Tuesday, 3 June 2014

6.7 William's Dilemma

William was looking at the gravestone of his late wife Heather feeling low and ashamed he could like another woman. 

Estevan came out of nowhere and sat next to him and said, “You know when I found out your mother died, I wanted to die with her even though we hadn’t seen each other in years. You and Blake were what kept me going for a long time. If it wasn’t for my sons encouragement I wouldn’t have Dawn in my life or Nathan. If it helps William you will never stop loving Heather but you can’t live with the guilt forever you need to move on. Victoria seems a very nice girl; don’t let your fear hold you back from asking her out.”

“Dad, everyone will think I never loved my wife…” Estevan turned to his son and replied, “No-one would think that, we all know how you felt about her but ask yourself what Heather would say?”
“Same as me, it’s time to move on but I haven’t been on a date in years…I mean have things changed?” 

Estevan laughed, “Not much, just find out what she likes or in our case cheat and read her mind.”
“Dawn drove me nuts at one point so that’s how I found out her true feelings for me.”

“Thanks Dad.”

Victoria was in the garden with the twins when she saw William approach her, “How have they been?”
“They have been mischievous today but they have been alright for the last hour…” Suddenly Will felt a tug on his trousers and when he looked down it was Cole, “Daddy, Holly being mean to me.” 

Will picked him up and shouted to Holly, “Be nice to your brother.”

Cole shouted, “Daddy, do claw hand.” Will did as he was asked and Cole smiled as they played. 

Holly glanced for a moment then carried on playing. Victoria watched as William played with his son and asked, “You are a good Dad!”

“I had a good role model. I remember my Dad did things like this with me and Blake and I wouldn’t trade those memories for the world. My Dad wants the twins for the weekend as he wants to play Granddad so you have the weekend off.”
“Thank you but what will you do?”

“I’m having Nathan. Blake is coming over so it’s just the brothers having a good time.”
“Nathan isn’t much older than the twins...” Will interrupted her and replied, “He is my brother and Blake and I can teach him things that as a father I can’t teach the twins.” Victoria raised an eyebrow, “You mean teach him to annoy your Dad.” Will smiled at her without a reply.

All 3 brothers were lying on the living room floor when Blake asked, “We have the house to ourselves?”
“Yep, Art is on a date with Ellen and Victoria is out.” Blake had to ask, “Have you asked her out yet?”
“Nope now let’s play that game read minds.” Nathan asked, “What is that?”

Blake said, “It was a game we played with Dad but as we got older we just used to play it. It strengthens your mind powers so you can read other people and stay connected with the family but I didn’t listen at the time but thanks to Grandma and Dad I now can use my mind powers.”
Will then asked, “Nathan what object am I thinking of?”
Nathan thought for a moment and said, “Table.” Blake then asked, “What is Will thinking about as I try and block you then?”

Will sat up and asked, “Has Dad been teaching you?” Nathan giggled, “And Grandma.” Will and Blake then tried to confuse Nathan as they threw a variety of images then block them but Nathan kept getting every item correct.
Suddenly Nathan blurted out, “What is a virgin?” Blake and Will shouted together, “WHAT!”
“I’m playing the game.”

Blake asked before Will could, “Who’s mind are you reading bro because the only virgin here would be you?” Nathan looked puzzled as Will said, “Have you slept with a girl?” Nathan’s eyes widened with disgust, “Yuck no, girls are horrible.” They laughed at their brother and Nathan stood there arms folded, “I read Victoria’s mind, she is a virgin like me. She is in her room.” 

Will looked surprised then the door opened and there stood Victoria looking her best before leaving but Nathan didn’t hear the door as he was still angry at his brothers. He was still yelling at them when he blurted out, “Will, you like Victoria so why isn’t she your girlfriend. I know you want to kiss her.” Will went bright red and Blake gave that look Nathan knew all too well and when he finally turned around and saw Victoria all he could say was, “Whoops.”

