Tuesday, 24 June 2014

6.10 Voices

Warning: Adult Scenes and language

Draco was hearing a voice in his head and yelled at the voice, “Stay away from me.” The voice coldly replied, “Tough, you are never going to get rid of me.”

“I want my life back.”
“You will never figure it out in time and then your Dad will suffer.” Draco woke up with sweat pouring from him. 

He got out of bed and looked in the mirror. All he saw was the man he’d become not the man he wanted to be. He wanted to cry out for help but he couldn’t. He was pushing his Mum away and his Dad was on the verge of kicking him out. Harmony tolerated him.  The only people he could really count on were William and Blake.
Draco often thought of Torri but every time he tried to dream about her the nightmare took over. 

Suddenly his phone went and when he saw it was Carl ringing, he answered, “Look I’m not in the mood…”
“Don’t really care; the packages are ready for collection.”
“Fine, I’ll be there in 30 minutes.” Draco wasn’t in the mood to hand out drugs at the club that night, he wanted to see Torri but he’d made this deal so he couldn’t back out now.

When he finished handing out the drugs he saw Torri looking at him and he went straight over to her, “Hay you look beautiful tonight.” Torri gazed into his eyes and melted once again, “Dance with me?”

Draco took her to the dance floor and for about the longest hour in their lives they danced as they let their bodies do the talking when suddenly Torri cupped his face and finally asked, “Why did you save me?” 

Draco closed his eyes for a moment then opened them and said in a whisper, “You were worth saving.” Torri smiled widened as he continued, “I couldn’t see you hurt.” Torri could see pain in his eyes and said, “Talk to me Draco.”
He so wanted to talk to her and tell her what was bothering him but he couldn’t get the words out so he ended up losing his temper and snapping at people. However tonight he managed to answer, “I will walk you home then I need to get home.”

When Draco got home he went straight to his room, he was lying on his bed when he heard a knock as Teddy walked in, “Draco, can we be friends again?” 

Draco looked at his Mum and before he could answer her, he heard a voice in his head, ‘This will be fun.’ 

Draco tried to protest but it was no good, “Mum fuck off and no we can’t be friends again.” 

Teddy ran from the room and slid down the wall, “My baby boy hates me, what has happened to him?” 

Draco stood by the door as he listened to his mother’s tears and whispered, “I’m so sorry Mummy, please help me.” Then he heard the voice again, ‘No-one can hear your pleas for help…poor Draco all alone and no-one cares.’

He opened the door and saw his Dad comforting his mother, “Stay away from me right now boy because otherwise I will beat the crap out of you for hurting your mother.”
Draco felt the sense of loss as he tried to say, “Dad please…”
“I don’t want to hear your excuses.” 

Draco ran from the house and when he got to Torri’s home he punched the door until she answered. She could see he was visibly shaken and asked, “What happened?”
“I’ve really did it this time.” Torri tried again to reach him, “What is bothering you?” Suddenly he yelled at her, “Nothing, stop nagging me.” He left the house slamming the door behind him.

Draco had only got about 200 yards up the road when pretty boy approached him. He stroked Draco’s cheek and said, “Let’s have sex as that always cheers you up. You haven’t been seeing that new girl, have you?”
“It’s none of your business who I see now let’s get this over with.”

They went to pretty boy’s apartment and he stripped ready for Draco. He bent over the sofa and said, “You know this will make you feel better and as my loyal customer, tonight is on the house.” Draco for the first time stripped naked then took pretty boy. Once Draco was done he got his clothes and left.

When he arrived home Harmony was at the front door waiting for him, “Sis, what’s up?”
“Here are your suitcases and I’ve been told to tell you that you are no longer welcome in the family home, Dad’s orders.”
“But where will I go? Harmony wanted to help and said, “Tell me what is going on and I’ll help you.” Draco fell to his knees as he said, “I can’t tell you.”

Torri let Draco in once more. He sat on the sofa and Torri leaned into him as she kissed him and said, “Are you staying the night?” Draco looked lustful into her eyes and replied, “Yes babe I am.”

Torri led Draco to the bedroom. He stood in front of her as she undressed him then he undressed her, he was gentle and loving as he whispered, “You’re a wonderful person.” He glanced over her shoulder at her body, “Torri I can’t hold on much longer.” He started to nibble at her neck as she tilted her head more, “More Draco more.” 

She turned to him and stroked his face, “Draco please say it.” He heard the voice in his head say, ‘Just fuck her and get this over with. Why does she need to hear those 3 little words…how revolting?’
Draco screamed back in his head, ‘Why can’t I say those words to her and leave me alone.’
Suddenly he was facing Torri again, “Hay, you had a blank expression on your face…Draco let me help you?”

He kept his voice tender and replied, “I’m fine and so are you,” with no warning he was inside her going deeper and deeper and all he could hear at that moment was Torri screaming his name. 


  1. I hope Draco sorts himself out soon... I can't help but feel sorry for him... :(

    1. Ivorybutterfly,

      Draco I hope gets help and soon, fell sorry for him ummm, I can see why but I don't know.

      Thanks for reading :)

  2. I hope Draco gets himself sorted out soon... I can't help but feel sorry for him, just a little bit :(

  3. Oh yeah, he is sort of possessed by that wicked one... Maybe someone will notice, but I am not holding my breath. He's dealing drugs,,, blah, after the adults got out of that business too.

    1. Zhippidy,

      The wicked one lol. Someone notice, they haven't yet. Yes he's dealing drugs and wait till Blair and Estevan find out he will be in BIG trouble.

      Thanks for reading :)

  4. Something or someone is possessing Draco. I hope something is done before it's too late because he could be a better person if he wasn't being controlled.

    1. Dandy,

      Yes Draco is possessed and if he doesn't get help soon it will control him forever.

      Thanks for reading :)

  5. Mhhh, Elvira I suppose? I don't know what's twisted, her living on through Draco, or her making him do all those crazy things. I wonder though if it's really Elvira or if a part of him enjoys it?

    1. Val,

      Elvira lol both you and Fae are thinking on the same path. Either way does Draco enjoy want he is doing, he could do but we will find out as the story goes on :)

      Thanks for reading :)

  6. Well, that explains why he's been acting the way he has. I hope he or someone figures out how to help him soon though, he seems to be in such agony. Poor guy!

  7. Draco's losing his mind. Time to off pretty boy.