Thursday, 12 January 2012

1.8 Opening Night Part Two

Advisory: Contains some strong language

Everything was set, the drinks were ready at the bar and Blair and Elvira looked at each other with fear as "The Boss" was going to make an appearance. This was the second club to open but this club was less fussy about their clientele, you were able to dress casual or formal, it didn't really matter as long as it was packed and the money came through the door.

The door opened at 9.00pm and the queue of people started coming through one by one helping themselves to the free drinks. Most turned up in formal and when Hannah saw that most of them were dressed up she left the club to change into evening wear. As people were dancing, Blair and Elvira took a break sat on the sofa. "Has he arrived yet? Elvira shouted over the music. "No not yet but it's still early yet." he yelled back.

Blair then saw Heather and walked over to her, "Hi gorgeous." as he smiled. Heather started to smile back but Elvira caught her eye and she turned even more pale than usual, turning away from both Blair and Elvira. He glared at Elvira knowing she was pushing Heather away from him. Unfortunately he couldn't fight with her in front of all these people.  

They went their separate ways by talking to more customers and making sure they were having a good time. Each of them danced with a variety of people and then both decided to get on the dance floor. One thing was for sure they both loved to show off their dancing moves.

The bar was kept busy with the request of food and drinks and at times the queue would get out of control and both Elvira and Blair had to help out. Hannah came back to the club all dressed up and made quite a stir on the dance floor with different men waiting to dance with her.

Jon came to the club to get Hannah to go home but she wouldn't leave she was too busy having a good time. Jon saw Blair watching and went over to him. "Don't you even think about it. Hannah is with me." as he shoved him. Blair just looked at him and said "Not interested Jon, I have my eye on someone else." Jon didn't say anything else as he left to go home.

Blair went outside and looked at his phone, there were no missed calls and it was now 1.00am and still his boss hadn't arrived. This was not good as it could mean either he got held up and would be here shortly or he had arrived took a look around and left. If he came and left, Blair knew this was very bad. As he made his way back in the club he saw a guy leaving, "Night." as he looked at the man but the man just stared at Blair and nodded as he passed him. 

Blair had a sudden  uneasy feeling as got back inside, he thought he knew the guy but couldn't place where he knew him from. He spoke to Elvira and asked "The guy that left, did you speak to him?"
Elvira thought he was good looking and want to make a move on him but every time she got closer to him the man would just disappear, "I've never seen him until tonight but he is sexy though." as she replied.
"There is definitely something familiar about him but I just can't place him." as worry swept over him. "Look can you close up I want to take off."
Elvira looked shocked but said "No problem." The boss being a no show had got to Blair and Elvira knew this was not the time to tease him about it.

Blair got home and saw the lights were off over the road so there was no point knocking on Heather's door so he went inside and made drink and within five minutes of making the drink there was a knock at the door. The knock began to get louder and louder Blair shouted as he opened the door, "Stop banging on my fucking do.." and didn't finish the sentence as he froze in that spot.
"Hello Blair, remember me?" as his boss stood in front of him. He didn't wait for a response he dragged him from the door outside.
"Boss, what's wrong?" as he found his feet.

"Cut the crap Blair. You only call me Boss when you are in trouble." Shouting at him.
"The club is doing well, Estevan and...." he was interrupted.

"I let myself in early tonight and hid on the second floor and watched the club as the doors opened..."

"Good then you will..." being interrupted again.

"Shut the fuck up you, ass. What happens next may depend on your answer to me. So listen carefully and think before you speak. Do you understand?" Blair just nodded and he started to shake. "A very beautiful vampire came in the club and I saw the way you looked at her. Then Elvira scared her off. How do you know her?"

Blair thought won't fuck does it have to do with him and then got shoved into the door, "You forget I can read minds, Blair. Now are you and her in a relationship?" Estevan's eyes were now burning red as he waited for an answer.

"I have had a meal with her and spoken a few times on the phone." by now he wasn't sure if that was the right answer or the wrong answer.

"Have you kissed or slept together?" keeping Blair pinned to the door. Blair fought back and got free of Estevan and trying not to show how scared him was at that moment yelled back,

"Kissed her once but we haven't slept together. Not that's it any of your business."

"Do you remember I have sons?"

"Yes but their kids."

"No they are not and William the eldest was there tonight with me as he is learning the ropes and who should he see but a man I trust with my business getting friendly with his wife."

Some of the pictures didn't go right so they were never put into the story but hope you still enjoyed it. I wonder if any of you recognised the characters on my bio?


  1. ~ OK,these are answering some of the Questions,but opening doors to bigger ones!LOL!
    ~ So I guess we get to know where her husband is,& she was hiding from him?
    ~ I know I ask too much,but more when you can!(",)

  2. Lol I'm already writing up the next entry. Is she hiding from her husband, um good question!

  3. Her husband found her, but why didn't he speak with her! Blair is falling for the boss's daughter-in-law! Big trouble for her and for him!

  4. I think his father is the type to say I will handle and that's why he didn't get to speak to Heather :(

    Poor Blair finding out like this, what will he do next

  5. OMG! The sheeet hath hit the fan! OMG. Brilliant! I love the twist!

  6. Thanks Val, Blair is in trouble now. As I started writing this it was planned out it just happened lol

  7. Estavan is confused! It's his own fault for sending her away! Idiot.

  8. He was stupid to scare her off like that :(

  9. Oh! That's where he is! Oh my

    1. Zhippy,

      Yes he was there :)

      Thanks for reading

  10. Oh, there's where Heather's man is. Hmm, now I wonder why she isn't with him. Aww. LOL. :/ I liked all the club pictures. I really like neon lights, ROFL.

    1. LateKnightSimmer,

      Yes Heather's man has turned up lol. I'm glad you liked the club pictures I thought the lights came in handy here :)

      Thanks for reading :)

  11. What?! His wife?! Heather doesn't realize she's married? LOL!! Well, now I HAVE to read the next chapter. LOL! ;)

    1. Lovesstorms,

      Yes Heather is married and yes she does remember she is married. Lol at you off to read more.

      Thanks for reading :)