Victoria left the room and ran for the door but Will got there before she could open it, “I’m really sorry, we were playing a game but we thought that the house was empty.” Victoria tried to look away and asked, “It’s true that you like me then?”
Will didn’t want to answer the question and said, “You look beautiful, going anywhere nice?”
“I’m going on a date,” but Victoria was secretly hoping that Will would protest and kiss her to convince her to stay but instead he opened the door and said, “Have a great evening.” She just looked at him for a moment then walked out the door and as Will closed the door he heard, “You fucking idiot, why didn’t you tell her that you liked her?”

“Blake, leave it. You wouldn’t understand…” Blake got right in his face and growled, “Try me!”
“There is the age gap…” Blake pushed him as he said, “That is a poor excuse, look at Blair and Teddy…ummm let me think 45 years minimum between them; then there is Dad and Dawn, almost 30 years between 

Will pushed Blake back and said, “That is different.” A fight broke out and all the time Nathan watched. He wasn’t old enough to stop them so he contacted their Dad to stop the fight.

Suddenly they were being pulled apart by Estevan as he shouted, “ENOUGH!” He made them sit on the sofa side by side as if they were kids again and said firmly, “Explain yourself.”

“Blake started it…”
“No way, you did…you wouldn’t ask her out.”
“Shut the fuck up as I said it’s none of your business.” Estevan had heard enough and yelled, “Have you both finished?”
In unison they both said, “Sorry Dad.”
“William, I thought I told you to ask the girl out?”

“Nathan was the one that blabbed that I liked her while she was behind him then when she asked me I just avoided her question.”
“So Victoria knows and asked you if it was true and you changed the subject…” Blake interrupted his Dad, “She really likes Will and was hoping he’d kiss her so she didn’t have to go on this date. When the idiot here opened the door, she looked hurt.”
“William, don’t do this to yourself ask her out.”

“What if it didn’t work out the twins…” but Estevan stopped him before he could finish, “The twins would be fine. You are trying to over complicate things. Ask her out because at the end of the day there are only two answers she can give a no and a yes.” William sighed as he thought about what his Dad had said when they heard the front door open and footsteps running up the stairs. 

“Go and see if she is ok.” William looked at his Dad and smiled. Estevan left with Blake and Nathan while William walked upstairs to talk to Victoria.


  1. Again, a great update... I so hope that Will does get to ask Victoria out... he needs to get his head on straight... but again, we girls are odd creatures lol

    1. IvoryButterfly,
      Glad you liked the update. Will should ask Victoria out but the question is will he? Girls can be odd creatures but lets hope Victoria goes easy on him.

      Thanks for reading :)

  2. That's why boys shouldn't play mind games with each other! Poor Nate, hopefully he hasn't been scarred for life by all these premature talks about girls.

    I liked Estevan's advice to Blake, no one will judge him if he decided to date again, He has been grieving for too long.

    Great update!

    1. Val,

      Yes never play mind game it can be a bad thing. Nathan will be fine but I think the other two have be scarred after the telling off from Estevan hehe.

      Estevan did good advise to William, I just hope he takes it on board but yes he has been grieving for far to long. Glad you liked the update.

      Thanks for reading :)

  3. The brother tussle was so funny... They certainly seemed like kids "he started it!! but Dad!!" hahahahah
    Very fun... and William is getting somewhere now :)

    1. Zhippidy,

      They were like little kids lol and having Estevan tell them off was good too. I hope William takes the advice given and moves on.

      Thanks for reading :)

  4. That was too funny! The game they were playing and thinking they were teaching Nathan. lol!

    I have to agree that after the fight was funny with them trying to blame each other for starting the fight.

    I keep waiting patiently for William to ask Victoria out. Maybe soon. :)

  5. I LOL'ed when Nathan asked 'what's a virgin?' hahahahahaha

    Go, Will, Go!