Saturday, 19 May 2012

2.23 Elvira's Ghost

Teddy had arrived back in town to do what Blair or Estevan could not do and that was to get rid of Elvira once and for all. She had asked him not to be at the house when she was doing her job. Blair tried to argue with Teddy but backed down when he saw he was fighting a losing battle. He was concerned about her going in the house because of what she saw but she assured Blair she would be so focused on the job she would be fine.
When she got there her body started to tremble at the thought of being here but the thought of Elvira being in their lives concerned her more. Teddy opened the door took a deep breath and called for Elvira.
Elvira tried her usual games but Teddy was ready for her. "Oh look its the blonde bitch."
"Shut up and leave Blair alone."

"Fighting his battles now are we. You do know you can't touch me as I'm a ghost." mocking Teddy.
"Don't count on it...This is your last warning leave now." Teddy hissed back.
Teasing Teddy, Elvira added "Why? What you gonna do Blondie!"

Teddy launched herself at Elvira and all she heard was Elvira letting out a scream, "How is this possible the living can't touch ghosts."

Still fighting Elvira; Teddy replied, "I'm a ghost hunter so you are leaving."

Elvira tried to fight back but lost the fight and replied, "You can't make me. Do you hear me, you can't." disappearing before Teddy could catch her.

Teddy left the house and told Blair that his house was on lock down until the job was complete. She had to explain to Blair that it could be a long drawn out process. She would travel back tomorrow and start again.
"Teddy this is stupid you travelling back and forth. Stay at my new house."
"Blair we have talked about this. I can't and my new house isn't ready yet so for now I will have to travel."
"Now you are the one being stubborn."

The following day Teddy arrived at the house and found the gravestone of Elvira and started to talk to the headstone. Teddy knew all too well that ghosts couldn't take their full form in daylight so she would take a different approach. Teddy was going to appease Elvira instead and after talking calmly to her, Teddy started to walk away making sure Elvira thought she had won.

Elvira couldn't resist and had to follow Teddy as she followed her Teddy turned around and pulled her machine on Elvira and started the process of drawing in her ghost. Elvira tried to avoid the rays and got away a few times but Teddy was relentless in her pursuit of getting rid of Elvira.

After a while Teddy caught her and started to pull her in and at the same time Elvira tried pulling away but the rays had become too strong and Elvira couldn't fight it anymore. Once Elvira was safely in a container, Teddy picked up the tombstone and got rid of it. Blair's ghost was finally gone. Teddy realised that there was nothing standing in her way and it was her that was now pulling away from Blair. Teddy was free to be who she wanted and Elvira was the last obstacle in her way.

Teddy phoned Blair to tell him Elvira was finally gone. "Thanks for what you did gorgeous. Now you have finished, come over and see the new house."
"Ok. Will you come and get me as I don't know where it is?"

Teddy walked in and Blair showed her around. Teddy's first comment was, "No dark room?"
"Uh no. Do you like the house?"
"It's very nice, Blair. I love the colour in the bedroom."

Blair smiled and the thoughts going through his head of what he and Teddy could do in there but he stopped his train of thoughts and replied, "Red is your favourite colour?"
"Yes but how did you...Blair you didn't do..." but Blair interrupted her and said, "So what if I did. I told you this house is too big for one person. Ever played pool?"

"What? You change the subject now we are talking about a pool. You decorated the bedroom in my favourite colour and act like it's no big deal." being confused at what Blair was doing.

"Fine you want to talk let's talk. You and I have feelings for each other, yet you refuse to move in with me."
"We have just started seeing each and had one date. You think one date and I'd move in. What's wrong with taking things slow?"
"How slow do you want to go?"
"I came here to see my boyfriend's new house but if you are going to be an ass I'm going home." Teddy went towards the door but Blair got there first.

"Don't leave!"
"Why so we can argue again?"
"You are right I did the bedroom with you in mind. I read your mind and took advantage of that. After everything that has happened all I know is I hate being apart from you."
"Don't try and control me Blair. I lived through that once and I won't go back. I do love the room but you should have done it your way."
"Stay a bit longer and let's have some fun." She looked at him with forgiving eyes and replied, "I'll stay for a while longer."

They watched TV for awhile not saying much to each other, Blair hated the silence and reading her thoughts he knew she was upset, "Gorgeous, I didn't mean to upset you earlier."

"It's ok; it was nice that you thought of me. I'm just not ready..." before she could say anymore Blair kissed her then whispered in her ear I'm sorry and I know you are not ready to move in but I am ready." 

Teddy put her head on his lap and they continued to watch the TV. Teddy's phone went buzz in her pocket and when she looked it was a message saying the new house was ready to move into and she could collect the keys.
"What was the message?"
"I can move in to my house today. Will you help me move?" Blair looked at her and agreed to help. He was pleased she was moving back but he would rather she was moving in with him. He knew if he pushed things then he would lose her. He was used to getting his own way and having to give up some control was pushing Blair to his limit but to have a real relationship he was willing to give this a go. 


  1. Whoa! Teddy took on a ghost? I bet Elvira didn't see that one coming. I'm glad Teddy and Blair talked. I hope the pain in your shoulder has eased up some. Great chapter!

    1. Val,

      Elvira didn't see it coming :) Blair did listen to Teddy even though it was hard and for him to compromise is difficult but hopefully he will learn.

      The pain is still there but through medication and heat packs its ok at times

  2. Bye bye Elvira :)
    Blair should not read her mind. I understand why she was upset. He better watch it. ^_^

    1. Zhippidy,

      Yes bye to Elvira lol
      As for Blair reading her mind, your right he shouldn't have done it. He is going to have to trust when she is ready she will let him know.

  3. Oh yay! Teddy's officially back and Blair is finally happy! I feel all warm inside :D And of course Teddy finally got rid of Elvira's annoying butt that's an added bonus.

    1. Pixx,

      Teddy is now back and she got rid of Elvira once and for all. Blair is happy now Teddy is close to him :)

  4. I've never done the ghost busting in my game! That was so cool the way that Teddy got rid of Elvira.

    Blair is so crazy about Teddy! I hope that he doesn't push her too hard. In order to feel secure in their relationship she wants to take things slowly.

    They are such a great couple. Now I don't know which are my favorite!

    1. Daisies,

      Glad to see you back :)

      Teddy got rid of Elvira once and for all. Blair is crazy about Teddy and she is about him. He will just have to learn quickly on how relationships work if he is to keep Teddy:)

      Thanks for reading

  5. D'awww Blair is such a sweetheart in this chapter. Ok, maybe Teddy didn't see that, but I did. ROFL. Moving in after one date does seem a little silly, but I do understand Blair being impatient because he really doesn't understand relationships yet. The end of the chapter was great because Blair agreed to help her move rather than pushing the "move in with him" issue. I see him learning and I admire that. =)

    1. LateKnightSimmer,

      Blair was sweet in this but he is learning and quickly after all he doesn't want to lose Teddy :)

      Thanks for reading :)