bad. :( I'm not sure which I like better, but she is married to William, so I feel first love wins it for me. I am going to bed now. I'll read more later! ;)

    1. Lovesstorms,

      Heather has so many choices to make. William isnt violent not like Blair is. Estevan is scary but as you read you will see where it all comes from. Heather does love William so it will be a hard choice.

      Thanks for reading :)