Tuesday, 10 June 2014

6.8 How do I move on?

Warning: Adult scenes

William’s emotions were running high and yelled at the door, “You can’t stay in the room forever; we need to talk.” All Will heard was, “Yes I can…” 

William had heard enough and opened the door. He lowered his tone and asked, “How did it go?” Victoria glanced at him and in an angry tone said, “It didn’t.” William could see she was upset, “It’s because you heard Nathan talk about you.”
She glared at him, “I was looking forward to this date until I heard that you liked me.”
“I can forget what happened tonight if you can,” there it was another lie, another denial. 

Now Victoria was really angry, “Forget! The trouble is WILL, I can’t because I like you more than I should," she lowered her voice and said, "I will move back to my flat so it is easier on you.”

Will got in front of her door and crossed his arms and firmly said, “No. I want you to stay. The twins can’t lose someone else.” Victoria saw the pain in his eyes and came close to him stroking his arm slightly and replied, “What about you William?”

William looked into her eyes and asked, “How do I move on?”
“You need to start opening up to people, to be true to yourself about your feelings.” William looked deep into her eyes and finally said, “I’m sorry I lied tonight. I do like you a great deal but I’m confused.”
Victoria smiled just a little, “I’m glad you said that out loud but this whole house is you and Heather and I can’t compete with a dead wife and if you want us to date it’s not fair to ask me to live up to her.”

William stood there for a moment and replied, “Heather was unique just like you are. I don’t want you to compete with Heather and please don’t think that I would.”
“As I said before every room I go in is her…” Victoria tried to get past William but he wouldn’t let her pass, “Don’t leave…”
“William please let me pass.” He looked at her and asked softly, “Why?” 

She looked into his eyes and replied, “I have to leave because if I stay here it’s going to drive me crazy. You say you like me but you haven’t made any attempt to hold me or kiss me so until you make you mind up about what you really want then I am moving back to my flat. I’m not quitting my job so I’ll be here in the morning for the twins.” William didn’t know what to say but moved out of her way and watched her leave.

Art had his arms around Ellen when she asked, “I need to find somewhere to live as I can’t stay at the resort forever; will you help me?”
He kissed her slightly and said, “You know I will. Now about tomorrow’s date, where would you like to go?”
Ellen looked sweetly at him and said, “You choose…”
“I’ve chosen every date so far it’s your turn.”
“I love doing what you pick for our dates.” Art loved her enthusiasm but he wondered why she wouldn’t pick a date so he read her mind and found out she hated heights so asked, “My mum and Dad had a date once where they went wall climbing so we can do that, what do you think?” Ellen started to panic but said, “It sounds great.” Art was confused at why Ellen would go when she really didn’t want too. 

Suddenly Art needed to feed and when he checked his pocket his emergency blood pack was empty. He knew he could bond and feed from Ellen in one go. He could do this as part of their love making but he wasn’t sure. He wrapped his arms tightly around her and asked, “Ellen, I have something I need to ask but I need the truth as you know I can read your mind. Can I bond with you and feed from you?”
“What is bonding?”
“It means you can talk to me though your thoughts and we can hear each other also we belong to each other and no-one else.” Ellen paused for moment then replied, “Bond with me, Art.”
“Can I feed from you too?” Ellen nodded in agreement. 

Art turned Ellen around so they were facing each other. He kissed her lips softly then rubbed his hands up and down her back, he then whispered, “So it is a pleasurable experience for you let’s make this part of our first time together…”
“Art, I’ve never been with anyone before.” 

Art lifted her chin slightly and said, “My first time was a total wash out so I’d rather try again but with you.” Ellen agreed with Art as she allowed him to remove her clothes but she asked as she lay down on the sand,
“What if someone comes by?”

“I won’t let anyone see you naked.” He gazed at her for a moment kissing any part of her body he could. Then she panicked as she saw his eyes turn red but when Art realised he said gently, “They turn red when I’m really starving but it’s ok Ellen it’s still me.” She relaxed when he assured her and Ellen then started to enjoy their first time. Even when he sunk his teeth into her, Ellen moaned in delight. 

When Art finally entered her, he felt a sense of gratification and pleasure all in one that he’d never experienced before and it suddenly dawned on him that he was madly in love with Ellen.

William was sat there slumped over the sofa when Art walked in, “Dad, what the hell?” He didn’t look at Art as he replied, “Victoria left me and we weren’t even dating.”
“Can you blame her?”
“Do you know she wants me to redecorate?” 

Art sat beside his Dad, “Try to do one room as a gesture that shows you are able to move forward.”
“Which room then?” Art thought carefully before answering, “The other living room where you hung your wedding picture above the fireplace.” 

William got up and growled at his son, “I see erase your mother and what about the picture?” Art snapped back, “See this is why Victoria left you. I’d have the picture as you are my parents. I don’t need this shit Dad, I’ve had a fantastic night and you are spoiling it.”
“What was so special about tonight?”
“I bonded with Ellen.” 


  1. oh my...William needs to really look deep inside himself and see if he's ready to move on because it sure doesn't look like it. He could always put the pictures in a special place and redecorate the kitchen shoot any room just to show that he can. I hope Ellen is ok after her bonding and allowing Art to feed from her.

    1. Ksmomma,

      William is just very torn but I hope he makes the right choice. Ellen will be ok after all she has Art :)

      Thats for reading :)

  2. These men and their ways.... William maybe should realise that he is not willing or able to move forward with his life yet.... He still has some ghosts to clean up, His family pushing is likely not helping... I think Victoria is right to leave the house.

    1. Zhippidy,

      Art is young and thinks with other body parts at the moment. William is finding it hard because he is having feelings for Victoria. His family are trying to help but you maybe right just too much. Victoria was right in leaving though.

      Thanks for reading :)

  3. So I finally caught up on over a years worth of updates... wow what a ride!!!
    I am so glad Art and Ellen finally bonded! It seems like they were made for each other!
    Poor William... he clings to Heather's memory so hard, but has strong feelings for Victoria... I hope he is able to sort through it all before she leaves him forever!

    1. Kelly,

      Wow your caught up yay. Art loves Ellen a great deal and wanted to bond with her a lot. William feels guilty allowing himself to have feelings for someone else but likle you I hope he realises he is allowed to move forward.

      Thanks for reading :)

  4. I didn't like Victoria at all in this update. I know she said she doesn't want to compete with Heather's memory, and that's why she chose to move back to her own place, but to me, that whole move felt like she was pressuring him, giving him an ultimatum not in so many words. Whatever William decides, I hope it's right decision for himself and his children.

    1. Val,

      I can see your point about Victoria but I believe because of her feelings for William she was just trying to make him see that the house felt it was still William and Heather rather than William. I hope he makes the right decision too.

      Thanks for reading :)

  5. Glad that Art and Ellen's relationship is progressing. Now, if we could knock some sense into William. . .Surely he'll get it soon. It's sweet how much he loved Heather but he really needs to try to move on.