Tuesday, 21 February 2012

2.5 Fight

Elvira was getting ready to go to the dance club to check on things. She loved that Blair was out of the way and would love to thank the person who had done her a favour. As usual she was making her nightly call to Estevan to let him know how things were progressing, when she saw through the window Estevan walk up the drive.

She offered him a seat but he declined, he had to get rid of her somehow and was prepared to try it the boys way but he had a feeling that on this occasion they were wrong. "Elvira, I want you to leave the business!" getting to the point.
"What, no you can't, I won't!" she spat.
"I don't think you understand, you have no choice in the matter, I will give you 48 hours to give the right answer or face the consequences and by the way Blair is back at the club." then left. 
Elvira finally understood what Blair had tried telling her do not cross the line but it was too late. She was making so much money and didn't want to give up the lifestyle but it was all going to end because she pushed the wrong button.
She tried ringing Blair but there was no answer. She pulled herself together and decided to head to the club anyway. When she arrived, she found both Blair and Estevan talking together and they both glared at her. A sudden shiver came over her and she felt panic as if something was going on but she didn't know what. As she approached the bar she felt their eyes burn into the back of her neck. Now was the time to leave the club scene with face but not Elvira, she ordered a drink then approached them and said in front of Blair, 

"The offer you made me, I decline." and walked away. "She is a fool." Blair spat as he finished his drink. "I'll give points for boldness but it is stupid to think she can cross me." as Estevan answered.

"What are you going to do?" Blair asked.
"Didn't I ask you to take care of it for me?"
"Look, Estevan I think this is something you should take care of. I mean she was the one who told you about Heather and tried to get you to kill me. Let's not forget, you owe me considering Blake wants me dead. So do it yourself this time." as he glared in Estevan direction.
"You're right, Blake wants you out of the picture but he did it to protect his brother and as for knowing  about Heather you are right she thought it would cause trouble but it is all sorted now. I know you want her gone just as much as I do." Estevan signalled to the bar for another round of drinks.

"How is Heather?" Blair asked cautiously.
"You really did like her didn't you? As far as I know she is fine. William took her out the other night and from all I could get out of him it went well. Anyway I'm not here to talk about my son's love life. How are we going to handle your ex Elvira?" Estevan demanded.
"You want me to take the fall for this! Is this why you want me to handle her." Blair snapped back.
Estevan got up to leave but said, "Remember we have history together and we are both capable of doing this. So I say we handle this together, like the old days."
Blair couldn't refuse the offer now so he nodded in agreement and stayed till the club closed.
Riding his bike through the streets was one thing Blair enjoyed but the feelings he had for Heather cut deep. He missed her company but he knew he had blown his chance. He realised he had missed out on a relationships and that was something that needed to change. He decided he was going to find someone and learn from his mistakes. He went into the park and there sitting on the bench was Blake his enemy.

He and Blake stared at each other for a few moments then Blake stood up and started to head in Blair's direction. The park was quiet so there would be no interruptions and they could finish this once and for all. Blake had promised Heather he would not harm him but the sight of Blair enraged him.
Blair was ready for this and far as he was concerned it would be a fair but a dirty fight. "What you waiting for, boy." Blair spat.
"Is that the best you can say?" as he came closer.
"Afraid you will lose?" Blair yelled

Now they were in each other's faces, "You wish, Blair. I won last time. I can do it again. Let's face it you aren't that hard to beat."
Blair was the first to poke then Blake shoved him back. "Is that all you have?" taunting Blake.
Blake was ready to let Blair have it as he replied, "Don't push it Blair!"

Blair shoved him again and teased, "I'm pushing!" as he threw Blake to the floor. They were now on the ground trying to tear each other apart when they heard a voice from behind them. "STOP IT NOW!" as they pulled apart and got up they saw Heather standing there. 

"WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?" as she continued to yell at them. "Blake you promised. And Blair leave him alone." as she shot a look at each of them. Blake turned to her and said, "Sorry but he rubs me up the wrong way."
"Yeah, what he said." as Blair copied Blake's answer.
"If you don't like each other then fine, just keep away from each other ok?"

Blair replied, "Can't make any promises." Heather turned to Blair and slapped him and said, "Leave him alone." Blair didn't say anything else but glared over at Blake.
"I told you to be better than your Dad, you need to control your temper."
"I know but I can't help it." as he tried to give a reason.

"I've started seeing your brother again, please no more fights. It was the main reason I left. I want things to work out, for me Blake." as she pleaded with him.


  1. ~ I wonder if Blake will take heed,after all his first attack on Blair was for his brothers sake,& I know he will back down so Heather stays with his brother!
    ~ Elvira is not leaving & wants them to make her leave,Fire,never heard of it!LOL!
    ~ Loved it,next!!!!!(",)

    1. I hope Blake will listen to Heather.
      Elvira has now signed her death warrant, I think stupid woman lol. I don't firing her was ever in the plan :)

  2. I just read all your chapters, i really like the story and the characters, the only thing i can complain about though is the grammar and spelling but other than that i love it :)

    1. Happymint, Thanks for reading :) I did re-read all of season one again and have corrected the spelling and grammar. I do proof read them but I guess so slipped through the net, so my apologies. Thanks for your feedback :)

    2. It's ok, I'm like that sometimes too, I will proof read, post then re-read and still find mistakes :P

      Still love the story story tho

    3. Happymint,

      Thanks, I just proof read next weeks chapter so fingers crossed. My computer room is being taken apart next week so I'll be catching with your story next week on my netbook as there will be no playing Sims for me.

  3. Oh dear, i think maybe Blair and Blake should at the least, avoid one another, nothing good can come from their confrontation. Hopefully Heather can talk some sense into them....edenz~

  4. I hope Blair and Blake realize how much their fighting is affecting Heather. As for Elvira, it looks like she's bitten off way more than she can chew.

    1. Val,

      I think they will back off each other for Heather sake, I hope.
      Elvira, I have a feeling she has met her match

  5. It must be hard for Blair to accept that Heather is trying to work things out with William. But she did make her choice. I wonder how he's going to take Elvira out? She's not going down without a fight.

    1. Tommiegirl,

      I think Blair will come to terms with it eventually. As for Elvira well wait a see lol

  6. If Blair leaves him alone, then I think that Blake will keep his promise to Heather, but Blair seems to want revenge for the attack.

    Elvira doesn't know when to back down. If Blair and Estevan team up to kill her, then there is no way for her to win!

    Heather seems pleased with the way things are going with William. I hope everything works out for them!

    1. Daisies,

      I think Blair is hurting over Heather and he wants revenge on Blake but after Heather having a go at both of them, I think they know where they stand.
      Elvira is asking for trouble lol and Heather and William are getting on a lot better this time around

  7. Ok...I think this is where I left off, I don't remember this chapter. I had to do a recap to refresh my memory.

    I'm shocked by Heather's feisty side, didn't know she had one. LOL she's such a tiny little lady.

  8. MyzKrazyMa,

    Heather does feisty side to her lol She certainly told them both off :)

  9. Aww Blake, LOL. I hope Blake listens to Heather since she's with William now, and them being apart was the only reason Blake went after Blair.

    1. LateKnightSimmer,

      I hope Blake listens to her and yes he went after Blair because his brother and his wife were seperated.

      Thanks for reading :)