Tuesday, 11 December 2012

4.11 Secret

Advisory Coarse language 

Estevan and Dawn were enjoying each other's company and any thoughts of what was waiting back home seemed to have slipped their minds. Dawn loved the relaxed Estevan and was making the most while it lasted. He had even suggested going out that evening while they cuddled on the sofa. Dawn accepted the invitation without any hesitation.

"Estevan..." Then Estevan interrupted her by stroking her cheek.
“Dawn you look worried, what is it.” Dawn was about to talk when the door started to open, Estevan told her to stay there. When he got closer and the door opened he saw Blair and Teddy walk in. 

Both stared at each other and Blair was not happy seeing Estevan in front of him as his temper was now on the rise. Estevan was in shock but spoke first, "What are you doing here?"
"I could ask you the same thing." Teddy sensed the tension and spotted Dawn sitting glued to the chair and suggested they leave the house. 

Dawn didn't say a word and just followed Teddy outside. Dawn asked nervously, "Teddy do you know what's going on?"
"I'm not sticking around to find out but something tells me Blair is going to get that secret out of Estevan and its going to get ugly."  They decided to head as far away from the house leaving them to sort the issue out.

In the house the atmosphere was getting worse and Blair yelled, "How did you get in my house."
Estevan snapped, "This is my property. So leave or I'll throw you out."
"You're fucking house. I don't think so as it belonged to my Dad." Estevan suddenly realised at this point his Mum had set him up and this is what she meant by time had run out. Blair ranted on, "So tell me Estevan how the fuck did you get in to my father's house?" 

Estevan knew he had to try and explain but would Blair believe him? Blair folded his arms glaring at him waiting for an answer then Estevan finally spoke.
"The secret I've been keeping is about you, Blair."
"Secret about me don't make me laugh. What could you know about me that I don't know?"
"Do you remember how we first met?"
"You were in your late teens, you thought you knew better how to run a business and I bet the business you couldn't beat me in a fight. You won, got the business and I ended up working for you. So what...that's not a secret."
"I was sent by your Dad to find you. He was worried that since having all that anger and then turning into a vampire. He thought you needed help and he was right."

Blair got closer to Estevan and with venom in his voice, "Why the fuck would my Dad send you? And what does it have it do with you?

Estevan standing his ground said, "It has everything to do with me as your Dad is my Dad too. There I said it we share the same father." Blair now totally lost it and grabbed Estevan throwing him to the ground and punched him while saying," Your lying take that back."

Estevan who was fighting back yelled, "I tried telling you when we first met but you laughed it off. Maybe because you were too drunk at the time but instead of insisting you listen to me I played along." 

Estevan got free and jumped over the sofa while Blair tried to grab him. "I told you stop lying." By now the living room was getting trashed as they fought. Blair caught up to Estevan and threw him again to the ground trying this time to bang Estevan's head against the floor. "Blair this is getting old. Haven't you got any new moves?"

"Why you..."
"Blair I'm telling the truth and let's face it I can keep up with you. He must have left this place to both of us." Estevan kept blocking Blair and continued, "If you don't believe me read my mind it's all there."

"You made this up. You are a fucking asshole. I'm an only child." Estevan punched Blair back and yelled, "We have different mothers but the same father. I was told to look after the family and I did. I never saw our father till six months before he passed away."

"I hated my mother but Dad would never betray her, never."
"I was a result of an affair. How do you think I feel?" Blair wasn't done yet and tried to grab Estevan by the throat, "I'll tell you once more take it back."

"How can I take back a truth? Convince yourself it's a lie but it will still be the same in the morning, I am and will always be your brother."
"I hate you."
"So what's new? I'm getting board with fighting so hurry up and wear yourself out." After a few hours the girls returned to find they were still beating each other senseless.

Dawn enquired, "Umm shouldn't we do something?" Teddy wanted to know what was going on so read Blair's mind and because he was focused on beating the crap out of Estevan he didn't even sense what she was doing.
"Let's go and relax by the pool, they will be a while." Walking towards the pool Dawn asked, "Why, do you know what's going on?" "The secret was that they share the same Dad. As usual Blair is not happy about this so I say let them wear each other out." 

Thanks to Zhippidy for her fight poses. Unfortunately the fight poses I can't give a link too as she is away. Some were mixed with Artist Kate fight poses too


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    1. Val,

      I can't believe you of all people are speechless, wow I'm taking it as a good thing. Still can't believe you didn't figure it out with all the clues.

      Thanks for reading :)

  2. WHOA. One word. WHOA.

    My mouth dropped on the "What are you doing in my house?" bit. I'm like, 'dafuq?'

    yeah. whoa.

    1. Mypalsim,

      Your mouth dropped to the floor lol. Glad you loved it :)

      Thanks for reading :)

  3. "As usual Blair isn't happy..." It's funny because Blair is always pissed about something and its ironic because Teddy who is also always pissed about something said it to Dawn who is always pissed at Estevan ROTFL.

    Wow, this has to be the most epic fight ever they were going at it for the entire chapter. I wonder how Blair and Estevan will act in the next chapter.

    1. Pixx,

      Blair is very angry because after all these years he has finally discovered he has family. So there is still a bit of the old Blair as you can see. Very much Blair using fighting to communicate with Estevan.

      thanks for reading :)

  4. I knew it!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I had written it in the previous comment, last chapter when I talked about the 'seeing clues, not seeing clues' thing! I'm mad at myself for deleting what I wrote in the first place! AAAAAAAaaaaaarghhhh!

    I lol'd when Teddy said let's go relax by the pool. Haha!

    1. JM,

      I'm pleased you had an idea of what was going on. I'm sorry you deleted that comment I would love to have seen that one. Teddy knew the fight was going to continue so she had to say something. Lol

      Thanks for reading :)

  5. They are brothers! That explains why Estevan has put up with so much from Blair. It is hard on Blair to know that his father had an affair, but after he cools down, maybe he will realize that having Estevan as a brother is not so bad!

    Another great chapter Lucky!

  6. Oh, they're brothers. That stinks Estevan was the result of an affair Blair's father had. LOL they fought for so long, I guess as vampires they must have a lot more stamina than humans do. XD