Tuesday, 29 May 2012

3.1 A bad night

2 Days previous.

The day started like any other get up have breakfast and go to school. Mathew had spent the day wishing the final bell would go so he could get out of there. It was Friday night and hanging out with friends doing nothing seemed like a plan.
When he got home he threw his bag inside and shouted "I'm going out, bye." leaving before he could hear a no in return. Mathew met with his friends at the arcade. "You were quick." Anson said.

"I bolted before anyone saw me. What do you think of the new teacher?"
"He's ok I guess. Gave a kid detention though for yelling at him."
"Matt, is your Dad still giving you a hard time?" as Ben briefly took his eyes off the game he was playing.
In a sarcastic tone he answered and trying to imitate his Dad, "Mathew do your homework, Mathew do your room and don't forget you can't have a life."
"He can't be as bad as my parents. They have organised my whole life. Football club, violin lessons etc. I hate the stupid instrument."
"How about we don't talk about our lame parents and play truth or dare."
"Ben, pick truth or dare?" Mathew asked.
"I pick truth."
"We'll go easy to start. Have you ever kissed a girl?"
"I wish." Mathew started to laugh. "You have never kissed a girl!" Ben was getting angry, "Yeah what about you, Matt?"
"Who me...umm." getting all embarrassed, "No I haven't either." realising it wasn't so funny after all.
"We know you fancy that new girl in school, Matt."
"No I don't!" feeling his cheeks heat up. Then both his friends started to tease him. "Mathew and Ariel, Mathew and  Ariel."
Yelling at the top of his voice, "Leave me alone guys."

Mathew decided while his friends were in this mood he'd leave them too it. "I should have never started that stupid game." muttering to himself. It was getting dark and he didn't want to go home so he decided to try and sneak into a dance club.

He knew his Dad was working at the Plasma Club so going to The Grind would be a better idea than getting caught. He was pleased to see there were no bouncers on the doors and so access to the club would be easier. He got in and no one had even questioned his age. Mathew was now on a high trying to act more like an adult. He went to the bar and asked for drink after drink. The barman said, "You have all night. Go and dance for a bit." 

Mathew now in a drunken state found his way to the dance floor. He tried to dance with a few women but he wasn't getting the reaction he had hoped for. Most of the reactions were "Get away you creep." or "Try and touch my butt again and I'll slap you."

After that Mathew made a few moves on the dance floor stumbling more than dancing. He then saw a figure walk towards him and fear set in as it was his Dad walking towards him. "Oh crap Dad worked here tonight, I'm so for it now." He tried to run but his Dad caught him and hauled him off to the bathroom.
Mathew then woke up with a very sore head not remembering how he got home. The last thing he remembered was his Dad yelling at him.

Present day.

"There you are. We need to talk."
"Dad about the other night, I'm sorry."

"You're sorry, what is wrong with you?"

"Why do you spend more time with Paris and not me?" Realising what all his behaviour was all about, Spencer replied "I enjoy her company. Paris could never separate me from you. Truth is I love her and would love you two to meet. It's just you have grown up so much lately but sneaking out to get my attention isn't the right way. I forgot you may still need me for a little while longer. Before you meet Paris; how about we spend some time together."

"Can you teach me to drive?"
"We will see!"

"Dad, thanks. I will meet Paris."
"I'll arrange it for later this week."

Sorry for the lack of good pictures but Mathew wouldn't play fair :)


  1. (that happens to me all of the time and I find I need to remember to turn off free will. heh)

    I am glad Matthew got that off his mind. Hopefully he will stop with the alcohol before learning to drive.

    1. Zhippidy,

      I think the fact he has started to talk to his Dad is a sign.

      Thanks for reading:)

  2. If Matthew's drinking problem isn't addressed soon I'm afraid he'll spiral out of control. It was nice seeing him with his friends, acting like the teenager that he is.

    1. Val,

      Mathew is a teenager who thinks the world or should I say his Dad is against him but he does fun with friends when he gets out :)

      Thanks for reading

  3. eh..his drinking is becoming a little excessive, maybe with his dad spending a little bit more time with him now it will calm down a bit.....edenz~

    1. Edenz,

      Spencer is seeing the problem and hopes spending time together will help. I just hope he is right.

      Thanks for reading :)

  4. ~ OH! NO! Matt is in trouble,he is acting very childish here,if he wants to act grown up,& get respect for it, he is doing it the wrong way!
    ~ I agree he still needs his father,he is after all, all he has!
    ~ Loved it,more Please!(",)

    1. Karima,

      I needs his Dad badly. He thinks Paris is taking him away from him. Spencer can now see what the cause of the outburst are so is trying to fix it.

      Unfortunately more is to come and Mathew is going to be in shock.

      Thanks for reading :)

  5. First of all, there's not a lack of good pictures, I loved your pictures. Secondly, I love the bad boy in Mathew, but it's nice that he and his Dad are hanging out now.

  6. Pixx,

    I glad you thought the pictures were fine :) Yes a little of the bad boy can be good but hopefully his father spending tine with him will be good for both of them.

    Thanks for reading

  7. The pictures were good, Lucky!

    I am relieved that Matthew finally told his father what was bothering him. Now maybe he and his father will be closer. He was trying to get his father's attention and it worked!

    I hope that Matthew will do better now!

  8. Daisies,

    Glad the pictures were good, I thought they weren't my best. Mathew needed to talk with his Dad but going about it the way he did wasn't the right way though.

    I hope this will be a turning point for Mathew

    Thanks for reading :)

  9. I'm happy Matthew talked to his dad. Sometimes talking is the best medicine. If you don't know what is going on with the other person, it's really hard to help them with their problems and unhappiness. =)

    1. LateKnightSimmer,

      Matt needed to start and talk to his Dad and I'm glad they are communicating now

      Thanks for reading :)